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Hi! I was just wondering how tall you were because you look so smol in your pictures!You’re super pretty by the way! ^^


Dylan Klebold As A Boyfriend

-Has sweaty hands around you always
-Mentally prepares himself when talking with you bc he doesn’t want something to come out the wrong way
-Gets comfortable around you pretty fast bc he genuinely likes your personality and how open you are to his feelings and thoughts
-Is v flirty with you in private like omg he’s a Virgo and they’re shy but like damn he can be flirty too it’s unbelievable 😂
-Rests his arm on your head ALWAYS
-Drives you to school sometimes, bc he sleeps in late
-Takes you to the stores bc he wanted to buy you something
-Watches out for you in the commons bc at lunch time tons of jocks or just rude people in general tend to bully more often there
((Imagine going to lunch and the halls are filled with student scrambling to leave for a smoke and lunch and all you see is Dylan’s head poking from the crowd and he spots you first before you can and he just stares at you and yall make eye contact and it’s just hilarious bc you laugh at Dylan just peepin at you while you make your way to him an gah it’s FUNNY IN MY HEAD OK))
-Dylan making you origami when you get sad and you opening them up to find a cute little love note for you to read
-Him not being that good at planning dates so you guys just stay in, or go bowling or out for a ride
-Him sleeping over your house a lottttt
-You two failing some classes together and both of you helping each other out
-Staying late shift nights with him at BlackJacks just so he won’t be lonely lol cute
-Ruffling your hairrrrr omg
-Looking down at you and him chuckling to himself bc he knows you don’t notice
-Hugs are always the best, and you always putting your hands in his trench coat and laughing bc the pockets are too big
-Tippy toed kissing fails OR if you’re like around his height having the cutest kisses either way they cute tbh.
-Him holding your thigh when he drives
-Winking at you bc he’s cheeky; y'all woulda thought he was this shy hard to get to know dude but he’s really flirty and hilarious and just always knows how to please you
-Makes funny faces at you when you stare at him for too long and he notices
-“So how’s about we go for pizza later? And then we can go back to my place or yours if you’d like… *scratches the back of his neck and looks down* and umm like watch your favorite movie this time… because I know we always watch one of my favorite movies and I want to watch whatever you want to watch this time.. yeah.?”
-Practically lets you keep his flannels and shirts bc he caught you in his room last time in his closet trying his clothes on 😭😂
-Makes you mixtapes and lets you read his love notes to you
-Always blushingggggg
-Very overprotective even though he suffers in silence when he gets jealous
-Observent to the max and never fails to know when something is wrong with you
-Always asking for your opinion
-“Y/n, what’s your take on life & death?”
“Death=Life, we are energy and we are constant, and we live on even after we are "dead” our souls never die we are immortal"
-Lots of kisses when in the car and is actually very touchy
((ALRIGHT THIS IS MY TAKE ON HOW DYLAN WOULD BE A BF DONT ROAST ME OK MY MELANCHOLIC POETIC HOMEBOY WASNT A FOLLOWER AND it Was his Responsibility as well for what he did I DONT CONDONE! but for those that blame Eric like come on dude for real? We gon look at Dylan like he some type an angel like Nah yes he was romantic & poetic and wanted love but he also had this anger inside him he couldn’t control enough, & shit just has to happen in order for things to reveal themselves but anyways PEACE & BLESSINGS YALL! Thanks for reading requests are always welcome!! )))

The reveAl

Marlene has made it clear that A wont be “officially” revealed until season 6.

She did say however that we could get a big clue as to who they are, which got me thinking.

As we know, A has Tippi. Tippi is a Grey Macaw, a type of parrot, known for their outstanding ability to mimic and repeat phrases. (We know this firsthand because Tippi revealed that phone number to Spencer).

What if our big clue in the finale is revealed by Tippi? Perhaps she mimics A’s voice, or repeats a phrase that A has said, ultimately and quietly revealing their identity?

I’m a Good Girl, I am

This episode was a DEAD END! There were LOOPHOLES. Also, there was LACK OF LOGIC as usual. It basically gave NO ANSWERS, but just MORE QUESTIONS…

It didn’t clarify anything and made the things even worse about the Big A Reveal.

So let’s summarize what happened in the last night’s episode, in the same time I analyze the characters in order to prime top suspects. There is actually not a single suspect, though.

  • Lesli Stone turned out to be the surprise witness. So now we know why this random new character was added to the show: To ruin the 5 liars.
  • Ezra Fitz at first seemed hesitant about Aria’s idea of taking Mike to his cabin. He then agreed to do it. He and Caleb had different opinions on what Mike should do. If he and Caleb weren’t under the arrow rain, when Mike ran into the Big A, I would say that Ezra was trying to save Mike from telling the truth just because he was the Big A but now it was because he respected Aria’s decision.
  • Ella Montgomery also seemed avoidant like she didn’t want to help out Alison and Hanna. After she convinced her student to talk to Spencer and Emily, I changed my opinion about her.
  • Toby Cavanaugh finally came back to his senses. Tanner left him out of what’s really going on because she knew that Spencer, Emily and Aria were also gonna be arrested if Alison had found guilty.
  • Andrew Campbell seems suspicious and sketchy more than ever. He seems to envy Ezra. There’s a cut on his hand which Aria never paid attention or thought of asking about. He also told Aria that he was the Scout Pathfinder just after he didn’t pick up Aria’s call the night before when Mike was tied up by Big A and rescued by Ezra and Caleb. We also know that Aria told Andrew about Ezra taking Mike to his cabin.


  1. Lesli Stone: I read some people say that Lesli might have been at the Radley when Mona was there. I remember seeing a pic of a girl who looks like her posted on “pll theories”. Whether she was at the Radley before or not, she was just introduced to us in season 5. If even that pic can be proof of Lesli being friends with Mona there, how could it be the proof that she took the game from her? It makes no sense at all. Also, I can’t see a motive there.
  2. Andrew Campbell: Andrew was first introduced to us in Season 3B. In that time, Mona was already out of Radley, she was back to Rosewood High. Andrew had a fling with Spencer in 3B which was how he and Emily knew each other. He also witnessed everything going on between Mona and Spencer. How could he taken the game from Mona if he never was introduced in 3A or was told us that he visited Mona back in the Radley? He then appeared in 4B and gave drugs to Spencer. He then disappeared. He reappeared in 5B and this time, he grew closer to Aria and they are like sort of dating now. Emily was there once again when there was Aria and Andrew interaction. Throughout 5B, Andrew knew Mike was dealing with some stuff and Ezria was falling apart. If Aria had also turned him down like Spencer did before, I’d have understood that he is up to against the liars. Although he didn’t seem to have much of a problem with Mona personally in 3B, he seemed like or pretended to be a Mona hater in 5B. Okay, in 3B, he supported and encouraged Spencer to help her beat Mona but it seemed like he was doing it because he had a crush on Spencer. Back in 5B, he seems to pop out of nowhere, looking like he is up to something or like he is a stalker. If he turns out to be Big A, how are we feel supposed to sorry for him when he doesn’t have Varjack effect on the PLL fandom and audience? If he knew Alison personally before, wouldn’t Alison have warned the girls about his presence in the court while he was sitting next to Aria? There’s no motive that Andrew has to prove that he is Big A.
  3. None of Ezra, Caleb, Mike and Toby might be Big A because Mike was tied up by Big A while Ezra and Caleb were thrown arrows over them, and Toby was making amends with Spencer. 
  4. None of the girls might be Big A because now they are all trapped in jail. Also, how could Alison be found guilty of the first degree murder just because she has a certificate in Archery?
  5. Ella Montgomery: She can’t be Big A because she wouldn’t tie her own son up and let her own daughter rot in the prison.
  6. Lieutant Tanner: She seems to hate all the Liars. She seems to hate all of the Liars’ boyfriends. She wasn’t at the police station when Hanna’s texts got deleted at the station. She was just introduced to us in Season 4 though. She has no motive to be Big A. She probably hates the liars and their relatives because they all bring so much chaos and drama that she can not solve it.

So, according to the last night’s episode no one has the potential to be Big A. Even Tippi the Bird doesn’t have the potential for it because he was not in the last seconds of the episode. I’m so bummed that my Tippi isn’t the A material. :(