big surprise tour

Imagine the other members of Seventeen making sure that Jeonghan has an amazing birthday celebration despite being on tour and away from his family.

i’ll always be down for you.

word count: 1,112 words and 5,924 characters

scenerio: reader is in bed sleeping next to harry who is having a hard time sleeping. eventually he wakes the reader up and they begin speaking about their future together.

author’s note: hello, this is my first read for you. i’ll try my best to be active but school and work comes first. this isn’t something i plan on doing forever. feel free to request.

 “sleepless nights tend to continue on forever”

that’s how this one night felt. the clock read 3:07am and it seemed like the night had been purposely dragging to torture the male. starring at the ceiling eventually got boring and the sounds of the city weren’t the most calming noises in the world. it seemed to be getting colder quicker. warmth was what the male wanted.

harry was beyond caught up in his thoughts about, well everything. how did he get to this very moment. how his life has just been a big huge surprise. tour life never got boring. in fact, there seemed to be a big shock everyday. he wouldn’t trade it for the world. however, falling in love was the last thing he expected in his chaotic life. being introduced to a beautiful girl by a mutual friend was the last thing he ever thought would happen.

yet, here he is. laying in bed next to one of the most gorgeous girls he’s ever laid his eyes on. he turned around to face her. a small smile creeped upon his face as he kept his eyes on the girl while she slept. as weird as it sounds he wasn’t bothered by the fact that he probably seemed like a creep. the female was wrapped in the light blue blankets sleeping as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

harry reached over brushing his thumb against the girl’s bottom lip. she stayed silently sleeping. harry had so many thoughts in his head trying to describe her. breathtaking? no, not enough. mesmerizing? she’s more than that. insanely beautiful? insane isn’t even the correct word nor is beautiful. what was the right words then?

“you’re so… gorgeous.” harry whispered, smiling at the girl laying next to him. thats’s when she fluttered her eyes open at the soft familar voice. he frowned feeling guilty at the fact that he woke her up. he didn’t mean to. he just wanted to speak about her beauty in silence. she gripped tighter to the blankets keeping her eyes open. the only light coming into the room was coming from the windows which came from the city. 

“i didn’t mean to wake you.” he admitted, reacing over to her hair running his fingers through it. he liked the feeling of his fingers through her hair. that’s when a small smile spreaded across her face. and that’s when a smile spreaded across his. 

“what time is it?” she spoke, in a tired voice starring at him. he grabbed his phone from the nightstand before speaking. “3:16am” he answered before sitting his phone back down and starring at her. he wasn’t proud of himself for waking up his girlfriend just because he couldn’t sleep. 

“love, why on earth are you awake right now?” she asked, keeping his eyes on him still holding onto the blankets. he shrugged, before shaking his head. “another sleepless night i suppose.” he spoke, keeping her eyes locked with his girlfriend.

“and i am awake because?” she joked, making them both slightly laugh. he then spoke up. “i don’t know. i was admiring your beauty. starring at the ceiling got boring and i suppose the noises coming from outside of cars driving past wasn’t the most soothing noise in the world.”

she smiled before shaking her head. “what were you thinking about this time?” she asked, keeping her eyes on the male infront of him. she knew when harry didn’t sleep it was mainly because there was something on his mind that he couldn’t get rid of. 

“i was thinking about you. and how we first met. you know y/n i got pretty lucky.” he admitted, running his fingers through her hair. “i guess you’re the only thing that’s going on in my mind.” he spoke, causing the smile across her face to spread wider. 

“you tell me this all the time. you’re too good to me. i appreciate it more than you think. but it’s something about hearing it at three in the morning that makes me truly believe you mean every inch of it.” she spoke, causing a small laugh to escape from harry’s lips. “you know me too well. it’s all about you up here.” he spoke, pointing to his head with his index finger. 

“you’re a charmer. but being charmed at 3am. not my thing harry.” she spoke before scooting over closer to him wrapping his arms around him holding him. being in y/n’s arms was harry’s safe space and she knew that. he wrapped his arms around the girl before speaking up.

“i want to picture a future with you. you and i against the world.” he spoke, starring up at the ceiling. the fact that he had a girl by his side willing to talk about their future together at three in the morning only meant that she was a keeper in his mind.

“picture it. go for it.” she spoke quietly laying her head on harry’s chest also starring at the ceiling. it almost felt like starring at the ceiling put you in a whole different reality. under the stars. but they weren’t really under the stars. they were in their shared apartment in the city of london.

“i want to spend it all with you. just you. you only. i see nobody else. im just- i’m scared. i don’t want anybody else to take you from me.” he admitted, which caused her to shake her head. “it’s just an internal fear i have y/n. i don’t want anybody to take you from me.” 

it took her a second to gather up what she was going to say until it finally came to her. “you know i would never leave you. and no guy will ever take me from you. they’ll have to blindfold me, tie me up and take me away if they want to steal me away from you harry.” 

in a way that made him feel a lot better about himself and also boosted his self confidence. knowing she didn’t want to leave was one of the best feelings in the world.

“besides, you know i’m always going to be down for you.”

and those were the words he needed to hear. that was something that y/n and harry had together. one day when they were both worried about being split up while he was on tour they both at the same time somehow said “i’ll always be down for you, and since then that was their thing. and they only said that to each other when they were serious. so he finally spoke up.

”i’m always going to be down for you y/n.”