big time rush (tv show)


hi everyone ive done a submission once on here and i got people wanting to be friends with me, but they stopped talking to me!! except one! im jennifer, 15, lesbian, live in chicago IL. im looking for someone who i can rant to, be sarcastic and theyll understand, they can deal with me saying random things. also please note i suck at starting conversations so itd be awesome if you arent like me and are pretty interesting.
music i like/artists: tøp (all time fav), harry styles, catb, 1d, declan mckenna, the 1975, halsey, paramore, big time rush (yes big time rush), pvris, mac demarco, la la land soundtrack and hamilton!!
tv shows: riverdale, that ‘70s show, oitnb, the great british baking show, sherlock, greys, the get down, 13rw, the fosters, and bobs burgers. ive watched a couple of anime so we can talk about those too!
i really dont do anything interesting but i read and basically use my phone a lot lol. i want someone who will be able to stick with me for a long time! i want a strong friendship you know!! i dont want to fade! i want someone outgoing and just a good person to talk to! also pls dont be homophobic or racist! i support the lgbt community so any of you are welcomed to talk to me. if we get closer id love to send you snapchats of my ugly self lol! if youre interested and know how to keep a conversation going and have similarities please feel free to contact me!! on my tumblr or instagram! anyone ages 15-17 can talk to me! i love making new friends :)
instagram- jenniferdlpz
tumblr- wantosaygoodbye

Things Big Time Rush has accomplished:

  •  a “children’s” TV show on Nickelodeon
  •  3 studio albums
  • 4 headlining tours, in which many shows sold out in minutes
  • gold albums
  • writing nearly all of their own music
  • voted Best Boyband of the year by Parade magazine
  • A Kids’ Choice Award, among several nominations in other award shows
  • respect for the people they work with
  • gracious and friendly toward their fans
  • remained humble throughout the past 4 years

Things Big Time Rush is recognized for:

  • a “children’s” TV show on Nickelodeon