Some writing wip (v rough still!!)

Shiro’s not having a good day. This is set early on during his Fun Year, but after he attacked Matt and became Champion. The ‘She’ alien here is Haggar, and the other alien that gets involved is Sendak. Sendak makes things weird. Galra are weird and don’t speak English, and unfortunately Shiro doesn’t speak Galra-neese so no one knows what’s going on lmao


She didn’t waste any time trying to talk to him, and instead shoved him hard onto his knees. He hit the ground hard enough to bruise. She threaded the chain through a clasp on the chair, securing it tightly in place. And then she grabbed him around the throat, making Shiro’s mouth go dry as he stared down those white teeth yet again. She growled, rumbling, and pushed him down on the spot again. Only slightly lighter than before.

Shiro got the hint. Stay there and don’t get up. He nodded weakly, only just catching himself before speaking. She waited for a moment, watching him closely, before she moved to sit in her chair.

Shiro couldn’t stop looking around. There were the big aliens mulling around, walking behind him as they headed for their seats. They were talking- but it was no language he knew. Many of them would start laughing, and all of them were watching the prisoners intently. They’d break off conversation to stand and stare.

The prisoners kept coming in. They were huddling together, looking out nervously at their jailers surrounding them. Shiro strained his neck but couldn’t see any other prisoners that had been pulled aside like he had.

Wet, putrid breath spilled over his shoulder and Shiro flinched away with a yelp. One of the purple aliens- one with really big ears and a mechanical eye- was leaning out of its seat to sniff him. It was drooling, and had its mouth open to taste the air like a cat. It’s fangs were as long as Shiro’s finger, growing more jagged as they moved back. The alien grabbed him by the ankle and pulled him across the small space between the chairs, coming so close Shiro could feel it’s teeth on his throat as it inhaled deeply again. Shiro couldn’t breathe. His eyes were watering and he was gasping for air like his body couldn’t decide if he should panic or just shut down and hope for death.

Claws dug into his back and he was dragged backwards into the female aliens chair so hard his teeth rattled. She put a massive palm over his chest, pinning him in place, and roared in the other aliens face. The aliens big ears flattened in what looked like submission and it sulked back in its chair. Shiro managed to suck in a weak breath, and started shaking. The alien tightened her grip on him, not digging her claws into his skin this time, and she grumbled softly. She didn’t let him go as the room continued to fill with more purple aliens, and twice as many prisoners. Her hand felt like a physical barrier between him and the rest of the world. The weight and warmth of it was strangely soothing.

The other alien seemed subdued but Shiro was loathe to take his eyes off of him. But there was so much to look at- so much new- around him that he couldn’t help it.

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🌷 = favourite blogs

OKAY well I absolutely ADORE @cinnamonmunchken, @slipstream-oxton, @tracersrecall, @playnxce, @sat-ona-tuffet, @kyoukokiwigiri, @chxxrslove, @theoutlavv, & @big-metal-dad

💕 = tumblr friends

Already answered here

💋 + tell me about your crush

I don’t have a crush unless fictional characters count because hello widowmaker but I do have a wonderful partner whom I love very much <3

🌻 + who I should follow

honestly?? everyone I listed in the first answer 

where: the family home, the causal watchers family room

who: mom, dad, pop pop, little jimmy, grandma, and the dog.

when: every big brother episode of bb18 ever  


narrator voice: blahblah BIIIG MEECH blah blah

little jimmy: did he say big leech??

pop pop: now thats a big reach!

grandma: i thought he said smug peach! 

the dog: ya thats what lil jim is acting like tbh.. get the fuk outta here with ur leeches

mom: its big meech. 

dad: how do you know?? 

mom: you casual viewers wouldn’t understand.. l8r

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Describe yourself on anon thing: 5'2 brunette, shoulder length hair (always tied back), gender=confusion with female flesh prison, glasses, kinda cute, very ace, will hold hands, gives gifts at random, very 80s, impossible to kill. Will screech sometimes. Likes to be referred to as "Spicy Big Dad"

Spicy Big Dad, my answer to your ask is uh heck yeah! I’m sure you’re more than just kinda cute, you sound very cute.
You’re impossible to kill and I don’t plan on ever dying. I’m also ace and 80s trash. Sounds like it’d be a good match 😉🖒

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comet: what’s your biggest secret?
i actually don’t know, i feel like i tell you guys everything about me…i genuinely don’t have any secrets really, but i’ll give you a fact about me that i don’t think i’ve mentioned before: when i was younger, i desperately wanted a big brother. my dad wasn’t around and i had no older siblings and all my cousins were younger than me, and i was genuinely angry with my mum before i understood how having kids worked, that she hadn’t and wouldn’t give me an older brother.

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