big white loaf of bread

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I finally get what you mean about certain major Larries being more fetishists than supporters. I see so many het girls projecting het fantasies onto these 2 men ("the Tomlinsons" seems to make most of them wet for example) & seem to want them out mainly to give them more visuals to fuel this fan fic fantasy they've created. Most are like another type of hetHarry but with elaborate notions about Louis worshipping (yet also dominating) Harry. It's both wtf & off-putting to me as a gay man.

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with thinking Harry and Louis are hot and also adorable together. I think that. But some Larries repeatedly take it to a very cringeworthy place.

For me, it’s comparable to the fandom conversation that took place about the racism and Islamophobia directed at Zayn. More than a few Larries felt the need to weigh in on it, dismissing the concerns of POC in the fandom by saying we had a “persecution complex”, were “angry”, “overreacting” and then lecturing us about how the conversation should take place as to not offend white people. Then Black Lives Matter exploded and suddenly they were all allies. Really bitches?

So I feel like my LGBTQIA pals in the fandom are having a similarly angering and off-putting experience. So many of the higher profile Larries don’t know much more than the basics about LGBTQIA issues. Don’t even get me started on the ones who claim LGBTQIA status to be trendy. They haven’t lived this thing. They aren’t marginalized, hated and discriminated against. They’re some basic bitches who like the idea twinks, period. Yet, they’ve created an air of authority about these things around themselves that a lot of impressionable fans buy into. Let’s keep it 100.

I’ve said a couple of times we need to talk about toxic femininity the way we talk about toxic masculinity. We need to call out privileged white women who too often get a pass while upholding oppressive power structures. We need to talk about how some white women use their privilege to impose their wrongheaded views on others. And yes, we need to talk about self loathing or misguided queer people and POC who’ve made themselves their pathetic lapdogs. I really do think all of this is relevant to this fandom. We need to talk about it. We need to bring it out into the open. Sunlight disinfects.

1D is radical, truth be told. There’s queer couples (yes plural), an interracial/interfaith couple and an Irishman representing proudly when Irish people have historically been marginalized and slandered by the British power structure. They’re important. They’re radical. They deserve a radical fandom. Not a big ol’ loaf of stale white bread that can’t get enough twink porn. They’re better than that. We’re more than that. Yes, I went there.