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  • Nico: I remember when I was five, hiding under the desk with all my Halloween candy. Had some peanut M&M’s, went into my first anaphylactic shock and had to be rushed to the hospital. Came home, celebrated with a Snickers, went into my second anaphylactic shock.
  • Will: When did you figure out you were allergic to nuts?
  • Nico: Sometime around the third almond joy.

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You get to write 3x08 of Supergirl. You can do whatever you want with it and the writers have to make 3x01-3x07 lead up to it. What's your pitch?


ok so 3.08 starts off w maggie and alex and lena and kara having dinner together at a nice fancy restaurant. there’s laughter and banter and maggie’s giving lena this look w a smirk. lena stands to pay the bill, kara goes to the bathroom and maggie just turns to alex and is like ‘so, lena is gay and in love with your sister’ and alex just laughs and then is like ‘what?’ lena and kara come back, lena says something flirty to kara and maggie just smirks at alex. alex is shook.

NEXT SCENE the four of them are walking in the dark, the night is dark and brisk. maggie and alex walk with their arms linked, kara and lena hang back and stroll together. soft flirting is exchanged. they are soft gays. alex gets a call, her and kara go to the deo. maggie convinces lena to get a lift home on her motorbike.

j’onn gives them the details of their case - some alien perps using space technology. winn says is using the computer to track the heat signatures or some shit. he makes a comment about their double date. kara is blushed and flustered, alex is like ‘omg kara likes her too’. shook af. winn finds the alien perps.

kara is standing by alex’s locker as she gets into tactical gear, she’s saying how much she liked dinner and she’s glad maggie and alex get along w lena. alex puts an arm on kara’s shoulder and asks her if she has feeling for lena and that she can tell alex anything. kara gets angry, says she’s still mourning monel - she storms off

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE LESBIANS: maggie and lena are at lena’s office. lena apologises, saying she had to pick up something from work and that maggie can go, she’ll get her driver to pick her up. maggie says not to worry. lena offers maggie a drink. maggie accepts, but just a small one. the bitch is a responsible driver. lena pours a huge drink and sits down at her desk, looking at the file. maggie asks if everythings ok. lena opens up about her father’s estate, she has paperwork to go through about it. she talks about her shitty mom. maggie hesitates before telling her simply about her parents. lena nods in solidarity and pours her a bigger drink.

alex and kara do their mission, there’s a sick action scene, and at the end, alex - ever the big sister - questions kara about lena. kara gets super angry and flies off in a huff. j’onn raises his eyebrows, says something dadlike, like give her time and space to figure stuff out. alex sighs and says she knows, she’s just worried she’s rushing into things w a lena.

kara is at the place where monel got yeeted, the open field. she sits in the middle of it. she doesn’t cry though, she just sits hugging her knees staring at the stars. alex finds her there, and sits beside her, grumbling about being too old for sitting on the ground. ‘you don’t need to tell me anything’ alex says ‘but i want you to know that whenever youre ready to talk about anything, monel or lena or whatever it is, i’ll be here because i love you’ (kara hasnt spoken at all about monel up until this point, refusing to whenever someone tries to engage her in that conversation). kara turns to alex and she says ‘i thought i love him, but i…. i don’t miss him like i’m supposed to. i regret that i had to send him away, i regret that we didn’t get the time we were supposed to have together, but….. i don’t miss him’ and alex knows that kara doesnt need her to say anything to make it better. she just needs a hug. alex throws her arm around kara’s shoulder. kara sighs and leans into it. alex’s phone beeps and she opens a message and laughs. ‘let’s go get maggie from lena’s, those idiots’

CUTSMASH TO THE LESBIANS AGAIN. lena and maggie are having a dance party in lena’s office. grunge music is playing and theyre both super drunk. we’ve never seen lena like this. neither has maggie. lena trips over her own feet and lands on the floor, laughing. maggie drops down next to her, clutching a bottle of scotch, also laughing. she turns off the music. ‘so what’s the deal with you and little danvers’ maggie asks and lena’s like ‘is it that obvious’ and maggie’s all ‘lmao im a professional lesbian’ lena’s all soft and talks about how much she likes kara and how she’s an idiot for falling for a straight girl, even more so a fuckin super. maggie says dont count her out just yet, maggie’s seen the way kara looks at lena and it’s decidedly unstraight, and the fact that lena’s a luthor means shit all to kara. lena cries. maggie gives her the bottle.

nek minit, alex and kara turn up. ‘let’s go, drunky’ alex says, picking maggie up and leading her from the room. maggie hugs lena before she goes and is like ‘ur my best friend now im love u no homo’ alex offers to give lena a lift home too, but kara says she’ll sort it out.

after alex and maggie leave, kara picks up lena and puts her on the couch. she can see lena’s been crying and she asks what’s wrong. lena looks into kara’s eyes. her hair’s a mess and her eyes are bloodshot and she looks terrified.

‘i think im falling for you kara’. kara’s breath hitches and very very very slowly, lena leans in. kara is still. she doesn’t stop her. they kiss. it’s soft and tender with an air of passion that kara hasn’t felt in a long time. they pull apart. 

‘i’m sorry lena, i cant do this now. not yet’ she flies away, knowing she has to figure out her shit first.

back at alex’s alex is getting maggie into bed which is proving difficult. suddenly, kara’s in their living room and she’s teetering on the edge of breaking down and then alex catches her and she’s crying in her arms. maggie’s still drunk as a skunk but she grabs her phone and she texts lena and just goes ‘kara’s here. r u ok?’

and then cut to lena and she’s still alone in her office and drinking. she takes a deep breath and says ‘i will be’

end of episode.


Rating: T


Derek presses his fingers against his soulmark briefly, studying the familiar phrase in the mirror before tugging his shirt on. It’s an old habit, running his fingers across the mark on his ribs, touching it gently with unending fondness. Even though it’s been years since the phrase appeared, and even though he has long since memorized the curves and arches of the writing, Derek loves looking at the mark.

He was only five years old when the words burned themselves into his skin. No one really knows how the marks work, just that they appear when the youngest of the pair is born, spelling out the first words that the soulmates will say to each other. By the time the last letter finished carving Derek’s skin, he was in tears. His mother had held him through the tremors and promised that the pain would be worth it in the end. After all, having a soulmark was a gift, the universe’s way of helping him find the one person to make him whole. (In Derek’s opinion, if the universe has the power to match people up, than it probably had the power to make the process painless, but what did he know.)

When the pain ended and his mark was legible, Derek wondered what type of person his mate would be. After all, who started a conversation with a proposal? It always seemed so presumptuous that their meeting would begin with an offer of full commitment, but at the same time Derek has always loved the originality of the statement. In comparison with something like ‘hello’ or ‘can I help you,’ his words have always stood out (though his mother’s words are ‘can I help you’ and his father’s mark reads,‘for starters, you can get that monstrous thing out of my way,’ so maybe even simple marks have something unique about them).

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The Set Up- Tyler Seguin

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Ok so this one turned out super cute and I really liked it so I hope you guys like it too! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: You’re writing is absolutely amazing and I gotta say I am completely addicted to it because I can barely go a couple of hours on an off day where I’m not checking and re-checking your blog to see if you’ve posted a new one. And honestly, I really need an imagine with Mitch Marner trying to set his older sister up with Matt Martin, but it turns out she’s dating Tyler Seguin from you because you’re that amazing.


              You were close with Mitch, which wasn’t normally the case with siblings.

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How you know each personality likes you.

(Source: This is (loosely) based on situations I’ve seen around me. Please don’t take anything personally, this is solely done with the purpose of being fun. Nothing scientific. ;).)  But if you relate to any of this or want to share your own experience please Repost and share it. I’m very interested in hearing more about it.

  • ENFP: ENFP’s will smile even more than normally around you and seem starstruck and even shy when they are near you. They seem to pop up everywhere you go. Warning: Do not confuse this with them just being nice or talkative to you. Sometimes them being overly chilled around you is not a good sign. That may mean that they like you as a friend. They are nice to everyone and like pretty much everyone (as a friend) so think twice before you decide they’re actually flirting. ENFP guys might be a little more forward than the females (societies fault). Conclusion: if an ENFP finds you interesting enough to focus on you doing your thing - you’ve caught their interest. They love someone who can stimulate them and feed up their extroverted intuition. There should be no doubt when you’re interesting them for real. 
  • ESFP: The ESFP will be very quick to figure out they like you and will be quick to make a move and they will know exactly how to turn on their irresistible charms. They will most likely not talk about their feelings to anyone even though they will think about them non-stop. Beware that the ESFP might get bored after a while and may change their mind and see someone else who gets their attention. But if you’re the one they might just be able to focus only on your sexy ass. ;)
  • INFP: The INFP will idealize the crap out of you and have probably talked to their best friends about how wonderful and perfect you are (only very close ones). They might even have imagined whole scenarios where you might or might not have been giving them signs - like looking intensively into their eyes (read: soul). They will probably remember every word you’ve said and studied you to the inner core and will take everything about you and fit them to their own personal world. Let’s say you hate cats but like to read sometimes and the INFP loves cat’s and loves to read. The INFP will throw the cat thing out of the window and imagine you reading all the time.  The INFP will that way come to the conclusion that you fit perfectly together. Look at their Facebook page. They might be posting quotes or stuff that fit perfectly what you were talking about yesterday. Also if you keep getting anonymous poems sent to your phone, you know where they came from.
  • ISFP: The ISFP will probably not make any move. You will need to make a move on them. Most ISFP’s like being chased - at least that is what frequently happens. It’s very hard to see whether they actually like you or not until you’ve chased them for a while. Then they might open them self up. Or not. They might have a great crush on you but still reject you a few times. You never know.


  • INFJ: The INFJ will seem to be completely unaware that you exist until a friend (Who has probably figured out that you’re having a crush on the INFJ) talks them into making a awkward move. Beware of adorable bad puns. When you’re alone they will tell you that they’ve liked you long before you noticed them. They were just too awkward to do anything about it. If they’re spiritual it’s very likely that they have prayed a lot to get to know you. Remember that on the inside the INFJ can be very logically thinking. Even though they like you they might hesitate to do anything at all until they’re sure they’re doing the right thing. Relationships are serious business for them and they want to be sure they’re not going to hurt anyone. Breaking up is not something they’re planning on doing. It’s also a good sign if they take time to talk with you and even counsel you or teach you about things that interest them.
  • ISFJ: ISFJ’s are going to be very awkward and shy around you and can barely talk about their crush to anyone. They will at most act like their usual sweet helpful self around you and might offer to do something helpful for you. They might even give you something sweet. But don’t expect them to make a move.
  • ISTJ: The ISTJ will basically find you attractive, choose you and then professionally flirt with you. They will probably do this on Facebook and/or face to face. They will also most likely dress irresistibly. When you’ve been “chosen” by the ISTJ they will not stop until they’ve either gotten what they want or you’ve rejected them. In that case they’re quick to move on to the next target.

  • INTJ: The INTJ will basically notice your existence. That’s a big step of knowing whether a INTJ likes you. They will also listen to you without constantly interrupting you. You feel like they are actually interested in YOU (talking about things that interest you or apply to you.) It’s a plus sign if they take time to explain intellectual concepts to you. Also try to keep your ears open. If they seem to know things you’ve not told told them they might have googled you. If that’s obvious - then that’s a very good sign that they are actually interested in you.

  • ENTJ: Figure out you like them. Kiss you. Figure out they rushed into things and take four weeks to make a rational decision about whether to keep pursuing a relationship or not. Decide that it’s a good decision and invite your confused ass to dinner. Ask you too marry them in 3 months.

  • ESTJ: ESTJ’s are, like ISTJ’s, very direct. If they like you they will probably talk to you a lot and actually show their interest. ESTJ men will most likely be more direct than the women (again, society’s fault). If you’ve read the book “He’s not that into you” - that might fit an ESTJ very well. The women are also most likely direct but not as much as men. But they will show that they like you - flirting and bossing you around a bit. ESTJ’s are very rarely scared to just do it. It either works or it doesn’t. That’s life. ESTJ’s are also often very service oriented and if they have feelings for someone they will often show love through service. “Actions speak louder than words” is a definition that fit the ESTJ very well when it comes to love.

  • ESFJ: ESFJ’s can take a long time to figure their own feelings out. They are great understanding other people’s feelings (Srong extraverted feeling) but it can take them a while to figure their own feelings out. In the meantime they will probably act very motherly/fatherly around you. They will worry a lot about you and become very jealous if you’re hanging with someone of the opposite sex (assuming that you’re heterosexual). After they finally figure out that they like you they will probably panic and be very emotional nervous wrecks around you and finally just talk to you about it. Then you know for sure. Hopefully you’ve not given up on the wait by then.

  • ENFJ: When the ENFJ figures out they like you they will actively seek you out. They will invite you to every event they’ve planned on going to, along with other friends. Like the ESFJ they are better at understanding other peoples feelings than their own (Strong Fe) so it might take a while for them to actually do figure out they’re crushing on you. Like the ESFJ they will most likely panic when they figure it out and might even figure it out too late or after you have moved on with your life and given up. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

  • ESTP: There won’t be any doubt that they’re after you. The only thing you have to worry about is whether they’re after ONLY you. ESTP’s are very adventurous and they like looking around. This doesn’t mean that they do this all the time. But before anything serious has started be sure not to take anything too seriously until the ESTP makes it clear it’s ONLY you he/she wants. If you’re the one the ESTP will make that clear to you and do all he/she can to keep you.

  • ENTP:  To an ENTP love is a game. If you catch their interest they are going to go all over you really fast trying to win your heart.They might be cautious at first (until they know the person likes them back) and will make moves that are not that obvious but might win you over. They can be very flamboyant but not as much as the ESTP. Sometimes they might even pass as introverts. But they will not easily give up on a “game” they’ve started. They have to win!  If an ENTP gets what he/she want’s he/she will keep it. 

  • ISTP: If an ISTP is not withholding information about themselves from you it’s a sign they might actually like you - but being as mysterious as they are it’s hard to tell. But it’s a really positive sign f they actually care enough to tell you about their day and life. If they miraculously share ANY of their feelings with you then you can at least be sure that they like you in some way. How serious it is is another matter. Also don’t take it too personally if they don’t seem as interested in you as in the new Cadillac their friend purchased. Even if they forget that they’re on a date and leave you without letting you know to try the car out out (true story).

  • INTP: Similar to the ISTP the sign of an INTP taking the initiative to talk to you is a very positive sign. Especially with deeper, more complex, and probing conversation, he or she likes you and wants to get to know you better. And if he/she seems to be actively seeking you out for these beyond-small-talk conversations, then he or she probably already has a crush on you. If he/she is getting really nervous around you it’s very likely that his/her feelings are getting stronger. INTP’s along with ISTP’s have a hard time handling strong emotions and sometimes don’t know what to do about them. 

I try to make it a goal to post stuff and be on tumblr but then my friends and my Padre constantly drag me outside so there is that!!!! I am hiding in my bathroom atm to type this out and I hear them yelling at me lmaoo!!! So I find myself only having time in the wee hours of the night!! AND ALSO THANK YOU CUZ NOW THERE ARE 650+ PEEPS PART OF THE FAMBAM AND I’M SO SHOCKED YOU GUYS ARE STILL FOLLOWING THIS INCONSISTENT BLOG OF MINE!!! :* MY GIFT TO YOU WILL BE A NEW AND IMPROVED STORY!!! ((w/ Bunny and Kerri of course!!!)) SEE YOU SOONNN!!!

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Music Lessons With Archie Would Include:

• Always having Archie correct you, annoying you at times when you were in a bad mood, or just tired of it

• “(Y/N) you’re playing the notes wrong- and I think the lyrics should-”

• “Archie shut up, I will end your damn life if you don’t”

• Sometimes helping him write or come up with notes, and bragging

• “Wow Arch, look I can write too- you need my help!”

• Everyone Always assuming you two were together

• “No- you see we’re just friends- he gives me music lessons-!”

• Dinner with his dad

• “Hey- you guys should come downstairs and grab a bite”

• “I just wanted to say you two are good together and-”

• “Dad (Y/N) isn’t with me like that!”

• Helping each other whenever you’d stress about writing a song

• Lots of insults, jokingly of course

• Lots of snack breaks

• “Can’t work on an empty stomach, right?”

• Getting distracted a lot, usually because you’d talk about Jason Blossom

• “Who do you think, you know- did it? I’m having a hard time figuring this out because I think I have a clue and then it just opens up more possibilities”

• “I don’t know- I say we should work on the music right now, I don’t think talking about a dead guy is gonna help us play better”

• Jam sessions where you’d just play music

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A/N: Hey sorry if this is a bit short and/or shitty? I didn’t know exactly hat to put here and I just kinda rushed it because I couldn’t think of a big variety of things? I just hope you enjoy! :)

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

**inspired by a post I saw where Regina uses her magic mirror to check in on the Queen and Robin Locksley**

It’s been over a year since she has checked in on the Queen, a small little peek into the other woman’s life just to make sure that everything is okay, that they are okay. And so far, everything seems good, really good. She’s had a couple chuckles over watching this other version of herself lose the royal thickness about her and become a woman of the forest. Long gone are the jewelled cloaks and high heels, all which have been traded in for more sensible clothing, furs, trousers and a bow on her back. It reminds her of the time she herself spent as a bandit, for that moment in time where she had been on the run from an Evil Queen and an outlaw had come to her rescue. It’s odd, to watch it play out in real life.

But this other Regina seems happy now that she’s stopped grumbling about living in the forest. It suits her. Suits them. And while they may live in a forest, Regina can’t help but smile at the fact that apparently you may be able to take a Queen out of her royal castle, but you can’t quite take all of royalty out of the Queen. They live comfortably, in a large-ish cottage on a hill surrounded by trees overlooking a lake. Thanks to her magic, they have everything they need, even indoor plumbing, a note Regina did laugh at. But Robin is still Robin. He still hunts and lives off the land, and makes campfires beneath the stars.

She’d watched them one night, tucked on a couch together underneath a blanket, a calm flickering of orange glow from the hearth beating about them as Robin combed through her hair till her eyes closed. She hadn’t meant to watch them as long as she had, feeling like a peeping tom and all, but Robin had waited till his Regina was nearly asleep, breathing heavier than a few minutes prior when he rustled gently in his pocket, and pulled out a small little box. She’d watched as his eyes trailed back down to the near asleep woman on his chest, a small smile creeping into his dimples as he kissed her temple and begun to play with her left hand.

Her heart had thundered as she sat silently in her room, absorbed in them and what was about to happen. He’d kissed her cheek, placed a few to her temple, and across her brow until she grinned in her sleep, curling further into his arms, as he pulled her gently awake. The Queen’s eyes had drifted blissfully open, contentment swirling about in them, at least until she saw the box Robin had pressed into her palm.

Regina’s breath had hitched at the same time the Queen’s had, the mirror in her hands creeping closer as she waited to see what the other woman would say, knowing the answer in her heart already. His voice was low, curious and full of love as he asked her the question, the Queen’s eyes flickering up from the diamond to his gaze, stunned, before she broke out into a smile, and nodded, pulling him down to meet her lips that ceased to stop grinning. She’d put the mirror down after that, wiped away a few tears she wasn’t sure were from longing or happiness. That had been the last time she’d seen them, snuggled together in their home, newly engaged.

She doesn’t do it often anymore, gaze into her magic mirror and see how they are, because it feels a bit strange sometimes, to see a life she could have lived going on in front of her eyes. It brings about an ache in her heart, wondering if she and her Robin would have lived this way, happily together. Maybe that’s why her checking in on them have been fewer and farther in between over the past two years. She is content that they are happy, that she was able to be a part of making that happen.

But something just felt a little different today, Henry had left for a school trip for a week and she was feeling a bit lonely in her mansion. For a few hours she’d managed to occupy her mind with cooking dinner (for one). Had made apple turnovers she’d not yet touched and had a long bath, even done her nails. And it’s only eight o’clock. Too early to fall asleep, nothing to capture her attention on TV, her book long finished.

Humming to herself, she thumbs the mirror on her bedside table, gnawing at the fact she wants to see them, that maybe, for a few minutes she’ll allow herself to pretend it’s her and Robin instead. Just a few minutes, ten tops. Sinking beneath the covers, she sighs, turning the glass towards her face and whispers out, “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, show me what I want to see most of all.” It glows a deep purple, bright and swirling in her palm till the light settles and the image fades into view.

It’s day time there, warm sun pooling into an empty living room, though seems no one is home. The thought makes Regina pout, unamused, what is she supposed to do now? Huffing out a breath, she sets the mirror aside, as stares out the window silently. The quiet is nice, she supposes. Not what she wanted, but what can she do about it? Settling into her pillow her eyes flutter shut, and she pictures Robin beside her, or maybe downstairs, frowning adorably at the appliances he’d yet to figure out.

She’d lost a toaster and a coffee pot whilst he was here and his curiosity had gotten the better of him. The sheepish look he’d given her as she’d walked into the kitchen to put out the fire alarm blaring away due to another smoke bomb from a destroyed instrument far too precious to have her irritation even flare a bit. He’d apologized, run his hand through his hair and sighed at the small carnage he’d created. But she hadn’t care, would just shrug and kiss him happily, letting her wrist flick and restore the appliance back to it’s working state. She liked those moments. Domestic ones between the two of them, it felt like normalcy had finally begun to settle into her life.

A muffled voice cues her attention back to the mirror beside her as she fumbles and flips it back over, light streaming into the cottage as a door swings open and she sees the other Regina walk into the living room, carting a basket on her hip and a smile on her lips. “I’ll be right there!” She calls back out over her shoulder, heaving the load from her arms onto the table. Robin must be outside.

She looks different. Her hair tied into a loose braid that swings over her cotton clothed back, face void of all makeup and dirt under her nails. It’s not the first time Regina has been amused at the sight of the once regal royal all dirtied up playing house. It’s nice. She dusts off her pants, makes her way quickly to the kitchen on the left just out of Regina’s view. In the distance she swears she can hear more than just one voice. Robin’s certainly, but there is someone else there with him, someone younger. Her heart flutters as a hushed laughter echoes around her. It sounds just like–

“Roland! Come back here.”

She freezes under her blankets, jaw dropping and eyes watering as she sees the mop of brown curly hair rush into the cottage. He looks exactly the same, a bit bigger no doubt, with the time that has passed, but his face hasn’t changed from the picture in her memory. Big button brown eyes, chubby dimpled cheeks, two new missing front teeth as he shouts cheerfully into the kitchen from the sofa he’s landed himself on. His little chest puffs in and out, and Regina can’t help the tears that fall, nor the way her fingers trace his face. She misses him so goddamn much. Kicks herself everyday for not being able to figure out how to get to him somehow.

“Hello, my little archer.” The Queen smiles as she steps back into the room, flopping herself down beside him, lips playfully coating his cheeks in affection as he squeals in delight beneath her.

Regina’s heart clenching at the sight of him moving to settle into the Queen’s lap, grinning up at her as his hands part, revealing a perfectly sliced apple, well almost perfectly sliced, one half is surely larger than the other. “I did it!”

“I see that! You’re getting better than Robin!”

“Yup!” Roland munches triumphantly on his half he hadn’t relinquished into the Queen’s hands.

“Oh you think so, eh?” Robin comes into view, his hair tousled on his forehead, a grin beaming as he settles down beside them with a smirk. “Should I tell Little John you’re about to take over as the leader of the Merry Men then, yeah?”

“Let him down easy, he’s a sensitive guy.” The Queen winks as she nuzzles down into Roland’s hair. “Speaking of which, he’ll be by rather soon to come collect you.”

“Awww, Gina, do I have to go?”

The pout he sends her is beautiful, as is the smile she sends back. Regina still sits enraptured on her bed, can’t help but feel a flutter in her stomach. They found each other. All of them. How she doesn’t know, but what does it matter anyway? It’s a perfect picture glowing out from her mirror. “You need to get some sleep or else you will fall asleep on the way tomorrow, and be a little grumpy toad.”

“No I won’t!”

Robin laughs, laces his fingers behind Roland’s back with the Queen’s, “Perhaps we can convince him to let you stay the night.”


“We all know he is an easy turn if you show him just how good your archery has gotten, maybe he’ll seen reason in letting you stay and practice some more.”

Roland bounds between them, whooping and hollering as he grabs his small bow and arrow and races back outside, his cheering still heard from the quiet that surrounds the pair still on the couch. Robin turns his eyes from the doorway back to his wife who leans her head on the soft brown cushions, humming happily when he moves closer to her, draping her legs across his thighs, and tugging her tighter into him with a smiling kiss to her lips. The seemingly innocent kiss suddenly turns into something far more heated, a moan in the back of the Queen’s throat has Regina flushing hot, best be time to go.

Her hand begins to wave across the mirror, but her eyes glue to the placing of Robin’s hand on the Queen’s stomach, and she lets her magic fizzle out. They smile, a bashful blissful thing, eyes meeting one another’s before Robin shimmies down between the Queen’s thighs, his hands cupping a small swell Regina hadn’t noticed before.

“Hello, my boy. How are we this afternoon?”

The Queen cards through his hair, tilts her chin down and smiles as he begins talking to her bump, Regina hanging onto every muffled word and mischievous, cheerful grin he sends back up at his lover before focusing back down to the task of talking to their unborn child. “Now, you stay safe and warm in there and try to ease up on your mother for a while okay?” His kisses the swell and moves back up to buss the former Queen’s lips. “We should start thinking of names.”


“Why not?”

“Do you have anything in mind?”

Robin bites down on his lip, brow creasing as he scoots back down to the barely there bump. “Well, my father’s name was Richard.”

“Baby Boy Richard?” She cringes hard.

They both lock eyes before sharing a laugh, Robin shaking his head, “A definite no.”

“What about Rigel?”

“Rigel Locksley?”

The Queen shrugs, “I kind of like it.”

“As do I. And for a middle name?”

Regina soaks in the moment. Little Rigel. She wonders if he will look like Robin, or maybe a smaller version of Roland, her complexion to Marian is close enough anyway. And when the Queen whispers out a name, Regina’s heart stills, eyes flush with new tears.


“I know that you didn’t really know him, either of them, my father or my son, but I’d like to…”

Her words are cut off by another melting of Robin’s lips to her own. “Say no more, Rigel Henry Locksley it is.”

“You’re sure?”

“Of course, my love. It’s perfect.”

They settle in together, lacing their hands over their baby boy safe in Regina’s belly.  

“You’re sure you want to go tomorrow? We can wait a few days for you to feel better you know.”

“I’m okay.”

“You sure? You’re only a few weeks along, we don’t even have to go.”

She kisses him again, slow and steady before nodding, “I promise I’m fine, it’s not as bad as it was with Rae, that’s for sure.” Her eyebrows arch momentarily, “Plus, we promised Roland we’d take him.”

“He’d understand if you aren’t feeling up to it.” He rubs down her legs and back up her arms, saddling a fraction closer to her on the sofa.

“I know, he’s a good little boy, but I swear, I’m okay.”

“You’d tell me if you weren’t right? We can turn around anytime you want.”

He frowns, though the Queen chuckles, “You worry too much.”

She bumps his nose with her own as he sighs through a laugh, “I know, but it’s only cause I love you’re cooking and can’t imagine having to go back to eating boiled rabbit.” He jests at her, dimples on full display, as she scoffs, slaps his chest half heartedly.

“That’s why you married me? For my cooking skills?”

“Well that,” he leans in to catch her lips once more, “and maybe a few other things.”

Clearly something, no matter the realm or version never changed.

She huffs, pecks his lips a few times more, “Roland’s waiting. I’ll be right there.”

Robin smiles through his lingering concern, nuzzling into her neck for a few well placed kisses before extracting himself from her body, letting his hand circle across her stomach a few more times. “Speaking of little ones, shouldn’t she be up by now?”

“Probably, if we want to actually get some sleep tonight.” The Queen hums, running her own hands along the small swell as Robin stands, kissing her forehead one last time before whispering gently, “I’ll see you outside, my love.”

Regina watches as Robin leaves the Queen still smiling on the couch, soothing her hand over her stomach. This she certainly wasn’t expecting to see… an expecting version of herself. Where she’d figured envy would creep in, there is nothing. Well not nothing, there is a bubble of calmness that surrounds her as she smiles at the sight.

“Mama?” A little voice calls from up the stairs.

“Coming baby!” The Queen stands, and skips up the steps quickly and Regina can’t help but wait to see what their daughter looks like, what her and Robin’s daughter may have looked like. The room grows quiet as she sits up taller against the headboard, brushing a lock behind her ear, she needs a haircut, desperately so. But Robin liked it long, and she can’t really find it in her to shear it again. Oh well, unruly waves be damned, it will stay this length at least for a little while longer.

The sound of footsteps and happy bubbling laughter brings her eyes back to the mirror, the brown boots of the Queen coming into view first, her thighs and then a small dangling pair of matching boots at her waist. It’s all long brown curls hiding a little face burrowed into her mother’s neck. She can’t be more than twelve months, a baby still. A beautiful giggle muffled by the Queen’s own humming chuckle as she balances her daughter on her hip, whispering something Regina can’t quite catch.

“Shall we go see your daddy?” She turns and makes her way to the door, bouncing the little girl on her hip, and as they begin to walk away from the wall mirror Regina watches them from. Her eyes lock onto a pair of sky blue sparkling ones, chubby pink cheeks, dimples and a perfect rosy pout. For a second the little girl almost seems to sense her, and Regina can’t help but wave her fingers slowly as mother and daughter walk into the distance, and just before she loses sight of them, five little fingers wave back.

She laughs, brushes the tears off of her cheeks and sets the mirror down, her heart blooming and bursting at its seams. Her eyes close as she nestles back into bed, her mind swirling with the image of the perfect little family she had a part in bringing together, and something settles in her, a sense of calm and understanding that this will be the last time she uses the mirror, they have found a happily ever after, after all.


I don’t really care for my friend’s boyfriend. Every time me and my friend wants to hang out, she’ll bring him. It’s not just him being there, it’s because he keeps pressuring me and my other friend to drink alcohol. Me and my other friend don’t drink, but every time we hang out as a group, here’s comes the topic of drinking and getting drunk. I don’t need to drink because majority of the time, I have to drive back home. And even if I did want to drink, I’m going to do it on my own terms, not because you’re breathing down my neck. It’s bad enough already that already pressured my friend (his girlfriend) to drink from what she told me. I don’t know how she can deal with that. But once again that’s on her. I’m not too big on rushing to things for people just because they whine and cry about it like a toddler. I love my friend, but she could do better. But she’ll figured it out.

The Things We Couldn’t Say: Letter #4

Letter 3Masterlist

Summary: Sam’s life is getting more hectic, but he still makes time to write another letter. 

Characters/Relationships: Sam x reader

Word Count: 301

Warnings: none

October 10

Eagle Harbor, Washington

Dear Y/N,

It sounds like you’ve been busy. I hope Adrian took good care of you. I never did get to meet him, never got to see how well he hunted. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like I don’t trust your judgment, just… Be careful. I know you always are, but be extra careful for me please?

Dean and I are extra busy right now, and things are rough between us. It’s a long story, but now I’m stuck in Washington. I don’t know when I can come check up on you, and it sounds like we’re going to be on opposite sides of the country, so don’t do anything reckless? Ok? I’m trying not to worry too much, but it’s hard. If you need anything, call. I’ll fly to you if I have to.

Something big is happening, though. I know you won’t believe this, but Dean and I, we may have found a way to shut the gates of hell. Permanently. I know it sounds crazy, but Kevin found this information on a demon tablet, so we’re trying to get him back, and the tablet, and figure out the rest of it.

I wish you were here for this. I’m not trying to rush you… I know you need to deal. But I wish you were here. You’d probably help us get the tablet ten times faster than we can on our own. And you’d probably talk some sense into Dean. You’ve always been the best.

I hope you find a good lobster roll. Don’t wait up for me.



P.S. I do remember that shirt. How could I forget? I was sticky for hours after that. I redact what I said earlier. You’re the best, except when it comes to squirting ketchup.

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Murder, Romance, and Revolution (Steven Universe Theory)

Figured since Wanted came out, and The Trial started fanning the theory fire, my gears got turning and I thought I’d make another theory post. This time about The Big One, the case to end all cases, the grand whodunit, the biggest mystery of the show: what actually happened to Pink Diamond?

But instead of rushing into this throwing around speculation and conjecture from the get-go, I wanted to start by listing what we know, what the show has given us to work with, then deduce a theory from that. So here’s a list of what we know so far:

1) Something happened to Pink Diamond. That much is a given.

2) Everyone thinks Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. Again, that much is a given.

3) Garnet spoke of Pink Diamond’s shattering as something that “had to happen” in Back to the Moon, and Pearl had a very visceral reaction too. This means that the Crystal Gems probably aren’t completely blameless in whatever happened.

4) Eyeball witnessed what she claims to be Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond. Stated in Back to the Moon, reiterated in The Trial. Further questions: Is that accurate? Secondly, are there any other witnesses?

5) Rose Quartz was a soldier, a low-ranking gem. Not part of Pink Diamond’s court. She would have had a hard time getting close enough to kill, and an even harder time getting out again. Confirmed by Zircon during The Trial.

6) Zircon implies that only another Diamond would have the authority to get close enough to shatter Pink. However, this is still conjecture. Blue Diamond is not suspect, unless her thousands of years of mourning were all for show. Yellow Diamond snaps, but outrage is not necessarily guilt. Curiously, the third Diamond (presumed White Diamond) is still absent, and isn’t even named, despite her imagery appearing prominently over the skyline.

7) Pink Diamond had a Pearl, who was seemingly ignored in all previous accounts of Pink Diamond’s murder. Confirmed by Zircon during The Trial. Further questions: Is Pink Pearl our Pearl, or is she another Pearl? If not, where is Pink Pearl now?

8) Eyeball claims to have witnessed Rose Quartz shatter Pink Diamond with a sword, the sword, the one that Steven inherited and gave to Connie. Specifically Rose Quartz, not a fusion. Not the giant sword wielded by the Temple fusion. Specifically Rose, specifically her sword. Stated first in Bubbled and reiterated in The Trial.

9) Rose’s sword is specifically designed not to be able to shatter gems, as stated by Bismuth in her titular episode. That was the reason she created the Breaking Point, which Steven referenced in The Trial. Given this, an attack from Rose’s sword would not have shattered Pink Diamond.

10) The rebellion continued long after Pink Diamond’s apparent shattering. Jasper, despite being created to serve Pink Diamond, emerged after her demise, and fought “from the moment she broke free” because of it. Since Jasper went on to become a war hero, a good portion of the war must have occurred after Pink Diamond’s apparent shattering. Further questions: Is Pink Diamond’s demise what started the rebellion in the first place? Or was it a turning point in an already ongoing war?

Given these facts, we can come up with a series of intriguing conclusions, which lead to a potentially solid account of what may have happened, and my own wild theory as to the deeper story behind it all (below the cut):

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anonymous asked:

consider: viktor calling yuuri with no warning and coughing out a sniffly "i think i'm coming down with something, yuuri~" and yuuri being /very confused/ because viktor was literally fine this morning wtf and it takes him like five minutes to realize that this is foreplay (and then rushes home to find viktor, curled up in bed sniffling with a glint in his eyes) "yuuri, i really don't feel well" and yuuri doesn't know how this man figured out how to fake congestion but he's not complaining

I like big butts and I cannot lie…

Yuuri cringes as he rushes off the ice and begins frantically scrambling in his coat pocket. For some reason, Viktor likes to set embarrassing custom ringtones for himself whenever Yuuri drops his guard. He always swears this will be the last time but it never is.

Flushing bright red at Yakov’s raised eyebrows, Yuuri grabs his skate guards and shuffles out into the hallway, putting the first one on as he brings the phone to his ear.

“Viktor?” He says, clamping the phone between his ear and his shoulder as he hops over to the wall to finish putting his guards on.

There’s a soft cough on the line and Yuuri freezes with one leg still in the air. He doesn’t say anything, waiting, listening.

“Yuuri,” Viktor says and he sounds awful. Yuuri’s toes curl instinctively. “I think I’m coming down with something.”

Yuuri tries to take a deep breath but the wet sniffle that follows Viktor’s words is almost his undoing. Viktor goes on before Yuuri has a chance to compose himself.

“I feel so sick, Yuuri,” he whines and Yuuri can hear the pout he’s sporting. “My head’s all stuffed up and my throat hurts and I’m so itchy, Yuuri~”

Despite himself, Yuuri is confused and manages to stutter out, “You- you were fine this m-morning, Viktor? What happened?”

Viktor sniffles again and it almost sounds deliberately exaggerated. “I need you to come look after me.”

It hits Yuuri then. Oh.


“V-Viktor are you…I…”

Yuuri covers his burning face with his free hand and takes a deep breath. If this is what he thinks it is, he doesn’t want to waste it by being too embarrassed. So he takes a deep breath and says, “I’ll be home soon, Vitya. Just stay warm, okay?”

Viktor’s sniffles and snuffles sound so congested. Yuuri doesn’t understand how he’s doing it but lord it’s sexy. His voice even has that hint of congestion which doesn’t sound like he’s putting it on. It strikes Yuuri that Viktor could have been a successful actor had skating not already been his calling.

Yuuri thinks Viktor could have been successful in any profession, really.

(Except as a chef. His culinary skills left much to be desired.)

“M’kay,” Viktor sighs and Yuuri can picture him snuggled up in bed with a tissue box amid the blankets. Yuuri wonders how far this charade will go. He wonders if Viktor will look the part.

He shivers just thinking about it and is suddenly extremely glad that he’s wearing his, um, looser training pants. Ahem.

Viktor gives another little cough and says, “I’m sorry I interrupted your training. Bad timing for a cold, huh?”

Yuuri could kill him. He could actually kill him because somehow Viktor understands exactly what he likes about this. The unpredictability, the vulnerability, the soft pleas to come home and look after me Yuuri I’m so sick!

Yuuri swallows. “It’s alright. I’m coming home now.”

He hangs up. He needs a moment to compose himself before he faces Yakov again.



Oh god he looks a wreck and Yuuri can’t handle it.

Viktor’s watery eyes light up with his beam when he sees Yuuri, rubbing his nose as he draws out his name in that exact way which makes Yuuri shiver even when Viktor’s voice isn’t so beautifully stuffy. His nose is cherry red and angry - Yuuri doesn’t know why and, frankly, doesn’t care - and oh he looks positively miserable.

“Come take care of me, Yuuri,” Viktor says, voice low and husky. Yuuri shivers, dropping his skate bag unceremoniously to the floor.

He smirks. “Oh, I’ll take care of you, alright.”

*Alec LightWood* Covered By Hate

Alec Lightwood X Girl

Requested: Nah

Plot: Lily and Alec cover their desires towards each other by hating each other. 

Word Count: 1,852

A/N: this wasn’t edited because I didn’t feel like rewriting it. I will later, hope you like this.

I rounded the corners of the institute making my way to the training room. Where Jace was holding the plans for the next mission. I pulled my phone from my back pocket and glanced at the time. I swallowed hard as I picked up my  pace.

when I walked into the room I already saw Jace discussing the mission with Alec and Isabel. I walked over quietly and joined them, Jace made eyes contact with me for a split second before looking at Alec.

“Not surprise you showed up late.” Alec barked glancing at me with his sparkling brown eyes. His arms crossed over his chest as he looked back at Jace. I shook my head at him, he’s already getting under my skin and I just got here.

I turned my head to see Isabel a blood red smile spread across her face. I rolled my eyes and turned my attention back to Jace. She always tried to get me and Alec together, Izzy always says we’re meant to be since we were kids.

There was no denying I had feelings for him, because they are strong. I tried seeing if he liked me when we were fifteen. I did it by kissing him. It wasn’t that kind of kiss where I wanted more or I didn’t have enough of him. It was that awkward what did I just do kind of kiss.

He pushed me away and started acting different around me. After the kiss we were never the friends we had been before.  I regretted what I did, I missed the bond we shared.

“Just a few demons at pandemonium, a quick mission that could only take the two of us.” Jace explained again, I slightly nodded and wished that Jace and the siblings didn’t want me to go. 

“Jace and I agreed that you and Alec should take this mission together,.” Isabel finished for Jace, looked back and forth between the both of us. 

“Excuse me.” I said in disbelief.

“What?” Alec asked. 

We both spoke in sync, I glanced at him making eye contact for a couple seconds before I looked back at Isabel. “You and Alec, haven’t fought together in a while.” She said as stared at her. 

“you can’t be serious.” Alec piped up, 

“We thought it would be good, for all of us.” Jace said, I understood that. Our skills are a little rusty since the last time we slayed demons. Maybe this was Jace’s way of trying to make us stronger. 

If that was the case then I was all in, even if it was with Alec. I tried with everything to change the love i had for into hatred, but it never ended well. I hoped I could last an hour or two without bursting my undying love for him. How long could I trust myself for?

“Fine.” I said as headed out with Isabel, “Where are you going?” Alec called after us, “I’ll see you in an hour, I’ve got to get ready.” I spoke over my shoulder. 

“I saw Alec staring at you while you were training the other day.” Isabel mentioned as I looked myself over in the mirror. A red two pieced bodycon dress covered the important parts of my curved body.

My sandy hair flowed over my shoulders in tight curls. My face covered slightly with little and improving makeup. I took one last once over of my body before I looked over at her. 

“Isabel I love you, but why are you telling me this?” I asked as I took a seat on her black and white bed. I tired with everything in me to act the opposite. in reality I was mentally scream for more information on her news. 

“Lily. We both now you like him, maybe even love him.” Isabel scoffed confidence leaking through her voice. Maybe she’s right, Maybe I did love him. Not way was I I going to admit it to anyone. 

Not even Magnus’ cat, I missed him. 

“Sorry Izzy, but this isn’t the way to get little Lightwoods running around. Me and Alec don’t like each other, please stop trying.” I said seeing a figure in the corner of my eye rush into the room. 

“Time-You are not wearing that.” Alec’s voice boomed into the room. Was that a hint of jealousy? Or disgust? 

“Alec nobody else is in here and you’re already jealous?” Isabel as her guarded brother. He scowled, “I’m not jealous. Not  for her.” He spoke hesitantly, to as the least it stung like a bitch. Ouch. 

Izzy giggled, “Saw what you want big brother.”

I rolled my eyes at the both of them before walking out of the room. Down the halls of the institute towards the front doors. I felt a  tall presence come beside, “I thought I said you aren’t wearing that.” Alec said flatly beside me looking straight. 

“Alec you’re not my brother, I’m 21 and can wear what I want. I don’t care if you cry, I’m still wearing this.” barked at him with the little hatred I could scraped from the Alec bucket. 

Whatever, you have your necklace, right? That’s the only weapon you’re good at.” He said trying to bring me down. 

“Sorry Alec I’m Not Clary, I’ve been training as long as you have.” I said catching my pace a little faster than his. “I wasn’t saying you were.” He mumbled. 

I jumped onto the back on a demon taking to form of a lightly attractive 19 year old. I pulled the gold necklace with a blue sapphire stone from my neck and form into a garrote.  

I wrapped it around the demons neck and pulled, he vanished into yellow sparks. I landed back on the ground with my heels clicking loudly on the floor. before I could take sense in my surrounds I was knocked to the floor. 

My garrote flung out of my grip, My hands we my next defense. Pushing the demon trying to eat my face away just enough distance away. Until  the muscles in my arm gave out. 

“Alec, I would mind any help.” I squeezed, I wanted to do this. I wanted to show these demons I was good as a Lightwood, But my aching limbs tolled me other wise. 

She was getting inches closer to ending my life. I had no other family, but Magnus was close enough.  

She burst into the same yellow sparks as the one I killed before. I was confused until an arrow landed on my chest. Telling me Alec killed her with a shot through the head. 

My head rest on the cold ground letting my whole body relax. I closed my eyes trying to even out my breath. Alec saved my life. 

I opened my eyes to see Alec hovering over me, his right hand reached towards me. His other hand occupied by holding his bow. I mentally smiled at him as I placed my hand in his, He pulled me up easily. 

“Are you okay?” He asked with concern. 

Before I could answer him, his hand slide down my back and rest at the small destination of my back. Alec’s fingers lightly dug into my back gaining grip as he pulled me closer. He leaned down meeting his lips with mine. 

I didn’t responded out of shock and he pulled away, “I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me.” He said just above a whisper as he bite his lip. An unfamiliar feeling hit my lower abdomen. 

I smiled brightly as I grabbed his leather jacket and pulled him back fast. My lips met his in a slow longing kiss, letting all the built up feelings spill into it. It felt as if there couldn’t be better things. 

“I’m in love with you, Lily.” Alec poured out with after we pulled away from the kiss. My eyes widened unexpected for him so say something like that. I played it off my smirking, “I’ve been waiting for you to say that.” 

“I’m sorry I’m I interrupting something?” A slick voice said catching us off guard. I shot my to the left to see Magnus Bane in all his downworlder glory. My smile reached ear to ear, happy to see him again. 

I remembered everything with him, like I didn’t leave. I woke up every morning on his couch, with Church cuddled into the side of my leg and Magnus working on different potions at once. I missed those few days I had with him, But the institute was my home now. 

‘Magnus it’s nice to see you again.” I said as I walked over to his and landed into a tight given hug. Magnus was like living with a dad, he was caring, for things that get caught in his net. 

“Lily you too, It’s nice to see you found a handsome shadowhunter.” Magnus said looking behind me towards the hardass man. I rolled my eyes as his eyes looked at him a little longer than needed too. 

“We’re not together.” I mentioned him. 

“How do you know him?” Alec asked with blank tone, I turned my head to see Alec glaring at Magnus. His arms crossed over his chest again, I smiled knowing for a fact he was jealous. 

“Remember that time Isabel tolled you I went to the Canadian institute for 6 months, because I got in trouble with the clave?” I asked waiting for him to look at me, he didn’t and continued staring at Magnus. 


“Well that was a lie, Magnus took me in.” His head finally snapped to me. I wanted to giggle at how fast his head snapped towards me.  I’m surprised his neck didn’t snap at such a fast speed. 

I ignored him as I looked at Magnus again, “Thank you Magnus.” I said with a smile. “It was my pleasure you were an amazing guest, If you need a place again. Your room is the way you left it.” He explained to me. 

“Thank you Magnus, I not think I’ll need it for a while. but for now I think you can take me a grumpy cat back to the institute.” I said breaking into an innocent smile and big puppy dog eyes. 

Alec Scoffed, “I’m not grumpy.” 

“For you, Anything.” He said to me as his hand flew sideways, opening up a big portal. If there was anything I could do for him I’d to it in a heart beat. 

“Lets go grumpy cat.” I said calling Alec to my side, He shot a playful glare at me, “Of course, kitten.” He said before walking into the purple swirl. Right before I made it through I turned my head back towards Magnus. 

“Thank you.” 

“Darling you already said that.” Magnus pointed out. 

“For everything.” Those were the last words I said to him before following Alec into the portal. It ate me while it dropped me into the institute. I didn’t know how long it would be before I saw him again, I just hope it’d be soon. 

Hopefully I’d be with Alec by that time.

(Little) Partners in Crime-- KlanceWeek Day 5

Another part of my Childhood AU, inspired by the KlanceWeek Prompts. You can read Day 3′s (part one) here, and Day 4′s (Part three, since I’d say this one would be part two) here.

Five-year-old Lance peeked around the building corner, an eyebrow raised. “That’s them?” he asked Keith, crouching in the dirt next to him.

Keith nodded. “All three of them. The big one’s the one that hit me in the head, though. He threw a rock at me.”

Lance narrowed his eyes at the three boys, hatred filling his head. What kind of jerk hit somebody with a rock for no good reason?! Keith was lucky he just had the gash!

He turned away from the corner, sitting down in the dirt next to Keith and frowning. “That kid is like ten years old! No way we can beat him head-on. Not with the other two.”

“So are we giving up?”

“No way!” Lance shot back, putting his hands on his hips. “I said I’d help you get back at them, and I am! We just need to think. Ummmm… I know! Wait here!”

He ran off, back to his house. He ran inside and grabbed the slingshot his sister had helped him make, and then hurried back to Keith.

Keith’s eyes widened when he saw it. “Where did you get that?!”

“I made it,” he answered, like it was obvious. “So I have an idea,” he began, pointing out at the bullies. “Just listen…”


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my roommate is a vampire??

Chapter 1

This is Chapter 2 of this Carry On AU where Simon has no idea that Baz is a vampire until he walks in on him the catacombs. (this one is super angsty but I hope you enjoy)

853 words, no warnings

The room was silent ever since Snow helped me get back to the Mummer’s House.

I really thought that he would’ve killed me as soon as he found out what I was, but all he did was gawk at me while pacing the room, hands raking his blond curls.

My heart was beating out of control. What is going to happen to me? What are I going to tell my father? What is Snow going to do?

I wonder what he is thinking.

I don’t know what I am thinking.

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anonymous asked:

Is it a common ADHD thing to not be able to argue very well? Like if someone starts an argument or a debate with me i cant figure out what theyre saying at the time and ill usually just shut down, especially if theyre yelling at me. But then later on in the day or the next day, ill come up with responses to the things they said or explanations for stuff i did, etc. but ive never been able to actually use words in the moment of the argument.

I can do you one better than just saying it’s common (and I suspect it is; I know I personally constantly deal with this exact problem); I can explain what’s going on!! 

Arguments really are kind of like the Worst Possible Thing for someone with ADHD, especially heated and emotional ones - Mod Speedo’s great post on RSD can explain why that is; being yelled at and feeling like people are angry at you is a GREAT way to feel like you’re Absolute Garbage For Sure and once that sets in it makes everything else even harder.

But the main culprit I think for why arguments are hard for us to have in real time, even if the other person’s being totally calm and friendly about it, is that it’s an issue of processing! There’s a couple of comics about processing issues that’ve been on this blog already, and I’ll link both here: X (by yours truly)  X (by Mod Matt)

In the description for the one I did, I said I wasn’t sure why I had an easier time expressing myself in writing, but that much has changed - the reason why is because when it’s in writing, I can see what my train of thought was and pull that idea portion back to where it needs to be so I can get back on track! Or, in other words, when I’m writing I have more time to process my own thoughts. When speaking out loud, that’s really not an option; you have to try and keep everything together in real time and it’s hard. 

And arguments make that even WORSE, because your brain is processing a BUNCH of different things at once, and all at different speeds - it’s processing that you’re hearing sounds from the other person, figuring out what words they’re saying, what those words mean, the ideas part of your brain is rushing to come up w/ counterarguments even faster than what the other person says is fully processed, and it just ends up this big jumbled mess that you’re expected to sort out in enough time to respond at normal conversation speed. That’s like trying to clean an entire house in thirty seconds when the house hasn’t been lived in for a month - it’s just not fair or realistic. And add the stress of RSD onto that and….yep, that’s just about the worst thing ever. 

I can’t come up with a whole lot of advice, except for this: if you KNOW or suspect a specific argument is going to come up, you could try writing down your stance on the matter beforehand! It might not be perfect and if you feel the need to pull out the piece of paper you might get some odd looks, but if it helps you to see your thoughts written down in front of you like it helps me, it might be just enough to hold things together! Also people should not yell at you during arguments. I know asking people to not do that is not always an option, but whenever it is, you should definitely try and ask them to not do that so you can sort your thoughts out. 

Any of our followers have any other advice on dealing with The Small Hell That Is Arguments?

- Mod Happikatt

April 12
Forgive me for this weird ass pose, I see people with actual arm muscles doing it all the time and idk I think my butt looks cute. So. There ya go.

I think we may have found a winner for half marathon shirt; it’s big, a nice color, not cotton, doesn’t chafe, and doesn’t show my sweat. A good contender for the moment. Of course I have like literally 5 months to figure it out lololol.

Yesterday was chest / back / triceps and a short 2.25 miles. For some reason, even though I started pretty early, I felt very rushed to get through the last couple sets because I wanted to finish in time to catch the train that gets me downtown before RTM closes at 6. Literally having your fresh grocery place closing at such an early hour SUUUUUX so much. I barely had enough time to get back and stretch after my run, even though I ran faster than I was expecting the day after Afterburn.

I’m starting to get frustrated because of the lack of weight loss I’ve been experiencing these last few weeks, despite the rigor and variety of my workouts. I’m eating well, sleeping well, taking vitamins every morning, changing up my routine all the time… I legit don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I feel better about my runs I guess, but it’s still annoying to be working so hard and doing everything you’re allegedly “supposed” to do, and still not seeing any results. If anything, I’ve gained weight. Wtf. Over the summer when I was doing T25 ONLY, I was slimming down so fast. I know it takes time, but I’m spending so much time on this and I’m very committed, so it’s just very discouraging to see not even a damn pound off.

I think it may have something to do with how quickly I can eat after my workout. I know I used to hear all the time if you don’t eat pretty much immediately after your workout, you might as well not have done it. Part of the annoying thing about working out at work is having to commute home afterwards, which is not a small amount of time. I also usually have to rush out of there in order to catch the damn train so I’m not home at like 7:30 and have no time to make dinner. So it’s not like I can hang out and like have a smoothie or a meal or something. Idk.

Do we know how much time you actually have after a workout to eat before you risk not fueling right? I’ve heard anything from half an hour to 2 hours, and that’s a big difference… Does anyone else experience a plateau because of improperly fueling? Any advice on protein bars I can buy, or something quick I can prepare as part of my late lunch that won’t be a bitch to do in the morning? I just bought Luna Protein bars yesterday to hold me over until I can find a good solution, but I’m not a big fan of how much sugar is in them. Bleh.

Chest / Back / Triceps
3x each

15 reps lat pulldowns w/ machine, 60# resistance
15 reps chest fly w/ elevated legs, 10#
15 reps lawnmower pulls, alt. sides, 10#
15 reps bent over wide rows, 10#
15 reps bench press machine, 30# resistance
20 reps cobra late pulldowns
15 reps dumbbell pullovers, 10#
15 reps bent over back fly, 6#
15 reps chest fly machine, 30# resistance

2.25 mi
9'33" min / mi

Listening to: “Power” by Little Mix

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Socked feet dancing, hearty giggles, tired nights and Kim Jinwoo. 

Coming home means slipping on her favourite t-shirt or his –maybe even some pants if she feels like it, and eat takeout for dinner on the couch. A re-run of some old drama on TV would play in the background but only this time Jinwoo isn’t home to hop on, taking his usual space next to her.

A week since he rushed out just when she was about to step foot into this place that seemed too big for one person. She understood what he’d meant when he asked her to move in. Jinwoo wasn’t much of a talker and to this day she still has a hard time adjusting to the things he would throw at her once every blue moon.

She figured he was the shy type and maybe it was just how he is around anyone. So she braced herself to be the one that would make the first move, but she was wrong. He’d sputter it out like nothing, asking her to be with him and looked her dead in the eye, almost drowning her in the soft brown of his. She felt stupid for missing it, but out of anything she should’ve known about Jinwoo it was how he’d work day and night for something he wants until it’s his.

Just like he did with her.

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Star-filled Sky

A/N: Thanks for the prompt @hero-ofcanton!

Words: 637

When Dean closed his way too big textbook, his eyes aching too much for him to continue, the common room was almost entirely empty. He stretched, taking the time to look around the room. No one he really talked to was there, and so he figured he’d head straight to the dorm, but before he could even stand properly a figure came rushing downstairs, all but crashing into him.

“There you are!” Seamus exclaimed, almost shaking out of his skin with an excitement Dean didn’t share.

“I’ve been here this entire time,” he deadpanned. “You left me here an hour ago, remember?”

Seamus waved a hand. “Insignificant. Come on.”

“Where are we going?”


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Reply 1997 Quotes

“When you like someone, you have eyes for her in the sides and the back of your head. And that if you don’t knock, there will be no answer. Standing in place will not get you what you want. There’s no such thing as fair play anymore.” – Yoon-jae

“The easiest thing we can do for the person we love is to throw ourselves away. The strength to do things that aren’t in our nature — that’s love.” — Yoon-jae

“Go Stop, a game where you have to match the same shapes to get points. There was a time when we struggled to be the same. But in one moment, we began to be different. That we were becoming different types of people — why was that so hard to acknowledge back then? People are all different; that’s the law of the universe, the law of human growth. Eighteen. We were maturing into different people, and having to accept those differences meant we were faced with yet another consequence of growing up.” – Yoon Jae

“Anyone’s secret tells a truth that I could not have known. And then when what I knew is no longer real… secrets have more power. How much of what I know is actually true?” – Shi Won

“A person’s heart has countless levels. Its depth cannot be known. Its limit can’t be known. You could fight to the death, and then exchange affection as if nothing ever happened. A red-blooded male could turn into an imbecile in front of the opposite sex. Yes, the truth is uncomfortable. But if we don’t embrace that discomfort, then we must live the rest of our lives believing what’s fake to be real. Even uncomfortable truths must be embraced. What you see is not everything.” – Shi Won

“Bumping into someone on the street, reaching for the same book at the library, or running under someone’s umbrella… I thought that falling in love would be special. I couldn’t imagine… that I’d fall because of something like this. Spring of 1996. My first love began that suddenly.” – Yoon Jae

“This life that might leap anywhere — there’s no use avoiding or ignoring it. There’s just facing it and getting beaten to a bloody pulp. But at times life can surprise us with gifts that make our hearts flutter. And if we endure sadness, we are rewarded with happiness.” – Yoon Jae

“You have to be content with a dream that’s close. If you chase after one that’s far away, your heart will hurt and your insides will burn. A futile passion only leaves heartache. That’s why life’s stupidest thing is a one-sided love. But the reason that stupid one-sided love is worth trying is… that passion can sometimes make miracles happen… sometimes go the long way around to help you fulfill a dream… and even if it doesn’t allow you to realize that dream, it allows you to linger near it and find happiness.” – Tae Woong

“They say that people are born with a red string that they can’t see, tied to their pinky fingers, and the end is tied to the one you’re fated to be with. But the thread is twisted this way and that, making it hard to find the other end.” – Yoon Jae

“People’s countless threads, all tangled together. But when I start to unravel it, I end up face to face with my fate, without even knowing it. If the red thread of fate really exists, then who is the one tied to my red thread?” – Yoon Jae

“The reason I like you? Because you’re that person. Because you’re you. Is there another reason besides that one? I’d rather know the reason if there was one. Then I could find a way to not like you. If I can’t avoid it, then there’s only one thing I want: to remain by your side, unchanged, for long time. Here’s to our love, that chills our hearts.” – Joon Hee

“Liking someone isn’t a choice. It comes from your heart.” – Joon Hee

“Why are you sorry? It’s not like you can choose who you like.” – Joon Hee

“Since the day of that accident, I lived having completely forgotten the fact that I was someone’s son. A relationship determined before I was born, a relationship that ends against my will – that’s family. And now I only have one family relationship left.” – Tae Woong

“There are relationships of differing levels of difficulty. To me, Yoon-jae was the easiest of them, to explain or to maintain: that of childhood playmates. But on this day, contrary to everything I knew, I discovered… that there might be the possibility that we’d be the most difficult kind of relationship in the world. The relationship with the highest level of difficulty: that of a man and a woman.” – Shi Won

“Each expecting different things, each looking at different places, each dreaming different dreams… everything that happens between one man and one woman, is just continuous love and war. You sulk, you pacify, you fight, you make up, you hurt, you embrace. A relationship like a manic-depressive patient who can’t make up his mind. But the hardest thing about the relationship between a man and a woman is the timing — if the love doesn’t begin at the same time, it’s unlikely to ever begin at all.” – Yoon Jae

“The one benefit to that top-degree-of-difficulty relationship between a man and a woman is… one word can overturn its mood at any time.” – Hak Chan

“What should I do? There are two people I love the most in the entire world. One is my hyung, who gave up everything because of me. And the other is you. It’s you… and hyung says he likes you. A lot. Like I do.” – Yoon Jae

“The reason my teen years are like a rushing wind is because I don’t yet know the answers: what it is I really want, who really loves me, who is it that I love. The time of life when I tumble here and there, searching for the answers. And then in the end, the moment when I figure out the answers to everything like a miracle… we had already become adults, and been doing big and small things. And like that, that winter was full of goodbyes.” – Shi Won

“My body remembered my ’90s. The moment I saw the person I had once been crazy about, I immediately returned to that ’90s fangirl, and my ’90s, which I thought were over, began all over again…” – Shi Won

“Oppa, I like you a lot… but my heart doesn’t race or flutter. I’m still young so I don’t know exactly how it feels to like somebody, but my heart now… is beating in a different direction. I’m sorry, oppa.” – Shi Won

“I’m not expecting anything right now. I’ll wait. Until you like me a lot… I’ll be your daddy long legs. Like now, always… next to you.” – Tae Woong

“I had forgotten. That if she liked something right now, she expressed the fire of that moment directly, and without hesitation. I could’ve just said: I like you. Be mine. I could say it like that right now. Back then, and even in this moment… I was just hesitating.” – Yoon Jae

“There is nothing more urgent than now. Because later might never come. Life isn’t long enough to speak of the next opportunity, rather than the now that’s before our eyes.” – Yoon Jae

“If you give up on now because of laziness or a lack of courage, there is no hope of another opportunity. If you love now, the best timing is now. You have to go before it’s too late, and you have to confess now. Because you never know what’ll happen later. The next opportunity might never come.” – Yoon Jae

“I’m sorry. You must’ve had a hard time too. But I only thought of myself. And I’m the only one you told everything to, because you thought of me as a friend. I don’t even know what I’m doing to you right now. I’m sorry.” – Shi Won

“She could have not known. There are times in life when you don’t know… that someone likes you.” – Joon Hee

“Then the game’s already over. No matter how much you think it over, there’s no answer. You already like her. So what choice is there? What decision to make? Don’t regret it later. Don’t use Hyung as an excuse. Do as your heart tells you.” – Joon Hee

“A person’s heart can’t be turned on and off like a switch. Once it’s turned on… it won’t turn off.” – Yoon Jae

“First love. The reason everyone’s first love is beautiful is not only because the love was pretty. At the time of first love, there was a youthfulness that didn’t know how to be wise, a me who was pure to the point of cruelty, and a you whose fire I couldn’t handle. It’s because I already know that I can never go back to that youthful, innocent, passionate time.” – Yoon Jae

“First love is reckless. Without calculating, it throws everything in with pure passion, and inevitably fails. But that’s why it’s dramatic — the reckless tales wrapped up in experiences or feelings that you can never have again.” – Yoon Jae

“First love is a time. Once it passes, it’s gone. Now you have to give a new love and a new time a chance. It might not be the experience or the purity of first love, but out of that scar is a love that grows and becomes a little more mature — you have to wait for an adult love. Only those who wait can dream of love.” – Yoon Jae

“When romance passes, life comes. Purity gets dirtied, passion freezes over, and youth turns to shrewdness as you age. That innocent era’s first love becomes fatigued and exhausted daily routine… and is why first love appears to be something that can’t be realized. Because those who succeed at realizing their first love… don’t tell you.” – Yoon Jae

“Succeeding at first love is nice too. There’s comfort that’s even better than your favorite sweater, but also an excitement that you can find when you’re tired of that comfort. As childhood playmates, as first loves, as lovers, and as husband and wife, we live through the same times, share the same memories, and grow old together. A familiar excitement. It’s nice.” – Yoon Jae

“If Tony and I both fell into the water, who whould you save first?” – Yoon Jae