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making fun of tøp is not a big deal but making fun of actually depressed and suicidal teenagers for finding meaning in their music is soooo gross

like “oh they’re just for suburbia kids with no problems” wow shockingly i know people who almost killed themselves and like them but uh, abusive parents and poverty are just silly problems, yeah

the complaint that they capitalize off suffering and are fundamentally void of emotion is something i agree with but you don’t need to throw others under the bus to get that point across

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how was the rpg?

It was fun! Some big things were revealed. Next week is the “season finale” so I’m v nervous. ((Sorry for the late reply it was my bedtime))

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sweet flips hc of mine: carey has Big Dragon Teeth and felt bad about it for a long time bc they were weird and too big and people made fun of them and its been a big Issue for her for a long time but killian has Big Teef too and doesnt care what ppl think and it helps carey feel better abt her own teeth and its so good and also their kisses are very toofy. big teeth gfs

Killian has big orc teeth and LOVES them to pieces and will spend forever shining them up and redoing their points and when Carey lets her know she’s kind of embarrassed about them Killian just drags her into a cuddle and spends an hour talking about her girlfriend’s big cute teeth. 

And Carey is 100% the person that when laughs or smiles or just generally emotes it’s ALL teeth and when she was younger she used to instinctively cover her mouth when laughing but the day that Killian managed to her to laugh all toothy she just fell more in love and couldn’t help but kiss her laughing face. (And tickle her sides to get more of those good laughs)  

okay heres another idea i been thinkin about but not sure if i can articulate well:

there’s a big difference between making fun of/talking trash about people and making fun of /talking trash about things, and i feel like it’s way nicer to make fun of things than make fun of people… if that makes sense

like, think it’s a lot better to just say “i think X content is boring” than it is to say “people who post X content are boring people,” like i understand the sentiment behind a lot of posts like the latter statement but i think it’s just really unecessarily judgemental and is way more likely to start some shit


Tutti Frutti | #thinksexy

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What would Mabel think of Sugilite?

“Oh my gosh, Sugilite is so cool! It took so long for me to convince Garnet and Amethyst to fuse into her, but it was so worth it! She was big, and loud, and fun, and awesome! She showed me her swingy-fist thing and let me ride on one of her huge muscles! It was awesome!”

(So headcanon that after Strong int he Real Way, Mabel begged Garnet and Amethyst to form Sugilite for a while, just so she could meet her. And it was cute)

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okay but it was when kendall was in her housemaid outfit. look at gigi's outfit for that part of the show and tell me that's not some pastrami barb realness

i mean like, im not gonna make fun of big nipples because like .… idgi lol 

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I'm better now bugdad! Thanks for telling me stuff! So what's your favorite snack, then? What about drink? I just tried this most amaaaaazing hibiscus tea with raspberries and rose petals and lemon zest. I hope you and mom ended up liking your cocktails! I made some for the rest of your family too, if you wanna see. Happy holidays!

So glad to hear you are well again!
Let’s see, my favorite snack. I have always enjoyed any kind of soft cheese spread onto a nice crunchy piece of bread. I just love the balance of textures mostly and of course bread and cheese were practically made for each other.
That tea you just described sound divine! As for your cocktails, they were such a big hit! Very fun to make and drink. You are very talented.

I hope you holidays are full of fun and comfort!

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Can "the junkers get lost in europe" be the junker short plot? Like it follows the thrilling adventure of Roadhog trying to wrap his head around a map that small and rat going "well while we're here what can we blow up?"

my hope for the junkrat short is slapstick hijinks so… yeah actually that would be a pretty good plot. they could take photos with all the famous stuff they didn’t steal. and lead a big fun chase all around the famous landmarks. god yeah that would be good.

as much as i’d love some junkertown action, if they could fit the a.l.f. and some junkertown bits into hog’s short i’d be happy. i kinda hope they don’t show hog’s face? because i like having ambiguous face. or if they do i hope he’s got ta moko.