Review: Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima

Okay, so there are still no bisexual children’s picture books.  I’m not reviewing this because it is a bisexual children’s picture book.  

But Not a Narwhal, is a book about breaking down binaries.  And frankly is just awesome.  In a world with no bisexual picture books, it can at least thematically give bisexual parents a way to talk to their kids about how life is more than a choice between opposites.  

Kelp is a little unicorn raised by narwhals.  Even though he is clearly different and not always good at narwhal tasks like swimming, his community loves him.  One day he goes to the surface and sees an animals that looks like him on the shore.  He finds a community of unicorns and finds out he is one of them, but still goes back to his loving community in the sea.  Only he is not happy there.  

What I like about this book (and why it functions as a good metaphor for bisexuality) is that the answer isn’t for him to live only with the unicorns or only with the narwhals.  The answer for Kelp is to throw a big party on the beach so narwhals and unicorns can all play together.  The answer isn’t a choice between a binary, it is about making space in the (literal) middle ground.  

Also the art is ungodly adorable, and full of rainbows:

So while we wait for a truly bisexual children’s picture book, this one is a boundary busting delight that can begin to open up bi-friendly conversations between parents and children.

- Sarah 


hey yall remember my reverse au ?? Well ok it wasn’t my plan to make something big of it but @beach-city-mystery-girl  gave me way too many ideas and headcanons to let it slide……

Some facts/headcanons/whatever:

  • Spike is quite the same dragon here. But he has a crush on Applejack, instead of on Rarity
  • Pinkie is Celestia’s student, as she’s the filly who gets to accidentally break Spike’s egg. Celestia, being aware of her energy and potential, which could bring joy and unity to the whole land, takes her as her student, and sends her to Ponyville to learn the value of friendship and teamwork, since reverse!Pinkie has trouble at bonding or working with other ponies (even if she’s cheerful and friendly, she likes to work alone, and would rather not to deepen relationships). Her only friend is Spike, and Celestia, basically.
  • Twilight of course never was Celestia’s student, and never thought “friendship was silly”. That’s because Shining Armor never tried to be part of the royal guard, and therefore, he spent more time with her sister, teaching her the value of friendship and family. Adult Twilight eventually moves to Ponyville to become a librarian and an event planner, as she loves to organize. She also becomes the official Ponyville party planner, even if she doesn’t really like parties.
  • Rainbow Dash wants to design outfits and stuff for the Wonderbolts, rather than flying with them (sorry I still need a fashionista in this au). She still enjoys flying, but only to do pretty art sky.
  • Fluttershy, besides being an animal caretaker, she works in the apple farm too, helping AJ (as BigMac is in the Crystal Empire, ruling). She’s kind and gentle, but have little patience and won’t hesitate to make you eat those damn vegetables, Angel Bunny.
  • Applejack works in the farm, taking care of the numbers and promotion side, she still bucks apples, but isn’t something she get to do often. (Good thing Fluttershy is there to help!) She wants to expand the business in a very ambitious way
  • Rarity is a bold and energetic unicorn who wants to be part of the royal guard on Canterlot, so she can help protecting Equestria and whoever needs it. She has a strong sense of justice (She was the one who defended Fluttershy from those nasty bullies)

there’s a lot of things unsaid, but I still want to draw more stuff for this au, so more stuff will be explained in the future, hopefully :3

ohh, and thanks @beach-city-mystery-girl for a lot of the ideas! Credit to her ♥