Ray had his first bath by himself in the big bathtub Sunday night. No support or bumper device - just his little baby butt sitting on the bottom of the tub.

He did pretty well. He splashed a little with his hands and kept his balance while sitting almost the whole time. The only issue was at the end of the bath: He doesn’t like getting his hair rinsed and pitches his body backwards. Thankfully, I knew this about him and was ready to hold his shoulders and neck with my hand. Hopefully this is a habit he’ll grow out of…

Ray has been napping poorly this week and has therefore been a cranky baby in the evenings. He passed out Monday night before drinking any of his bedtime bottle then woke up hungry an hour later. Tuesday, he fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept till 5:40, then he was so tired and upset he barely ate any dinner, sobbed through the process of getting him in his pajamas, and finally sucked down a bottled and went to bed.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid tonight and tomorrow aren’t going to be much better - unless he NAPS at daycare. We have a foster parent training about a half hour from our house tonight, so he will almost certainly be up past his bedtime. And tomorrow afternoon is swimming, which he’s slowly becoming more interested in.