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Maid For A Day - Dave Hodgman

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dave Hodgman/Reader

Word Count: 4345

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving in a way), Master Kink

Notes: I blame Persona 5 for this idea. It was just a funny idea and I can see Dave’s friends trying to get him laid. This is kinda just pure silliness that leads to fucking a hot guy.

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Sleepy Head (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

REQUEST: Daveed x reader where during intermission they decide to take a nap on his couch and are caught and photos are taken

“Alright everybody, great show!” one of the stage managers called out. “Everyone take a break and we’ll rally just before the thirty minute call!”

You weren’t quite used to the schedule yet. You had moved here about two weeks ago, and had been in the show as an ensemble member for about a week now. The role of a nameless ensemble member turned out to be lightyears more difficult than you had first imagined. You were in practically every song, singing your lungs out with the rest of the cast and dancing until you almost passed out. Your body wasn’t entirely used to your job yet. Every day you went home aching and fatigued, sometimes struggling to scale the stairs to your new apartment. One of the most embarrassing moments of your life was when you decided to take a break on the steps, then completely zonked. You didn’t wake up until your landlord mistook you for a bum and you woke up to him shouting threats at you to get out of his building. 

Sleeping in New York City was an entirely new experience as well. You were new, and you barely had time to adapt to life here, but you didn’t think you would have any trouble passing out after every show. But alas, the roaring sirens outside your window, the noisy, sometimes drunk people passing by and sporadic car horns kept you awake. 

Basically, you were currently a walking ball of sleep deprivation.

You always felt somewhat embarrassed by this. Your co-workers were all people who had been with the show since its conception or were recruited shortly after, and all of them had performed the show so many times that they knew it by heart and had no problem with the demanding schedule and didn’t let it affect their work. You prayed you could be like that one day. 

You paced back to the girls’ dressing room, changed into a tank top, cotton shorts and a light jacket, and got ready to go get some grub when you heard a voice calling after you.


You turned around to see Oak rushing towards you, smiling and still thriving off of the momentum of the fast-paced show.

“What’s up?!” 

“Auuuuugghhhh…..” you groaned in response.

“I can’t blame you. The first month or so is rough.” he laughed, totally understanding your pain. 

“Hey, we’re about to gather in Javi’s room for some cafecito, do you want to try some? It might wake you up for the second show.”

“Thanks Oak, but I really need a nap. I think I’m gonna head home for a bit.”

“You sure? You might be late if you sleep in.”

“Honestly, I’m willing to risk it at this point.”

“Why don’t you use the couch in my dressing room? I’m pretty sure Daveed is out signing right now so he won’t need it, and I’m gonna go grab some lunch.” he suggested.

“That’d be great, are you sure?”

“Anything for you, girl.” he smiled.

“Thanks, you’re the best!”

He grinned and waved his hand as if to say ‘no big deal’ and then trotted off to go pick up some food. 

You turned and made your way to his dressing room, and approached the closed door. Lightly tapping on it to make sure that you weren’t going to walk in on someone, you heard no response and swung the door open to reveal a pitch-black dressing room. You sighed in relief that you were alone, tore your jacket off, discarded it onto the floor and flung yourself onto the large, empty couch.

Or at least, a couch you thought was empty.

Your head connected with a soft cushion and your eyes fluttered shut, finally able to get some rest. You felt yourself began to drift away when a deep, gruff voice startled you.


You immediately shot out of your position and tumbled off the furniture onto the floor. 

Daveed laughed as you sat up, eyes wide with alarm.

“Daveed, what the fuck!”

“I’m sorry (Y/N) but that was too good to pass up on.”

Your eyes adjusted to the dark, and you were able to see Daveed’s figure spread out onto the couch, adorning sweatpants and no shirt.

You knew that work should be separated from play, but you had to admit for that the week you had been in the show, you were very, very attracted to him. The fact that he never seemed to wear any clothes made your life very difficult.

“I have no clue how you didn’t see me here,” he continued, still laughing.

“Well for one thing, the room is pitch black, and you also didn’t answer when I knocked.” you retorted.

“I thought if I didn’t answer, whoever was knocking would get the message that I was sleeping.” he responded.

Your cheeks grew hot with embarrassment. 

“Well…. I’ll just leave then. Sorry for bothering you.” you quickly said, standing up and turning for the door. 


You instantly stopped in your tracks and spun your head to face him.

He stretched a hand out to you and beckoned.


“Are you sure?”

“You’re tired, you need rest.” he began as he shifted his body to one side of the couch, creating room. “We can share.”

You wordlessly agreed and slowly approached the couch once more and lay next to him, your back against his chest. You felt rather tiny beside his large figure.

“You know,” he suddenly said, “when I saw you come in here and take your jacket off I thought things were going to be a lot more interesting than they actually were.”

“Fuck you.” you shot back, giving him a gentle elbow to the abdomen.  

He chuckled shimmied a bit closer towards you. You were suddenly surprised to find two large arms snaking around your waist, pulling you into his chest and placing his chin on the top of your head. 

“I’d be more than happy to.” he chuckled. 

You felt your face grow warmer and your heart begin to pound. Was he serious? Should you respond?

You swallowed thickly as you thought of a response.

“We both need sleep, Diggs.”

“Maybe later then.” he replied, moving his head down to your shoulder and nuzzling. “Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight Daveed.” you yawned as you felt him pull you closer. Eventually your eyelids lost the fight against your exhaustion, and you began falling into a desperately needed deep sleep. 


Ladies and gentlemen, we are at thirty minutes. Thirty minutes ‘till the top of the show.” the voice rang out, filling the room with radio static. 

You groggily opened your eyes and found yourself still trapped in Daveed’s arms, who still seemed to be asleep. 

You squirmed in an attempt to free yourself.

“Come on Diggs, we’re at thirty minutes.”

He groaned in protest.

“Just a bit longer.” he begged, still not opening his eyes yet.

“No, I have to get dressed.”

His arms left your sides, finally releasing you, but not before you felt the unmistakeable sensation of soft kisses being pressed onto your shoulder.

You turned in surprise to meet face to face with a smirking Daveed, with messy hair and tired eyes.

He was adorable.

“You’re very quick to rush into things, you know that?” you commented on his act of affection. 

“Yup,” he agreed. “I don’t waste any time.”

He drew close to you, eyes locking with yours and hand settling on your thigh.

“Especially not with something I want.”

You looked down at him and smiled. 

“I’ll meet you after the show,” you flirted, bending down and connecting your lips with his.

They were soft and velvety, and moved in sync with yours. It was more of a short, sweet kiss than a lover’s kiss. As if you two had been doing this for a long time, and were both entirely comfortable with each other. You were filled with a sense of accomplishment as you parted, stood up and grabbed your jacket off the floor.

“Well I need to go change, I’ll see you out there.”

“Can I come with?”

“Nice try.”


 You shut your notebook and slipped your pen into the rings that bound it as the company post show notes ended. The company shifted to its feet as you all readied yourself for the show, some people stretching and others readying their voices.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Anthony said as he approached you, smirking in an unusual fashion. “How was your nap?” He choked out between laughs.“

“Fine?” you responded as you looked behind him to see both Jasmine and Lin giggling like school girls. “What’s the big deal?”

“Ah, nothing.” he lied, beginning to turn away.

“Not much happened, I don’t know what’s got you all giggly.”

“Not much happened?” He instantly questioned, turning back to you and whipping his phone out of his back pocket. “Then explain this.”

As he help up the phone a tweet about an hour old flashed onto the screen, made by Oak’s account. It was a selfie he took with you and Daveed cuddling on the couch in the background, both asleep and embracing each other. The caption read:

Walked into my dressing room to change for the second show and found these two love birds getting it on! #katyperry #itsmatingseason

Anthony and the rest of the cast practically burst out laughing as they saw your face grow red and contort as you read the caption and saw all of the likes and retweets fans had given it.

“You have to admit, they are cute together.” Lin managed to choke out between laughs. “You really should thank Oak for setting you up like that.”

The sudden realization that this entire ordeal was a set up by Oak fell onto you, and your cheeks grew red as your cast mates laughed. You looked to see him standing in the opposite corner of the room, waving to you and giving you thumbs up.

“Not if I kill him first.”

Gaming session with mark and jack

“Hello, my little lovelies! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Good day and all of the above. Today I have these two wonderful men” Jack cut you off with a laugh and said “ manly men” in the gruffest voice he could manage. Mark’s laugh following close behind. You giggled at their humor, deciding your intro was a lost cause. “Alright, game oooon!” you yelled as the loading screen dissapated and your character charged into action. “Cooome an find me, markimoo” you teased as you transformed from an old man to a small, neatly wraped present. Just as you had nestled yourself inbetween the other presents under the tree, a big ol’ diaper baby trotted into view, making the presents topple until you were the only one unmoved. Staring down the barrel of the gun, you made a screech of fury and booked your ribbon covered ass out of the house. “Ah hah, the great markimoo has out witted you” he goofily spoke into his mic as his avatar ran after you. You played cat and mouse for a bit before you heard the familier irish man’s scream bloody murder in your headphones. “Ahhhhhhhh, no leave meh aloooooooooone, ya big diaper baby” . you chose a different prop and hid as a snowman outside, observing the chaos quickily erupting in the snow. “Abfujfkcal, where did you goooooo?” he whined looking around for the recently escaped jackaboy. “Hehehe, hi jack” you spoke, looking over at the rock that had arrived next to you. “Huh? , oh! Hi y/n!” you both giggled. “Come here often?” you said in a jokingly suave tone as you rose an eyebrow to the camera. Jack laughed “why yes, i always hang out under the rooftops of abandoned crack houses. You laughed before realizing..“Jack! How could you?”. Mark made noises of realization as he chased the two of you around the map, eventually your snowman prop got shot down and jack was still running. “Jaaaack!” you whined . “I’m soaorry” jack drawled out in his signature voice seconds before he himself was hunted and shot to death. (this is entirely based on @imaginethefandom christmas special imagine. The idea is totally their’s, I simply expanded on it and mean no offense nor do I mean to steal or copy. Does anyone want a part two? Message me.

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In which Kuzy and Schmidty compete for Holtby’s loooooove

1.6k. Caps ensemble. Rated G. Written as a very small thank you to thornescratch. :)

“Holts,” Kuzy said. “Holts!”

Braden lifted his eyes from his book and saw a grinning Kuzy leaning over the bus seat in front of him. “Uh, hi?”

“You forgive me, right? For time I score on you at prospect camp?”

It took Braden a moment to get what he was talking about. “You mean when you skated into my crease and laughed at me for not stopping the puck?”

Kuzy nodded. “Yes, and then you knock me on ass and tell media I’m probably bad teammate after.”

“That was, like, six or seven years ago.”

“Yeah, but you forgive?”

“… yes?”

Kuzy pumped his fist and looked straight at the guy sitting next to Braden. “See! I explain you!”

“No way,” Schmidty said. “Holts holds a grudge like no other, and that’s his grudge face.”

“Fuck you,” Kuzy said. “That’s just his face. He say he forgive. Tell him, Holts. Tell him you forgive.”

Braden looked between Kuzy and Schmidty, at their near-identical manic grins. “I don’t know what this is, but I’m staying the fuck out of it.”

Schmidty crowed. “See? Grudge face. I get five points.”

“He didn’t say grudge,” Kuzy said. “We still tie at zero.”

Braden opened his mouth, closed it again, and then refocused on his book. He was staying the fuck out of it. Whatever it was.

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Kentucky Derby #2 Thunder Snow 20-1

Helmet (AUS) x Eastern Joy (GB) IRE
S Bin Suroor / C Soumillon
4-2-0 (8) $1,627,541

Thunder Snow is the big, globe-trotting horse; when he enters the Derby gate, it will be the 4th country and 3rd continent he’s raced in. The colt has been classy from the start, running solidly in G2 Company in England on the grass and undefeated over dirt in his two starts in Dubai. He comes into this race as the only colt who’s run (and won) beyond 1 1/8 miles thanks to his very strong win in the G2 UAE Derby.

His only off track run was a muddy win in the UAE Derby.

Pedigree Note: He’s a half-brother to stakes winner Always Smile & G2 winner Ihtimal. Their dam Eastern Joy is a half-sister to G1 winner West Wind

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nct turning into puppies! and how they are as puppies. :))

oh, this is gonna be so cute-

So, Let’s say they’re all in the same litter, right? Taeil, he would be the puppy that’s always trying to join in on the fun with the rest of the gang but he’s either tripping over something or getting knocked over. Poor thing. 

Taeyong would be the shy, small pup who looks really aggressive and scary but honestly, it’s this big ball of love and he’ll just waddle up to you and curl up in your lap with his adorable puppy eyes. (taeyong has adorable eyes have u guys seen them he’s literally a puppy,,,)

Yuta would be that over competitive puppy. Like, you throw a toy out and he’s the first one jumping onto it, making sure nobody else gets it. He and puppy!Doyoung would probably be fighting all the time. You know how puppies are always roughhousing, these two would always be at it.

Jaehyun is that one puppy that’s really popular with your friends. Like, it’s cute and it’s relatively chill so it gets all the attention but he has really small, weird tendencies. Like you may come round and he’s chasing after a paper ball and you’re like, ‘what the hell are you doing’.

Winwin would be on the same level as Jaehyun in terms of weird. He’d be an adorable little puppy but he could never actually understand. Like you’re telling him to sit and he’s just looking up at you with this bright and happy smile he doesn’t understand a word you’re saying but he’ll just jump on you and give you kisses so you aren’t mad anymore.

Ten and Mark would be best friends. You know, those two pups who are always near each other? Ten’s the oldest one so he’s leading everything, getting them into trouble constantly. Mark just wants to be like his cool big brother so he’s trotting around after him. They’re the two who are always covered in toilet paper or getting into the cupboards.

Haechan. You guys already know, he’d be the ultimate trouble maker. He’d kind of follow around with the duo of Ten and Mark but he can do bad by himself. He’s the puppy that’s literally always knocking something over, always running around the place. He’s the puppy that you always lose when you take the litter out on walks and you’re always yelling at him but in reality, he’s a cuddly little pup when he wants to be. He’s the pup that swears he’s independent but at night, he’s curled up next to you.

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Daddy 5SOS Preference: Milestones

“Can you do more daddy 5sos? Maybe something like their kids reaching a milestone like their first words, first time walking, getting their first tooth etc”

A/N: This one was fun to write! I hope you enjoy it :) I’m always accepting preferences in my inbox, and also feel free to come chat with me anytime! I love getting to know you all xx

Luke: Luke was on the tour bus with baby Kayla and Michael, watching television as the 17 month old baby played with her plastic keys between them. Ashton had volunteered to take Hannah, Isaac, and Jake to the zoo downtown, and Calum had joined him, offering to help. Luke and Michael would have gone as well, but Michael had taken a pretty nasty tumble at the show the previous night and was on strict orders to rest his sprained ankle. So, here they were.

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Daesung singing Fantastic Baby in Korean Trot. I literally LOLed so hard!

I just realized that Trot Lovers highlights a very important yet dark part of the kpop world. Scandals, bashing and anti fans. For those of you who havent watched it I recomend it. It teaches you not to believe everything you read on the internet. We Dont know whats real, whats not and who it was that said it. It shows the after effects that these idols have to go through when they are involved in something that was only said to hurt them. Sadness, defeat and In times even suicidal. Lets stop and think before we belive something. Lets stop and think before we bash an idol. Lets stop and think before we go online and spread nasty, rumors. Words can hurt just as much as punches.  Lets be respectful and kind, we dont know whats hidden behind their smiles, especially rookies who have to give up families and move away to try and start a career just to have people bring them down.  Every idol, actor, singer and actress works hard, and its for us the fans.  Its our job to make them feel appreciated and loved.

Good ride this afternoon!

CJ started off feeling pretty lazy, so the first part of the ride was all about sending him forward and working on getting him more responsive off my aids. We then started working on some little leg yields from the three quarter line, to get CJ moving away from my inside leg. The neighbour then started riding his motorbike up and down the driveway, and CJ got really nervous which was actually kind of a good experience for me, as I had never ridden with him so distracted and unsure! I put him on a 20m circle and just started focusing on our rhythm and accuracy, giving him a job and something to think about which helped him to focus and calm down. Giving him a repetitive, simple task really helped CJ, whereas Cody would be the complete opposite and would need lots of different exercises to keep his mind occupied! Afterwards, we went out into the big paddock and trotted around for a little bit on a long rein and then just did a little mini trail ride around the paddock. Very proud of my bubba!