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How does Daphne feel about Scooby?

OH GOD!!! I actually have been wanting to make a gifset about this but I’m lazy af so this is tons easier!!! I have lots of thoughts based off canon and my own head-canon about how Daphne totally admires Scooby.  

First, let’s take a look at the canon evidence of Daphne’s affection. Even in Mystery Incorporated where the gang isn’t as bonded as in the other normal canon, she obviously cares for him a great deal. He’s a dog with a big heart, it’d be impossible not to! 

In episode 14 of the first season, when Scooby is too sick to go to the Mystery Solvers Club State Finals, Daphne’s the one who’s checking his fever, taking care of him and going ahead to tell Fred that there’s no way they can go while Scooby is so sick. 

And then there’s this little gem in the Scooby Apocalypse comics. 

And of course, let’s not forget in the second live action movie when Daphne tells both Scooby and Shaggy “you’ve been heroes all along”

In short, Daphne has a lot of respect for Scooby. Not only because of his superior canine intelligence, but because of his courage. It’s inspiring, because Scooby has far more loyalty ( for being afraid and yet continuing to stick by Shaggy’s side ) and far more bravery ( for sticking in there even though he was clearly terrified ) than most people. He’s got a pure, light soul and has so much love for not only Shaggy but the rest of Mystery Incorporated, and so Daphne is just a little bit in awe of that. She just won’t say it, per se, and will instead show it in small ways. 

And now for some HCs of my own: 

  • Daphne never had a pet growing up, so sometimes I feel like she loves having Scooby around to take over in the moments where they have down time. 
  • She always has Scooby Snacks on her in case Shaggy ever runs out ( what a day that will be ). 
  • Daphne totally once wanted to piss off one of her sisters so she asked Scooby, pretty please would he come and sleep on her sisters bed for two days while she was away? #petty
  • One of Daphne’s friends or like relatives or something stays over with them and they have a cute dog and Daphne definitely tries to set her up with Scooby? #wingwoman 

UPDATED: 06.05.17.