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It’s me, ur friendly 90’s mom who wants ireland to repeal the 8th on friday.

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if a character doesn't say the words "im bisexual" people will never believe that a character is canon bi and it's gross


wellp I had an emotional breakdown and made like a crap ton of tiny funnel cakes and then one huge funnel cake, and then I pulled out the espresso machine and chugged two shots. 

It’s midnight. I have school/work tomorrow. 



“Boy!” *Enter Boy*

5.23.18 || Day 14/100 of 100 Days of Productivity!

The tests went well, boring but not difficult :) And, t-minus 24 hours until the spring concert!

I also read through two full acts of Much Ado (gettin to the juicy bits! Drama!!), completed some math problems, read a chapter about the circulatory system as prep for a bio quiz, and of course, went on a run! (I’m finding that my afternoons are much more productive if I go running first.) It was a pretty good day all in all :)))

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Im curious, How long is gonna be the comic you are making? :o

honestly, pretty long, considering we still have 15 pearls to go + 2 of my own, and i wanna give each pearl a special attention! although i’ll try my best to make the comic not seem boring and have a steady pace (i already have almost all of the script laid out) so i can post a decent amount of pages and not keep you guys waiting too long!


I drew a bunch of Momoka’s from @limerencegameover after seeing Momokas new model this past month and was finally able to post them!

Just finally came out to my sister and told her about my girlfriend and she was so happy and excited for me and agreed that our parents are dumb and she hopes things will work out for us. 

also some other drama has been resolved so I’m just…..really relieved right now lol 

Santa Baby


Author: meanho

Rating: General Audiences

Relationships: Jeon Jungkook/Kim Taehyung

Status: Completed

Chapters: 1/1

Tags: Highschool AU


Jeongguk works part-time as a mascot to save up money so he could finally confess to his crush of two years, a senior named Kim Taehyung. He didn’t think he could fall harder until one freezing Christmas Eve.


Just wanted to draw this expression! (I thought I didn’t care about the royal wedding but it was so Disney that it melted my cold dead heart)

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A surprise interaction!

I knew from the start Lance would have a moment with his lion, and I couldn’t choose which one. So … why not both? (also drawing the blue lion in even messy detail was a nightmare how does the animation team do it)

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New York delivered the most intellectual, calm, and wellspoken , and also funniest reads I’ve ever heard in my life. 😭😭😭😂 And that’s why she’s the queen of reality TV show. ❤

Work hard to reach your purpose in life, but don’t force yourself to do something that just isn’t for you. Just because the world will see it as ‘successful’ does not mean it’s the right quest for you.

Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

I know that Sam lost Dean, and is completely devastated, but I am even more sorry for him because he will now have to deal with other people’s marital grief™ two years in a row.

If observing Cas being thoroughly DESTROYED by losing Dean JUST ONE YEAR after Dean was totally destroyed by losing Cas doesn’t make everyone around them connect the dots (and GA, too), there is no hope for them anyway. 

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You might not know what lies beyond the horizon but you will never know unless you reach beyond it.

Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin