big ten 10k


I’m running against  with 1,264 former Big Ten athletes? NO PRESSURE! (At least a couple thousand will be regular runners, like me)
Anyway, there is a water-slide in the middle of the race and it’s going to be televised on the Big Ten Network, and I get free sausage and beer…soooo…Is it saturday yet?


Welcome to my life!

My name is Lindsay. I like long runs on the trail….. Ha! If you’ve found me, you’ve definitely read that line already. It’s all true - I love running and eating and, of course, recovering like a champ.

These photos are some of the highlights of 2015 for me - Star Wars Half Marathon, Soldier Field 10 miler, Big Ten 10k and the Chicagoland Half Series.

So far this year I have finished these races:
4 half marathons
1 10 miler
4 10ks
And an 8k and a 5k

Still on my schedule this year is the NYC Marathon, the Rock and Roll Vegas Half and the Dallas Half.

My life outside of running has been a whirlwind this year. I started a new job at the beginning of 2015 and I’ve been killing it ever since. So much so that in August, I was asked to move to Texas for a new position, already. I travel quite often for work, but I’m hoping it slows down. I’m just settling in to a new life and I’m ready to see who might be out there that I haven’t met yet.

Thanks for joining in on this journey - I can’t wait to see where it goes!