big time awards show

Imagine filling in for your best friend, Tom’s personal assistant. She came down with the stomach bug the day before a big awards show - a time when Tom needs her most. You arrive bright and early, making sure to get his coffee just the way he likes it. He walks in with a puzzled look on his face; he knew his assistant wouldn’t be here, but he didn’t know an actual angel would be replacing her.

Imagine filling in for your best friend, Tom’s personal assistant. She came down with the stomach bug the day before a big awards show-a time when Tom needs her most. You arrive bright and early, making sure to get his coffee just the way he likes it. But when you walk in, he has a puzzled look on his face. He knew his assistant wouldn’t be here, but he didn’t know an actual angel would be replacing her.

original imagine by: painfullythickimagines (I changed the prompt just slightly)

“Don’t you worry about a thing, (friend’s name). I have it all covered,” you told her as you made your way to Tom’s hotel.

“Thank you so much, y/n. I owe you one.”

“Now, get some rest,” you told her before saying your goodbyes and hanging up. You nodded politely to the desk clerk before getting in the elevator. 

You smiled to yourself as you thought about the rest of your day. Personal assistant to one Tom Hiddleston. It sounded like you had won a contest or something. However, the truth was much less exciting. 

Your friend has developed a stomach bug yesterday and was in no position to work. Normally, that wouldn’t have been a big deal. Tom could have functioned on his own for one day, but today was different than a normal day. Tonight was one of those big awards shows, which one slipped your mind at the moment, and those were always the busiest days when Tom needed her the most. Cue your friend calling you late last night practically in tears because she needed for someone to help out. You immediately told her that you would take over and had her email over all the information. Which lead to you now in an elevator on your way to Tom Hiddleston’s hotel room.

The dinging of the elevator drew you out of your thoughts as you got out and read the sign for the room numbers to point you in the right direction. You finally found the right room and knocked. The door slowly opened for you to find a somewhat sleepy Hiddleston.

“Good Morning,” you greeted brightly as you walked past him into the suite.

You were certainly not what Tom had expected to see this morning. He knew that one of his assistant’s friends was filling in for her today as she was sick with a stomach bug. His assistant had assured him that her friend would be professional and help him with anything he needed. However, when he opened his door, he was not expecting this angel before him. You were dress professionally in dress slacks, a blouse, and small heels. In your hands were two coffee cups and a big leather bag around one of your wrists.

“Good Morning,” you chirped at him, startling him out of his thoughts as you walked straight past him.

You walked over to the coffee table and laid your bag down before turning back to Tom and offering him one of the coffee cups.

“Coffee, black just as you like it. I do have a couple of sugar and cream packets in my bag if you want them.” Tom took the offered cup as you took a sip from your own. “Alright, so I called the dry-cleaners, and your suit will be ready around 2 which is perfect because you’ll be in the middle of your 2nd interview of the day. So, I will run and pick that up, and the car will be here around 6:30. Now, I didn’t call anybody for your hair or makeup but (friend’s name) did give me a number to call if you want. Also you have a break around noonish so I thought that would be the perfect time for lunch. So what would you like for lunch?”

Tom blinked at you causing you to chuckle. “You’re still half asleep I see.” Tom nodded. “Alright, drink some of your coffee, then when your brain starts working, we can work out what you want to do today.” Tom nodded again but made no motion to move. You gestured for him to take a sip. Tom did as you asked.

A few minutes later, he seemed to be functioning. He answered your questions which you quickly took down before telling him that he needed to finish getting dress if he wanted to make his interview on time.

“You’re quite good at this,” Tom commented as he walked to his room.

“I use to be a personal assistant to this CEO.” You shrugged. “S’not that different, honestly,” you told him.

Once he was down, you ushered him down to the car that you had called for the day. The car ride was passed in silence as Tom watched you typing away on your phone. Finally, he broke the silence.

“Are you coming to the show with me?” he asked trying to seem unfazed by it, but inside he was secretly hoping you would want to. Your head snapped up; he had clearly taken you by surprise.

“Um, (friend’s name) never mentioned that.”

“Well, I would be honored if you joined me,” he said as he grabbed one of your hands and squeezed it. “Especially since you’re doing this to help a friend.” You smiled shyly at him.

“I don’t think I have anything for the red carpet but I might have some friends that do.”

“And you can call those people that your friend recommended for hair and makeup. Think of it as a thank you from me.” Your smile grew, and you eagerly began tapping at your phone again. Tom smiled to himself as he looked out the window. You probably couldn’t believe your luck, but he was actually the lucky one. After all, he got to have an angel on his arm.


Over the nearly nine decades that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has doled out the Oscars, there have been any number of events that could have thrown a wrench into planning the ceremony. To name a few: the Great Depression, World War II and 9/11.

But every year, the show goes on. How do those events shape the big, glitzy spectacle?

In some cases, not at all. But over time, awards shows have gotten more political. After a year such as 2016, with its acrimonious election and other memorable events, you can bet there will be speeches about the state of the nation. For proof, just look at Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech or Mahershala Ali’s SAG Awards acceptance.

Here’s a look at some of the ceremonies in particularly tumultuous years, and how they were affected — or not — by the news of the day.

Read more here: From assassinations to 9/11: How the Oscars respond to political turmoil

Award Night

Kim Hanbin xYou


Looking down to your knees, you squeeze your hand. This day that you’ve been anticipate for pretty much long time; walking down the red carpet with your own two feet.

This is going to be your very first time doing so. You’re not an actress, nor a singer, not even an MC for the show. You’re just a wife of Kim Hanbin who received an honorary invitation to attend such a big annual award show. But it’s not his first time, for sure.

Hanbin—or his well-known stage name, B.I—was always come to the show with his group member previous years. But then he had a solo comeback three months ago and got nominated here as a soloist. Now that you’re the chosen one to accompany your lovely husband, feeling super excited and nervous at the same time. Winning the award or not, it’s still going to be a special night.

“Don’t be too nervous, darling. You’re gonna be alright.” Hanbin gives you that loving gaze. “You look gorgeous tonight.”

“Thanks but that’s not working.” You reply shortly, not even looking at him.

He chuckles and intertwines his fingers with your cold ones. You’ve been in this luxurious car since an hour ago and within minutes you both should be ready to get off the car. You try hard not to bite your lips because you don’t want to ruin the makeup that has done perfectly.

“This is it, babe.” Hanbin turns his face to you after glancing over the situation outside the car a while.

“Never, ever, let go of my hand, okay?” You reassure him for the million times.


The blitz goes crazy that it almost blinding you. You were told to never cover your face with your hand by Hanbin’s manager earlier. Hanbin guides you walking through the path by holding your waist.

You guys pass the red carpet with no problem and now a guy with an earphone attached to his ears shows the way to your seat. It’s right in front of the stage so you could imagine watching a lot of HD live performances.

“Well, your favorite group would sit over there.” Hanbin points some chairs that circling a round table in the last row. “Your dream definitely come true, right?”

“Thanks to you, Hanbin,” you pat his arm.

Your heart is beating so fast for no reason. Your husband is nominated at a couple categories, but the event is not even starting. All you can do is taking a deep breath over and over again until Hanbin laughs it off, teasing you not to tear up and embarrass yourself.

You feel a little dizzy, thinking about maybe it’s just an effect of the gleaming lights on the stage and the buzz noises as various singers performing. Or maybe the baby inside your womb is the cause of it like usually.

“Do you feel embarrassed to go with me?” You ask Hanbin playfully, distracting yourself from the dizziness.

“Are you out of your mind? Is it because of the chaotic blitz attack before?” He frowns. “Nothing could be better than taking my beloved wife and show it to the world.”

Your face gets red  as he smiles to you. This is why you can never refuse him. From the day he shyly asked you to date him until now you guys are waiting for the first baby to come. What else do you need?

“It’s time, Hanbin. It’s time!” You grip your husband’s upper arm as you stomp your toes of excitement. He only chuckles to see the childish side of you and continue to listen to the nomination list.

“And the Best Album of The Year Award goes to…”

The huge monitor beside the stage shows two MCs standing side by side as one of them opening a gold envelope with a curious face. The MC rise his brows as he finished reading the name in the folded paper inside of the envelope.

You hold your breath. You’re not the type of person who can deal with something like this. Hanbin always says that getting the award or not is not what he aimed for in the first place. He always wants to give the best effort he could do to entertain people and it’s just make him so happy. You know that really well, of course. It’s not that important to win this or not. But still, your heart skipping a beat and it feels like you’re dying of curiosity.

“Congratulations to B.I!”

You let out a deep relief breath you’ve been holding. You stand up as Hanbin gives you a tight hug by your hips and kisses your forehead. “I’m so proud of you, Hanbin.”

Hanbin makes his way to the stage where the two MCs waiting for him to give him the trophy. One of them hands him the silver trophy as they bend down a bit to give a respectful bow.

“Thank you so much for everyone who has been supporting my work. For the CEO, my fellow iKon members, Manager hyung, Stylist and all the other staffs. And also thank you to my family who raised me well,” he takes a breath and says, “and my beautiful pregnant wife.” You widen your smile and almost tear up yourself. “Thank you for being really patient and understanding with me and my works. It means a lot to me that you’re always there for me through my joys and tears. I love you.”

The crowd goes wild. Hanbin bows one more time before he goes off the stage and walks toward you with an idiotic smile on his full lips. He finally sits and holds your hand inside of his. Hanbin smiles down to you.

“I love you too.”


I'm pissed.

ok yeah obviously the Phan dancing thing was staged, as a live airing big time awards show does not just do what they feel like and let a single cameraman decide what to show during one of the songs, and if they were dating and trying to keep their relationship a secret they would be smarter than to do it in front of a live camera that could switch onto them at any time, but people need to get off their high horses and let people be happy about it?? It was cute even though it was 100% staged. It was adorable and at the very least it was two best friends dancing together, and I find even that adorable. I have no idea whether they’re dating or not, and I have no right to claim either way, but everybody needs to stop trying to take away something that’s making tons of phan shippers very happy. Nobody gives a shit that it was staged, it was just cute. Leave it at that.

anonymous asked:

uh why does it matter if they mentioned yixing or not these few times? they mentioned him every single other time but its easy to forget someone who isnt there or who you havent seen for a while, the fans are right in front of them lmao

you all: these awards shows are important and yixing should prioritize them over whatever he’s doing in China how dare he not be present!!important!!award show!! tahat happens every!!single!!year!! howd are he!!!

but you all also say: these awards shows are just small clips they don’t matter therefore it doesn’t matter if they mention yixing, give him credit, honor him or not stop being mad

Okay here’s the deal, it’s not just “these few times”, i agree these award shows are big and important and that’s also why it baffles me that they don’t mention him. imagine the outrage if it has been another member wallahi none of you wouldn’t stayed quiet but whenever it’s yixing no one cares but xingmi 3anjad

150424 exo wins 1st for cmb for the 13th time: no one mentions yixing, but suho does mention that it is the hosts last day of being mcs 

150425 exo wins 1st for cmb for the 14th time: no one mentions yixing but they all shout “exo saranhaja”

150618 exo wins 1st for lmr: they thank their mothers (ahem apparently theyre not that forgetful) but they don’t mention yixing

151218 exo wins 1st for sfy: they only remember yixing after chanyeol spends 48 hours talking about kyungsoo who missed the ending stage

all the other missing stages for winning no 1 no one has been there, but my guess is that they wouldnt have bothered mentioning him anyway.

exo’s entire tokyo dome concert: no one mentions even the name “yixing” or how they like to call him “LAY”

and before anyone comes to me with this sorta cr*p:

“exo left a space for yixing awwwwh how sweet and nice of them” lmao they’re standing according to the mics, if he was even on their mind one of them would’ve had sense enough to mention his name in front of the entire industry and their fans. 

anyway i probably missed a million other times, concerts, awards but i’m so tired so i’m just gonna leave this here and you figure out the math of exo not mentioning yixing for months and how sh*tty it must feel for 1) yixing himself and 2) xingmi and what this signals to the rest of exol. 

Acceptance Speech

Anon: i love your imagine😍 anyway can you do one where youre famous af and go to the grammys with him and win like 4 awards or something idk im trying to think of something original ☺💓

Me: I don’t know who you wanted and Justin is the only imagine I had done so I used Justin. Hope you like it😊


I walked down the stairs my clutch by side, my other hand gliding down the spiral staircase handle. Tatiana (Justin’s maid) held my red dress from behind ensuring I don’t trip on the way. He was standing there is mouth parting with every step I took.

Once Tati and I reached the bottom of the staircase, Justin immediately dismissed her, causing her to scurry off. His voice seemed to be caught in his throat as he looked me up and down.

“You look exceptionally beautiful Y/N.” He looked into my eyes and pulled in for a kiss. I put my hands on his chest to stop him.

“Thank you baby but my lipstick on point and I’m not ruining my makeup today. Also I paid for everything using your card.” He groaned.

“Priscilla, come do finishing touches, they’re about to take pictures.” Tati yelled, her Spanish accent making it almost difficult to understand what she was saying.

Soon enough we were on the way to venue. The driver opened the door letting me out first, Justin exiting right after me. Paps, flashes and screams took over my ears as we walked towards the red carpet.

“Y/N! Over here!”

Smile for us!”

“Justin! Smile!”

“Justin! Kiss her cheek!” Justin kissed my cheek causing a smile to spread on my face. He turned me around so I was facing him. I put my hands on his chest, he hand found their way to my waist. He began to whisper sweet nothing’s into my ear causing my eyes to flutter and a stampede of butterflies to errupt in my stomach.

“Justin, can you kiss her for us?“ He softly turned my chin towards me and placed his lips on mine.


“Keep going!”

“Can we get a little tongue action?” We parted and I scrunched my nose at the sentence causing Justin to giggle then kiss my nose.

“Lets go inside, yeah? I can see the goosebumps on your skin.” He whispered causing me nodded. He took his coat and placed it on my shoulder before placing my hand in his.

We walked into the venue and we were instantly greeted by other celebrities, exes, friends and whatnot. Both of our mangers, Scooter and Diana, told us what was going on and what we were presenting. I was told every single thing that was going on as it was the first time I attended a award show this big.

The venue was filled with people I never thought I would even meet. I felt terribly out of place. Justin was the only person that could reassure that everything was going to be okay.

“Okay! We have 15 minutes until we are live! May everyone please take their seats! 15 minutes!” One of the producer’s boomed through the speakers. Justin and I carefully made our way down the steps to our row, our managers sitting behind us.



“Do you want you’re jacket back?”

“Are you still cold?” I shook my head.

“I’m sweating. Look at who I’m sitting beside.” He looked over me and gave me the biggest grin possible.

“Its Kevin. What wrong with that?”

“Yeah! Kevin Hart! One of my favorite actors, you dipshit.” I said a little loudly causing Kevin to turn our way.

“Did you just say my name?”

“I-uh, well, kinda.”

“Kevin? What’s up?” Justin, said turning the whole conversation around, which I mentally thank him and God for. They got engrossed in their conversation until it was time for the show to start.

“Best comeback of the year! Justin Bieber!” Jason Derulo and Amy Schumer called out. I stood up and hugged and kissed him before going on stage. He danced to ‘Sorry’ as he made his way up the stage.

“Thank you so much! I really couldn’t have done this without the constant support of the fans. The team that helped with the entire project. Family and friends who encouraged me and gave me all the advice I needed. And most important my girlfriend Y/N who stuck by me through thick and thin and was so patient during this whole time. I love you baby. Thank you everyone!” He walked off stage and came back to his seat.

“I love you baby. More than anything.” He whispered before placing a kiss on my neck.

The show went to on and it was coming to the time where my nominations were going to be called out.

“Best Breakthrough Artist! Y/N Y/L/N!” I stood up and began to clap for the artist only shortly to realise it was me.

“Did they say my name?”

“Yes! Go baby! I told you!” He pecked my cheek and softly pushed ne foreward. I held my dress as I made my way up the steps and was pulled into Nicki Minaj’s embrace.

“Oh my gosh! I didn’t even think I was called out! I was like wait is that me! Anyway. I would like to thank the team, the fans, my family and friends. They’ve helped me unconditionally and I’m forever grateful for that. I would also like to thank more importantly my boyfriend Justin. Thank you for being there when I need you most even if it meant flying across the world you would do it. Thank you baby, I love you.” I walked back and started fangirling.

“Justin. I have been touched by Nicki Minaj. I will never wash myself ever again.”

“But then your going to stink.” I hit his arm.

I had gotten 3 more awards that night. I didn’t bother going to after party as I don’t like loud noises and tight spaces.

“I can’t wait to rip this dress off you.”

“If you are, you’re buying me a new one, this shit is expensive.”

“You used my card anyway.” He scoffed.

“And I’m going to use it again boy.”

“Whatever, I just want to make love to you.”

“Were almost there calm yourself.”

#156: Jealous

Ashton: "Wanna dance?“ a guy asks you, offering his hand as the DJ starts up a new song. You glance over at Ashton, smirking when you see him glaring at the guy in front of you. The two of you had gotten into a fight earlier that night, so you were determined to get back at him. "Sure, why not,” you shrug, taking his hand and following him on to the dance floor. You dance with your back to him, your hips circling as his hands rest on your waist, your eyes on Ashton the whole time you danced. You saw his fists clench at his side as he stalked up to the two of you. “Hey mate, hand’s off my girl,” Ashton growled, shoving him away as he grabbed you and dragged you to the other side of the club. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he hisses, pinning you against the wall. “Dancing, what does it look like?” you tease, tilting your head to the side. “You’re going to pay for that when we get back home, princess,” he warns, stalking out of the club with you in tow.

Calum: "Damn, how did I ever end up with a girl as gorgeous as you,“ Calum wonders when you walk down the stairs. You were attending a big award show with them, so you knew it was time to bust out the big guns for an event like this. "Thanks, Cal,” you chuckled, sliding on your heels as he took your hand. “Wow (Y/N), you look hot,” Michael states as he walks into the living room from the kitchen, the other two agreeing with him. “You guys don’t look too bad yourselves,” you wink, all of them laughing except for Calum. “Beautiful’s more like it,” Calum mutters, only loud enough for you to hear as the boys talk about who they would potentially see on the red carpet. You turn to look at your boyfriend, quietly laughing when you see the slight pout on his lips. “Jealous much?” you ask quietly. “No,” he dismisses quickly, wrapping an arm around your waist. “I just don’t like my friends calling my girlfriend hot.”

Luke: "I’m probably going to be 50 by the time we get to the front,“ you mutter impatiently, wondering why the line was going so slow in Starbucks. After a few more minutes of waiting, it was finally your turn. You ordered your drinks and paid before you went to the side to wait for them. Luke took your face in his hands, his eyes narrowing as he turns your head in different directions. "Well, you don't look 50,” he mumbles with a smile, making you roll your eyes. You hear Luke’s name called and you walk over to get your drinks, thanking the barista. “Have a good one, guys,” he says, winking at you. You wave goodbye, and notice that he had written ‘For the prettiest girl I’ll see today’ on the cup. You point it out to Luke, jokingly saying, “Looks like he spelled your name wrong.” “We’re never going back to this Starbucks ever again,” he grumbles, pulling you closer to him as you sit beside him at one of the tables outside. “You’re cute when you’re jealous,” you remark, taking his hand in yours. “I’m not jealous,” he replies, leaning forward and kissing you quickly on the lips. “So you didn’t just kiss me because the worker came out to clean the tables just now?” “No, of course not.”

Michael: "Now go ahead and play the song for me,“ Luke says with a smile, gesturing towards the guitar. You take a deep breath and play the song he had taught you, smiling widely when you play it all the way through. "I did it!” you exclaim, looking up at him excitedly. “I told you you could do it,” he laughs. Michael clears his throat behind the two of you, both of you looking up at the noise. “Hey babe,” you greet him, Luke waving as he gets up and brushes past him to head to the kitchen. “What are you doing?” Michael asks, taking a seat beside you on the couch. “Luke said they were keeping you a bit longer at the studio so he offered to teach me how to play the guitar while I waited,” you explain. “And I did it!” “You could’ve just asked me if you wanted to know how to play,” he pouts, looking down at his hands. “I kind of play guitar too.” “Michael Clifford, are you jealous of your own bandmate?” you chuckle. “Maybe,” he whispers, leaning towards you and burying his face in the crook of your neck. “You’re cute when you’re jealous.” “Shut up.”

A/N: I’m seriously so out of it right now so I’m so sorry if these are extremely crappy. I think after not writing for a week and then coming back to write a preference and 4 blurb/drabble things and then another preference the next day can be really draining for me and my creative flow. Or whatever. But yeah. New preference up on Thursday. Hopefully. Probably. And yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx

MAMA or mnet or whatever fucked up BIG TIME this year

what the heck? it’s the end year awards show, an international one, that is done in Hong Kong

it’s a big of a deal and it’s not even that organised? LIKE WHAT THE FUCK

and the worst part is how they disrespected BTS and GOT7, I mean first it was the Namjoon thing with the MC where she RUDELY shut him down and attacked him for talking in english (they are in hong kong, and it’s an international event like WTF)

second, both groups have been around for 2/3 years; and what do they get? not even a 5 minute group performance+ the short collab? like what the heck, and they give,  A FUCKING ROOKIE GROUP 10 minute performence just because they are from a bigger company?

what the heck, I have nothing against Ikon, I kind of like them and I adore the boys but it’s absolutely unfair

imagine Mnet giving BigBang a 4minute performance and giving a rookie group 10 minute one? and to perform 3 songs? now let’s be logical here, it’s absolutely disrespectful, especially in an industry where they cherish these things, like if BTS and GOT7 don’t come out oh BITCHES YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME

I am so annoyed plus they fucked up the boys’ positions and roles I AM SO DONE MNET




Episode Summary for BTR sesaon 4 finale - Big Time Awards Show

The episode revolves around the Tween Choice Awards, where the boy banders are nominated and booked to close the show.

But before the foursome can take the stage, they uncover an evil plot to brainwash everyone in the audience. So BTR have to take down the bad guys and make sure the show rolls on as scheduled.

Austin Mahone, Nick Cannon, Karmin, and Alexa Vega guest star.

DC Presents: The Adventures of Tiny Grant Morrison
  • Tiny Grant Morrison: Hello [____________]. Fancy seeing you here in... crumbs! I've only written me'self into one of these bloody living comic books again. If only there were some way for me to get out...
  • [use the space provided to draw him a means of escape]
  • Tiny Grant Morrison: Wizard! This'll get me home just in time for the big comic awards show.
  • Awards Man: Tiny Grant Morrison, this is the best comic book you've written yet. However did you come up with it?
  • Tiny Grant Morrison: Don't thank me... thank [_________]!