• The King of Big Ashtrays…
  • Eleven pounds of beautiful thick quality colored crystal.  It’s the largest table ashtray we’ve seen…and that says alot. 
  • Made in the Mid-20th Century, 1940s - 1960s.  In an organic style smoke black, moss green color especially popular during the time.  Great color, goes with everything.  Under most lighting situations, the color looks gray/black.  Under bright light or inspecting closely, you can see the moss green tone.  Beautiful color.  It is made of 11 lbs of real lead crystal
  • This color is often associated with Holmegaard, a high-end Danish glass house operating since the 1893 and closing down in 2009.  Another celebrated glass maker called ‘Whitefriars’ (1774 to 1981) of England made many art glass lines in this color. Glass houses in America followed suit, but if this were made in the USA it would be of 'Steuben’ stature.  Actual maker unknown, this huge beauty is unsigned.
  • Very minimal signs of use.  Must look closely to see some light scratching on the side of the deep center bowl.  Looks like someone tapped their pipe there.  On the surface of the deep center well are some more light, shallow dings that can be felt with fingertips, more evidence of pipe tapping.  On the thick side rim, we found three shallow scratches.  Invisible unless looked for.  The polished base rim has heavy bottom-wear as expected with this much weight scraping against table surfaces for 50+ years.  You can’t see the bottom-wear unless it’s turned upside down.
  • It measures 14" wide with a rim circumference of 42".  Stands 4 ¾" tall. Weighs 11 lbs.  It was hand-made. The three large rests were cut and polished by hand, and are beveled on the rim side. The pontil mark is polished to a half moon.
  • Perfect for the party table or cigar lounge.  Certainly will get the conversation going. 

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Height headcanons for the Eddsworld Boys! I already submitted one to @yes-asil but I made small changes on it, so I wanted to post it here too!