Receiving such a big award, this Best Dance Performance award, means a lot to us BTS. Thank you very much. To ARMYs who always support us, we’re really grateful. We’d also like to express this gratitude to teacher Son Sungdeuk who created these great performances. Thank you ARMYs. We love you ARMYs.
—  J-hope, V, Jin - Best Dance Performance Male Group Award, 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards

I had the pleasure of performing at a charity event yesterday in my new fursuit. My two friends and I volunteered to perform and interact with children involved with Variety children’s charity. Go check them out, they’re amazing at what they do!
I had an incredible time and it was an extremely rewarding experience to put smiles on all the childrens’ faces. I enjoyed dressing up a big brown dog and dancing around. Thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity! ❤️

I should share the actor AU so people can love it us much as we do omg

Klance AU where Keith is a famous actor and Lance is a semi-well-known dancer/coreographer/etc and Lance helps Keith learn his dances because he cant dance for shit and picks him up after his filming sessions and basically runs his snapchat and posts all these silly videos because heck he needs to share Keith being this fucking cute how can he not share his husband being this cute (did I forget to mention they’re totally married??) and he listens to Keith complain about the paparazzi and his wild fans (he’s willing to throw the full box of kitty litter at the pap if they keep bothering them, and he totally teases Keith because even though he makes it known they’re married Keith still gets hit with teenage girls just assuming he’s metrosexual and calling him daddy.) and Keith helps him get his first big coreography/dance job and??

Guys I love this AU 


I love how… awkward this dance is. It’s so stilted, and stiff, and it’s absolutely perfect. This show’s got loads of diverse and high-energy choreography, because dancing in this show is all about communication and relationships. This halting little dance contrasts the more complex routines with the most simple and basic steps, because that’s where these two are.

They’re only beginners as dance partners. They’re just now at the point where they can get through it without stepping on each others’ toes.