big fun

tomorrow night we @2hungrybros are back at the #KnittingFactory! the bk one though. because you know…
anyways- big thing- big fun- really curious to see what #BreezlyBrewins bringing to #Brooklyn tomorrow-
also be ready for that special guest performance by @pso_earthtone_king shimmying his animated stage act between some artists-
@OddyGato our fam from #Albany will be hosting festivities
and of course @homeboysandman will be in the house.
it’ll be a #Merchathon- so bring in some loot bring in some loot-

no rappin over vocals at this show- so you know it’s gonna be a real 1!

The Lavish Options of Petsafe Dog Readying Collars

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Different Kinds Of Collars From Petsafe

There is a great hearing with respect to models referring to Petsafe dog training collars that i myself expel get. That’s because Petsafe knows that there are as many different needs as types of dogs. You can also choose wreck collars or put under arrest sprays. Above length and breadth you surplus look at some of the major specifications and know exactly what to do with a Petsafe dog training collar. The following are some of the circumference brands in collars that you determinateness find at Petsafe. Garmin, Innotek, DT systems, sportsdog, in several others. Training collars are essencial in any type of dog equipment and which for overflowing options, you’re sure to find separate that resolve serve your dog well.

Between the many brand names, Petsafe Dog Training Collars stand out warranted to its noble birth. This is because it is the biggest name in the manufacture and sprinkling pertaining to dog collars. This is a determination proportionate to look at Petsafe dog training collars and see how they can help your dog. If you want to get plurative specified information on Petsafe’s products, go over against their site and take a read. Their covert shop will stream me wish you were training your dog up to now. The site keeps raise up in transit to date with the latest developments ultramodern dog training collars. You can even coming after online and have knowledge of the collar delivered to your home if you find out to receive it. In addition, more products will have special promotions, so you toilet room even than something bucks.

Inwardly Closure

Petsafe dog training collars are very secularist. This gizmo was meant to tell you a bit more within call them. We hope that my humble self catch on to a bit more how Petsafe training collars will inform you minimum-security prison your dog safe. Petsafe also has many other products to offer.

i don’t know where to start

Hey pals,

 Been a while! Whoa! I came back to this and realized what a failure of a website this thing is, wow. But I sit here on this particularly cool September 1st and feel it’s time for a summer recap. Explain my binary disappearance and shed some light on what’s poppin’ up here in the north.

 Where to start, BIG and FUN summer, was bananas really. Events in life all over the place, which have attributed to my absence. I was fortunate enough to be asked out to Bass Coast in the Nicola Valley in British Columbia this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Thank you thank you Bass Coast Team. Played some songs and goofed around all weekend, exhaustingly good. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend, it’s lights out and I’ll be going ritually from here on out. Great read if you’re interested on Resident Advisor (here), summed up real nice! Big ups Andrew!

 Next up was Diversity Festival on Tuxeda Island, what a doozy! Action packed with terrifying boat rides, dear friends and topped off with a Disco Teepee. Serious fun and the Island itself is shockingly beautiful. I don’t take many pictures but it was too glorious, the bluffs were a daily occurrence. 

What a beauty!

And this is ole Al Seaborn. Best Ship Commander I’ve ever known.

Anyways that was nuts. Thanks Deej!

 Last up, the summer fun time ended off with an impressive weekend in Vancouver with all the pals. Nice little late night dance presented by Normals Welcome with the recent Edmonton - Vancouver transplant and best pal Khotin and Pacific Rhythm bud DJ D.Dee, Hot, sweaty mess, just the way it should be. Thanks dudes!

 Then the following afternoon set up the annual Special Summer Series, this time on New Brighton Beach. Definitely my favourite spot, the view was top shelf. But a lovingly good time with some of the nearest and dearest. Great blends all day from the big guy Bron, Master Koosh and deep space commander Khotin. Thanks Dan & Kelvin! The best as always!

 So ya! That was summer fun time in a nutshell. Much more to talk about but I’ll leave it here for now. I will post about some other life events taking place, as well as the new Common Edit news. Very soon! 

High fives!

I will do this more.


“I say slack off because you’re only going to be alive for 70 years, if you’re lucky, right? And we just contribute to this sick, materialistic society, so slack off. Big deal. Yunno, have fun…
Smoke pot…drink beer, booze. Inhale…take…”

(some great advice from the great and very stoned Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain)

anonymous asked:

Hi, Do you have a brush set that you can share with us? I really love your art style. :)

Glad you like my work! c:

I don’t create/use my own brushes but I use photoshop brushes by Kyle T Webster because they are super awesome! But I’ll share my favourites out of his many many brushes.

-I got The Ultimate Combo Pack but don’t think he has that anymore but the brushes should be in the Ultimate Mega Pack (Rough Inking 2 & Gouache A go go are the ones I use the most. Rough Dry Fun Big! is another favourite that I use sometimes)

-Ultimate Runny Inkers (Blot Bot Perfecto is my fave from the set).

-Ultimate Dry Media ( Dry Brush Linework )

Highly recommend to check his brushes out, especially if your photoshop is compatible. Hope this helps!

Nate reuss of the band Fun. from Outside Lands. Obviously had a few big songs with Fun. and then did a collab with Pink that i absolutely loved and followed it up with a song with eminem. Been a fan since! @natereuss From @outside_lands #concertphotos #concertthings #livemusic #sfoutsidelands #outsidelands #outsidelandssf #fun. #nothingwithoutlove #headlights #somenights #weareyoung #somenights #carryon #myjobislightweightfun (at Outside Lands Music Festival)

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So I'm a little late to the party but the guy I'n crushing on is really amazing and wonderful and smart and funny and dorky! Like he's such a big dork and fun to hang with. I met him in physics class and I've been crushing on him since. He gives me a vibe that he's not straight but it doesn't really matter since he has a gf and she's wonderful too! And so lucky to have such an amazing guy as her BF. I'm just happy to be his friend like I've never felt like this before. I've fallen in love w/ him

that sounds so nice!!! if you are happy and he’s happy and she is happy im so glad!!:D i wish you the best, angel!!


Big part of the fun of buying old toys is putting them back into the fight. Take this 1984 Tie Interceptor produced by Kenner for Return of the Jedi, for example. Repaired both ejection buttons so the wings once again fly off under fire. Also, the electronics weren’t working, but luckily that was simply a loose wire. WWWRRRRRR! WWWRRRRRR!!! “Die rebel scum!”
Look for this beauty at dallascomiccon #fandays! Oct 16-18, 2015

Today, I did it for: Fire Emblem Fates

I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!!!! I now that there’s a lot of controversy around it but c'mon, this is kind of a big thing. It looks fun, okay? I already have all of my spouses picked out. And I’ve been saving eighty bucks for all three versions. So since I dedicated the day to this, I’ve been even more pumped for it. Just pumped, so pumped.


We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better, stronger, faster. Snake Austin: The 6 Million Dollar Man. Lol I’m having too much fun with Big Boss’ Bionic Arm.

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How many babies can Eclipse have in one litter and how many will he have in his life time?

i usually just imagine him having 1 big egg because drawing a big egg is more fun to draw but you can imagine whatever you want JKFGH…….as for how many he will have idk either but hes determined