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  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: big time rush were a great talented boyband who sang and danced live and not only that they were awesome actors and songwriters and had songs that made you feel and know that you were worth it but the fact that nickelodeon just dropped them off after the show ended just fucking sucks

Here me out, guys. Big Time Rush may well have been a kids show but it’s iconic to the generation it was made for. Even without the show, the band’s music was great and I 100% believe that they were the precursor to other boyband successes (*cough* One Direction *cough*) because they warmed up the target audience first. All four guys were so talented in their own individual ways and I hope that whatever they’re doing now, they’re happy and killing it. They brought happiness to so many kids’ lives and to me at least, the show is still good to watch today. And it had such a great message, too. Follow your dreams no matter who you are or where you come from, work hard and do what your heart tells you is right. What I’m trying to say is, I’d give my right hand for someone to bring these boys back.

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What is with Fox shipping Nickelodeon and Disney Channel Actors?

Grease Live: Rizzo (played by Vanessa Hudgens, aka Gabriella from High School Musical) and Kenickie (played by Carlos PenaVega, aka member of Big Time Rush)

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Brad (played by Ryan McCartan, aka Diggie from Liv and Maddie) and Janet (played by Victoria Justice, aka Tori from Victorious)

What are you doing shipping the rivals, Fox? This isn’t Romeo and Juliet… Or is that next?

It always astonishes me how, for a “kid’s” show, Big Time Rush had no shame when it came to James’ half-naked body.






I mean, not that they should have any. It’s like the staff collectively agreed “This man is hot as holy fuck. More shirtless scenes. MOAR” 

Reason #122424 why I am still a Big Time Rush fan at age 20.

Okay, but...

You know what really gets to me about Big Time Rush (the show)? How Kendall gave up his dream of becoming a hockey player, to make James’ dream come true (and Logan and Carlos did, too). How James, Carlos and Logan tried to convince Kendall to go to LA by himself. James was clearly hurt when Gustavo picked Kendall over him, but he still wanted Kendall to go, because he knew it was the chance of a lifetime. Then there’s the fact that even though James really liked Lucy, he helped Kendall get together with her, because he wanted him to be happy. And then there’s the ending, in which Kendall says that his dream came true. His dream had been to be a hockey player, but eventually, James’ dream became his dream, and that’s so beautiful. And their friendship is just so beautiful.

Ok so let me just throw this shit out there: a Voltron Big Time Rush au, and let me just,,,,,,,, show u the beauty of this.

- Keith is Kendall; both have rlly bad anger issues, can be really intense, blunt. They both love their friends and are just frankly ://////// gay
- Hunk is Carlos: both are adorable and sweet and are honestly the most funny ppl on the show
- Shiro is Logan: the most sensible of boys ?????? Tbh????? Knows what’s up, probably wants to die. Can’t dance for shit??????
- Lance is James: extra, pure, gay for Kendall/Keith loves his face, the most talented and serious boy
- Pidge is Katie- super smart, sarcastic, an adorable little shit, kicks everyone’s ass
- Allura is Kelly- strong, amazing, gorgeous, smart, the only one who has any sanity, can’t lie for shit
- Coran is Gustavo- the Adult, the most experienced ?????? Nothing else really :////// but he needs to be here
- Pidge, Matt, Keith and Shiro are all siblings (Keith and Shiro were adopted) - Matt is the only tru adult bc Shiro is technically 6
- Lance loved bandanas,,,,,,, he fucking loves them
- Lance wants to audition for a singing act for Coran, a music producer for Altea Studios, and everyone else gets dragged along into an audition
- After Shiro and Hunk going and auditioning, it’s Lance’s turn, and everyone else is there supporting the Boi
- And like,,,,, Coran says that he was ok, but not what their looking for
- And Keith (bless him) is like “umm wtf, no. Do not tell my bf he’s ok, he’s the fucking best”, and so he literally fucking runs out and starts insult Coran on his description bc Lance is the Most Beautiful Singer Ever
- He fucking jumps up into a desk and starts improvising a song that’s basically just him calling Coran turd ?????? And it’s beautiful
- Coran is like ‘this boi is great, please come sing for me’
- But Keith, is like ‘no !!!!!!’ And he starts going off about how great Lance is and he gets tackled by security guards, and everyone starts dog piling like Good Friends
- After a whole lot of being Extra and Dramatic, everyone is like “Keith u should take the deal”, but Keith is like “fucc ur right, we gonna be a boy band”
- They all get to go to Hollywood (Pidge and Matt included)
- And they all get signed onto a label, and the song that Coran writes is rlly like heteronormative and Keith is like ??????? No let’s talk about our beautiful friendship
- They name the band Voltron and Zarkon (Griffin) likes the band
- The hotel manager dude is Varkon
- Nyma is Camille and is literally the most extra actress alive and everyone loves her
- Shay is Jo and she and Nyma are gay and dating (sorry I don’t make the rules :///////)
- Keith and Lance date and don’t change a lot in the relationship but are just ,,,,,,, the best