big threatening button

So I’ve been thinking about the Eighth Doctor and the Time War...

I know a lot of fellow 8 fans don’t share that opinion, but I like War Doctor. A lot, actually.

Still, I do feel cheated we didn’t get a warrior 8. I can’t help but think he’d be *very* different from Grandad War Doctor. A lot more broken, much more unpleasant. Basically think Eeyore!Eight from Caerdroia, with very little interference from the other two & gone nastier.

I listened to Infernal Devices two days ago (liked it a lot) - and I’ve been thinking about War!Eight since then.

I *so* want that audio. It’s Doctor Who! And Time War is an insanely timey wimey business! I want an alternate timeline where our dear BB8 (I know what I did there, too) gets dragged all the way down to the pits of hell and to that big red threatening button. I’m interested in the consequences. 

I can even imagine a scenario that more or less honours Moff’s assumption that 8 would NEVER press that button. *That* could have interesting consequences, too… Imagine. The Doctor, standing amidst the rubble and the debris, at the end of the Universe, realizing, all too late, that - damn… Sometimes it is a numbers game after all. (Or still very stubbornly insisting that it never is or just going totally bonkers, who knows…)

And then they’d somehow fix it and get things back on track, with War Doctor and all that - but we’d have our Warrior!8 story…

I want that so so so bad.

(Maybe something along those lines will be in Eighth’s Time War box set, who knows… I’d fucking love that…)

Who’s with me?

And a picture - because no one pays any attention to posts that have no pictures (and because a gratuitous PMcG pic is never a bad thing!):