big fun

Thanks to Heathers...
  • *Something goes wrong*
  • Me: Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw
  • Everyone else: What the hell?
  • *shit happens*
  • Everyone else: Damn
  • Me: Dang dang diggity dang-a-dang
  • Everyone else: ???
Heathers the Musical links

Full show:


Candy Store:

Fight For Me:

Candy Store (Reprise) and Freeze Your Brain:

Big Fun:

Dead Girl Walking:

Me Inside of Me:

Blue and Blue (Reprise):

Our Love Is God:

Prom or Hell? and My Dead Gay Son:


Shine A Light:

Lifeboat and Shine A Light (Reprise):

Kindergarten Boyfriend:

Yo Girl:

Meant To Be Yours:

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise):

I Am Damaged:

Seventeen (Reprise):


felt like posting some heathers tonight

Okay, so when JD loads the gun in “Our Love is God”, he uses ‘ich lüge’ bullets. He claims that they are German tranquilizers…
But in German, ‘ich lüge’ means 'I lie’.

Because JD was lying about how they were real bullets.