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I’ve hit 1000 followers! Let’s celebrate!!!

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I’m super gassed bout hitting 1000, it feels amazing to have people support and interact with my writing in the way that you lot do, so honestly THANKYOU!! ily

As a lil thank-you treat, I’m opening up my ask to you all for ships!!! Send me some info about yourself i.e. either physical appearance or personality (or both), whether you’re game for all genders or not, your pronouns, and I’ll tell you who I ship you with! 

If that wasn’t enough I’ll also write a few sentences of a scenario with you and your ship (you can specify what, if you like) so lets get this party started!!! 

p.s. if you don’t want me to publish it, just let me know and ill reply privately

p.p.s. im going to tag them ‘ship party’ so if you dont wanna see it, you can black list them!

many thanks and mUCH LOVE!!!!!!!!

Favourite Big Finish Releases - “Scherzo” by Robert Shearman

Once upon a time…

There were two friends, and together they travelled the cosmos. They thwarted tyrants and defeated monsters, they righted wrongs wherever they went. They explored the distant future and the distant past, new worlds and galaxies, places beyond imagining.

But every good story has to come to an end…

With no times or places left to explore, all the two friends have now are each other. But maybe that’s one voyage too many. Maybe they’ll discover things they’d rather have left undisturbed… hidden away in the suffocating, unfeeling, deafening brightness.

Once upon a time. Far, far away.

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013.  give them food .

                       Awww, you made all this food just for me? Thanks so much, Claire honey, you’re the best!

Recently I’ve been trying my hand at embroidery. This one’s for everyone’s favorite Fjerdan, Matty 🌷

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I am literally the most predictable person on this website, probably, anyways here’s my art submission for the RVB Reverse Big Bang, with a lovely and wonderful accompanying 2-part fic,  When I Let The Water Take Me (click title for the link, part one is up, part 2 is on its way) from my partner, @gkingoffez!!! GO SHOWER THEM AND THEIR FIC WITH LOVE AND PRAISE!


Our friends Melissa and Michael came to visit us in Monterey for Thanksgiving. Here’s a vlog from our road trip to Big Sur. As your tour guide, I can’t promise you’ll  learn anything but I always guarantee a colorful adventure!

I’m home for the holidays, and I finally purchased Comrades, and I know everyone is raring for me to tell them what I think.

I’m kidding I’m pretty sure you all hate me, but I’ll still tell you.

Because they never explain the meteor shards, or I’m expected to learn what they are, and the power they have later, I still think the way the game is going about power spending seems a bit silly if it’s not explained. They are shooting electricity all over the goddamn map so I can travel there, I get that, but that seems a bit wasteful. The meteor is not a renewable resource, they should only allocate light to Lestallum because they know for a fact it’s safe. But I mean, I’m complaining about tiny little needle sized plotholes in the cannonball shaped holes this plot has.

I really enjoy the aesthetic of the DLC, the dying light and all that. I really didn’t enjoy the random movie shots like PSST HEY. HEY… DID YOU WATCH KINGSGLAIVE???? DID YOU??? HUH??? WE MADE KINGSGLAIVE YOU GUYS!!!! But I know this is basically a trippy easy to self-insert homage to FFXV: Kingsglaive “Let’s Pretend Like We Made Money On This Movie and It Wasn’t A Huge Waste” Edition.

The beginning is fun, the tutorial, the fighting, the set up, the idea that Lestallum, the last major ‘city’ in Lucis, just went to shit and is barricaded all to hell, daemons spawn everywhere, completely ignoring how much light is out. That feels cool, being a survivor who just wants to help out? Cool!

Stopped being fun after… my third online match.

I’m shit at combat, and I fully died and had to respawn, and by the time that was over, the boss fight was over, and I was kicked back out to the camp sight with no item, probably fucking up the recipe Monica makes.

The game is glitchy as fuck on it’s own, online takes the glitching to unprecedented levels.

I’ve completely leveled up my javelin to 20 levels and I haven’t opened a third hunt yet. The leveling looks like it’ll be hell.

Also I suck fuck at video games.

I’ve only played about two hours and about 40 minutes was in character creator, and I’ve still managed to die several times.

The best healer I ever came across was an AI that had to join my team because they were impatient and there was only three of us.