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You started posting about that hockey comic. I've been thinking about reading it but I don't like hockey. Will I like it? I don't want to offend the author by asking her this so I thought I would ask you haha.

No, you don’t have to know anything about hockey to read Check, Please! Heck, you don’t even have to like the sport (although the thought of anyone not liking the best sport in the world makes me sad as I sit here staring longingly at my season tickets and counting down the days until the season opener). 

You don’t have to like hockey to love Check, Please! It’s about a 5′6″ (and a half) former figure skater from Georgia who ends up on a college hockey team with a bunch of big, loud, fun, crazy athletes. It’s about him navigating college life, making friends, baking pies, and falling in love. It’s hilarious and heartwarming and at times even heartbreaking. You should definitely give it a try. Just one note, it is mult-platform, meaning there is the main comic, but there are also posts between “official” comic updates with Q&As, lots of character development, and author commentary, and there is a twitter feed that compliments the comic. You get the best experience if you read all of those and not just the comic itself. So I’d suggest starting here and reading all the posts.

Enjoy! And feel free to let me know what you think. 

EXO Reaction; When You Are Feeling Insecure About Your Height

Anon Asked:  Hello~ lately my height insecurity has been getting the best of me, I’m 179cm. Could I get an EXO reaction to where you’re feeling sad about being tall? I love your blog! This was my first time asking for a reaction and I feel all shy >_<

AWW It’s alright !~ No matter the size you are all still beautiful :-)


“Baby, no matter what, you’re still beautiful to me, no matter how you look, that won’t ever stop me from loving you.” 

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*Harasses anyone who pokes the slightest big of fun at your height until they apologize “WHAT?! You take that back! Tell my jagiya she is beautiful ! No wait not even that! Just apologize!”

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“What? You’re sad about that? Baby please! Your physique is what attracted me to you! That and your stunning smile.”

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“Oh come on babe! When I first saw you I was like ‘Yes! Finally someone who isn’t super short where I have to bend down so much! Because you know that just hurts my back. You make my life easier baby. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

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*throws on his shades* “Babe look at us, we sparkle and shine as a couple, there’s no need to feel sad about the way you look. You look amazing to me, we look amazing together. That’s all there is too it.” *sassy lu*

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“I don’t care if you’re slightly taller than me jagiya, because when I look up at towards you, you shine like the sun in the sky.” 

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*serious min* “Please Y/N, don’t beat yourself up about the way you look or how you are. To me I still love and value you so much, and I hope one day you will do the same. Now try to cheer up okay baby?” *turns back into squish*

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“This rose needs a tall drink of water, so here you go babygirl” Ohmyg Forgive me for that, that was so dumb

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“You see this?” *holds up a brand new stuffie for you* If you keep putting yourself down, you won’t get this little guy. Smile baby. I think you’re beautiful and he thinks so too.” *holds up stuffie*

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*Chuckles* “Uh babe. Do you know who you’re talking to? Also I would kill to have your height. You’re like the perfect size! I love you , my silly jagi.” *Giddy Yeolie*

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“Awwwww baby! Don’t be sad! I love you and the person you are. Physical appearance means nothing to me at all when you love someone! So? Can I have a smile? Please? *puppy baek*

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You’re Chanyeol “Nope nope nope” *latches onto you* “I’m not going anywhere or letting you go until you say one good thing about yourself. Resisting isn’t going to help. Make it 5 now.”

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Hope you enjoyed it ! :-)

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Try to calm down. What's happened?





✦ BUT HE’S BEEN FUCKING?????? WITH EVERYONE???????????????







The best man I’ve known. I miss you so much. I just wish I could visit or at least call you. Sometimes I just need your advice. When I need you the most I just shut down. Life is a crazy roller coaster and I wish so bad you were still here to see it. But I really do hope that you are up there in the big blue sky having fun, relaxing, and doing what you love to do. I love you so much dad! 

30 Days of Kylo Ren

Welcome to 30 Days of Kylo Ren 

What is it?

A Kylo Ren festival. A way to get more, see more, and talk more about Kylo Ren. One Topic at a time. Think of it like a month long Kylo Ren Fest. 

How will it go?

From October 15-November 13 we’ll be posting something about Kylo Ren, depending on the topic for that day [click here to view topic list]. 

What are the accepted entries?

Absolutely anything under the sun. Manips, GIFsets, Photosets, Fanart, Fanfics, playlist, headcanons, meta. You name it! As long as it’s Kylo Ren centric. 


  • Follow the theme for the day
  • Use the tag #30DaysOfKylo on your post so we can reblog. 
  • Your post is Kylo Centric


  • For the days with Kylo Ren and anybody, your interpretations can lean towards shipping but it doesn’t have to be. 
  • You don’t have to complete all days, but it’s a big fun to try. 

Adventures in big cities are fun!!!

[[OOC: I’m currently on a visit in berlin since last saturday, the internet is pretty bad, took me like 10 minutes to upload this picture alone…. I’ll be back on saturday but I’ll have to start moving places then. I’ll try posting whenever I’m not too busy!!]]

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just wondering about what you think the wordgirl characters would be like out of character in the actor AU?

You just gave me the perfect excuse to talk about this au thank you!!!!

Personally I think they’d be a bit like their characters! But nicer for the villains and really just one big family who has fun together!! They all have the same first name as their characters

  • Mr. Big is a lot like his character and he likes recognition and fame but no one recognizes him off set because his character wears a mask and he’s always so melodramatically mock-upset
  • Violet is actually a really fantastic artist and every drawing her character does on the show she draws herself
  • Squeaky is actually played by a pet store rat (yes, people were mad that he’s constantly called a mouse) and they were just going to give the rat back to the store but Steven actually adopted him and now squeaky (or rat boy, as Steven jokingly called him once but now can’t atop) has his own Instagram with more followers than Steven himself.
  • Becky almost lost it when she heard Victoria was going to be joining their cast bc victoria has voiced a lot of characters in shows becky loves
  • Scoops has like 4 different instagrams bc he keeps forgetting his password so he just creates a new instagram each time and everyone teases him about it
  • LRW is super chill and nice but she always looks angry or irritated in every picture ever taken of her.
  • Chuck can not do the thing where you flip a water bottle. It’s so bad. Not once has he ever successfully done it.
  • TJ and Becky are super close and they play basketball together during long shoots and they have definitely not broken any expensive set lights. nope (you can’t prove anything!!)
  • Miss Power actually naturally has really dark brown hair and an english accent so she has to bleach her hair and lose her accent when she first gets the job
  • everyone is memers but all the villains are more old school and the kids die every time they open their mouth (Granny May: *pointing at a cat* Man is that bae or what?) (Chuck sends rage comics into their group chat)
  • ALSO they have a group chat/text and it’s always going 100 miles per hour
  • Steven does all his own stunts and 95% of on-set injuries result from him being a clumsy mess
  • Sally and Tim Botsford are married irl
Welcome to Something Completely Different


I’ve been teasing for some time that big, neat, fun things are coming. Life and mental illness have pretty much blockaded me from doing so though. Therefore, I’ve been considering a little series of sorts. Short stories of what I’ve experienced, life through my eyes during a severe panic attack. I understand this may be triggering for some, but I feel they’re very much like a fictional story. An interesting read. 

If this sounds good or bad to you, please let me know.

Wife Application: Politely Declined
  • Name: Arabella Noemi Cesario
  • Age: 24
  • How well do we know each other?: Not in the slightest! But Satsuki has told me about you.
  • Do you have a pet name for me?: Nope.
  • Do I have a pet name for you?: Not as of this moment.
  • Are you attracted to me?: You’re cute, yes, but I can’t say for sure.
  • Why do you want to marry me?: I’ve no idea, but I thought this would be a silly way to introduce myself. I thought it’d be fun.
  • Big wedding or Small wedding?: Either or, I’m not particularly picky.
  • Do you see children in our future?: I want children, for one, but I’ve no idea if you do.


Can you defeat me in a game of wits? Honestly? Probably not. I’d give it my all, though.

“It’s a cute attempt; I like the stationery it’s on.”

A chuckle!

“We should meet for tea sometime, whenever you’re free. Lady Satsuki has also mentioned you in passing, and you sound pleasant to be around.”

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Sinnoh since typlosion is literally my favorite pokemon

Full Name: Sinnoh
Gender and Sexuality: Male/Hetero
Pronouns: he
Ethnicity/Species: Typhlosion
Birthplace and Birthdate: Hoenn/unknown
Guilty Pleasures: He’ll light his own flatulence for fun.
Phobias: He cannot handle being alone.
What They Would Be Famous For: inventing some absurd and deep fried food.
What They Would Get Arrested For: accidentally setting a crop field aflame
OC You Ship Them With: Claire, Juniper
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: unknown
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Adventure
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Last minute superpowers
Talents and/or Powers: pyrokenesis, can occasionally absorb/channel energy
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s a big fun squishy pillow
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Can be a bit immature at times
How They Change: Used to be a cyndaquil.
Why You Love Them: He was one of my first pokemon OCs.