big zo

OVW Television Champion Big Zo
[July 1st, 2017]

At the July Saturday Night Special, the OVW Television Championship was held by three different wrestlers. The defending champion Reverend Stuart Miles was defeated by David Lee Lorenze III, who ended Miles’ second championship reign, clocking him out at 17 days. The celebration wouldn’t last long, however, as Big Zo cashed in his golden ticket that guaranteed him a shot at the championship of his choice. Zo defeated Lorenze III to become the new OVW Television Champion, which was only one of the three titles to change hands at last night’s SNS! This also marks Zo’s second championship reign, as he’s also a former OVW Southern Tag Team Champion with former partner Hy Zaya.


todays sketches!!! hayden has clothes specifically for when his ink is red because all the pastel colors in his wardrobe wont match. sacha is still so embarrassed whenever his ink is tinted with suwo’s color. maybe he’ll stop being a wuss someday… someday

Big Cass - “I Love You”

Part 1
Requested: nope
Warnings: None
Words: 1800+

You quickly walked down the hall afraid Cass was going to follow you. As you rounded the corner realises he wasn’t behind you, you leant against the wall. Your head rolled back, lightly hitting the wall as you sighed. How had this happened? How had your seemingly perfect life change so fast? You rubbed your face before pushing yourself off the wall. You headed to the trainers to find Enzo being checked over. Kurt was also there. You nodded your head at Kurt, who just gave you a sad smile. 

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yosaflameslover  asked:

Could I get a Flower shop next to Tattoo shop kleinsen? I don't know why but that sounds really cute.

(Hey there! I’m highkey sorry this took so long and also went in a really weird, long direction. Hope you like it anyway lol. I’m also linking the post on archive. Thanks for the prompt it’s adorable!)

Alone (read on ao3.)

Sometimes in the morning when the light was just right, the bouquets in front of the flower shop across the street seemed to glow: deep golds and oranges mixed with the reds and purples and whites of the flower petals. It was better than a normal sunrise with all the added colors. Jared got to work too early often: he always left his apartment with time to get coffee and the occasional pastry at the shop on the way and he liked being able to walk slowly and let rushed looking people with briefcases or sleep clouded eyes cut ahead of him in line.

He liked unlocking the shop in the morning and going through all of the appointments before Connor or Zoe or any of the other artists got there to bother him. He also liked seeing the flower guy open up across the street at the same time. He had messy hair and freckles and looked stupidly excited arranging flowers in big bins and dusting pollen off of his apron. He was kind of cute (of course Jared would never admit this to Connor or Zoe, both of whom pestered him relentlessly whenever they thought he had a crush) but Jared was too cowardly to make a move besides the no doubt awkward smiles he directed his way when they happened to leave work at the same time.

He needed a reason to buy flowers.

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Dream Galaxy Kingdom’s Morning Star Prince: Shuu☆zo
“I… wanted to keep looking at the same dream with you… Ro(rest omitted)”

Dream Galaxy Kingdom’s Elder Twin Prince: Kai
“You shouldn’t go past here! Big Bro Shuu☆zo-kun’s already (rest omitted”

Dream Galaxy Kingdom’s Younger Twin Prince: Riku
“With your Crimson Saint Milk, our big brother Shuu☆zo-kun can be sav(rest omitted”

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Zo looks big ad hell in that vid of him in the kitchen😂😂

💀💀💀 he 6'6 Lonzo tall as hell, I’ll be scared to stand next to him 💀 I’m like 5'3

OVW Southern Tag Team Champions Legacy Of Brutality
[September 7th, 2016]

Last Wednesday night at Ohio Valley Wrestling’s TV tapings, Legacy Of Brutality (Hy Zaya and Big Zo, with manager Josh Ashcraft) defeated Adam Revolver & The Mexicutioner for the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships. Revolver & Mex had only been champions for 4 days, having defeated The Van Zandt Family Circus last Saturday at OVW’s Saturday Night Special.