yo but thats still not okay though not only did they kill off the frog man pilot but they also killed off narti like 


i remember that theory floating around where they basically predicted it word for word but like. idk i was kinda doubtful that the show would ACTUALLY kill off a somewhat big(ger) character like

incapacitate, maybe

but not kill 

im so……………… heart hurts man.. i really loved her too brb gonna go reblog my narti art and probably cry for 20 years


here it is!! my first tattoo!! i was going to get something smaller but then i saw another one i’d been in love with for a while and decided to be spontaneous and go big(ger). it’s low key inspired by my favorite Rose Tyler, but mostly i just think it’s pretty.

Frislandian - Intro & Background

So seeing as I haven’t actually posted much information about Frislandian and Frisland anywhere (which is weird considering it’s the namesake of my main blog), I think I’m gonna put some stuff just so people have a better idea of what I’m working with.

So Frisland is this phantom island supposedly south of Iceland which appeared on several late mediaeval maps, including one by Gerard Mercator. My basic conceit is that it was originally there, inhabited by a bunch of Pre-Indo-Europeans (how they got there is not entirely clear especially with regards to the question of whether it was prompted by the Indo-European Expansion or a independent development).

Then comes the big(ger) conceit: the island disappeared from the face of the earth some point during the first millenium AD, soon after the arrival of a few Celtic Christian monks from Iona (hence much religious vocabulary is derived from Old Irish). It reappeared afor a short time in the latter half of the 16th century, before disappearing again several decades later, and then subsequently reappearing in the 1980s. There is no consensus as to why this took place: the only explanation the Frislandians have is that it was an act of God.

The land is fairly typical of the region, much resembling Ireland and Scotland in particular, with rugged coastlines and exposed moorland. There are few large settlements: even the capital Okiwarda (Ocibar on the mediaeval maps, one of the few names that are actually correct) is no bigger tha Durham in the UK.

The isolation which has been foisted upon the island mans that Frisland is something of a backwater by European standards: it is not a member of the EU or NATO, and is generally neutral in international politics. Socioeconomically it is radically different from European norms, being a mostly agrarian society where the use of currency is mostly absent and community ownership is common. The closest thing to central government is a biennial meeting of the leaders of the main regions and settlements.

The islanders are also strongly religious, though the form this takes is an interesting admixture of the Celtic Christian, brought over by the monks from Iona and pagan elements carried over from their Pre-Indo-European history, with a strong tradition of monasticism.

This isolation also shows itself in the language; Frislandian is a language isolate again a sign of its Pre-Indo-European heritage. However to talk of a single Frislandian language is prehaps misleading, since in fact there is really a cluster of dialects, with a particularly great split between the northern and southern halves of the country, though the differences are not so great that mutual intelligibility is completely lost in most cases. The language is also radically different from those found in the rest of Europe in all area, including in its phonology, morphology and lexicon, and the language has also seen relatively little foreign influence.

pls consider how after his day with the kurosakis where ichigo shows off his far more superior hairstyling skills (i mean. he’s done yuzu’s and karin’s hair for like. ever.), byakuya gets renji to give him tips (because obv rukia has short hair and she isn’t really into haircare anyway and this is a direct order abarai stop grinning). they spend the whole night doing each other’s hair, so the next time he meets karin and yuzu he can be like SURPRISE!! LOOK WHAT YOUR BIG(GER) BROTHER CAN DO

meanwhile renji has to deal with his boyfriend’s gratuitous sulking because fishtails are hard :’/

byakuya also goes to the 12th division and asks for his gigai to be retrofitted with longer hair for more ~braid appeal~

Eleven Questions Tag!

Thank you @eviestudy for tagging me!
rules: after answering the 11 questions, make 11 questions of your own, and tag 11 people

1. What time is it when school’s out?
I’m in university now so there’s no specific, constant time, but all my classes end before 6 PM.  

2. How large is your bedroom?
In my university dorm, it’s really kind of small. I don’t know the exact measurements, but I share it with a roomie and I basically just have a study table, a bed, and a closet, nothing fancy. At home, I only sleep in my bedroom? Like, I study at my second dining table, because we have one tiny one for regular use, and one larger one for like Chinese New Year meals and stuff, lol. But room I sleep in is fairly big(ger than my room now) because I used to share with my sister.

3. What is your favourite animated feature?
Probably Tangled.

4. How would you react if someone confessed his/her affections to you?
I would be SHOOK because no one has ever really done so, ha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha.

5. Do you have any stuffed animal that you need a cuddle with it every single day?
I don’t. But, I am attached to a small pillow that I have had since birth, and also, one day, I went to this store and I saw a gigantic teddy bear and my dad was like, ‘hey, ya want this?’ and I’m like, sure! And then sometime later, I got out from violin class and walked to the car and I was like WHAT IS THAT? And that is the birth of Munchkins, my large teddy bear, and also, there’s a smaller one named Mo-mo now, and we watch movies together all the time.

6. Why would you choose to study your current subjects?
Mainly because I thought I could do them and the timetable didn’t clash for them at all, so it was like miraculous. Also, they were part of my requirements and general education I have to do. (My current subjects for the semester are: Art Appreciation, US History I, Microeconomics, College Physics, College Algebra).

7. Do you play any musical instruments?
I love music, and I do play a couple, but quite mediocrely, if not badly. I play the piano (technically, the electone?), violin, guitar and ukulele. I had classes for the first 2, the last 2 is self-taught.

8. Jackets or sweaters?
Do you see my url? Sweaters all the way.

9. Have you ever recieved a gift which has a special meaning to you?
I love gifts so all gifts are incredible to me. But a friend once rewrote song lyrics to  a song I loved, and also my guitar Buchanan was a pretty solid gift from my family. Also, one friend bought be Minecraft once (you know who you are, if you see this) and it was awesome, so yeah.

10. Do you hate maths? If yes, why?
I don’t hate it? I just don’t see much point in it. I guess I dislike it, because it makes me frustrated and I’m not very good at the harder parts of math. Like, that’s why I’m doing college algebra; sure, I got an A* for my maths and an A in Add Maths in IGCSE but hell no am I going back into that. College algebra it is. I’m a journalism major, I don’t need calculus (bless).

11. Do you have any interesting facts about yourself?
This is a broad question lol. Um. I have dimples? That’s pretty interesting.

So, I’m going to tag:

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If you guys don’t want to do the tag, it’s fine! Also, if you’ve done it before, it kay too. Maybe link me to it so I can know you guys more, lol. Anyways

my 11 questions for you guys are:

1.     What is your greatest fear?

2.     What is your best childhood memory?

3.     Night owl or early bird?

4.     Favourite kind of music?

5.     What is your favourite possession? Any reason why?

6.     What book universe do you want to live in?

7.     Favourite cuisine?

8.     Where do you want to visit? Why?

9.     Your three genie wishes

10.  Are you actually a messy or organized person?

11.  What do you think is the most outstanding feature about yourself? In both physical and personality wise?

Wizard Con 2014 Update Entire Panel transcript

My phone only captured half of the videos I recorded so I am editing the ones I have and will post those as soon as possible. Until then, I will recap the entire panel in detail.

Matt and Karen enter the stage and immediately decide to take a selfie in honor of Karen’s new pilot “Selfie,” they decide to do a selfie making duck faces, after that they sit down and begin questions.

The first question was what they thought the Doctor learned about during his time with Amy. Matt teases and begins to put his arm around Karen, which she jokingly shuts him down. She says that she wants the doctor to never be alone, to always travel with a friend, the girl who asked the question made a joke that Amy was really young/vivacious, and she had the ability to put the doctor in his place, to which Matt snapped his fingers in a z-formation and said that she definitely did. Matt later joked when told that he was the girl’s favorite Doctor that he is always susceptible to flattery, to which the girl replied that she would be around the convention after the panel. Karen yells “what’s happening here??1?”

It was reiterated several times during the panel that Eleven always approached things with a child-like wonder and freshness that was wonderful.

The next question was about the Tardis, what it was like to be in the Tardis. Karen said said “It’s big…ger on the inside!!” and laughs. Matt says there is two revelations on today’s panel: one, that the doctor likes to travel with people, and that two, the Tardis is bigger on the inside!“ Karen laughs and says,"this is like Doctor Who for Dummies!” Karen is told that a little boy named A.J. loves her but was traumatized when he saw that she cut her hair, Karen promises that she’s trying to grow it back as soon as she can, but the mother jokes that her son will need therapy later in life. There is a joke made about there being Doctor Who related therapy.

Karen loved playing a soothsayer in “The Fires of Pompeii,” she loved the fun hand gestures she got to make as well as the chance to work with both Tennant and Catherine Tate, she says she thought Tate got to play the coolest have the coolest job ever and so she was overjoyed when she got the chance to later. Matt reminded Karen that Peter Capaldi was also in the episode and she was like “Oh my god yes! He had an English accent then! I wonder how they are going to explain that?” The moderator says that he knows an explanation, but he cannot reveal that to the audience, rather that he will tell them later backstage. It is mentioned that they never said that a soothsayer that looked like Amy was also there, to which the moderator joked: “That’s because they will bring you to be a Doctor in the future!” The crowd goes wild and Karen laughs and says “oh my god…that would be disastrous!!”

They talk about how they were not able to see the Doctor Who premiere last night because they were busy and did the Ice Bucket Challenge for Karen, they explain it was basically the craziest thing ever, that it involves a doll Matt received the night before from a fan, they try to show the audience, but they are unable to connect to wi-fi and Matt curses the internet. 

They both say that the Weeping Angels and The Silence are the scariest things they ever encountered working together.

Matt says Leonardo was his favorite TMNT, Karen didn’t know what TMNT was and Matt and the Moderator begin to make fun of her for a full minute until the moderator stopped and said “Okay we are basically acting like little boys making fun of a girl” Karen replies “oh my god I am 5 again!”

They get on the subject of Disney children’s movies. Karen is asked how she is doing with her driving, which she says she told people she was a fantastic driver in the United states and therefore began driving around Warner Bros studios in golf carts “Very dangerous.” Matt is asked if he would ever go driving with Karen, to which he jokes that driving with her would be like being in a car with Bambi “it’s pure suicide can you imagine?” He does an imitation of Bambi driving a car and says that her hooves would beep the horn. They begin talking about how he loves Disney films. “Matt says eh loves them, especially the Lion King, but that he is traumatized that in all Disney films from our generation, the parents are always dying. He says that he believes it might do kids some good to be scared young though, Karen defends him quickly and agrees with him, then they are asked if they each had ever had a scary childhood experience. Karen says she watched The Exorcist at a very young age alone in her room without her parents knowing, and Matt says he watched Friday the 13th too young and was scarred at a scene with a bed.

Karen said she used to like to scare other children with her ghost stories, but she always ended up scaring herself instead. She said at her childhood school "at a church” she said that she would see a patch of cotton wool and would tell the other girls “it’s actually the hair of monks” and then didn’t sleep for weeks afterwards, even though she made it up herself.

They both mention that they love receiving gifts from their fans, they feel as if they are getting things from their friends and it really touches them. Matt does make a joke that he received a letter from a girl yesterday and she asks him if he likes pandas, and he lets us know that yes, he indeed loves pandas.

Matt is told that Tumblr has agreed that he is an ungraceful giraffe, he gasps and says “i always thought i was graceful!"When asked which animal would be their spirit animal, they go into a fit of giggles, Matt says that he was told this but he definitely agrees that he is a llama, and proceeds to do a frightfully perfect imitation of a llama. Karen says she would be a meerkat, Matt loses it and basically thrashing around on the couch "That is so perfect! Her head is so large and she can barely hold onto her own body weight!” He says later that she could also be a drunk sloth and Karen and him start draping themselves over the shrubbery until Karen stops and just looks down and says “what are we even doing?”

They are asked about New York and they begin on a tangent of how much they loved working there, and beyond that how much they saw that Americans love Doctor Who and how that also grew with their series’.

They tell a story to one night they were so happy that New York loved them so much, they decided to go out dancing, and that they stayed out dancing all night and when they later came back they danced to Arcade Fire until morning, Matt says if you look really hard you can tell in one of their videos the next morning when they seem like they are half dead and grumbling their responses to the press. (AHHHH DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT FEELINGS).

They say their favorite episode was S05 E02 “the Beast Below,” Matt loves Series 5 the best, but he is freaked out whenever they bring him pictures of that Series that he realizes how long they look, Karen agrees and Matt is insulted “don’t agree!”

They talk about how they play a game called “gapping,” which is basically going up behind a person when their arm is out and putting your am in between and yelling “Gapping!” and then leave- they apparently did this a lot to each other as well as many extras on set. They are also asked about how close the three of them are and they reply that they have their own special language, that they can say something in a certain voice and they will both lose it.

Matt’s favorite side character was Vincent Van Gogh

They are asked which Doctor is hotter, Ten or Eleven. Matt looks at Karen and she finally answers Eleven. Though at first she pretends to forget who plays the Eleventh Doctor.

When asked if he loved to work with Jenna or Karen more he says “I love working with each of them more than the other” then he gets up and runs off the stage… He comes back and later says that while he does love working with Jenna, it’s different because Karen is his best friend, so naturally he loved working with her a bit more, and that that can be seen in his relationship with Amy, that at some point it really became life imitating art, and that their relationship off and on screen were practically the same (thank you for saying what we were all all thinking Matt).

After Series 5 was made BBC did not know if they were going to continue making more Doctor Who, but later decided to and that now they as a company would never think of NOT making another series of Doctor Who.

Karen begins to say that in reality so much of her Matt and Arthur going on the journey of them being on Who paralleled so much of how they were as their characters. That their journey together was so large and this brings them back in talking about Amy and Eleven- that their relationship was at times a father to a daughter, a mother to a son, a brother to a sister, two friends, two children growing up together, that while these and other feelings were there, they did not go just on the path of romance, just having a typical romance would not be enough for their relationship, there is more than that, their connection is deeper. Later, Matt says that the greatest introduction of a Doctor and his companion was that of Eleven and Amelia Pond, but that he is biased. They both also agree that filming their first they were in was more difficult than their last day. Matt says that Karen was just so natural, he would just look at her and be in awe of that.

Their favorite episode with Daleks were the one that they were both in “Asylum of the Daleks.”

Matt’s wardrobe was inspired by him, he auditioned in a tweed jacket and he could have gone in a leather jacket he had with stripes, yet he thought it looked like he was a pirate and thought that the doctor would never be so cool, and decided a “professor” look was better. He was dying for a hat all of the first series that Steven Moffat finally decided to add in the fez and that while it was only there for a few minutes on screen, it now is iconic as well as the tweed jacket and bow-tie.

Karen went back and forth with her wardrobe department until she got really into the look of her leather jacket and skirts.

Karen finished working on a Western, as well as a comedic pilot for HBO with ANDY SANDBURG, KIT HARRINGTON, WITH APPEARANCES BY STEPHEN SPIELBERG. Matt, as we know, is working on Terminator, and also wants everyone to know he loves Detroit, Michigan because he loves Motown, Rap, and will be driving through there as he drives up to Canada (he says he loves road trips in general).

They miss working on Doctor Who because they saw each other as well as their other friends every day. They miss Arthur and his lunges (Karen says Arthur is a boy who is always lunging around). They miss Moffat and the ability to run around and away from monsters. Matt as a mini-breakdown and asks Karen what they were doing when they decided to leave the show. Karen says she doesn’t know what they’ve done.

They are asked about how they keep up while spending so much time apart when they used to spend all of their time together, and Karen says in a sultry voice: how do we keep the relationship alive? How do we keep the chemistry from going out?“ and Matt is stuttering/laughing like a fool while making faces at each other. They say that doing things like panels help so they can see each other. Someone says they should go bowling and Matt gets very indignant and states that he has always been an athletic boy and that Karen whom  cannot hold her head with her body weight and who flails like Bambi was better at bowling than him. "This is how I work with Karen, I give her a compliment, and then take it away.”

They are asked to make up their own episode of doctor who. They have Amy see a llama with green teeth that is terrorizing people, she calls the doctor and he comes and crashes the Tardis on top of the llama, she believes it’s over but he is soon possessed by the spirit of the llama and his teeth start turning green and develops fur and hooves. Amy undoes the spell that she finds in a book in a labyrinth in the swimming pool.

They decide that their favorite line Amy says is “Doctor” they start a game to which they decide in all the ways and voices they can say “Doctor” (yes, my mind went there oops).

They talk about Eleven’s regeneration twice. The first is when they do a reenactment and Matt suddenly (in slow-motion) begins to reach for Karen’s face, and Karen reciprocates. Later, Matt is told that Ten’s regeneration was extremely dramatic, while his was just a sneeze into turning to Peter Capaldi,. Matt says that there were several takes they did for that scene and while there were some dramatic ones, it was decided that the Doctor knew he was not dying, he was not upset he was leaving, but resigned to the fact that he had to “change.”

Karen says that she was there and she personally thought it very emotional.

Matt says he wants to go back in time to hang out with dinosaurs and eat some forbidden fruit, Karen says she wants to go to the future and see what technology will be present and that she believes humans will be living in a virtual reality.

The final question was what would they do for a Klondike Bar? Matt and Karen don’t know what they are but when explained Matt says “I think the question really is What WOULDN’T I do for a Klondike bar?”

That concludes the panel and it was the best thing.

Again, I’ll post what videos survived whenever they load.


Whoever said “fake it ‘till you make it” is a true genius.

So, I’d NEVER post something like this, 'cause that’s just not what I do. (But anyone who does, kudos. I adore your body-positivity.) But, as you can see, I am making a post like this, because I’ve finally gained the confidence I’ve been striving for for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been one to 'flaunt what God gave me’ because I’ve never been proud of what I had. I obviously have bigger boobs and a butt, and at age 10, that was a miserable thing. While all of my friends were out going to see movies, I was going bra shopping (which was a weird thing for a 10-year-old girl to do, to me). But, now that I’m almost 18, I’ve realized that I need to love what I have, because it’s all I’m gonna get. I now understand that there are people paying for boobs my size (still weird to me, big boobs aren’t a walk in the park. They’re a pain in the ass), and that my big(ger) boobs are something to be proud of. Finally being able to look in the mirror and actually like what I see is such a liberating feeling. Knowing that you’re pretty with or without makeup, and that you have a pretty rad body is such a cool feeling, especially when you’ve been waiting to feel this way for such a long time.
I realize that I’m saying that I gained confidence overnight, which is not true. It did take time. I’ve been working for this since January, and it hasn’t been easy. I still have my low days, like everyone else. But, looking in the mirror and telling yourself that you’re hot, even when you may not feel it, works. That’s what I did. “Fake it 'till you make it” was my motto. I kept telling myself that I was pretty, and that I had a nice figure, and that I didn’t deserve the treatment I was putting myself through when I hated myself. And, after a while, I started to believe it. Loving yourself is a really strange thing at first, but once you start, it’s even more strange to ever think why you didn’t love yourself in the first place. Every day I woke up, I’d realize that I was alive, and that I should be proud of that. I was born 3 months early; I was born a fighter, and I need to keep going because of that. I need to love myself, because I was in the only body I’d ever get. Like I said, thinking like this is no easy task, but once you start, it is so, so worth it. Every mean word ever said to you about your acne, your stomach, your arms, your legs, anything that you weren’t once confident about, goes out the window. Any negative thing said about you gets thrown in the face of the horrible person who said that to you.
There’s already enough negativity in the world as is, there isn’t any reason for you to be negative about yourself. So, go look in the mirror, and tell yourself how hot you are. Because I promise you, you are.
(Yes, I’m aware that I’m not perfect. But, I’ve finally started to like myself the way I am, and I’m gonna continue to work as hard as possible to stay that way. Also, thanks taylorswift for helping me gain the confidence I needed to be able to actually post something like this.)

what’s “on purpose”?

through our on purpose label, Kate Spade & Company partners with and transforms a community at a time by employing its primary agents of change: women.

we believe that when the women making on purpose products are financially and personally empowered, they’re uniquely positioned to transform their community. we know that when women thrive, amazing things happen: their familiies become stronger, their neighbors inspired and their communities deeply changed for the better.

we launched on purpose in 2014 in masoro, rwanda and the pieces are made by the artisans of masoro: 150+ talented women who are all owners in an independent and profitable social enterprise called ADC. 

we’ve fully integrated this supplier into our value chain and renounced the per-production donation or charitable contribution approaches more commonly seen around the world. instead, we’re helping them find their niche in the global marketplace so they can experience long-term growth and profitability. 

because while kate spade new york and jack spare are their sole clients right now, we’re excited for the day when the artisans of masoro become suppliers for other companies, too. and when that happens, on purpose will move to another underserved community in the world that has potential for growth, and another, and another…

empowered women. strengthened communities. big(ger) dreams.
it’s all on purpose.

shop the latest on purpose collection and read the stories of on purpose in the community section of our blog.