Cool moment on the last day of the “Stay Gold” Tour in SF. One of my fondest memories as a kid was seeing China Town in the Big Apple with my Dad on my family’s first ever trip out of the South. I was pretty close to my Son’s age in this pic. I just remember coming back home with with a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing a little bit more about different cultures, and him passing on to me what little knowledge he had gained from being in all these different places. I remember being smitten and frightened of NYC, and how I couldn’t wait to come back and hopefully one day play a real gig there as a musician. It was just one of the merits of traveling that got those wheels turning and gave me motivation to do something outside of the norm. I truly believe that if you can find the time, before life gets too hectic, you owe it to yourself and your mind to get out of your town for a minute and see what lives out there. Sometimes it ain’t pretty.. sometimes it can cost you a little of your savings on a gas, a bus or plane ticket … but sometimes it’s fucking life changing and can shape who you become. #travel #roadtrip #staygold

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I bet Reinhardt goes bird watching and it’s like, the one hobby of his that he doesn’t ask the young heroes to join in on because he thinks they’ll probably find it boring but D.Va wants to see what that ish is about


Cause I’m both BH6 Trash and Voltron Trash :D

I wonder what it would be like for Pidge to meet Baymax. She would prolly be so fascinated with him, and Hiro would have no problem bragging about him. While two Dads stand watch auugh. Shiro would be impressed for sure <3

I can’t with these guys.