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Oh MY GOD!!! Could you do a part 2 for villain Bakugou

Sooo, like you can see I can’t write short stuff. It’s a bit more violent so proceed with caution.

It was an early evening and your shift would end soon. It had been a totally normal day. Just some small time villains to deal with and nothing too difficult. You were standing on top of a tall building, on the look out for possible trouble. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary so you decided to get back down. The fire escape was close, so you jumped on to the stairs and started to descend them.

You were half way down when you felt a small pinch on the back of your neck, your body went limb and you fell the stairs down to the next platform.

“The hell is this?”, you hissed.

You didn’t know who or what had caused this, but you sure weren’t pleased with whoever it was.

“Okay, nice prank hahaa. Now stop whatever it is you’re doing and get your ass over here so I can teach you a lesson.”, you growled, not too hero like.

Was this one of that Cyclone guy’s friends? If he was, he wasn’t there the last time they had tried to beat the shit out of you. There wasn’t anyone with a paralyzis quirk back then.

“You hear me? Get over here!”, you shouted.

“Stop screaming it’s annoying.”, you heard a voice say from above you.

You could move your head just enough to see the man kneeling on the railing of the stairs. He was wearing boots and pants, that were designed for the army. He had a long dark green jacket and you could see that there was all knivess of blades in the inside of the jacket.

“What the hell did you do to me?”, you hissed.

“Oh, that. Just paralyzed you with this needle so you couldn’t fight back.”, he explained as he took the needle off of your neck.“There is a paralyzing drug in it, but don’t worry it’s not harmful.”

“So why the hell are you doing this anyway?”, you grunted.

“I got bored, and you looked cute so I thought we could have some fun.”, he grinned.

“Fuck you.”, you hissed.

You had a really bad feeling about this. This guy didn’t seem like some everyday villain. There was something much darker about him, something menacing. He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder, then he jumped of the fire escape straight to the alley.

“Are you trying to kill yourself?! That was like the fifth floor.”, you shouted.

“No worries, it’s my quirk you see, it- Actually you don’t need to know.”

“Let go of me.”, you growled. Trying to hit him with your head, which was the only bodypart you could move.

“Now, now. We are going to have some fun, but I can’t let you see where we’re going. So it’s goodnight for you.”, he smiled wickedly, just before he knocked you out.

Bakugou was feeling a bit weird, like something was wrong, but he had no idea what it was. You had agreed to meet at your place later today, but he decided to go over a bit earlier. He knew your shift hadn’t ended yet, so you wouldn’t be home. Bakugou would be waiting for you when you came home from work. He headed to your place and laid down on the couch when he got there. He just stared at the roof, planning his next hit to one of the citys big banks, but on the back of his mind the feeling that something was wrong, just didn’t fade.

When you came to, you found yourself in a room that reminded you of an old surgery hall you had seen on a horror movie. Then you remembered what had happened. You tried to rip yourself free from the restarains that you now noticed around your body. You weren’t paralyzed anymore, but you were bound to an operating table.

“What the fuck?!”, you screamed.

“Ooooh, you’re awake. Now we can start having fun.”, the guy said.

“Get away from me you psycho.”, you hissed.

“I’m not a psycho. My name is Akihiko.”, he whined.“Don’t be mean.”

“Jeez you’re obnoxious AND insane.”, you sighted.

“I’m not going to kill you by the way, but I can’t really guarentee that you’ll survive this either. That’s why I told you my name, so you can find me later, if you survive.”, he explained.

“You are an idiot.”, you growled.

“Maybe, but let’s begin now. My blades are hungry for some blood.”, he whispered to your ear.

This guy really was really creepy. He went from totally calm and childlike to absolutely mental and disturbing. He was going through the cabinets, taking out different kinds of blades and knives. Lastly he took out a bottle of some clear liquid and a huge syringe.

“What are you gonna do with that?”, you asked quietly.

“Oh this?”-he shaked the liquid bottle a bit.- “this keeps you from passing out. It wouldn’t be fun if you did.”

He filled the syringe with the liquid. He placed the tip of the needle to your neck and pushed it through the skin. You tried to fight him, but the restarains kept you from moving too much. You could feel the liquid burning a bit when it entered your bloodstream.

“So,”- he picked up a small knife- “let’s start with a small one.”

You didn’t know how much time had passed. Your whole body was covered in cuts of all sizes. At some point you had noticed him licking the blood off of the blades, it disgusted you to the core.The good news was that guy clearly had some kind of medical training since you hadn’t bled out yet. He had avoided all the biggest veins and cut around them. You had stopped struggling at some point and the only thing you could do now was whine and scream. Your costume - or what was left of it - was soaked in blood and tears. You could feel the effect of the toxin -or whatever it was he gave you- , fading. You would lose conciousness, and you were scared that if that happened, you would also lose your life. But just then Akihiko stopped cutting you.

“Hmmm, the drug seems to wearing off. I think I’m going to dump you somewhere and hope someone finds you, before you bleed out.”, he tought out loud.

“You-You’ll pay for this.”, you said weakly.

“I’ll be waiting then. Let’s go.”, he smiled.

He opened your restrains and picked you up again. You were still concious, which you thought to be a good thing, but you were too weak to escape or resist him, so you just laid in his arms. Limb and too exhausted to raise a finger. You let him carry you out of the building. It looked like an abandoned hospital, but you couldn’t be sure. Your sight was fuzzy and you couldn’t really concentrate on anything because of the blood loss. He carried you a while before dropping you behind a dumpster. You had no idea where you were, or if you had any hope of being found from here.

“Till next time, Shadow Walker.”, Akihiko said as he left.

You had no idea how he knew your hero name, but at the moment you didn’t really care. You didn’t want to die. Not like this. Not by being cut up by some psychopath who slashed people just for fun. You refused to die now, so you started to crawl towards the street, where there were people. The last thing you saw before passing out was someone running towards you and presumably dialing the emergency number. After that everything went black.

“She needs more blood. Get some O-”, you heard someone say.

You were drifting in and out of conciousness.

“We need to stich her up right now.”, said another voice.

You saw bright lights and people buzzing around you, but it was all a blurr. You had no idea what was going on. You weren’t even sure if you were alive. But the pain in your arm, when someone attached the IV waked you right up. You gasped your breath and tried to get up. Your body was immeadiatly pushed down.

“Stay down Miss. We need to patch you up and give you more blood, so please stay calm.”, someone said.

You decided to listen to them and lay still.

The doctors and nurses finished their jobs and left you to rest. Your body was covered in bandages and stitches. Apparently you were lucky not to be dead. You started to go through everything in your head. Akihiko attacking you and knocking you out to drag you into his hideout. Him torturing you for what seemed like hours, and leaving you to the alley to bleed out. You didn’t remember much that could help you locate the place, but you would find it, and you would make sure that bastard ended up in the worst prison possible, for the rest of his life. For now you decided to do as the doctor had told you to and get some rest. So you slept.

You woke up to the voice of shattering glass. Someone had broken the window to your room and was climbing through it. You were trying to get up, but then you noticed the familiar sand blond hair and red eyes. It was Bakugou. He ran right to you, wearing an expression that was rather rare to him. He looked worried, but more then that he looked angry, furious.

“Who is that fucking bastard and where the hell is he hiding.”, he growled.

“Well hello to you too. He said his name was Akihiko and the place he took me might have been an abandoned hospital or something. How did you even know I was here.”, you added to the end of your explanation.

“The one who called the damn ambulance for you was one of my informants. That asshat regcognized you and called me after the fucking ambulance had take you.”

“That was lucky then.”, you sighted.

“I’m gonna go hunt down that fucking bastard now. I’m gonna fucking murder him.”, he growled.

“Be careful, please. He might not look like much, but he surprises you it’d be bad.”

“Just fucking rest. I’ll take care of that asshole.”, he growled when he jumped of the window.

That was Bakugou’s way of showing he cared. He would hunt down anyone who dared to touch you. You knew there was no arguing with him. Especially now that he was so furious. There was nothing you could say or do that could stop him.

Bakugou was enraged. He was roaming the streets and beating people to get information about your attacker. When he finally found the building that resembled an abandoned hospital he stormed in.

“Come the fuck out you asshole! I’m going to kill you!”, he yelled.

“Oh dammit. I wished it would be Shadow who came after me.”, Akihiko whined. “We became so close during our time together.”

“I’m going to fucking kill you.”, Bakugou growled.

“And her screams were delightful too. Oh, I’d like to hear them again.”, Akihiko giggled like a little child.

Bakugou didn’t want to hear anymore of it, so he growled and attacked Akihiko head on.

“Heyyy, I was still talking. Don’t be rude.”

“Shut your trap before I pull your fucking tongue out.”, Bakugou yelled.

“But the best part was her blood, it was so tasty and sweet. None of the people before had such delicious blood.”, he grinned madly.

Bakugou had heard enough. This bastard would die. Right here, right now. He wanted this bastard dead. And he would make sure it hurt.

Akihiko was rather acrobatic so he was able to dodge Bakugou pretty easily, and got a few good kicks and punches in too, but Bakugou had much more stamina which eventually turned the fight to his advantage. Akihiko jumped a second too late and Bakugou managed to grab his ankle and smack him to the floor. Akihiko whined and Bakugou stood over him, fuming with hatred. He started to beat the shit out of the guy. When Bakugou was done, he got up and whiped the blood splatters off of his face.

“I just wanted to have some fun. I didn’t do anything bad.”, Akihiko whined.

“You made the mistake of touching my partner you fucking asshole.”, Bakugou growled as he punched Akihiko with an explosion for the last time.

Akihiko wasn’t moving anymore. Bakugou walked away. He wanted to get back to you. To make sure you were okay.

After Bakugou had left you had fallen asleep again. It was propably because of all the morfine they were pumping into you. You woke up to someone kissing your forehead.

“Hey Katsu. Did you find him?”, you yawned.“

“That asshole won’t be bothering you anymore.”, he mumbled.


“For what.”

“Even if you don’t realize it. You always take care of me. Or take care of people for me.”, you grinned jokingly.

“Shut the fuck up and move.”, he growled.

You moved so Bakugou would fit to the bed with you. You cuddled to his chest. He sighted at you, but wrapped your arms around you and burried his face to your hair. He felt warm and safe, like home. Guess even the worst of villains have a soft side.

Does anyone else ever visit a new place and it just kinda hits you how big the world is? Like you’ve heard of this place your whole life, you know how big it is, but you get there and you look around and its like BAM! There is a huge vast world filled with billions of people who each have there own thought process and hope and worries, its fucking mine boggling if you sit there and think about it.

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Can you tell us more about your life?

Im going to writte some things about me,that i saw u r interested to know:)
•My name is Filip Bejek
•I live in Slovenia in city of Murska Sobota
•I was born on 9.6.1998
•Don’t know what my sexuality is
•Im visiting design school
•I have red hair,which is why I’m hated a lot
•I love big citys,my dreams are to travel to NYC,Toyko,LA,San Francisco
•Green tea,pizza ma fav drink and food
•I’m really scared of future,I’m thinking about it every second
•When I’m with friends I’m super loud,but if u gonna meet me outside,I’m very shy and quiet person
•Obsessed with drawing things on my wall and gluing posters on
•Many of you have been texting me that u think I’m famous,actually I’m not
•I live photography and blogging
•My fav fashion brands are H&M,Bershka,Zara,Forever21
•I’m not confident person
•Afraid of spiders
•My dream is to become designer-fashion and graphic
•I LOVE Lana Del Rey
•Harry Potter is ma fav movie

Hope u know me better now,also thanks to all people that have been sending me beautiful messages,I’m sorry I can’t reply them all,It’s so many of yeah..:)