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2Pac - Point The Finga
Produced by Big D the Impossible
From 1993’s Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.

I’m posting this to prove that the guy who produced yesterday’s dose of bullshit has made some goodshit too. The techno bass on this thing is great. I’m surprised I haven’t heard more producer’s take advantage of this sort of pulsing rhythm.

I’ll post something to redeem old Sticky Fingaz on Monday.


Luke would definitely try and cheat on winning the Christmas cracker when you sat down at the table for Christmas lunch. He’d probably pout impossibly big when you still won, despite sneaking his thumb inside to try and leverage the win his way - even more so when it’s his brother on his other side so of course he didn’t win that one either - so after reading your terrible joke (who’s Santa’s favourite singer? Elf-is Presley) and failing to make him laugh with that you’d sigh and graciously unfold your flimsy purple crown and fix it atop his head, little tufts of hair sticking out, more curled from the heat of the sticky Australian summer and only then would a triumphant little grin replace his pout and you’d just shake your head and inform your dweeb of a boyfriend that any present with his name on it from you under the tree had now been forfeit in favour of the crown. 

this was mega adorable! thank you~

Jin: when she came running to him he’d laugh slightly and say “ok ok, let’s go back to your room so I can read you a story” also bringing her a cup of milk and of course choosing the book about a princesses but then eventually getting too into to the point where  he doesn’t even realize she’s already been asleep for 10 minutes

Rap Monster: He’d be a big softy for his little sister and it’d be impossible for him to say no or turn his back to her. Rap Monster would most likely tell all the guys to keep it down while he tries to put her back to bed and he’d end up falling asleep while she does back down and hangs out with the members.

Suga: He’d be slightly annoyed at first and tell her to go back to her room but when he realized it was pretty much pointless and was too lazy to go bring her back to her room he’d cover her with blankets and waited till she fell asleep first but secretly loving having a baby sister to protect and company her when she was lonely or afraid

J-Hope: he’d be completely ok with comforting his baby sister, he’d be really playful about it and probably say “aw are the monsters back again??? Don’t worry! Big brother is here to fight them off” and play with her till she tired herself to sleep. Feeling like an awesome big brother to his little sister.


The fact that Jesse and Derek are like telling us that Erin dug up the body is evidence that she did not. 

  • She is not big enough to do that, it’d be damn near impossible for even like Atwater to go get a dead guy from six feet under and lift him out of a grave. 
  • Her shirt was clean 
  • There wasn’t messed up dirt when Crowley and the crime unit were there
  • The shot of the shovel patching up the hole could have been Voight putting the dirt back. 
  • He could have taken a second and listened to what Lindsay said and told the dude to get the fuck out of Chicago
  • Or his wise guy friends from the poker club could have done something, unlikely because he’d still be an accomplice
  • Lindsay talking Voight out of killing the guy could be her “saving his life.”
  • I don’t know where she went, but she wasn’t digging up a body. 
  • This would really fuck up Linstead’s relationship because Halstead would not be down with that
  • Derek fucks with us and we should know better because he’s a sadistic son of a bitch who needs to be taken to the silos
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Sticky Fingaz - What A Wonderful World
Produced by Big D The Impossible & Sticky Fingaz
From 2001’s Black Trash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones

Here’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard. The frontman from Onyx singing his own version of “What a Wonderful World”.

Have a good April Fools.