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Guys I know this season is from Sana’s point of view but seriously I don’t see how Yousef’s actions might have been misinterpreted by Sana and that Yousef is not actually interested in Sana and that it is all in Sana’s head, because:

1. Who would glance at you everytime you walk in to a room AND have the softest smile

2. Who would walk behind you so freaking close (carrot peeling clip) even though we all know that the space in the kitchen could fit an elphant

3. WHO WOULD GIVE YOU FLOWERS IF THEY DO NOT HAVE FEELINGS FOR YOU? yeah maybe Yousef is very friendly and kind and wants to give Sana flower and show her his platonic feelings and  and somehow be extremly unaware of the fact that GIVING FLOWERS TO A GIRL WHILE BEING SMILEY AND SOFT IS SHOWING HER THAT HE IS INTERESTED IN HER



like it wouldn’t make any sense if Yousef isnt actually head over heels for Sana ok?


Fan art of @maphix and her adorable gf Riss’s (tumblr??) Blupjeans cosplay!
…I didn’t know how much I liked this ship or how much sappy music existed until I colored this 

The Borrower

You leaned over the shelf to sneak a peek at the armchair across the room from you. His head leaned forward, his mouth silent. “So he is asleep.” Not that it would have mattered, really; you doubted he had eyes, if the bloodstained bandages were anything to go by.

Normally he told stories that filled the air, usually adventures of a man named Mark, or the harrowing tales involving a demon called Dark, or the strange, egotistical reporter by the name of Wilford Warfstache. You didn’t know if these people existed, or if he just told these stories out of boredom, or both. Quite possibly, he was using his voice to echolocate objects.

But not right now, and that was what mattered.

You began to make your way down the shelf, moving in a zigzag pattern to climb down the spines of the books. You glanced back at the man across the room, and nearly jumped out of your skin.

His face was angled directly to you. If he had eyes- no, it couldn’t be, he couldn’t see. He couldn’t possibly be looking at you. He must have heard you, and looked to the source of the noise.

You dropped down two shelves, attempting to stay silent. You looked back. He was still facing you.

That wasn’t supposed to be possible.

Slightly more curious, you turned your back to the books and inched sideways. The man’s face swiveled slightly. His line of vision- however it existed, by all means none of this made sense- was all focused on you.

He was tracking you perfectly.

But that wasn’t possible.

Frantically, you jumped down another shelf. You ran across the shelf and leaped down to the next one. Every time you looked back, the man’s face was following you.

You reached the lowest shelf. You dove toward his desk so you could climb to the floor, but a wall of tanned flesh stopped you. Hands cupped under you.

You had been caught.

You were raised to the man’s huge face. He ran his thumb over your own face, gently pushing your hands down so you wouldn’t struggle.

“How did you do it?” You asked, panic creeping into your voice. You tried to worm your way out of his hands. No luck.

“The Host has known of Borrower-kind for a long time, and knows the one in the palm of his hand the best. The Host explains that he has had to force himself to stop narrating his guest’s extraordinary escapades in the time they’ve lived here. He’s quite impressed with their perseverance, and their ability to steal bandages.” The man- The Host, as he called himself- explained. His thumb then ran against your arm, and the shirt you had fashioned from a clean strip of cloth that you had taken from the medicine cabinet.

You were at a loss for words. “You…. knew?” You gulped down the lump in your throat. “You knew I was here?”

The Host sighed. “The Host apologizes for for not helping The Borrower with their daily life, but explains that he thought The Borrower wouldn’t accept his help if he offered. He was also concerned that they would try to leave, and he might find himself unable to help them as he narrated their demise. He has grown quite attached to them as company.”

There was a long pause as you processed what he had said.

“My… demise?” You squeaked.

“The Host foresaw the consequences of his actions if he intervened with The Borrower’s life, and adjusted his actions accordingly. The borrower is now faced with a choice. The choices each have their own consequences, but the borrower has not yet chosen which path to take.” The Host rambled.

You looked at him in awe. “Can you see the future, then?”

“The Host sees many tangled webs of possible actions others will take, but he cannot control any except his own.” he explained. “He can see the outcomes of every course of action you will come up with regarding your current situation, and yet he cannot change any of them.”

A question formed on your lips. “Why can’t you change the futures, then? Pick the one you like best and move on?”

The Host stiffened at that. An expression of discomfort crossed his face.

You immediately remembered that you were in his hands, and he could still hurt you. You immediately tried to apologize. “I’m sorry if I offended you, mister Host, I- you don’t have to-”

“The Borrower’s apologies were interrupted by The Host telling them that they had done no wrong. The Borrower then breathes a sigh of relief in knowing The Host won’t hurt them and takes his advice to make themselves comfortable.”

You breathed a sigh of relief, and sat cross-legged on his palm. “Hey, you just narrated that!”

“The Host thinks it is a good lesson to remember every now and then. In a past life, he was able to control the destinies he saw. However, he took it too far, and for that he has paid.” He touched his bandages subconsciously. “He can no longer control fate, instead he may just narrate it.”

You were stunned, but another question came to mind. “Why are you telling me this?”

The Host thought for a moment. “The Borrower is a trustworthy creature. Their actions are noble to themselves and others they have come across. Likewise, The Host can also see that The Borrower has made up their mind on an unspoken question.”

The question in question was the age-old one: Would you stay with him?

A small smile curled at the corners of your lips as you tried to pick up his style of talking. “The Borrower accepts The Host’s invitation to live with him.”

The Host laughed, and it was the best sound you had heard in years.

Anyways. I wanna write some Charoix and Sulotte BELIEVE ME but… Dianakko… has taken over my life and my writing time. So please accept my one measly Sulotte fic and that Charoix song edit post as compensation….

Lots of Love, Lily: Prologue

SUMMARY: Lily and Sirius never really got along, but they never did try to either. One summer will change that. A James/Lily fic through the eyes of a budding Sirius + Lily bromance. [Seventh Year | Jily]

Lily and James in a scene from the Prologue.

Read the Prologue on FFnet | Read the Prologue on AO3

so like, i’m rewatching kyou kara maou, cause my friend and i had been talking about animes we watched when we were kids and we both got excited cause we’d never met anyone else who’d watched it, too. anyways.. so, i was feeling nostalgic, decided to rewatch it and i’m like.. so shook, cause now my love for shiro makes so much sense… he reminds me So Much of konrad…. Like seriously, it’s amazing. anyway, i had a big ass fictional crush on him when i was, like, 14? and shiro is apparently carrying on that legacy…

ANYWAYS the reason for this post: it got me thinking about a voltron au of this, with, like, hunk as the main character. it’s kinda one of those almost-magical girl type animes, only with, like, a guy main character, and involves being transported to another world where he’s, apparently, the next king. and he ends up meeting a bunch of really attractive people, and there’s a bunch of shenanigans, from cultural misunderstandings to simply not being ready to be a king, but he eventually grows into the role and is really awesome….

anyway, if you haven’t watched that series, it’s pretty fun, though an older-ish series. also pretty gay, which was probably why i liked it as a kid to begin with, lol. but like….. i’m tempted to write something like this……… idk, i want “actually apparently super powerful and royal, and also everyone falls in love with him and he has a whole bunch of super attractive people around him all the time and he becomes a really amazing king who brings long-lasting peace to his kingdom” hunk….. set in medieval-type, magical europe-not-actually-europe………

Favorite avatar as voted by people.

It’s no surprise that avatar Aang is beloved by atla and lok community and got most votes. He was the boy we all fell in love during series and grew up. Since he was the main protagonist its no surprise people elected him as their favorite avatar. Beautiful watertribe girl, who is also complete opposite of Aang, just couldn’t reach the fave that goofy airbender achieved. I guess you could also say that nostalgia and Aang being the first avatar we got introduced to the viewers also was main factor why some people voted for Aang instead of Korra. Only in rare occasions the sequel can reach and surpass original show.

Avatar Kyoshi, long lived badass Earth kingdom avatar, got the third place. Do i need to tell anything else here? No! Next up we have the first avatar Wan. It’s right to say that if someone fucked up there is good chance that it will be firebender. After all they were responsible for a lot of stuff. You could even rename show to “How big firebenders messed up this time and its consequences!” Avatar Wan was the main reason why entire avatar circle exist. He messed thing so horrible that entire avatar circle had to be born to fix it. I guess that’s one of the reason’s why people liked him. And as always his successor had similar luck. Avatar Roku, another firebending avatar, got the fifth place.

The sixth and seven places goes to avatars Yangchen and Kuruk. They were least featured avatars so its no surprise that only several people voted for them. (Only one for Kuruk).

All avatars and the votes they received:

1. Aang 169 votes 38,2%

2. Korra 138 votes 31,2%

3. Kyoshi 56 votes 12,7%

4. Wan 48 votes 10,9%

5. Roku 24 votes 5,4%

6. Yangchen 6 votes 1,4%

7. Kuruk 1 vote 0,22%

Unsurprisingly when people voted on least favorite avatar, their votes look like inverted answers to previous question about favorite avatar. This time some of the voters decided to remain silent, so there are less votes and some positions are changed. Almost half of all people voted that Kuruk is the least favorite avatar. After that the votes divided almost equally among other avatars.

Least favorite avatar as voted by people.

1. Kuruk 194 votes 44,7%

2. Yangchen 85 votes 19,6%

3. Kyoshi 44 votes 10,1%

4. Roku 43 votes 9,9%

5. Korra 35 votes 8,1%

6. Wan 23 votes 5,3%

7. Aang 10 votes 2,3%

SPACE ROSE 💫🌹 The Last Jedi

I was so happy when Kelly Marie Tran was cast in Star Wars, and Rose is by far the character I’m most excited to meet!!

  • Oswald: Im here to kill you!
  • Edward: Because I didn't love you!
  • Oswald: What? No! It's because you-
  • Edward: You love me! I get it!
  • Oswald: Will you just-
  • Edward: God stop bring up how much you love me! Grow up!
  • Oswald: It's because you shot me you green idiot!

How long have you been planning for Coulson to be the Ghost Rider – and what was Clark Gregg’s reaction to finding out that news?

Jeffrey Bell: To say he was happy, it would be an understatement.
Jed Whedon: I think what he said when we told him was, “I didn’t think I could geek out more,” but he was like, “It seems I can.”
Jeffrey Bell: Yeah, that was what he said. [x]