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CSBB Author Spotlight: delightfully-difficult-pirate

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @delightfully-difficult-pirate​!

What is your writing process like?

I go with the flow most of the time, let my brain do what it wants and then edit later.  However, if I’m writing something more in depth, I make myself a basic timeline, cast of characters, and synopsis so that I don’t get bogged down later on.

What’s a particular trope or kind of story you’ve wanted to try, but haven’t gotten to yet?

I usually write one-shots and I’ve wanted to try my hand at a longer, multi-chapter story for awhile

Who is your favorite OUAT character to write?

Emma.  She is so full of potential.  She’s strong but still emotional, feminine while being tough.  A realistic mother, struggling with family and the demands of the world. 

If you participated in the first Captain Swan Big Bang, what was the experience like for you? What are you looking forward to this time around?

I was a beta-reader the first time around and really enjoyed the chance to get more involved in fanfiction side of the OUaT Fandom. I’m looking forward to all the fabulous fanfiction this event helps create, as well as the relationships with other fandom members.

Favorite Fic:

Spring Cleaning (AO3)

First fanfiction I wrote for the OUaT Fandom and first creative writing project in 6 or so years.

Check out delightfully-difficult-pirate on AO3

get a room...

In desperate need of just getting out of my own head, I set out to write some fluffy, happy times and ended up with a little Friday smutlet. TGIF!

Warmth seems to be radiating everywhere, from her fingertips into the leather of his brace and the side of her thigh practically hitched over his knee beneath the booth, to the spicy drag of his rum he’s been tipping into their half empty mugs of hot chocolate. There’s a prevailing weightless feeling settling between them as they somehow find themselves in an unfamiliar unburdened moment. Henry and Violet have long left the diner on a date of their own, leaving just her and Killian, tucked in a quiet corner where, miraculously…no one needs them for anything.

They could go home and really take advantage, but she’s terrified to jinx it. When his arm between them lifts so he can tuck her into his side, she somehow knows he must feel the same. Dipping a finger into his mug, she scoops some whipped cream from the side and almost has it in her mouth before his reflexes kick in she finds her wrist caught in his grip. Feeling playful and content she just laughs as he brings her finger to his own mouth and swipes the cream with a slightly pornographic curl of his tongue. Her belly swoops low at the heat hiding behind his mirth and she’s suddenly feeling less and less superstitious.

They should really just go home.

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The Cullens Reimagined

Simonas Pham as Edward Cullen » Soo Joo Park as Alice Cullen » Willy Cartier as Jasper Hale » Sabina Karlsson as Bella Swan » Tyson Beckford as Emmett Cullen » Marquita Pring as Esme Cullen » Idris Elba as Carlisle Cullen » Shanina Shaik as Rosalie Hale


do you understand what you’ve done?
you have 90 minutes to complete. (insp.)

i am so sorry that this took so long for me to put out – december was not kind and i had family things to do on christmas day and today was the only time i could get to a laptop. but @gunbitchalicia - i’m your secret santa and sorry that i couldn’t send you more messages like i want too but here is the graphic that i promised! – i also promised it wouldn’t be angsty – i lied. 

also big thank you to @swan-heda for putting this together!

For me, the best part of this entire episode was not Captain Charming. 
It was not Killian and his silly grin of pride, showing his ring to Archie.
It was not Prince Charming and his best bro, doing grade 12 chemistry.
It was not Killian being so so nervous and adorable about his bro’s blessing.
It was not Charming’s complete acceptance and approval of Hook. 

It was in fact, my precious little blonde baby. My precious little blonde baby in her beanie and her pretty red coat, and her long blonde hair and her big, big SMILE. Emma Swan has literally been suffering and stressing for YEARS, and today she got to go canoeing with her son, get kissed so good by her pirate that she forgot the entire world, and got to curl up with malt ball soaked popcorn. She got to smile and giggle and have bright eyes and no worries. Emma Swan is the most precious specimen I have ever seen in my life, and seeing her happy today was literally everything I never knew I needed.