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  • Nico: I remember when I was five, hiding under the desk with all my Halloween candy. Had some peanut M&M’s, went into my first anaphylactic shock and had to be rushed to the hospital. Came home, celebrated with a Snickers, went into my second anaphylactic shock.
  • Will: When did you figure out you were allergic to nuts?
  • Nico: Sometime around the third almond joy.

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consider: viktor calling yuuri with no warning and coughing out a sniffly "i think i'm coming down with something, yuuri~" and yuuri being /very confused/ because viktor was literally fine this morning wtf and it takes him like five minutes to realize that this is foreplay (and then rushes home to find viktor, curled up in bed sniffling with a glint in his eyes) "yuuri, i really don't feel well" and yuuri doesn't know how this man figured out how to fake congestion but he's not complaining

I like big butts and I cannot lie…

Yuuri cringes as he rushes off the ice and begins frantically scrambling in his coat pocket. For some reason, Viktor likes to set embarrassing custom ringtones for himself whenever Yuuri drops his guard. He always swears this will be the last time but it never is.

Flushing bright red at Yakov’s raised eyebrows, Yuuri grabs his skate guards and shuffles out into the hallway, putting the first one on as he brings the phone to his ear.

“Viktor?” He says, clamping the phone between his ear and his shoulder as he hops over to the wall to finish putting his guards on.

There’s a soft cough on the line and Yuuri freezes with one leg still in the air. He doesn’t say anything, waiting, listening.

“Yuuri,” Viktor says and he sounds awful. Yuuri’s toes curl instinctively. “I think I’m coming down with something.”

Yuuri tries to take a deep breath but the wet sniffle that follows Viktor’s words is almost his undoing. Viktor goes on before Yuuri has a chance to compose himself.

“I feel so sick, Yuuri,” he whines and Yuuri can hear the pout he’s sporting. “My head’s all stuffed up and my throat hurts and I’m so itchy, Yuuri~”

Despite himself, Yuuri is confused and manages to stutter out, “You- you were fine this m-morning, Viktor? What happened?”

Viktor sniffles again and it almost sounds deliberately exaggerated. “I need you to come look after me.”

It hits Yuuri then. Oh.


“V-Viktor are you…I…”

Yuuri covers his burning face with his free hand and takes a deep breath. If this is what he thinks it is, he doesn’t want to waste it by being too embarrassed. So he takes a deep breath and says, “I’ll be home soon, Vitya. Just stay warm, okay?”

Viktor’s sniffles and snuffles sound so congested. Yuuri doesn’t understand how he’s doing it but lord it’s sexy. His voice even has that hint of congestion which doesn’t sound like he’s putting it on. It strikes Yuuri that Viktor could have been a successful actor had skating not already been his calling.

Yuuri thinks Viktor could have been successful in any profession, really.

(Except as a chef. His culinary skills left much to be desired.)

“M’kay,” Viktor sighs and Yuuri can picture him snuggled up in bed with a tissue box amid the blankets. Yuuri wonders how far this charade will go. He wonders if Viktor will look the part.

He shivers just thinking about it and is suddenly extremely glad that he’s wearing his, um, looser training pants. Ahem.

Viktor gives another little cough and says, “I’m sorry I interrupted your training. Bad timing for a cold, huh?”

Yuuri could kill him. He could actually kill him because somehow Viktor understands exactly what he likes about this. The unpredictability, the vulnerability, the soft pleas to come home and look after me Yuuri I’m so sick!

Yuuri swallows. “It’s alright. I’m coming home now.”

He hangs up. He needs a moment to compose himself before he faces Yakov again.



Oh god he looks a wreck and Yuuri can’t handle it.

Viktor’s watery eyes light up with his beam when he sees Yuuri, rubbing his nose as he draws out his name in that exact way which makes Yuuri shiver even when Viktor’s voice isn’t so beautifully stuffy. His nose is cherry red and angry - Yuuri doesn’t know why and, frankly, doesn’t care - and oh he looks positively miserable.

“Come take care of me, Yuuri,” Viktor says, voice low and husky. Yuuri shivers, dropping his skate bag unceremoniously to the floor.

He smirks. “Oh, I’ll take care of you, alright.”

Don’t rush in for a big bird, PLEASE

I’ve seen this too many times at this point.

I’m handling a boarding bird because it’s near my end of the day, and most of the species in for boarding are larger birds at the moment. I get this person asking me if we have any parrots. 

I saw he’d just come out of the bird room which is full of parrots, but I figure maybe they just popped in saw the finches and popped back out. It happens. I say that the bird room behind them was full of parrots and I could show them-

I usually get interrupted at that point. “Do you have any BIG parrots?”

I say we don’t, I’m holding one of the boarders and they say. “How much for THAT one.”

I have to explain that the bird is not for sale and usually get a disgusted look, as though I am lying to them or something. Finally it usually ends with people asking when we’d have any big birds in, how much they were and “when would they be ready” and instead of even thinking about looking at any bird they rush out until the large birds are “ready”.

I get really uncomfortable every time this happens. It honestly tends to feel like that scene where Cruella de Vil tries to buy and take the puppies immediately after being born. Like. What is the rush, slow down, get to know the animals and general species that you are thinking about taking on in your life. The feeling I get from some people leaves me with the impression that isn’t what hey have in mind though. 

Seriously, a big bird is a bigger responsibility and if you try to rush with them, you will be dealing with the business end of those big beaks you wanted so much. These are beautiful and amazing animals that you should nurture the bond with when they are young, not some thing to pick up in a few weeks. This isn’t some custom merchandise, this is a living breathing creature who deserves your attention and respect if you decide to bring them into your lives.

You can see cute pictures, you can really want a big bird, but please don’t rush. Do your research and find a way to handle some of the species before making your final decision. It’s crucial for the bird’s health and future as well as your health, mental health and wallet.

Obviously this applies for smaller birds as well, but I know for a fact we always have a harder time rehoming larger birds because their issues are much more intimidating to people and not everyone can or should handle big birds.

I always worry about the future of the babes I handle, socialize, raise… I know the owners have a handle on judging customers better than I do, I’ve seen them turn down big sales and stop working with people who are not treating their birds right but…. you know their judgments can be flawed, good owner’s circumstances change and they can’t have the bird anymore and they end up in a worse home… you know, things happen.

But nothing gets my back up like people who are in a rush to drop thousands of dollars on a bird without knowing or caring to know a thing about it’s species, the individual bird as a babe or avians in general. 

So please. Take your time finding the right companion for you.

For paradisewithziam - because you didn’t get any other presents x

Zayn wakes up to Liam humming, oh how I wish, how I wish you were here. He groans, wishing he was still asleep but reaching under the pillow to grab his phone regardless.

Liam’s text reads “Eid Mubarak, I love you!!”

His boyfriend’s sweet words soften Zayn’s morning mood, almost night still with his clock blinking a lazy green 8.56am. He thinks about phoning Liam, but figures that he is probably getting ready for his work out.

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I saw this on my dash and knew that it looked familiar but I couldn’t quite put my finger on who it was so I was staring at it for 5 minutes trying to figure out what the heck going on and then it hit me what the hell I”m gonna poop