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a Selfie with Grandmilly

1. What was it like being a Raider Klan artist with a New York sound and background?

Shit was Smooth, not really too much diffrent than what was being done in the south in the era we was tryna bring back. The only real diffrence was geographically. Most of the pioneers north south east or west kinda dressed the same said the same words, it was just southerners had accents and could get caught with they gun on em’ lol

2. Where did the name Grandmilly come from?

i used to rock grand puba from brand nubian from time to time and i always was feelin that he threw the word grand on his name cuz that always meant greatness to me, and my last name is miller but niggas used to call me milly so that shit turned into grandmilly

3. What is Zeroklique and who are its members?

Heres The ideology behind it 0+0=0, 0-0=0, 0/0=0, 0 is the number of the infinite its a ciphering number as well as a deciphering number so its infinite in itself as well as whole like man as god and the devine. The guys i got with me are my pal @thrvd hes a great rapper/producer ive known him for a bit and he decided to fuck with the zeroklique shit i also got a DJ that goes by the name of DJ Surrup, My longtime mans and creative director BigZeem Free my niggas by the way he should b home around the summertime, A singer by the name of Makeda iroquos, DJShor, My Homiez Zxmbiee and his brother alaakazam from My town Hempstead very nice people

4. What was it like on the Lords of the Underground tour with Bones, Xavier Wulf, etc.?

shit was crazy as hell almost got into a brawl wont say with who thoe lol niggas is straight thoe i smoked alotta weed kicked it with my homie muff from BK and my nigga Rxdd from ATL them niggas had the hoes and everything too. It was really a learning experience cuz we was pulling major crowds the first LA show had like 700 people at it so that was a blessing to have happen. Really just fun is what it was

5. Which New York hip-hop artists have had the most influence on your rapping style and why?

Well im really into nas because he turned hip hop as most new yorkers know it into somethin poetic. I like MF Doom He a real linguist and hes from my hood as well as roc marciano i like his shit. He a Real Hempstead nigga. NY Giant

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Vince Staples Gives Sound Advice; Raider Klan's Big Zeem Gangsta Tweets

This raider klan shit is getting out of hand.

— Vince Staples (@vincestaples)

At the end of the day you niggas is tryna rap, all of you. Calm down.

— Vince Staples (@vincestaples)
November 9, 2012

someone tell vince staples shut the fuck up no one asked for your opinion 2 weeks ago u was fuckin with OF, then u was rockin the 275 hard

— 2.7.5 BxGZxxM (@BiGZeeM)

November 10, 2012

when niggas jumped matt stoops no1 said asap 12vy x asap illz was wrong!!! when niggas tried to jump us a House of Vans no one said nothing

— 2.7.5 BxGZxxM (@BiGZeeM)

November 10, 2012

if ASAP never dissed Jitt the whole miami wouldnt want they heads!!

— 2.7.5 BxGZxxM (@BiGZeeM)


— 2.7.5 BxGZxxM (@BiGZeeM)
November 10, 2012

How many people are in Raider Klan exactly? Since they recruit from the internet it’s impossible to know for sure, but it seems like at least a small cadre, possibly a batallion worth. A lot of feelings have been hurt by the end of the SpaceGhostPurrp/ASAP friendship, but Big Zeem may have been hit the hardest. Who is Big Zeem? Just another twitter gangsta claiming the 2.7.5. Raider Klan RIP Jitt set. Will he release music, or accomplish any goals he’s set for himself? Probably not, but who needs shit like that when you can flex on your enemies via the Internet? In a stunning display of detachment from reality Big Zeem had this to say on his Tumblr: “At the end of the day, when its all set and done and we all rich and famous and we look back at this beef we going to laugh it off and drink orange juice and champagne!” That is some wishful thinking. Please stop this violence before a funeral is attended. I’m begging you. Also, Vince Staples has never fucked with OF, just some homies that bang the set. Keep it accurate Big Zeem.

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I must admit I’ve fallen off my grind on the 2.7.5 watch a bit with the holidays and all.  Here is the first (I believe) video from Grandmilly and Zeem - the two thought partners behind last year’s under the radar Bandanas & Black Magic, which still stands as one of the top 5 releases put out by any BRK member, and was the #8 mixtape of 2012 according to Hardwood Blacktop.  This is “The Paper.”