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CSBB Snippet

Here’s a snippet from a CSBB work in progress for you to enjoy!

“Oh God,” she moans, dropping back into her chair with her head in her hands, “this is a nightmare.”

“Not necessarily, love,” Killian says, coming up behind her and resting hand and hook on her slumped shoulders. “There are other kingdoms to meet with and he wasn’t averse, not as such -“

“They want money,” she groans, “and I don’t have any - I don’t even have walls.”

“We have some walls.”

Emma turns her glare on him, scowling in displeasure, but she rests her head against his arm all the same.

“Is that supposed to be comforting?” she asks. “Because it needs some work.”

“Now that I will take on advisement,” he says, grinning as he leans over to press a kiss to the crown of her head. “Any chance I can begin my lessons? Or is your steward likely to attempt to barge in again with some terribly thrilling news about farm yields or some such?”

“You shouldn’t be so harsh on Pinocchio,” she sighs, smiling as he begins to run his fingers over her scalp and soothing the ache caused by her tight hairstyle. “He’s new to this too, you know.”

“Aye, and a very enthusiastic student he is too, especially where you’re concerned.”

“Jealous?” Emma scoffs. “Not very piratical of you, Captain.”

“Not much piratical about me any more,” he says, something in his voice making her twist around in her chair to face him.

“Do you miss it?” she asks, “Your ship?”

“Aye,” he says, and shrugs, unable to quite meet her eyes. “Sometimes.”

“Do you - “ she swallows hard, her own gaze flickering to the ground. “Do you want to go back?”

“Oh Swan,” he says, lifting her face to his with his thumb pressed into the dent of her chin. “Never, do you understand me? Never. Nowhere. Not without you.”

“Alright,” she says, letting her eyes fall shut as his breath skims her lips. “That’ll do.”

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Welcome to Swan Queen Supernova II: Cygnus Summer Celebration!

That’s right - the time has arrived. Sound the horns and ring the bells, another season of Swan Queen Supernova is here!

First things first - please check out the FAQ and SCHEDULE by clicking on those links or visiting the links in our sidebar. Those posts should give you all the information you need to have a successful Supernova season!

We have also added a new aspect of the event this year - our Protostar Challenge, a Reverse Bang-style event! We have included more details about it under a read more at the bottom of the post, so check that out before you sign up!

On that note, it’s time to get this party started! Sign-ups this year are open from APRIL 17 - MAY 7 for all artist and author roles for both challenges! Beta, cheerleader, and pinch-hit signups will stay open challenge-round, so you’re always more than welcome to join us for those.

Once again, be sure you read the FAQ and SCHEDULE before signing up, but if you’re all ready to go:



Sign ups for authors and artists close promptly at midnight Eastern Time (US) on May 7th, so don’t delay! And be sure to spread the word - the more, the merrier!

Let us know if you guys have any questions that aren’t answered by the Schedule or the FAQ page, and happy Supernova Season to all!

For more information on the Protostar Challenge, click the Read More below:

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Access Granted (1/1)

So a couple of weeks ago, I made a post about a Hacker!Killian, FBI!Emma fic and voila, here is the whole thing. This is dedicated to (just) Ruhi @ofshipsandswans because she practically forced me to write it and she selfishly made me change my entire ending (shame on you rohana), but she also made me this amazing banner, gave me the title (which makes this boring fic seem way more exhilariating) and she just spread a whole lotta love in general which I am hoping to return with this. <3

~10,800 words

Finding the code to success of being a good hacker is easier than one would think. It’s all about knowing and understanding your opponent and adapting your tactics as you go.

Small websites are like young, inexperienced fighters. There’s sloppiness and there are unguarded bits and spaces; they use all of their energy in the first ten minutes, trying to wear their opponent down, but end up tired themselves and even laxer. That’s when you attack and strike the death-blow.

The key to hacking a multinational lies somewhere else. Think of them as the big, muscular, intimidatingly staring fellows whose arms are adorned with black tattoo lines and whose teeth are in dire need of attention. There is no way in hell you would win in a head to head battle; there’s no point in even trying. What do you do instead? You look for their weak spot, their Achilles heel just waiting to be uncovered. You study their every movement, their system, how they function. And when the bright, neon arrow starts flickering; well, that’s when the fun begins.

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so I’ve been thinking about a Bagginshield Beauty and the Beast AU, and a fem!Kiliel Tangled AU for a while, and then I started to think, why stop there?

Dís and Víli? Swan Princess, because reasons

Frerin and Bofur? Sleeping Beauty

and then I thought of Fíli ranting to Tauriel, “All of my family has had weird things happening to them. Uncle Thorin was cursed into a beast, Uncle Frerin was cursed into eternal sleep, ‘Amad was cursed into a swan, my little sister was kidnapped and you’re telling me her hair is long as heck. I’m the only one who hasn’t had anything weird happening and I don’t know if I’m happy or if that makes me weird.”

and then comes the plot twist

he’s Moana

CSBB Artist Spotlight: bleebug

Today’s Captain Swan Big Bang Spotlight features @bleebug!

What kinds of artwork do you make?

Digital art mainly. It’s been a while since I worked with traditional media.

What’s your favorite thing about creating artwork?

Getting better. Of course it’s nice to express myself and put my faves in domestic situations, and I’ll be honest, feedback is like half the joy. But really, I just love when I notice that I’ve improved from one work to the next. I get a strange sense of accomplishment despite it being just kind of a fun hobby.

What’s one of your greatest strengths when it comes to creating artwork?

Persistence maybe? There have been times when I’ve drawn and redrawn some part of a piece over and over and over until I feel satisfied with the result. Sometimes it’s with the lines, sometimes it’s with the coloring, but I guarantee you that there’s just something in every piece that stumps me for a while before I can figure it out.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try your hand at, but haven’t had a chance yet?

Acrylics. I have the paints, I have the canvas… but I’m always just too nervous to start something. I’m not sure why!! Maybe I’ve just gotten so used to working on Photoshop that I’m too afraid of messing up with paints.

If you are new to the Captain Swan Big Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

Well SOMEONE was very persuasive. ;)  Haha, but really, I just wanted to contribute. I know the stuff from last year was really amazing and I found new writers and artists to follow and flail over. Just throwing myself into the fun this year! (Plus, I mean, I get to read and gush over an awesome fic before it even gets posted. How rad is that?)

First Artwork:

It took a lot of time and work to get the entire piece done, but honestly I’m just proud of myself for attempting a background. I’m *terrible* at putting characters in an environment. Always have been. So this was a challenge for me. I’m also definitely proud that I managed to actually couple a fic and artwork, and I’m glad they seemed to go well together. Good practice for CSBB!

Second Artwork:

It only took me, oh, about a dozen attempts before I managed to get the lighting to look decent. (That is, recoloring the *entire* image.) I take for granted how often I seem to ignore light sources in my artwork until I realize that I have to reflect firelight at an upward angle against their faces. I learned a lot while drawing this!

Third Artwork:

I’m just happy to finally be drawing them both with smiles on their faces instead of the Serious Look™ that I always tend to do when drawing. Killian’s face took a few attempts. Emma’s was surprisingly simple. I think that’s something else I like, just the simplicity of it. (That’s my way of saying, I don’t need no heckin’ background!)

Check out bleebug on Tumblr - AO3


Finished during 2014 Winter Olympics 

Ye–es. It was swan lake and Levi took the role of black swan and Eren was some Prince unfortunately seduced by the bird. 

Some sort of Ludwig II stuff. (google him if you have no idea)

I might have a hobby… posting many at one post.

Tossing all unknown context aside, as well as if it’s even possible given where the current canon is…

…the picture of Killian in his full pirate regalia AND his new shiny wedding band just makes me desperately want to see ALL of the characters in their full fairytale/original gear for the finale in Storybrooke. I don’t care how we get there. 

Gimme Charming on a horse and that fuckin fur and velvet cape (YOU KNOW THE ONE) riding down Main Street. 

Give me short-haired Snow in her bandit gear perched on the roof of the library firing arrows at some baddie as baby Neal coos in his carrier next to her and the dwarves stand guard below.

Gimme Regina in some ridiculous get up, fireball sparking in her hand and ready to roll.

And give me Emma in the OG Savior red leather jacket, walking up and lacing her left hand with her pirate husband’s right, their wedding bands bumping cozily as they get ready to finish this whole damn thing. 



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