big vs little

When someone mentions one of my fandoms

Little vs big #1

Big me: *looks the phone, wants talk to her*

Little me: Talk to mommy :3

Big me: I don’t want to bother her…

Little me: TALK TO MOMMA!!

Big me:  She maybe busy.  


Big me: … *sends a text to mommy and she replies*

Little me: Told ya! Let me talk to her! *talks to mommy ‘bout lot of things*


big seunghyun vs little seunghyun

anonymous asked:

which boys would love cuddling with their s/o most and what positions would they prefer?

IDK much about cuddling :( so here is big spoon vs little spoon. Hope you enjoy!

Big spoon: Uno, Rock, Hajime, Honey, Trois, Liang, Qi, Upa, Enki, Kenshirou, Samon, Yamato, Mitsuru

Little spoon: Jyugo, Nico, Musashi, Tsukumo, Kiji, Hitoshi, All Daisen brothers, Seitarou, Momoko


My cosplays. 2015. 1. Amy Pond, “Doctor Who” 2. Rose Tyler/Bad Wolf, “Doctor Who” 3. Mabel Pines (with Dipper), “Gravity Falls” 4. Meg (with George), “Paperman” 5. Gogo Tomago, “Big hero 6” 6. Ariel, “The little Mermaid” (limited doll version) 7. Star Butterfly (with Marco Diaz), “Star vs the forces of evil” 8. The little red riding hood, “Into the woods” 9. Wendy Corduroy, “Gravity Falls”

Big vs Little Gaming Problems

BigMe: Turn on the PS4 and put in Battlefield one


BigMe: We played MARIO all night last it’s time to work on Battlefield one campaign…

LittleMe: think about it stuffies and juice while playing mario makes the perfect nightttttt.

*10 minutes later*

LittleMe:-wearing onsie and drinking juice- YEYYYYY MARIOOOOO

Jumping on the Art vs. Artist hype train!

big spoon vs little spoon/cuddle headcanons

do i ship basically everyone on the smh team together?? yes. i am unashamed. 

bitty and jack: jack is 110% the little spoon. bitty plasters himself to jacks back, face pressed against his shoulder blades, and tangles their legs together. he wraps his arms around jacks waist and jack feels happy and safe and really thats what matters. their go to cuddle position, however, is bitty on jacks lap, facing him, so jack can listen to his heartbeat. 

shitty and lardo: lardo is big spoon about 96% of the time. sometimes she lets shitty do it, but really hes too violent of a sleeper for it to last into night time. so lardo usually does it, face against his upper back. you best believe she gives him cute little kisses in the nighttime 

ransom and holster: 50/50. they’re very versatile. spooning isn’t exactly they’re go to position though. usually holster cuddles up with his head on ransoms chest while they watch tv, and ransom wraps himself around holster while they sleep.

nursey and dex: dex is usually the little spoon. like 87% of the time. nursey hooks his chin over dex’s shoulder so their cheeks are pressed together, hands resting on his hips. dex tends to do the same thing, but likes to hold at least one of nurseys hands. usually they like to cuddle face to face. 

chowder and farmer: in a previous post i mentioned how terrible of a sleeper that chowder is, so spooning is strictly a cuddling activity for when netflix is happening. farmer is the big spoon. if farmer is an over night guest she has to like, drape herself over chowders ridiculously stretched out form. favorite thing for both of them is when chowder lays with his head in her lap so she can run her fingers through his hair.

thank u for ur time, feel free to respond with your own ideas yes