big vs little

Big me vs little me

Big me:

• decision maker - head of my department and second in command

• communicates directly

• doesn’t mind conflict

• rational and composed

• told by multiple people that I’m too serious

Little me:

• too smol to makes decisions

• communicates through grabby hands and noises

• literally hides from conflict

• emotionally sensitive - cries often

• has been told by daddy that I’m the MOST silly


Why bother to lie? That’s what’s bugging me. Why lie?


it’s the post we all need

  • Jin - big spoon and if that isn’t the most beautiful thing to you then idk fam
  • Yoongi - little spoon mostly because he’d want you to play with his hair while he falls asleep. MY SOFT MANS
  • Hoseok - big spoon look he’s a cuddler okay he does the cuddling and y’all know it
  • Namjoon - big spoon but he’d think it would be cute if you asked to be big spoon one night and he’d let you lmao
  • Jimin - big spoon (gasp) bonus points if he’s smaller than little spoon
  • Taehyung - we all know this boy is the big spoon y’all ain’t surprised
Big me Vs little me

Big me: Only the things I need will be purchased today!

Little me: I want all the stuffies! All of them! And lots of candy!

Big me: I have to get this done. Exams are next week.

Little me: *whines* I’m bored! I dun wanna! I need a nap!

Dates with Daddy
Big me: *has intellectual conversations about the meaning of anything and everything*

Little me: Daddy? Will you hold my hand? I want kisses and cuddles.

Big me: I need to get up early I should really sleep.

Little me: I want to stay up and watch Disney movies all night!

big seunghyun vs little seunghyun

Big vs Little on spoiling
  • Little me: Daddy!! I want ears, and this collar, and these crayons, and this skirt, and these leggings, oh and look at this stuffie daddy!
  • Daddy: Okay baby I will try and get you some of those
  • Big me: Stop looking at things and asking Daddy!
  • Little me: but daddy is daddy he likes buying me all the things
  • Big me: but we will feel guilty later!
  • Little me: no we won't!
  • **Gets all things the things**
  • Little me: why did I ask for so much?!
  • Big me: I told you!

Me: i would like to go biking

Me really: I want to see all the cats in my neighborhood

anonymous asked:

Can you possibly do a Got7 reaction to s/o's younger relative wanting them to go on a bouncy castle with them please? If you do thank you, if not that's fine also. Thank you anyway :)


You’d see your young cousin from across the yard begin to run up to Jaebum and you watched to see if he needed to be saved. When the child started to jump around, begging and pulling on his shirt he’d smile and look over to you. He’d smile before agreeing and looking at you once more as if to say ‘save me after 15 minutes.’ He’d play well with the kid for that time but when he was done, he’d be done and you’d probably have to step in and tell the kid to lay low for a little while so Jaebum can recharge.

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When he was approached and asked he’d buckle and tease your little sister for a good few minutes in hope that she changed her mind, but what she didn’t hed smile and take her hand, letting her pull him towards the bouncy castle. He’d help her up then climb in quickly after her before starting to bounce. He’d want to get off so bad but he wouldn’t be able to fully tell her no.

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He’d probably already be in the bouncy castle before your little brother even got done asking and to tell the truth he was probably waiting for an excuse to jump around. He’d jump for a few minutes before falling on his knees and letting the group of young boys fall on him. He’d call your name for help playfully until you had enough and joined him in the castle to play big kids vs. little.

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He’d try to put it off as long as possible, not because he didn’t want to but because he didn’t want your family to see him as anything less than serious. Eventually he’d give in though and would playfully jump around with all the kids for a decent amount of time before they all grew tired.

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If he was going so were you, and he’d want to go. He’d take your hand and pull you after the group of children that came to ask him. The two of you would control games with the kids that would entertain them for hours. The two of you would make it look like so much fun that the older people would also start trying to join in, eventually kicking the kids out.

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Boys will be boys in this situation as he loudly thanked your nephew for saving him from the conversation you were having. You’ve be able to hear his loud laughs as he played around, but would probably end up getting himself kicked in the knads since he would definitely get a little to carried away.

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Hed want to jump, and probably would for a little but he’d be so worried one of his long limbs would hit a child that he wouldn’t have that much fun. He’d constantly be looking for you, especially if he jumped a little to high to come and save him, and when you finally realized it he’d thank you a million times over and share his worry with you.

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