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To the person who asked this question: thank you. I really wonder what variation of barbecue that Franky is good at, v important, because it’s either him or Usopp I would ask for food in the event Sanji died.

Or went missing. How morbid, I guess I was channeling Robin.

SUSHI PARTY✨🌿🍙🍙 who wants to share??
Keeping up with my Sushi Sunday tradition by making myself a big plate of #vegan sushi for lunch today👌🏼 I just used brown rice leftover from last night, then filled it with marinated tofu, avocado + all the veggies of the rainbow😌
💜PRO TIP: When making sushi, my best tip would have to be to roll it up as tight as you possibly can + use a sharp clean knife to slice⚡️⚡️
What are your favourite sushi fillings??

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When Their S/O Has Social Anxiety Attack

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon had never experienced one of your attacks first hand. All you had to do was pay for your items from the grocery store. Your chest tightened and you couldn’t speak. Namjoon quickly paid himself and guided you outside for fresh air.

“Don’t worry Princess. I’ve got you.”

~Kim Seokjin~

Jin watched the way your hands shook when you tried to talk to the waitress. Your lips drew into a thin line and tears brimmed your eyes. Jin excused you two and he took you to the corner of the restaurant. His hands cupped your face and his wide shoulders blocked out the people gawking.

“We can eat somewhere else Y/n. I’m not a big fan of sushi anyway.”

~Min Yoongi~

Yoongi drew his eyebrows together at the strange behavior you were emitting to the older woman. She had asked you about where your shirt came from, and that’s when you froze. Yoongi quickly answered for you and pulled you away to a secluded area. Within seconds, he had you in his arms and whispering sweet things into your ear.

“Easy baby…”

~Jung Hoseok~

The crowd had your anxiety going wild. The streets of Seoul had always been packed but you were always sure to avoid them. Hoseok grabbed your arm and was able to make it through the crowd of people to a bench. Your heart was beating wildly and you felt as if you couldn’t breathe.

“Look at me Y/n. Not anybody else.”

~Park Jimin~

Jimin watched you being shoved around by drunks in the club. A guilty feeling settled in his stomach. You had seemed unwilling in the first place to go to the club. Now he knew why. Your face was red and by the time you reached him again, he could see the tears streaking your face.

“We’re leaving baby. I’m so sorry I dragged you here.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Taehyung saw the tears building in your eyes before you even opened your mouth. Just the large crowds around you at the airport was enough to make an attack stir. After walking through the metal detectors, Taehyung took you to the various rows of seats and kneeled down in front of you.

“Hey, hey. Don’t cry.”

~Jeon Jungkook~

The multiple fans screaming your name as you walked hand in hand with Jungkook, had your fears rising. You know you were not the perfect person for Jungkook by far, and the insults hurled at you confirmed your suspicions. Jungkook pulled you into the black car beside of him and could feel you physically shaking. He pulled down your mask and pressed a sweet kiss to your lips.

“Calm down baby. Focus on me, not on those lies.”

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Nick/Judy. Judy is pregnant with Nick's kit, and she is experiencing predatory cravings in public and gets unnerved by it, Nick tries to console her in the only way he knows how, hustling her.



Rabbit do not normally eat meat.  They can.  In the same way a car can make every restaurant a drive through.  But just because it can, doesn’t mean it should.  

Eating meat can cause stomach issues among some other heath related things for a rabbit.  Because well they don’t eat it.

Except Judy is craving it.

Like craving it.

In the middle of the afternoon.  In the middle of a shopping mall.  

It’s not something rabbit did.  Then again most rabbits didn’t have a hybrid child growing inside them that needed certain proteins to develop.  

And Judy knew she should really care about craving a Big Bug Burger, or sushi, or a fish stew.  Or even eating it in public.  She was at that point in her pregnancy where she didn’t really care what she looked like.  Because her ankles hurt, and the kit just loves kicking her insides around for sport.  Not to mention the hormones.

But the last time she ate something like that in public, everyone stared.  Like full on started like there was something seriously wrong with her for getting withing an inch of proteins.  

Really made her not want to ignore the craving.  

But then the baby…

“Judy relax,”  Nick said calmly beside her.  “The doctor said not to get too stressed out, and your thumping like crazy.”

“Sorry,”  Judy said with a weak grin.  “I’m just hungry, Nick.”

“So eat,”  The fox said easily.  Judy turned to look at him and frowned.  “Ah,”  The fox sounded, instantly understanding.  “I’ll grab us a snack than.”

“Nick, it’s fine…” Judy started, but the fox walked out of range.

Judy sighed as the fox disappeared into the crowd of mammals at the food court.  She grumbled to herself as she moved to sit down at a near by table.  She easily propped her feet up on of the the chairs and started up at the ceiling.

Nick is too good sometimes.  He’s more than willing to go out and order or cook whatever Judy wants, at whatever times she wants it.  And as a fox, and a natural omnivore, no mammal bats an eye at him ordering anything.  But it still doesn’t help the fact that Judy has to eat whatever he orders for in public.  Where ever mammal will make a point to stare…and no doubt whisper.

It took a few moments for Nick to return, with two containers for something in his paws.  He set them down on the table, sliding one on the table towards her.

“One Tofu noddle bowl for the lovely lady.”  Nick stated.

Judy frowned slightly at the bowl. The word tofu scribbled on the top.  While the one Nick still had had Grubs written on it.  It wasn’t what she wanted, but it would probably curve the craving enough for to wait till she got home and could hunger down with a bag of barbecue cricked legs.

“Thanks,” She said softly as she peeled off the top, stabbed her fork into the noodles.

She raised the food to her mouth and a pleasant crunch surprised her.  Along with the taste of bugs she had been craving.  Her eyes brightened instantly, as she glanced at her husband.  The fox grinning at her knowingly as he munched on a forkful of tofu and noddles.

“Clever, clever fox.”  Judy stated gleefully as she dove in for another bite.

“It’s called a hustle sweetheart.”  He stated so easily.

Judy rolled her eyes as she hummed happily at him.


AN: I don’t know.  But this is totally something I could see Nick doing.  Ordering foods that look similar for protiens and veggie eaters, then switching them for Judy.

Didn’t tunglr once have a grand Mal meltdown about the sushi burrito and how it was cultural appropriation and the worst, most culture-stealing​ and destroying nasty white people food thing this side of literal genocide, and then it turned out that the guys running the truck were (iirc) a Korean and a Hispanic guy, and they were pretty much really big sushi rolls

I think someone ended up blanking their blog over it, because they had thrown such a huge tantrum

Heath Ledger x Reader ~ Cuddles

Heath Ledger x Reader ~ Cuddles

“Hey, honey! I’m home! Are you still alive?”, you close the front door of your apartment behind you. The shopping bags in your hands get heavier every step you take towards the kitchen. “My love! I need you!”, Heath replies from the bedroom. A sigh escapes your mouth, while you look through the shopping bags until you find his favorite cookies.
The famous actor is lying in the big bed wrapped in a big blanket like a sushi. “Are you feeling better?”, you ask a bit worried as you put the cookies on the nightstand right next to him. Heath has a flu, which is a big deal for him, because he practically never gets sick. “I’m dying! Please, cuddle with me!”, the grown up man whines like a child and holds out his arms for you.
Of course you couldn’t say no to his puppy eyes. Slightly smiling you lie down in his arms, while you put your head on his chest to hear his heartbeat. “I really missed you, (Y/N)”, Heath draws softly circles on your arm. “I was just an hour away to buy groceries and your medicine”, you reply giggling. The actor gives you a shrug with his shoulders.
“It felt like an eternity without you. Could you just stay here with me for the rest of the day?”, Heath couldn’t get enough of you, when he’s sick. “Of course, whatever my sick darling wants. I love you”, you kiss his cheek. “I love you too, my love.”

Hope you enjoyed it :)

Headcanons for the Phantom Troupe and their favorite foods

And a thank you @shalnarkonice because she helped me with a few of these that really stumped me!

Shalnark- soup. Any kind of soup, because it’s warm and he loves the texture

Uvo- really big fan of meats. Big on anything that bad for his heart (too bad he can’t eat chains…. I’m sorry)

Machi- she really loves seafood. Sushi especially. I feel like she is a big sushi girl.

Phinks- bacon. Steak. Give him all the high in cholesterol foods (shit, is it even cholesterol that’s bad for you? Idek im tired and I wish I cared)

Nobunaga- I really wanna say he likes chicken nuggets but we all know that’s unrealistic. He probably likes rice. Also really loves his tofu.

Pakunoda- she tends to go for fancier foods. She likes fruits and dark chocolate and maybe tuna sandwiches? Idek what do fancy people even eat?

Kortopi- does he even eat? He probably likes a lot of junk food. are his main diet, like popcorn (the noise is what he really loves) but he puts so much butter on it it almost is soggy. He loves cookies and brownies too.

Chrollo- he seems like the kinda guy who puts all those fancy vinaigrette dressings on chicken salads. He probably loves wine?? He has that middle aged mom aes down

Franklin- eats anything really. He is not picky, but prefers salty foods. Burgers are nice. So is pork.

Kalluto- eats like a bird. He likes tea and sweeter rice. Probably puts honey milk and sugar on his rice.

Hisoka- fuck this guy he’s prolly a cannibal when he’s not chewing that stupid gum

Feitan- though he is a light eater, but likes spicy foods. He is the kinda guy who can eat 5 bags of those spicy Cheetos and not need any water (I admire you Feitan, I cry after eating 1)

Shizuku- chocolate speaks to her. Feed her chocolate. I beg of you.

Bonolenov- how does he eat without unwrapping himself?? Idk but he probably likes burnt toast or some shit like that