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Bonecleaning/skinning anon (mouse anon wasnt me): I do not kill animals! I scavenge things that have died naturally and from people that murder animals who don't even respect them then dump their poor bodies off, I take what I find and clean them because I respect those animals and they deserve cherished. I am NA and come from a NA family so this is a very serious subject for me, I don't take poaching lightly. Sorry for the ramble, just clarifying.

No problem! Sorry if I insulted you. Poaching is a really serious issue, I agree— personally I don’t buy ‘exotic’ bones off ebay, like antelope or big cats or monkeys, since it’d be so impossible to know if the animal was poached. However, some exotic animals like ostriches are actually ranched in america, so that’s cool. 

I can’t imagine getting into vulture culture without developing an enormous respect for the world, and for life itself. Everything is so fragile and beautiful— it’s so important to take care of living creatures as well as admiring what gets left behind after death. 

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2Pac - Point The Finga
Produced by Big D the Impossible
From 1993’s Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

I’m posting this to prove that the guy who produced yesterday’s dose of bullshit has made some goodshit too. The techno bass on this thing is great. I’m surprised I haven’t heard more producer’s take advantage of this sort of pulsing rhythm.

I’ll post something to redeem old Sticky Fingaz on Monday.


Open data could turn Europe’s digital desert into a digital rainforest – Prof. Dirk Helbing

What opportunities does big data present for Europe? ‘I’d say it’s impossible to catch up with companies like Amazon or Twitter or Facebook, 10 or more years later, with the same business model, given the incredible pace at which information technology is developing.


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Sticky Fingaz - What A Wonderful World
Produced by Big D The Impossible & Sticky Fingaz
From 2001’s Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones

Here’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. The frontman from Onyx singing his own version of “What a Wonderful World”.

Have a good April Fools.