For everything that RAW and SmackDown get right or wrong…the one constant seems to be that neither show has their shit together with their respective Tag Team Divisions.

Everything on RAW seems to be on hold until the New Day break the Longest Reign record currently held by Demolition (because Demolition are suing the company and WWE is incredibly petty).  Enzo and Cass are incredibly over, but stuck in a holding pattern.  The Club have been booked horrendously to the point of being as effective as training dummies.  The makeshift team of Cesaro and Sheamus has potential, but they too are under the curse of ‘nothin’ better to do.’ 

On SmackDown they’ve brought back the Spirit Squad for a spell (and even a Tag Team Title Match), and the tag champions are kinda playing second fiddle to the Miz/Ziggler feud.  The Headbangers are going to be back on next week’s show, despite the fact you have teams like the Ascension, the Vaudevillains, Breezango and AMERICAN ALPHA all desperate for TV time. The Shining Stars feud with R-Truth and Goldust might be the absolute pits over on RAW, but at least they’re getting a chance on TV.  The Usos heel turn should’ve been a major revitalization but even their feud with American Alpha seems to have cooled off…

Yet NXT can legitimately hold a Tag Team Tournament and showcase all their Tag Teams in a somewhat equal light.  It’s frustrating.

a friendly reminder of how awesome Big Hero 6 is.

Hiro Hamada
- Keep going on with life even if you lose your dearest loved ones.
- Don’t waste your talent. Use it well.
- You can be an ex-bullied kid yet still be a cool kid.
- Everyone has a dark side and makes mistakes.
- Being asocial doesn’t mean you will never find good friends.

Tadashi Hamada
- Be kind to people, care about people.
- Protect your loved ones.
- Don’t be afraid of hardwork, even if you fail many times.

Honey Lemon
- If you’re already tall without high heels but you still want to wear high heels, wear those high heels even if it makes you taller than men.
- Who cares if you’re very tall + very thin.
- Being a nerd doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion.
- Be cheerful and positive.
- A woman can totally be a science genius.

- You can be born from a rich family yet stay secret about it, do non-stop charity work (yep he does !), have 0 sexist or racist prejudice, and wear old nerdy clothes if you want.
- It’s okay if you hang out with much smarter friends.
- Be passionate, be yourself, be the biggest nerd this world has ever seen.

- Being black doesn’t mean you can’t get into asian culture.
- A black person can totally be a science genius.
- Having OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) doesn’t mean you can’t acomplish awesome things.
- But please don’t stop at the red light during a fuckin car chase

Gogo Tomago
- “Woman up !
- A woman can perfectly handle a freakin car chase/be badass in general.
- A woman can totally be a science genius.
- Not showing your emotions doesn’t mean you don’t have emotions.
- Be loyal to your friends no matter what.
- Hot short thick legs.

Aunt Cass
- Single business owner Aunt Cass.
- Single “mother” Aunt Cass.
- Lost-almost-all-her-loved-ones-yet-keeps-going-on-with-life Aunt Cass.
- Childish-yet-awesome-adult Aunt Cass.

- Protect the child at all cost
- You can be both a fat marshmallow and a ninja

Oh! Why, look what i found at barnes & noble today! Time for a nice, lighthearted, and  adorable read! :3


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This book has officially curbstomped my heart into fucking oblivion.


She… Looks like me now. (O_O) 

More animated ladies with “realistic” proportions (because why not):

Honey LemonElsa (GIF)ElsaAnnaRapunzelMother GothelColetteMeridaRoxanneSusanLinda

OBS: These edits were created simply to give me a chance to practice my manipulation/anatomy skills. Nothing more, nothing less. They are NOT meant to be “better than the original” or “what it should have looked like”, or serve as a general negative critique on the respective movies’ animation styles.