big vs little

Big me vs Little me Part 2

Big me: Is obsessed with witchcraft
Little me: Obsesses over the pretty sigils

Big me: Dresses are for little kids duh
Little me: I want all the dresses in the world!

Big me: Don’t tell me what to do
Little me: Daddy I need rules!

Big me: Hates breaking rules
Little me: Breaks every rule

Big me: Sparkles and frills are dumb
Little me: I need every single sparkle and frill o;

Big me: Gross get that pink away from me

Big me: The emo trinity is my life
Little me: Uhm Melanie Martinez is the way to go!

Big me Vs little me

Big me: Only the things I need will be purchased today!

Little me: I want all the stuffies! All of them! And lots of candy!

Big me: I have to get this done. Exams are next week.

Little me: *whines* I’m bored! I dun wanna! I need a nap!

Dates with Daddy
Big me: *has intellectual conversations about the meaning of anything and everything*

Little me: Daddy? Will you hold my hand? I want kisses and cuddles.

Big me: I need to get up early I should really sleep.

Little me: I want to stay up and watch Disney movies all night!

big seunghyun vs little seunghyun

BONUS!  Here’s the new doodle vs the 2015 one.  Basically being tired vs not being tired. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

which boys would love cuddling with their s/o most and what positions would they prefer?

IDK much about cuddling :( so here is big spoon vs little spoon. Hope you enjoy!

Big spoon: Uno, Rock, Hajime, Honey, Trois, Liang, Qi, Upa, Enki, Kenshirou, Samon, Yamato, Mitsuru

Little spoon: Jyugo, Nico, Musashi, Tsukumo, Kiji, Hitoshi, All Daisen brothers, Seitarou, Momoko