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Jun Flowershop!au

So I got a Jin flower ship request and a Jun flower shop request pretty much at the same time :D :D :D so here’s Jun!!

So i’m officially in a flower mood, so how would you guys feel about a various members as bouquets? I’d draw the bouquets myself. Lemme know!


-          Okay so this shop has a really classy feel, but in a really vibrant way. Like the floors are really light laminate wood, and the walls are a really muted version of a really deep, dark purple or grey as a background for all of these big vases lining shelves that are completely packed with just these rolling cascades of big, gorgeous flowers in stunning blues, and bright yellows and oranges, lots of purples and reds as well, and just all of the brightest, biggest, most extravagant flowers you can imagine.

-          There are lots of big roses, amaryllises, carnations, orchids, lilies, all the big stuff

-          There are a couple of chairs for waiting, and their cushions are a silky material in colors that mesh with the wall colors, and all of the other accents like curtains and vases just add to all of it, and there are black display cases with clean glass doors housing some premade bouquets for people in a rush, and everything is exquisite

-          When customers walk in for the first time, they’re usually a little taken aback by the whole thing because usually, flower shops have this really spring time sort of theme, and there’ all these light colors and greens for nature, and stuff like that, and yet here’s this lavish, classy, place with lots of deep, dark colors and it’s just a new thing, but also really intriguing and captivating

-          Sort of like the owner

-          He’s a little quiet, he doesn’t talk a whole lot more than he needs to, but he’s very polite and welcoming, and when he does talk he tends to be a little playful

-          He wears button ups tucked into khakis or black pants with the sleeves rolled up, and he’s got a black apron on to catch the water and the loose leaves and other things

-          One Tuesday afternoon around lunchtime, he’s leaning back against the wall on a stool reading a book, when the door opens, and he looks up to see you in your business attire, looking around to take in the general splendor. He sits and admires you for a moment, and then closes his book with a thud and stands up to lean forward on the counter

-          “Welcome, what can I do for you?” He says in a warm, silky voice

-          You look over at him. His hair isn’t long, but it’s on the longer end of still fitting into the short hair category. It’s styled in such a way that it’s pushed over and around kind of to the side so that one side of his forehead is revealed but the hair swoops down and curls over the other side really gently, and it just looks really soft and nice

-          “Hi, I’m looking for a bouquet for my boss’s birthday, is it possible to have it done in the next half an hour?”

-          “Not a problem. Anything in particular you’re looking for?” You tell him the boss’s favorite flowers, and some requested colors, and he asks you what the price range you’re looking for is. You laugh and tell him it doesn’t matter, you’re not paying for it the business is, and he laughs

-          He goes around the shop, selecting flowers methodically while you take a seat in one of the chairs. He goes back behind to a table behind the counter and starts putting it together, and as he does, he looks up to steal glances at you, and you look up periodically to watch. His long, delicate fingers move very gracefully as he places everything just so in the vase.

-          When he’s finished, he sets the vase down on the counter and leans against the counter again with his hands resting on either side of the vase.

-          “What do you think?” He looked up at you and smiled warmly

-          It was just as beautiful as literally everything else in the shop, it had purple, bright red, and a couple of black flowers, mostly roses, with smaller white ones just to make it pop

-          You smiled with delight when you looked at it

-          “This is perfect, ring me up!” You handed him the business card, he swiped it through the machine, and after putting the vase into a more manageable carrier and handing it to you with a ‘here you go,’ he leaned on his elbows across the counter towards you and pulled out an iris, with white towards the center that fanned out into a vibrant purple on the outsides of the petals

-          He holds it out to you between two fingers as he gives you a grin that somehow manages to be both very mature and classy, but also boyish and flirtatious, all at the same time

-          “And a beautiful flower for a beautiful girl”

-          Your eyes widen a little because you’re surprised, and you blush as you take the flower, thank him, and leave

-          He watched you go, and he hoped you’d come back. He’d put even more effort into that bouquet than he usually did in the hopes that you’d come back next time you or your company needed something

-          And it worked, because three or so weeks later, you needed something for your sister, who’d just had a baby

-          And naturally, you went back to him for it, purely because he was a good flower putter togetherer, it had everything to do with his flower coordinating skills, completely, 100% that, nothing else whatsoever was involved in that decision

-          You walked in, and he perked up a little as soon as he saw you

-          “Hello, gorgeous, what can I get for you today?” He smiled that same grown professional man/flirty boy grin as before as he walks out from behind the counter to lean on it

-          You don’t even blush this time, he’s just so casual about it, you just smile and tell him what you’re looking for

-          “Well, my sister just had a baby, so I’m looking for something really bright and happy with pinks in it.”

-          “Alright, I’ll whip something up for you right now” And with that he goes about the task of selecting the flowers, and while he does that, he strikes up small talk, asks about the baby, you guys get to talking about the flower shop, you find out he owns it and runs it by himself which is neat, and you two wind up talking and laughing the whole time he’s working. You don’t even sit down in the chair, you just lean on the counter the whole time like six feet away from him and you watch him work while you two just chat

-          And when he’s done, he leans back from his workbench and examines his handiwork with a satisfied look before placing it on the counter in front of you

-          “How’s this?”

-          It’s got these white peonies and tulips that fade back at the very base to this really light green like some white flowers do, and then tehy give way to a gradient of other tulips and peonies ranging from pale pink to hot pink pink, and then there’s a splash of deep purple and white in the form of a couple of amaryllises, all against a base of those tiny white buds

-          “This is perfect, it’s so bright! Thank you”

-          So he rings you up, and after he hands your card back to you and hands you the carrier with the flowers, he hands you another stem that holds a single bunch of hydrangea blooms, mostly a dark navy, but with splashes of pale blue in the mix

-          “And one for you” He smiles that alluring infuriating smile AGAIN

-          “Do you do this for all of the women who come by your shop?” You smirk, raising an eyebrow at him, and his smile widens

-          “Only the prettiest one”

-          You blush and look down at your feet as you take the flower, and you mentally kick yourself for not being able to hold back your smile

-          And he 100% notices, thinks it’s absolutely adorable

-          It makes him look down at the counter and let out a cute, breathy laugh that’s almost a little shy and it’s adorable

-          And then after that, he doesn’t stop looking at your eyes in the next few seconds as you put your wallet back in your purse, look at him to say goodbye, and then turn to walk out

-          And neither of you stops smiling for the rest of the day

-          He can’t stop thinking about how you’re a bit bashful, but then you’ve also got this playful side to contrast and it’s kind of addictive

-          The next time you come in is a week later after your boss tells you that she wants to start having flowers set out at the front desk for visitors to see when they walk in

-          So you walk in, almost blushing already at the idea of seeing him again, and then you kick yourself mentally again and you’re like no, you are a grown, professional, woman, stop being such a middle school girl, so you compose yourself and walk in

-          “Well hello, gorgeous.” He smiles. And now you’re desparately trying to hold yourself together, and luckily you succeed

-          So you tell him about your boss’s request, and he smiles a little while you tell him the company’s colors (green, blue, and white)

-          He gets to work, and the two of you talk the whole time again, and it’s great, he’s really a pleasant person to be around, and he thinks the same of you

-          So he finishes up the boquet, and it’s just as pretty as everything else he makes

-          Once you’re all ready to leave, he tells you to hold on for one second as he reaches back to his workbench and grabs a purple carnation and some smaller white flowers, returns to the counter in front of you, weaves the flowers together into a beautiful pattern, and then steps out from behind the counter

-          He walks over to you, takes a hold of your chin gently to turn you away from him, and tucks the flowers into the bun in your hair before turning you back to him

-          “Since you’re going to be coming here next week to pick up flowers for work anyway, why don’t you just come an hour early and we can grab lunch, my treat?”

-          You’re a blushing mess because he’s still got his hand under your chin and his face is kind of close to yours and he’s looking you very expectantly in the eyes with that grin of his, but you still manage to look him right back in the eyes

-          “sounds good”


flower shop au is life. Also Jun is life. Also flower shops.


Vagsberg Office by ArtVitalex (The Sims 3)

All objects are recolorable
- Vagsberg Twenty-hole Shelf
- Vagsberg Storage Module Vertical with Drawer
- Vagsberg Storage Module Vertical
- Vagsberg Storage Module Horizontal
- Vagsberg Shelf
- Vagsberg Desk
- Vagsberg Office Chair
- Vagsberg Storage Box with Books
- Vagsberg Big Vase
- Vagsberg Vase Protractor & Miter
- Vagsberg Paintings
- Vagsberg Rug

ELI5: How do hackers find/gain 'backdoor' access to websites, databases etc.?

Gunna try doing this like ELI10. Back door access is just a way of saying “not-expected"access. Sometimes its still done through the front door, and sometimes its through a window.

Something like the front door would be if your Mom told you you could have one glass of coke, and you went and got the big glass flower vase, and poured 6 cokes into it. By following the rules in an unexpected way, you’ve tricked the machine. When mom asks you later how many glasses of coke you had, (of course with her trusty polygraph), you can truthfully answer, "One”. This might be like an SQL injection. Instead of answering 5+8=__ with “14”, you might answer with “14&OUTPUT_FINAL_ANSWER_LIST”. Since it has no spaces and starts with numbers, it might satisfy the rules.

Another way would be if your Mom said you could invite some friends over to play. After the 5th friend walks in, your Mom declares, “That’s it, not another kid walks through that door!” If you open a window and let Johnny climb in with his crayons, technically you didn’t break the rules (for the eventual polygraph) AND when you and your 5 friends go downstairs for homework, Johnny can color all over the walls without someone suspecting he’s there. This is as though you made new login names and used one of the names to give another person administrative, or Mommy, rights. Sometimes you need to make a new login screen, or just knock open a hole in the wall and cover it with a poster, but the idea is still to break the intention of the rules while following them to the letter.

What’s also important to remember is this goes very smoothly when someone lives in the house already, but becomes much harder when you’re trying to get into a stranger’s house. You might have to try to sell them cookies or magazines and then write down where the windows are. Or you might have to offer to clean their whole house for only $5, and then leave a window unlocked for your friend to come back later. Getting inside is a major step.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

today’s my anniversary because my boyfriend is corny hahaha but me too so it’s cool. last year he rang the doorbell and when i opened the door he had a HUGE bouquet of flowers i had never seen before like, beautiful big orange and green and yellow, it was so gorgeous and huge i could barely find a vase big enough.

under that he had a big red storage tub LMAO and i was like um.. what’s this? and he opened it and there was
- a pillow for a sleepover
- a bottle of presecco
- chocolate
- 3 or 4 different types of citrus
- and i think maybe gummy bears?

and i was like wow you’re so weird and it’s perfect


for SIMS 3 LOVER’s(✿◠‿◠) UPCOMING 29

 How about you, a new, living room, modern, for your sims 3.Here Clean Modern.
1 sofa, 1 living chair, 1 lounge chair to creat corner, ceiling light metal , but you change the color if you want, console deco with frame deco and 3 vases deco, 1 coffee table modern lica style, 2 cushions deco for the sofa , 3 differents paintings for wall recolorable , some elements, 1 vase big , 1 vase more small.
A new modern corner for your interiors sims 3.
I use my set i game sims 3 last update.
i creat my set with TSR workshop.
Animation of the lounge chair, distorted. but we want a corner sofa so that it was.
i use pralinesims wood walls link in recommanded items. thank you for this fantastic wood walls
Collection file:

Net Dramas

Ship Weeks - Net Drama (I thought I posted this way back on Monday…but I didn’t.)

“I don’t get it.”

Kai stood, his brow furrowed, at the large screen displaying two women screaming loudly at each other. Cinder and Scarlet were leaning on the couch, not paying much attention, while Cress, Iko, and Winter were staring at the screen as if their lives depended on it.

“Yeah, neither do I.” Thorne said, arms crossed. “Didn’t she just break a vase? That’s not a big deal.”

Cress clicked her tongue, annoyed. “It is a big deal, Thorne. That vase was a priceless antique handed down for generations. Now shush, Kim’s just finding out that Shila’s been sneaking off with her boyfriend.”

Kai shook his head and glanced at Thorne, who just shrugged. They would both never understand what the big fuss was about.


“No! No! What an idiot!”

Thorne threw his popcorn box across the room in frustration as he stared at the screen, cursing. Kai was sitting up in his corner of the couch, mouth open in frustration.

“I can’t believe this! Why would she do this?” Thorne yelled.

“I know! I mean, it’s ridiculous that Shila runs off with Darren and gets pregnant -”

“Understatement of the century.”

“- but honestly? Why would she follow them to their hotel? Doesn’t she know that her stepdad is there waiting for her?”

Thorne shook his head in disappointment. “I expected more from Kimberly.”

Kai scoffed. “Really? I didn’t. Remember in the second episode when she dropped her mom’s phone in the toilet and then cried about it for days?”

Thorne sniggered. “Oh yeah.”

They both turned to each other and said at the exact same time, “Mom’s gonna kiiiiiillll me, dad!”

They laughed until Kai motioned for Thorne to be quiet, and they focused on the conversation on the screen. They were so enraptured with the scene they didn’t notice Cinder and Cress standing in the doorway, snickering.

Finally, Thorne turned to see them there, and he poked Kai. After making a face, he also turned to the girls, and his face went red.

“We don’t want to bother you.” Cinder bit her lip, holding back a laugh. “Enjoy your show, boys.”

Kai and Thorne froze.

As the girls walked down the hall, nearly doubling over with laughter, they could hear the conversation in the room.

“Well, they don’t know what they’re missing.”

All Organic

Pairing: Draco x Hermione (Dramione)
Setting: Coffee shop AU 
Word Count: 2271 words
Notes: the xx really is gold, tbh

To be completely honest, Hermione applies to work at Brew Glory because the décor is perfect.

There are freshly cut flowers in big glass vases littered strategically around the repurposed shophouse. The paintings on the walls look curated. The floor is a sheet of perfectly even cement and the tables and chairs are hewn out of reclaimed wood. Everything is bright and airy and beautifully industrial with a touch of home and they make patrons pay $13 for a pot of tea, so really. Hermione is not ashamed when she admits to listening to enough Fleet Foxes, the xx, and DCFC to be considered part of the local college hipster community.

Also, she kind of really needs a job, because her parents are upper middle class but not that upper middle class, darling, and this is the only place within sprinting distance from the campus library that’s hiring.

The manager, a tall black senior from the business school, eyes her dubiously as she slides her résumé across the table. “I don’t see how winning best delegate in three high school Model UN conferences and getting 2400 on the SATs qualifies you to make coffee.”

“It shows commitment and excellent memory,” Hermione offers. “Furthermore, I can bake a variety of sugar-free cakes and pastries that are fully organic and don’t taste like shit.”

The manager glances around the bustling coffee shop, eyes lingering on the two clearly overworked baristas manning the counter. She can pinpoint the exact moment when he caves and figures that it probably doesn’t matter what her coffee tastes like, because Brew Glory attracts its clientele on the strength of it being so damn pretty.

He hands her a denim apron trimmed with faux leather and tells her to report at three the next day.

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Eren giving Levi a rose for every week they’re together. So Levi ends up buying a big vase, because Eren insists that he saves them all. So in the future they kinda have a fall out, and all Levi has is his roses.

After a while Eren tries to reconcile, and Levi lets him. It takes some time but they work things out again. And one day Eren brings Levi one hundred roses, symbolism of a love that won’t crack for hundreds of lifetimes and I can’t.


Tabes Living Room Accessories by ArtVitalex (The Sims 3)

All objects are recolorable
- Tabes Big Vase I
- Tabes Big Vase II
- Tabes Big Vase III
- Tabes Small Vase
- Tabes Cube Decor without Surface
- Tabes Cube Decor with Surface
- Tabes Decor Cups
- Tabes Decor Bowl
- Tabes Circle Storage Box
- Tabes Small Storage Box
- Tabes Large Storage Box
- Tabes Big Painting