big woobie

I have two pairs of OCs that are Makuta with small Matoran partners, though they’re radically different in personality. One pair is Orotika and Desparix, who I’ve posted a story about previously, and the other pair is Xenia and Andrax, pictured above

I’ll do a full bio on all four of em sometime but for now, Xenia is an albino Matoran of Water and leader of the island of Woomera, which is entirely populated by fierce Matoran warriors. Their island has a very large pool of Energised Protodermis, and many would-be invaders make the unlucky mistake of underestimating bloodthirsty warriors at kneecap height that have undergone intense training to become immune to the other races’ magic powers

Andrax is an emotional weenie of a Makuta, who spent a lot of his time in the Brotherhood messing up and then crying about it. His self-esteem and self-worth plummeted from the constant screwing up, not aided by abuse from some of the other Makuta. He ended up married to Xenia to strengthen the ties between their islands, officially, but it was really to get him off the island and get Miserix to stop bothering Xenia about improving ties and allowing the Brotherhood access to Woomera’s Energised Protodermis. The Energised Protodermis thing didn’t pan out, but the Brotherhood were very happy to have someone babysitting their resident screwup somewhere far away and out of the general public’s notice, anyway

Woomeran society tends to have a lot of showing how tough you are, which means they typically don’t like to express feelings or admit they actually care about things like a dork. Andrax, on the other hand, is very sentimental and freely expresses how much he loves his small wife at every opportunity. If pressed, Xenia will reveal she GUESSES she kind of sort of maybe likes him too, which is pretty much the same thing in Woomeran terms


I’m secretly hoping Armitage gets more roles like John Standring from Sparkhouse (except maybe with more awesome and screentime).

I know the character’s not very popular and a bit of a chump and all. But I can’t help but gush over how well Richard portrayed him, especially how John just really wanted to be allowed to be happy over the good things being offered to him, and, at the same time, he knew those good things came with strings attached and hidden agendas and he was going to get punched in the gut any day now.

It’s like maxed kicked puppy voice and expressions in full force and sdhfakljsdhkrh it’s just heartbreaking. He’s like constantly expecting to get hurt.

Though I’m just hoping Armitage gets a few more emotionally-wrecked roles in general, really. His eyes and his voice when he sounds like he’s about to cry just DOES things sldfalkjsehrhasehr.

(I’m still holding out for that breakdown scene Richard mentions in one of his interviews about Thorin, though)

GoT S4 is half done...

Let’s see – in terms of characters left “standing,” S4 has so far given us:

Jaime the rapist without a single original idea in his head, since they’ve all been poached by other characters

Pod the useless load who has zero life skills (other than screwing bendy whores) and the common sense of a turnip, who is only notable for having once killed a man

Brienne for whom Pod is the most inconvenient thing she could have along on her quest, barring greyscale, if her behavior toward him and the fact that she only finds his battle kill impressive are anything to go on

Cersei the big woobie (ostensibly not because of the rape, mind) and sudden voice of reason, with a clear perception of her older son’s character, and a soft, “clever” approach to her enemies

And Tywin who suddenly takes Cersei’s wishes and opinions seriously

Hear me eye-roll!

(As always, disagreement is a right. But any hate, bile or spleen interest me not even a little bit, cheers.)