Happy 5th anniversary, Big Bang ~

Not long ago, I was at this random anime con with my friends, when we stopped by the dvd store to watch a random colorful MV that was on the screen. We went inside the store like crazy “OMG I NEED THAT DVD, THEY’RE AWESOME”. It was Big Bang. I would’ve never imagined that those random dancing beauties would get into my life like a thunderstorm, changing it upside down, making me go crazy over all it’s members. I was already into kpop, but none of the groups I was already listening to had such a great impact in my life like Big Bang did. I had already listened to “My Heaven” and I fell for them, but don’t ask me why, I never saw one their mv’s… I guess I was just too lazy for it :D But when I saw Gara Gara Go, I went crazy. I had to know them. I wanted to know that dance, I wanted to see their faces and learn his lyrics. I ended up buying their MVs dvd.

When I got home after a sudden rain that got the cover of my dvd wet in some places, I took a bath and I sat down on my couch to watch that precious DVD I had in my hands. They got me in like, 5 seconds

of “My Heaven” mv. I loved Gara Gara Go, I fell i in love with Choi Seunghyun in Koe Wo Kikasete, I loved Lee Seunghyun in Baby Baby, Together Forever made me fall for Kang Daesung, Lies made me cry, Dirty Cash made me laugh a lot, We Belong Together made me know Park Bom, Haru Haru made me cry rivers, fall in love and compassion with Kwon Jiyong, made me ship GTOP really hard and Always was so cute, such.a lovely song. It put the cherry on my love for them.

After that day, I went after information about them like crazy. I got all of his songs, GD&TOP had just debuted and I was crazy after Tabi with that sexy crazy white lovely hair. Seungri was debuting solo too… and I realized I got to the fandom late. But it doesn’t matter. I’ve been through a lot with them already. Their long awaited comeback in march, all the awards they won, the release of TONIGHT MV, the 2011 Big Show, the Special Edition in April, the release of Love Song MV, the Love&Hope tour, Daesung’s accident…. 

I may not be on the fandom for as long as many of the VIPs around here, but man… I’m willing to stay with them until the end of the times, because Big Bang itself will NEVER end. I hope we VIPs and Big Bang can be together on the next year, for another anniversary, celebrating and sharing our happiness and love for them all together.