Big Cass - “This Is Not My Boyfriend”

Prompt: My heartbreaking over the fact that my raw babies are no more. Also this post from my fav people ever @houndofjustice-imagines
Requested: No
Warnings: None
Words: 1600+

“At least tonight we get some answers right?” You said wrapping one arm around Cass’s and moving a piece of his hair and tucking it behind his ear as you sat together on the couch in the private locker room Kurt Angle had given you guys. 

“I guess” Cass mumbled “It’s gotta the revival. Who else would it be?" 

"Whoeva it is, is gonna be sore tomorrow” Enzo shrugged. For the past few weeks Enzo had been getting randomly attacked and last week so was Cass. It was hard, not only as their valet, but as their best friend and Cass’s girlfriend to watch the people most important to you be attacked from behind, out numbered, on their own. Enzo and Cass worked better together than alone and clearly the people attacking them knew that too. 

“Enzo, Cass and y/n. You’re needed in the ring” a crew member called from outside. Walking to gorrila Enzo and Cass were on high alert. Cass held your hand as you walked between them. Since Enzo’s first attack they both had become more protective of you, Cass definitely. He was afraid that they would go after you next. 

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anonymous asked:


Thank you for sending this into us! We have several Most Wanted Males who would make wonderful additions to our group, and there’s an urgent request for several BULLET CLUB associates to join our ever growing roster.

Our AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Karl Anderson (as well as our Alexa Bliss and Bayley) are seeking connections and interactions with LUKE GALLOWS, KENNY OMEGA, and one (or both) of THE YOUNG BUCKS. We also have room for TAMA TONGA, MARTY SCHRULL, and TANGA TOA!

Another MWM is MUSTAFA ALI, as requested by our wonderful Aliyah.

Our F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S Carmella is open to plotting with BIG CASS and ENZO AMORE.

Other names we’d welcome are SAMOA JOE, RANDY ORTON, SAMI ZAYN, JOHN CENA, SHINSUKE NAKAMURA, SHEAMUSKEVIN OWENS, DOLPH ZIGGLER, SHANE MCMAHON, DANIEL BRYAN, RUSEV, KURT ANGLE, and even BRAUN STROWMAN! If any of these MWMs ignite a creative spark, please send in a reserve or your app today!