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Big Bang reactions to seeing you in a wedding dress

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[I want to marry all of them tbh…]

He couldn’t see your dress before the wedding, so when he saw you walking down the aisle, he couldn’t stop staring at you and your beautiful dress. He thought it was just the right dress and was very glad that you bought that one. He was glad you spent money on that dress and he took many pictures of you and posted them on Instagram.
“Oh my god you look so great. You’ll probably be my profile picture on Instagram from now on.”

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You were at the store looking at the dresses and you were suppose to meet GD at the Starbucks, but here you were looking at the dress you couldn’t keep your eyes off. The employee saw you looking at it and you ended up trying it on and calling him to come see it. He liked the dress a lot, but he wanted you to have your dream dress for your wedding. He told you the options and if you wanted to buy this one he would totally buy it for you.
“But you can still tell me to design your dress… Or we can get someone else to design the dress… You want this one? Okay, I’ll buy it for you.”

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He was very sensitive when you were deciding where you’ll buy your wedding dress. He wanted you to not just like it, but love it. You both agreed someone will design it for you and you told each other’s ideas. When the dress was finish and you were getting ready to do the photo shoot in the dress, he knocked on the changing room asking if it’s okay. When you stepped out he literally stopped breathing for a moment and then got really excited about it.
“…Oh….My…God…. YouaresobeautifulIcannoteven…*talks too quicks*”

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When you told him you finally want to buy the wedding dress he said he’ll come with you and he ended up going with you to 5 different stores and calling 3 designers. He had to wait a lot, but finally after 4 hours of searching for THE dress you found the one. When he saw it he started cringing because it was so cute and hot at the same time. He liked it and told you if someone’s gonna see you in it they might fall for you like he did.
“If Seungri tells you something unaproppriate just slap him or something." 

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He was the one who started the talk about the dress and he told you about 10 designers and showed you a lot of dresses and asked you if you liked any of them. You decided you’ll call the designer and meet up without Seungri. After a few months when the dress was ready you tried it on at home and called Seungri to come see it. It was so unexpected, he only stood there surprised how beautiful you looked.
"I don’t know if I saw anyone so beautiful before. Nope, I haven’t.”

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do u maybe have some pure mac/charlie headcanons for me? i love them

  • mac started wearing tees with slogans on them in middle school as a way to help charlie with his reading.
  • growing up, mac would ask to practice kissing with charlie just in case he ever got asked on dates, and even though charlie didn’t like kissing all that much, he could never say no to mac.
  • charlie loved going to mac’s house after school because he could play with poppins. mac loved going to charlie’s house after school because ms. kelly would always give him a big hug.
  • they kept mac’s wedding dress from that one time they faked their deaths, just in case they ever need to do it again.
  • before frank, charlie used to dumpster dive with mac, who never enjoyed it but would always go to make sure charlie didn’t get hurt or lost.
  • they have secret weekly meetings where they practice for future potential chardee macdennis games, because damn it, they’re going to beat dee and dennis one day.

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You know i think even though Adam and eddy said they loved emma and the charmings, I feel like they didn't really treat them the way they treated rumple and Regina or even killian at times, I feel like they loved their former villains more than they loved the heros

I think it’s impossible to say who they “loved” the most, because we’re not them. However, all of the characters are their creations, their babies.  It’s hard for me to take these sorts of charges totally seriously when I think about Emma and where she ended up. The protagonist they created, the unloved orphan, the reluctant Savior, really did okay for herself.  

She ended up triumphant, winning the final battle, standing as an undisputed hero with wholehearted belief in herself and those around her. She ended up with a close, loving relationship with the son she gave up for adoption, in fact their bond is so powerful, he is able to save her with a true love’s kiss. In addition, she had fully mended her relationship with her parents, found the song in her heart courtesy of them, realized they had always been with her and then got to have them walk her down the aisle.  

And of course we can’t forget the aisle…

Emma got to have an epic, fairy tale true love story all of her own. She found the one man who would love her so much that it made up for all the love she never had growing up. The one man who made her so happy, it made up for all the happiness she never had growing up. The one man who would go to the end of the world or time for her, and she found the one man she would do the same for.  Then she got to put on a big, fluffy, white wedding dress fit for a princess, and marry the absolute love of her life in front of all her friends and family on a romantic roof top overlooking the town that is finally home to her. Bonus, her happy beginning includes living in a Victorian dream house with a view of the sea, a kitchen made for pancakes, and getting to sheriff with her true love. 

And Regina… got the dwarves respecting her as Mayor.  

I mean… if you want to see that as them “loving” Regina more, okay, but I think there is plenty of evidence that the writers loved Emma a lot. 

Right here right now

Hello!  Here’s a little something I wrote - hope you like.  It’s very fluffy.  Happy weekend all!

Oliver busily looks over the papers in front of him, barely glancing up at the sound of his office door opening.  

“You can just put those papers in that pile, Max.” he says without looking, waving at a large stack of files piled on the edge of his desk.

“Not Max.”

No, it is definitely not Max.  Because the voice is female and unforgettable.  Because the sound of her voice, always brings with it tiny bubbles of desire and happiness. He can feel his shoulders relaxing as he looks up and sees her; Felicity.  She stands there in front of him, her hair down and loosely curled, wearing a short pretty white dress, sandals, her lips curved in a smile.  He can feel his face reacting in kind, his shoulders relaxing, a smile beaming out of him, a pavlovian response when it comes to her.

“Hi.” Even his voice changes around her, softening, happier.  

She smiles a little wider, “Hi.”  

The moment hangs there as they simply take each other in, giddy to simply be in each other’s presence. But, finally, eventually, Oliver’s brain starts working again and he wonders what brings her here to his office. Several scenarios flash through his mind, their OTHER job, their friends, but he quickly rejects those because she would have stridden in talking a mile a minute all business if the city was in danger.  Did they have plans?  He wonders.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you today, unless…”  He stumbles over the words a little, “did I forget…did we have lunch plans?”  He can’t help the feeling of hopefulness that maybe it was true. Maybe they had made plans and the unthinkable had happened that he had forgotten.

She shakes her head gently, “No.  We didn’t have plans.  But…” Felicity draws out the syllables on the last word, trailing off hopefully, her eyebrows rising slightly. She sways ever so lightly as she waits.

Oliver surveys his desk. The mounds of paperwork, the looming city council meeting, the millions of things he’s juggling as mayor, but how can he resist her.  He knows the minute he looked up and saw her that he’d table everything for a few minutes of time alone.

“Italian?”  He asks.  And Felicity smiles wide and shakes her head.

“No.  C’mon.”

She holds out her hand to him as he rounds the desk and he grabs it in his own.  Her hand is easily dwarfed in his, and the moment he touches her a deep feeling of satisfaction comes over him.  It always feels right.

She pulls him through the halls of the building,

Felicity starts talking as they walk, “I know a few months ago on your birthday, we talked about taking things slow.  And we have been, taking things really slowly.  And it’s been good, it’s been really…”

“Great.”  He finishes her sentence.

“Yeah.  And the other night when you proposed, I haven’t been so happy in a long time.”

Oliver nods.

They come to the end of the hallway and enter the elevator.  Felicity pushes the button for the Lobby.

“What are we waiting for?”

“What do you mean?” He says turning to look at her as the elevator doors close.

“The first time we got engaged, I thought that I wanted to have the big dream wedding, the white dress, all our friends and family, the whole thing…”

Oliver nods at her. To be honest, that’s also how he had imagined it would be, a Queen family tradition, why throw a small party when you can throw an outrageously expensive large one.

They exit the elevator and walk across the crowded lobby to the outside.  The day is sunny and warm and they walk easily together hand in hand. They stop at the corner and wait for the all clear to cross the street.

The light changes and they start forward into the crosswalk, throngs of people around them.  

Felicity continues, “And then this morning after looking at the 50th text message from my mother about wedding dresses, it hit me.  I don’t care about any of that.  I don’t care about the dress or the flowers or the wedding cake.  I just want to be married to you.  I just want our life together to start and I want it to start right now; today, as soon as possible.”

“That’s what I want too.”

Felicity steers them into the courts building.

Oliver tugs on her hand a little, asking curiously, “Where are you taking me?”

Felicity simply smiles mysteriously and replies, “You’ll see.”

Finally, she stops in front of a door and he looks at the words etched into the frosted glass, ‘City Clerk’s Office.”

He looks back at her quizzically, “Last I checked they don’t serve food here.”

You’re right, they don’t. But they do perform civil ceremonies.”

Oliver is gobsmacked. Civil Ceremonies.  He’s shocked but not unpleasantly, a smile plays across his mouth.

Felicity looks up at him, “Oliver will you marry me, right here, right now.”

“But…don’t you want your mom here, our friends…it’ll be just us” He asks.

“Not exactly, I managed to find a couple of witnesses.”

As if out of nowhere, Diggle and Thea appear beaming from ear to ear.  Thea is holding a small posy of flowers, which she hands over to Felicity.

“Did he say yes?” Thea asks.

The three of them look at Oliver expectantly.  He shakes his head, “How did you—“then looking at Felicity, “What if I had said no?”

Diggle gives Oliver a look, “you’re not known for making good decisions, Oliver, but even you aren’t that stupid.”

“Are you saying no?” Felicity asks gently, placing a hand on his.  Her eyes gently probing, making sure he knows it’s okay if that is the answer.

“Yes.”  Oliver shakes his head, “I mean no.”  Felicity looks at him in confusion as he babbles.  He takes a deep breath, “I mean, yes I want to marry you, right here right now.”

Diggle claps Oliver on the back in approval as Thea opens the office door.

“Sometimes I sit at home for hours fantasizing about being a royal. Possibly ruling over Iceland and Greenland. What I’d wear on a state visit, what I’d say etc…I’ve come to realize that it can get boring really fast listening to speeches. I’d want out after the big fairytale wedding. & Sometimes the dress I’d want to wear didn’t go with any of my 3 tiaras! I found myself buying a new tiara every other banquet and eventually imprisoned in Paris for attempted theft from a Cartier exhibit.” - Submitted by Anonymous


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*chat, chat, chat*

“Roseline, about what Angelo said earlier…”

“It’s okay, Gusto.  I’m not mad.”

“You’re not?”

“Well, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t dreamt of a big wedding and a white dress - I’m a romance writer, after all!  Still, Angelo and I have an unconventional relationship plagued by our share of challenges.  Niether of us have had an easy start in life.  I’m okay with taking it as it comes and right now marriage isn’t my goal either.”

“Well, that’s a relief!  I just found him and I’d have felt terrible if I played a role, even a small one, in the end of his relationship.”


“Trust me, Gusto - if a crazy mob boss, psychotic killer, jealous and greedy coworker and lecherous boss couldn’t tear us apart nothing will!”