Catch Me - Joker X Reader

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Request…Hi I was wondering if you could do a request where you and the joker fight and you hide all around Gotham but he keeps finding you and eventually catches you and it ends with fluff

Catch Me- Leto!Joker X Reader

Warnings- Mentions of abuse, and well idk just fluff (not a warning but you know :)

You first decided to hide in a local cafe. The warmth, the sweet smells, the comfort you felt just by being there. It shielding you from the cold darkness you had experienced just hours before, but that didn’t last. As soon as you saw him standing across the street, wrapped up in a coat, his hair slicked back, eyes daggering you down, you bolted out the back and went in search for a new sanctuary. The park. It was quiet and peaceful. The sound of crickets kept you at ease. Silencing the voices going through your head. You sat at this bench under a willow, looking around. Your hand went up to your cheek, feeling the slight ache in your jaw. A purple, blue bruise had left it’s mark. It was all so stupid how it happened. You didn’t mean to yell at him. Criticize him. You hurt him and to him that meant you had to be hurt. You couldn’t blame him. You both had been equals. He hits you, you hit back. You kick him, he kicks back. It’s how this worked. At the same time, However, This time was somewhat different…You could’ve sworn you saw the hurt in his eyes and then the guilt from the pain he had inflicted upon you. Actual guilt in the clowns big icey blue eyes. You curled up on that bench, hugging your legs to your chest, hiding your head and letting your tears fall from the frustration and the pain.

“Y/N” you heard behind you. It made you jolt up, turning to the voice’s owner. You couldn’t stop your lip from quivering. You backed up, turned and started running once more. You ran into the city. Although you didn’t hear footsteps behind you you just couldn’t help but keep running it wasn’t till you got to a corner his car pulled up infront of you and he stepped out. You didn’t know what to do or say. “Y/N if you would just listen to me-”

“No” you get out. Your voice still hoarse from the screaming match from earlier in the night. “Please don’t-”

“Hey hey hey” he coos, approaching you, reaching for you but you back up. “Baby, listen to me.” Why was he suddenly so gentle? You saw the redness in his eyes. “Princess, please”


“I know, I know, I’m- I promise I won’t hurt-”

“Promise!? Promise after promise but these promises are always broken!” you shout, shaking. You sniffle a little and hug yourself more for the desired comfort.

“I know, Y/N, just, come with me” He says calmly, approaching you more.

“No please don’t touch me” you plead but it doesn’t stop him and you begin trying to get away but he pulls you into his arms. You hit his chest again and again, crying. “I-I can’t do this anymore, Jack, please let me go! Let me- let me go” you sob, soon hugging him back and crying into his chest. You feel his fingers stroke through your hair and you find yourself just falling more into his arms. He pulls back, tilting your head up and allowing his lips to peck the tip of your nose. He cups your cheek, gazing into your eyes.

“Come home..” he asks. You give him a nod and hug him more. His arm wraps around your waist and he guides you to the car. You both may hurt each other time after time but for some reason you both can always count on each other.