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I agree with the fertility thing around Beth & Daryl - something about the idea of them having a bunch of badass kids running around in the woods one day just makes me really happy, even if we never get to see it on screen. That fish on Dwight's wall is a novelty trout called Big Mouth Billy Bass that 'comes to life' when you push the button & sings: 'Take me to the river/throw me in the water.' & 'Don't worry be happy!' On repeat. I know this because someone in my family used to have one :)

That’s a great Beth connection, anon! The Big Mouth Billy Bass reminds me of the music box as both are machines that do “come to life” and “sing”. Fish were most prevalent in 5x07, when Glenn took Rosita and Tara fishing in the river. I once read somewhere that the scene had Biblical connections. The fish appeared in a scene heavy with Beth reminders, from Daryl eating the peanut butter to him dressing in clothes that were an inverse of his outfit in Alone.



Arlen has caught the LEGENDARY PURPLE TROUT, a.k.a. “Big Yawp Timmy Trout”, a Tamrielic ad break staple.

“Oh yes! Quite a marvel of zoology, actually. It really sings,” said Arlen.

“TAKE ME TO THE RI~IVER,” agreed Big Yawp Timmy Trout, tunelessly.

“And I assume it will continue singing until the batteries run out, wherever those may be.”


“Yes, yes. In due time.”


Swilly’s Nature World Fun Fact: The Cyclothone genus in the Gonostomatidae (Bristlemouth) family names only twelve different species, but with a population size potentially in the quadrillions, it is the most abundant vertebrate genus on Earth. They populate the deep seas and are typically bioluminescent.

These are not to be confused with freshwater catfish in the Ancistrus genus, including the popular bristlemouth pleco (a bit of a misnomer, as the common pleco belongs to a different genus).

“But Raegar, this trout is big enough to feed me for two days at least, and I don’t have a kitchen!”

“And I’m saying that I can’t fit that in my oven, but it would be easy, and more delicious, to brine and smoke the fish. Annie mentioned she was going to chop down an old apple tree on her farm. That wood would infuse a fantastic flavor into the fish, especially if you put brown sugar in the brine–”

“Man, I’m already hungry stop that!”