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This just in: Goofy Goof and Zeke "Big Bad" Wolf were seen cuddling up at the drive-in on what appeared to be a date. Sources say Mr. Wolf noticed a cameraman from the local news in the background and proceeded to yell that it wasn't a date. The cameraman is now in critical condition. More at 11.

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“I hope that cameraman makes it…”
He felt so guilty that the man was attacked for simply doing his job at the time of their date. Perhaps they should have just stayed at home to watch a movie…
But they were old-fashioned, and drive-ins were fun!
His first date with Penny had been at a drive-in.

If Zeke wasn’t so against it, Goofy would have just told the truth…
“We were just hangin’ out and started talkin’ about our wives…
It got a little sad so I hugged him for comfort. That was all it was.”

Attack of Asks

I thought I’d batch a few of these together.

Why didn’t the Reiss family get rid of the titans?
The First King didn’t want anyone to leave the walls. His desire was to keep everyone safe and snug inside Maria, Sina and Rose. So while having some of your compatriots running around mindlessly trying to eat you is not an ideal situation, the titans served the purpose of keeping the Eldian populaton in and the Marleyans out.

Do you know what made Grisha and his friends mindless titans?
Nope. This is still a big mystery. Clearly Zeke has the power to transform people into mindless titans, possibly due to his Fritz blood, but surely he didn’t have that power at age 7 when his folks were exiled. 

Do you think its only Eldians who can physically titan shift?
Yes. When the call went forth for Eldian children to assume the titan powers, the indication was that their bloodline is important. Reiner, Annie, and Bert were chosen because they were Eldian, but also because they were a fit.  I suspect they were direct descendants from each of the specific Titan Powers.

Any theories on who Grisha ate to be a shifter?
At this point I can only assume some unknown (and unlucky) Eldian from the “Child Titan Warrior Program” was sent to spy on the walled world and was eaten by Grisha in his mindless titan form.

Do you think the Ymir from this chapter is our Ymir ?
No. I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on this later. It’s a lot to sort out. Edit: Now I think it’s possible

Actually, you know what?


Here’s my plot speculation for Metal Gear Survive. Here’s how I imagine everything playing out:

It’s Shrek 4 meets House of the Dead.

Skull face takes the role of Goldman and he’s going to use the mutated zombie cyborg version of Big Boss/Zeke (who will take the role of Curien/The Emporer) to create a “perfect world.”

Meanwhile the players will fight “familiar characters” like Mecha Huey, a cat beast version of Ocelot, Dark Raiden, and some sort of stilt walker version of Kaz.

After all of this it will have been revealed to be a dream induced by Psycho mantis.