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La douleur exquise Pt.1 (M)

La douleur exquise: The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Summary: You’ve been helplessly in love with your brother’s best friend all your life, but he can’t see you as anything other than a little sister.

Pairing: Wonho(?) x Reader (feat. Jungkook) ((let me live))

Word Count: 8.8k

Warning(s): No smut in this chapter but I’ll promise there will be in the next chapters!

A/N: Hi! So I’ve actually had this done for quite awhile and was debating on whether or not to post it in it’s entirety but I have a lot in store for this idea so I decided to do it in parts! This idea is based off of these pics here x x x of Wonho cuz he just looks so boyfriend & I love him so hardgysasjsknc. And I’m tagging this as a Jungkook scenario because you’ll be seeing him more eventually. Also, I’m working on drabbles in the meantime as well DON’T THINK I FORGOT THEM OK I’LL BE POSTING ONE SOON hope you enjoy this in the meantime!!

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How Sherlock, Homeland & Orwell predicted CIA spying
Thousands of documents detailing the ways the CIA gets its intelligence have been published by Wikileaks.


featuring these gems (not the full article just pics of stuff that made me yell lol, full version at the link):

Oh! Big Brother is Watching You…. (as I said to @waitedforgarridebs​ does this mean I can scream at my tv for another Episode of Something dshfsdlg)



And then they have he nerve, the gall, the AUDACITY, to end with this:

[Sherlock voice] I DON’T KNOW, YOU TELL ME


Hi, guys! :)

So this took absolutely ages, but I’ve managed to compile a pretty much exhaustive cut of all the evidence that indicates that Season Four takes places within Sherlock’s mind + that TJLC remains crucial to understanding the show.

Part of the reason I wanted to make this was because there seems to be a large group of people who think that everyone in TJLC is crazy effectively rendering us Chris Melas 2.0 as opposed to just listening to what we have to say and realising there’s a logical explanation for why at a surface level HLV and S4 just don’t make sense at all.

For now I’m keeping this unlisted on Youtube because I don’t want it to be flagged Big Brother is always watching smh but also because I’m really not sure we’re supposed to be spreading ‘spoilers’ to people who aren’t necessarily playing what’s pretty much BBC’s version of the ‘Sherlockian Game’? So … For now this is just available through link + Tumblr sharing. Better safe than sorry!

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the signs as things my french 2002/3 professor has done in the middle of class

pisces: was visibly upset when the entire class didn’t compliment him on his haircut, and then started bowing and thanking us when we all started complimenting it (after he demanded we do so)

aries: told us about homework due next class, and dramatically flipped the whiteboard over to reveal a very detailed, excellent drawing of a dragon swimming in a mountain lake with the words “Big Brother is Watching” written in a speech bubble, cackled, and dismissed class for the day

taurus: said that Justin Trudeau was sexy, then mentioned Emmanuel Macron was hot, and then was dramatically like, “What if….the two were in the same room? QUELLE BONHEUR! Quelle….BONER ;)” and all of us screamed

gemini: brought his 8 year old (bilingual) son to class and referred to him as Le Petit Monstre for the entirety of class, and in every class since then, and had to stop himself from saying “the world is fucked” in front of his kid

cancer: threw himself on the floor and curled up in the fetal position for no reason, laid there for roughly three minutes with us all staring at him, and then jumped up with a smile and said in a dead voice, “Everything’s fine! I’m fine! Tout ira bien!”

leo: told us on the first day of class “The University tells me I am in no way shape or form allowed to give you your finals early, according to academic policy.” Then dramatically gets up, launches his chair behind him, stomps across the room, slams the door shut (other profs look out of their classrooms in wonder at the noise) and then laughs and says, “But if you guys want to, you can take the final early, I won’t tell.” then rips the classroom door open again and starts the lesson

virgo: Said, “All my colleagues are like ‘hahahaha classes are done for the year, yay summer’ while I’m here suffering, like, what if I end classes tomorrow. What if we take the final in week 5 and then don’t have class for the next five weeks, sound good? Sounds damn good to me, ok, final tomorrow.” and then looked all depressed to the ground and said “Just kidding we can’t do that, I’d get fired.”

libra: dramatically collapsed in his chair, asked us the date, and suddenly sat up straight and said ‘Shit. Oh my god I forgot it’s my spouse’s birthday today.’ and then proceeded to solicit us for gift ideas and spent the entirety of class in a more distressed state of angst than before

scorpio: spilled coffee all over a student’s composition, shrugged, and threw it over his shoulder so all the papers went everywhere. casually shrugged and continued teaching class

sagittarius: threw the textbook on a table, textbook cover came off completely, book fell on the floor, all the while he stared after it and let out a heavy sigh

capricorn: looked up to the ceiling, palms together as if in prayer, after we all started meme-ing his pronunciation of “nous boirons” and asked for god to help him have the strength to make it through the rest of the day

aquarius: rolled his eyes at the class, approached the only empty table left in the room, and started having a conversation with his best and invisible students named Bill and Ted. He constantly says it’s Bill and George, Bill and Ned, etc

t͖͍͍̹̯̹a͈i̢̯̣̻̣̤̝p̳̰̦̖̥͕͈e̴̪͓̲i ̩̭̯̖̞̣̲͜a͉̞͙̞̝̖ͅl̟̕l͈̰ȩy̸̬͍͍͙͚̭w̦̬̦a͟y͕̣̝̖̹

red vs. blue in The Lying Detective

(AKA: A Study in Scarlet)

While watching TLD, I found that I kept noticing little flashes of red, almost continuously. It wasn’t as in-your-face as the blue of TST, but it was still pretty prominent, kind of like how pink/purple is used a lot in ASIP. So I decided to go through and count how many times red pops up. (The answer: a lot.)

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Imagine BatB 2017, but as the third movie of a four-part movie series.

This has been a dream of mine for a while, and I want to share it all with you.  Imagine Beauty and the Beast, with all of the casting intact, but with one, eensy teensy little change: It’s all centered around the castle residents.

Movie 1: This movie starts off with Adam being born, the big event that started everything.  Fast forward to maybe ten or so years later, to where Adam’s running through the halls, his mother’s alive, and the king is still ruling over the land.  Due to the king firing a lot of the servants because they’re not as good as he hoped they would be, Cogsworth—who is younger, but still the majordomo of the castle—hires on new servants, the main three being Lumiere, Chapeau, and Plumette.  Mrs. Potts already works at the castle, but she’s promoted to head housekeeper because Cogsworth can trust her.  This movie focuses on life inside the castle after that.  It’s mainly centered around caring for Adam, but there are other things we get to see, like Lumiere and Plumette’s budding romance (oh who am I kidding, we’ll see all of Lumiere and Plumette’s budding romance), how Adam interacts with all of the staff, and Villeneuve through the eyes of Mrs. Potts, before Belle arrives.  Gaston’s rescue of the village could happen here, as well as an Agathe cameo.  Speaking of which, Mrs. Potts and the queen are great friends.  And we’ll also find out why Cogsworth and Clothilde aren’t on good terms.

Then the queen falls ill and things take a turn as the king starts paying attention to his son.  He does just what the movie says and begins to twist Adam’s kind nature around.  He orders the servants not to interfere, but there is a moment of happiness when Chip is born.  The servants think that it might be nice for Adam to be like an older-brother figure to Chip, but Adam is already taking up some of the characteristics of his father.  So it’s not meant to be.

The queen dies.  The king takes on tutoring and ordering Adam around himself, and there are times when some of the servants see the king strike him, but they turn a blind eye.  Slowly, the rift between Adam and the staff widens.  The movie ends with the king’s death, maybe a shot of Adam, now around the age he’ll be when Agathe visits, sitting on the king’s throne with the same expression his father had.

Movie 2: More like a Movie 1.5 or a spinoff, since it doesn’t even take place in the castle, but in Italy.  You probably know where I’m going with this; this entire film covers Madame de Garderobe and Cadenza. It’ll show us their individual backstories, like how Cadenza was a child prodigy when it came to music, and Garderobe rose to become known across the country as an opera star.  How they met, how they fell in love—because you know Cadenza’s going to fall first, the hopeless romantic that he is—and how their relationship develops.  People notice that they both sound better when they perform together, and they become a duo.  Cadenza finally works up the nerve to propose after a year or so, and Garderobe says yes before he even finishes speaking, the wedding is glorious, everything is perfect.

The first performance they have after their marriage is at a castle in France, for a queen’s birthday.  Garderobe recalls the staff being ever so accommodating, though they both remember the majordomo being a tad stuffy, and the queen’s young son was so well-behaved and complimentary after their performance.

They think about having kids after that, but decide against it, because their jobs are so demanding and full of travel.  Instead they get Froufrou, who is travel-sized and the smallest, cutest thing that either of them had ever laid eyes on.

Then, years later, they’re invited back to the castle to perform for a ball the prince, now grown up, is throwing for himself.  At first, they decide not to go because of another offer they were given, but they remember the queen’s kindness and decide that it might be fun as a visit, too.

Movie 3: Beauty and the Beast.

Movie 4: Life after the curse is lifted.  Adam and Belle are already married, Maurice has become a well-known artist (and lives in the castle), and Cadenza and Garderobe are swamped with gigs because they had disappeared off the face of the earth for 5+ years and no one knows why.

Lumiere and Plumette get married.  That happens incredibly early in the movie, and when they invite the musicians over to perform, they agree without a second thought because they’re technically a second family now.  This leads to them buying a second house in France relatively close to the castle.  They occasionally travel back and forth between France and Italy, wherever the music takes them.

Mrs. Potts and Chip reunite with Jean, Chapeau starts performing around Villeneuve, and Belle and Adam welcome the villagers into the castle any time they’d like.  Through Maurice, Belle, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Chapeau, we see how positively Villeneuve has changed after the curse.  We’ll see LeFou and Stanley’s relationship develop here, too.

Belle and Plumette have children, and soon Chip feels like a big brother, and even volunteers to watch after them while their parents are off doing stuff.

Agathe frequents the castle, each time completely unrecognizable, just to see if her work really has paid off.  

Maybe the conflict is just Adam trying to get back into the swing of royalty and having a hard time with it…I dunno, but eventually they all live happily ever after.

a-steady-wish-deactivated201706  asked:

Sappy Prompt 11 please! :)

All right, it’s not really sappy… I just wanted to finally write this and this is what my mind came up with. 

11. “I thought you didn’t want me.“ 

"Scully, you won’t believe what I just-”

But it’s Mulder who, for once, can’t believe. There, in his office, stands a Scully all right. It’s just not Dana Scully; it’s big brother Bill. Mulder watches the smile disappear off the other man’s face.

“Uhm, hello.” Mulder stands frozen in his doorway for a moment, rationalizing that this is his office and that Bill Scully has no right to stop him from entering. But should he shake his hand? He wonders walking in, very aware of every step he’s taking.

“Mr. Mulder.” Bill nods at him, so no hand shake. Relieved, Mulder hangs up his coat and strolls past Bill, whose eyes follow his every movement.

“You’re not the Scully I expected to see,” Mulder knows he should shut up, maybe even leave under some pretense and look for Scully. “I presume you’re here looking for your sister. Unless you here to discuss any kind of unexplained phenomenon. Then I’m your man.” If only his mouth wasn’t so disconnected from his brain.

“I’m here to see Dana,” Bill informs him evenly, “She told me to meet her here.”

“Oh,” is all Mulder has to offer. She didn’t tell him about Bill dropping by. She didn’t even mention he was in town. “I’m sure she’ll be here soon. She’s usually on time.”

“I know that,” Bill says through gritted teeth, “she’s my sister. I know her.” I doubt that, Mulder thinks, and bites his tongue to keep his opinions to himself.

“Of course you do.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Bill Scully straightens up and Mulder braces himself. He leans his hip against his desk, trying to look calm and cool as a cucumber while feeling like a fish out of water in reality. If there’s one person he doesn’t want to piss off, it’s Bill Scully.

“I merely agreed with you,” Mulder begins and Bill snorts.

“Oh, did you? Don’t pretend you know more about my sister than I do, Mr. Mulder.”

“I’ve worked with her for close to seven years.” If Scully were here, she’d tell him to shut up. Right. Now. Of course she isn’t here and he is not going to shut up.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Bill spits, “you’ve been causing my family nothing but pain for seven years. It’s time to let her move on, don’t you think?”

“Don’t you think that’s her decision?”

“That’s why I’m here actually,” Mulder blinks a few times, quickly, and swallows. Hard. His brain kicks into overdrive immediately; the reason she didn’t tell him Bill was coming is because she didn’t want him to make a scene. Ask her to stay. Who is he kidding? Beg her not to leave him, more like.

“There’s someone I want her to meet,” Bill goes on, oblivious to Mulder’s inner turmoil, “He has something to offer Dana.” He finishes, a smug smile flashing over his face.

Mulder wonders whether or not he could get away with hitting Bill Scully, just a little bit. His fist clenches and unclenches as he searches for the right words to throw at the man instead.

“I’m sorry I’m - Bill? Mulder?” Scully, similiar to Mulder, looks confused when she enters and she glances from her brother to Mulder uncertainly.

“Your brother came for a visit.” Mulder tries to sound enthusiastic.

“She knew I was coming,” Bill reminds him, momentarily ignoring his sister, “Are you ready to leave, Dana?” He asks her.

“Leave? You said you had something to tell me that you didn’t want to talk about over the phone. I have work to do, Bill.” Mulder suppresses his grin as Scully crosses her arms in front of her chest, staring at her brother. Who, at the moment, seems uncertain about what to do with his hands.

“I’d rather not talk here,” Bill clears his throat and gives Mulder a side glance, “I’m sure Mr. Mulder wouldn’t mind if you took a lunch break.” Scully looks at Mulder and he sees the apology in her eyes. The way she bites her bottom lip, the way she considers telling Bill to say his piece and leave them alone, reassures him. She’s not just going to run off without so much as a goodbye. He nods at her and even manages to squeeze out a small smile.

“I have to tell you something, too, Scully.” Both Scullys turn to him, their looks eerily similar, and Mulder decides he’s an idiot. “It can wait until you’re back. It’s not important.”

“I’ll be back in half hour, Mulder. Maybe an hour.” He nods again, waves them off, and pretends to work. He listens to their voices until they’re gone. Mulder knows he’s not going to get anything done until Scully is back and so he waits.

When Scully finally returns, Mulder is engrossed in a game of Sudoko. He looks up and the expression on her face tells him the lunch did not go smoothly.

“So, uhm, what did Bill want?”

“It doesn’t matter. What did you want to tell me earlier?” Her arms are crossed again as she stands before his desk, waiting.

“Bill said he wanted you to meet someone.”

“Mulder, drop it. It’s not important.”

“But he said-”

“Mulder, I said drop it. So what is it?” But Mulder can’t drop it. His earlier doubts return like a speed train and every other thought is pushed aside.

“Are you leaving me, Scully? Bill said that-” Scully’s sigh is so loud it could have been a scream instead. She starts pacing, her heels clicking away on the floor.

“What is it with you and my brother? Why don’t you ask him if it’s so important to you? Now would you please tell me what was so important earlier?”

“It really wasn’t important,” Mulder starts rising from his chair, “Your brother scares me, Scully. Please?” He sits on his desk, his eyes following her partly angry, partly agitated strides.

“If I tell you… will you in turn please tell me whatever it is you were going to say earlier?” Mulder nods eagerly.

“All right… Bill wants to introduce me to one of his Navy buddies, who is not only single, but ready to settle down,” Mulder tries to control his breathing, in and out, in an out, “and he has a sister who works in a hospital which happens to have a position that would be, and I quote ‘the perfect solution to get me out of here’.” Scully rolls her eyes and despite his bouts of fear, Mulder chuckles briefly.

“Do you want to meet this guy? Check out the hospital?” Mulder’s knuckles turn white from gripping the desk way too tightly.

“Mulder, don’t be ridiculous. All I want is for you to tell me what you were going to talk to me about earlier. Is it a new case?”

“What if your brother is right,” Scully groans, “I mean this guy, maybe, you know. He could be Mr. Right.” The words feel like lead on his tongue.

“His name is Mr. I’m-Not-Interested, Mulder. So can we drop it now?” He wants to drop it, of course, but he doesn’t.

“You know, I wouldn’t hold it against you if-”

“Mulder, shut up,” Scully tells him, walking closer, “please.” She adds as an afterthought when she stands before him. He nods, but once again mouth and brain refuse to cooperate and the words are out before he has a chance to think about it, or stop himself.

“What if this guy and this job-”

He doesn’t get to finish this time, because Scully shuts him up. With her lips on this. Mulder needs to moment to register what’s happening and once he does, she draws away again. Rendering him speechless, finally.

“Now Mulder, could you please tell me? Please?” Her hands are on his thighs and he looks down to make sure he’s not imagining things. Did she really just kiss him?

“I thought you didn’t want me,” Mulder marvels, “I thought- when Bill earlier… I thought.”

“I never thought I’d say this, Mulder, but… maybe you should think less.” She smiles up at him and he nods, still reeling from the feel of her lips on his. He wants to feel it again and leans forward slightly. A hand on his chest stops him.

“You’re telling me right now, Mulder.”

“Tell you what?” Everything before the kiss is a hazy memory now. His eyes fixate on her lips and he tries again, his lips seeking hers, only to be stopped by both her hands this time.

“Mulder? You wanted to tell me something earlier?” One of her eyebrows is raised; a clear sign that her patience is wearing thin.

“Oh, right,” Mulder chuckles, “uhm, but don’t be mad, Scully.”

“Mulder, just say it.”

“I just wanted to tell you that… there’s a new espresso machine up in accounting.”