big up festival

Been wanting to draw Momo and Todoroki’s daemons for awhile! 

Momo with her house mouse, and Todo with his osprey~

They make a good team, no? X’D

Day one of me being the boss. I only wanted to kill one of the mill workers today.

The young guy asked for next Saturday off. Now this normally wouldn’t be a problem, but both the manager (who I’m covering for) and the other mill worker is off. So that would leave me with just the two drivers and the old mill operator. So I told him if he wanted it off he had to ask the other worker to see if he would come in. He mumbled something about he had important stuff to do and the other guy just wants to hang out with his girlfriend.

I don’t caaaarrrrre. I had to give up a big farm festival in the middle of the richest of rich areas because I have to work next Saturday.