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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: big time rush were a great talented boyband who sang and danced live and not only that they were awesome actors and songwriters and had songs that made you feel and know that you were worth it but the fact that nickelodeon just dropped them off after the show ended just fucking sucks
What is with Fox shipping Nickelodeon and Disney Channel Actors?

Grease Live: Rizzo (played by Vanessa Hudgens, aka Gabriella from High School Musical) and Kenickie (played by Carlos PenaVega, aka member of Big Time Rush)

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Brad (played by Ryan McCartan, aka Diggie from Liv and Maddie) and Janet (played by Victoria Justice, aka Tori from Victorious)

What are you doing shipping the rivals, Fox? This isn’t Romeo and Juliet… Or is that next?

Here me out, guys. Big Time Rush may well have been a kids show but it’s iconic to the generation it was made for. Even without the show, the band’s music was great and I 100% believe that they were the precursor to other boyband successes (*cough* One Direction *cough*) because they warmed up the target audience first. All four guys were so talented in their own individual ways and I hope that whatever they’re doing now, they’re happy and killing it. They brought happiness to so many kids’ lives and to me at least, the show is still good to watch today. And it had such a great message, too. Follow your dreams no matter who you are or where you come from, work hard and do what your heart tells you is right. What I’m trying to say is, I’d give my right hand for someone to bring these boys back.

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It always astonishes me how, for a “kid’s” show, Big Time Rush had no shame when it came to James’ half-naked body.






I mean, not that they should have any. It’s like the staff collectively agreed “This man is hot as holy fuck. More shirtless scenes. MOAR” 

Reason #122424 why I am still a Big Time Rush fan at age 20.

So i was thinking…

Do you guys remember Big Time Rush?

It was a show on Nickelodeon about four guys in a band?

Ok well I was thinking about it for some reason and I remember an episode where they all got mad at each other so they agreed to spend the day apart, and for some reason all I could think about was the Sanders Sides, and what if each of them spent the day away from each other the same way the members of BTR did? Who would be who?

Roman = James: spends the day auditioning for shows/movies/modeling and talking about his AMAZING butt. Later though, he goes through a bit of a crisis when he realizes that others might be…..more handsome than him. (Hint to his insecurities about needing to “slay” in accepting anxiety part 2)

Patton = Carlos: he wanted to spend the day having fun but somehow ended up losing something very valuable to him, most likely his cat hoodie, and now he must find it. But wait! Other things have been going missing, including Joan’s beloved Marco! Looks like Watson is on the case!

Logan = Logan: (huh. K.) spending his day in a discussion group where one of his favorite authors is going to be talking about her newly written book on ~space~ he is very excited until he finds out it is ONLY FOR GIRLS!?!? Very well, he will do what he must. With the help of a few of thomas female friends he disguises himself as a girl….FOR SCIENCE! Em uh then once accepted into the group he happily listens as the auth- im sorry, did she just say .. no boy could understand her book? Did she say boys can not be smart?



Virgil = Kendall: just trying to relax. Honestly is- is that so hard? Is that really too much to ask? (In the show kendall spent the day asking a girl out but that wouldn’t really work for virgil at all…. But i still see virgil to be MOST like kendal so *shrug*)

Okay, but...

You know what really gets to me about Big Time Rush (the show)? How Kendall gave up his dream of becoming a hockey player, to make James’ dream come true (and Logan and Carlos did, too). How James, Carlos and Logan tried to convince Kendall to go to LA by himself. James was clearly hurt when Gustavo picked Kendall over him, but he still wanted Kendall to go, because he knew it was the chance of a lifetime. Then there’s the fact that even though James really liked Lucy, he helped Kendall get together with her, because he wanted him to be happy. And then there’s the ending, in which Kendall says that his dream came true. His dream had been to be a hockey player, but eventually, James’ dream became his dream, and that’s so beautiful. And their friendship is just so beautiful.

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Could we get ticcimask or ticcidrowned headcanons please? Your blog is awesome by the way.

Aw, Thank you!


+ Your typical Friday night with these two; Sitting on the couch, eating sweets, and watching silent movies.

+ Okay, since Toby can’t feel pain, he wouldn’t be able to tell if he was hurt, or anything like that. Tim is worried about him 24/7. When Toby gets ‘home’ from a mission, Tim will check his body for any injuries.

+ Colors by Halsey.

+ Toby sees a cat or any animal while out, he will take it ‘home’ and Tim becomes a mother. Again.

+ Jonas Brothers.

+ They are the Hanna Marin and Caleb Rivers.


+ “BEN, I love you.” “Only one chip, you understand?”

+ BEN gets jealous easily, if Toby were to hang out with Tim and not even look at BEN, BEN will most likely attack Tim. Toby does it a lot because he likes seeing BEN jealous.

+ Hot Chocolate dates every Saturday.

+ “Toby, can we watch Big Time Rush?” “I’ll get the popcorn.”

   + Big Time Rush is their couple show.

+ We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift

   + Two weeks later, they get back together.

+ “BEN, I have tickets to Britney Spears.” “You do, now? Who are you going to take?” “Probably Tim-” “TOBY.”