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shakespeare aesthetics

romeo and juliet: suburban july. scraped knees, bruised knuckles, blood in your teeth. bare feet on hot concrete. restlessness. your high school’s empty parking lot. love poems in your diary. a window open to coax in a breeze. burning inside. an ill-fitting party dress, a t-shirt you cut up yourself, the time you tried to give yourself bangs. biking to your friend’s house. bubble gum. gas station ice. the feeling that you’ve met before. rebellion. a car radio playing down the street. cheap fireworks. a heart drawn on the inside of your wrist with sharpie. switchblades. red solo cups. dancing in your bedroom. screaming yourself hoarse. running out of options. the forlorn-looking basketball hoop at the end of the cul-de-sac. climbing onto your roof at night while your parents are asleep. flip-flops. a eulogy written on looseleaf. the merciless noontime sun.

hamlet: speaking in a whisper. holding your breath. a browning garden. a half-remembered story. furniture covered with sheets. fog at dawn, mist at twilight. losing touch. the ethereal space between winter and spring. the soft skin at your temple. the crack in the hallway mirror. things you’d say if you knew the words. uncombed hair. books with writing in the margins, books with cracked spines, books with lines scratched out. prayers on all souls’ day. a chipped ceramic bathtub. a cold stone floor. uncomfortable awareness of your own heartbeat. the sparrow that got in your house. shadows. the creek you played in as a child. a dirty night gown. a big black t-shirt. a collection of your favorite words. soil under your nails. ghost stories. the strangeness of your own name in your mouth. deep silence. exhaustion. a cliff with a long, long drop down.

twelfth night: wicker deck furniture. new england summer. big dark sunglasses and a blonde bob. a storm over the ocean, patio umbrellas flapping in the wind. chlorine smell. muffled laughter. sarcasm. starched cuffs. day drinking. bay windows. the idea of love, love for the idea of love, love for love’s sake. hangovers. wandering over the sand dunes. a vagabond with a guitar, a crab fisherman with tattoos, a pretty boy with a slackened tie. a light house. growing too close. boat shoes. feeling yourself change. finger guns. big floppy sun hats. double-speak. a song you keep listening to. turning red under their gaze. margaritas drunk on an inflatable pool lounger. string lights on a balmy night. sleepy june days. fights you’re unprepared for, hope you weren’t expecting, pranks that go too far. bad poetry. pining. pool noodles. becoming less of a stranger.

macbeth: the space where your grief used to be. a bird that’s lost an eye. old blood stains. heavy blinds. the smell of sweat, the stillness after battle. a fake smile. a curse. the taste of metal at the back of your tongue. your house, unfamiliar in the dark. a dusty crib. a sulfur smell. an orange pill bottle. streaks in the sink. a black cocktail dress. your hand on the doorknob, shaking. chilly breeze. crunching from the gravel driveway on a moonless night. clenched hands. a rusty swing set. a flashing digital clock stuck on 12:00. a snake that crosses your path, an owl that watches you, a dog that runs when you approach. red smoke. dark clouds. cool steel. tile floors. footsteps in the hallway late at night. a baggy suit that used to fit before. visions. insomnia headaches. nursery rhymes. being too far in to go back now. 

much ado about nothing: the high drama of small towns. a pickup truck, military supply duffel bags in the hall, hugs all around. tulip bulbs. a wraparound porch, a pitcher of iced tea. barbecue. a rubber halloween mask. someone on your level. indian summer. ill-timed proclamations. stomach-clutching laughter. rushing in. not minding your business. crepe paper. white lies. secrets written down and thrown away. southern hospitality. homemade curtains in the kitchen, a sink full of roses. hiding in the bushes. old friends. the wedding dress your grandma wore, and her mama before her. a dog-eared rhyming dictionary. camomile with honey. the intimacy of big parties. lawn flamingos. gossip. a crowded church. friendly rivalries. unfriendly rivalries. shit getting real. love at five hundredth sight. not realizing you have a home until you’re there. 

king lear: cement block buildings. power lines that birds never perch on. the end of the world. useless words. rainless thunder, heat lightning, a too-big sky. arthritic knuckles. broken glass. chalk cliffs. the pulsing red-black behind closed eyes. something you learned too late. wet mud that sucks up your shoes while you walk. a cold stare. empty picture frames. empty prayers. the obscenity of seeing your parents cry. a treeless landscape. bloody rags. grappling in the dark with reaching hands. the sharpness at the tips of your teeth. the blown-out windows of skeletal houses. decay. jokes that aren’t jokes, shutting up, holding your tongue. prophecies. aching muscles, tired feet. stinging rain. invoking the gods, wondering if the gods are listening, wondering if the gods are dead. white noise. shivers. numbness. the unequivocal feeling of ending.

a midsummer night’s dream: wet soil/dead leaves smell. listening to music on headphones with your eyes closed. wildflowers. the distant sparkle of lightning bugs. a pill somebody slipped you. fear that turns to excitement, excitement that turns to frenzy. mossy tree trunks. a pair of yellow eyes in the darkness. night swimming. moonlight through the leaves. a bass beat in your chest. a butterfly landing on your nose. a kiss from a stranger. a dark hollow in an old tree. glow-in-the-dark paint. drinking on an empty stomach. a twig breaking behind you. spinning until you’re dizzy. finding glitter on your body and not remembering where it came from. an overgrown path through the woods. cool dew on your skin. a dream that fades with waking. moths drawn to the light. giving yourself over, completely. afterglow. the long, loving, velvety night.


Here’s my “Summon Sign” artbook filled with Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 and even some Demon Souls work as well as some rough work and commissions. The first two batches sold out and I have a third on the way!

If anyone’s interested its a 64 page black and white book for $20 (including shipping worldwide) and if people are interested you can get a headsketch (like the final pic) for an extra $5. Just send me an email -

lunch-is-bangin  asked:

Headcanon that Jeremy gets burnt SUUPER easy (thats boy is so pale my goodness), so he lathers up with SPF 100 sunscreen. Michael is one of those people who totally wears their glasses in the water, or else he can't do squat. Jake of course has the "ideal" beach bod, while Rich is super insecure about his burns, but Jake assures him he's the hottest guy there. Christine is one of those people who doesnt need sunscreen. Brooke & Chloe are those people who use the tin foil trifold things to tan.

FAVVV AAAA the supportive richjake…… i’m love
also: jenna in a Super cute purple bathing suit w a big floppy sun hat

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Please can we get some more V headcannons. Random as hell ones nsfw ones WHICHEVER BECAUSE I LOVE MY POOR BBY 💕


~Do it for V! (⌐■_■)


  • Has accidentally grabbed and worn your pink sunglasses a bunch of times
  •  Likes to whistle
  • A great tipper. Like, always tipping extra no matter what
  • Doesn’t really eat much
  • Like
  • If you come home and you haven’t been monitoring him all day, he’ll tell you he had some bread and tea/coffee and that’s about it
  • Likes to smoke his pipe and listen to music wrapped in a big comfy sweater
  • Smiles when he hears a baby laugh
  • Wants to own a garden and wear a big sun hat while tending it
  • Likes to smoke his pipe and pace around the house in thought
  • Has monogrammed towels
  • When he does go out to eat, he’s really into trying new dishes
  • Has given himself a bloody nose a few times from walking into walls
  • Is offended when animals don’t like him
  • Has sat on you a few times-whoops
  • Plays the early morning gamble of “who’s toothbrush am I about to use”
  • Likes the smell of freshly brewed coffee
  • Is a big baby when he gets sick but won’t say anything about it because he doesn’t want to inconvenience you
  • Is a literal fucking ball of sunshine and god damn rainbows always

{Everybody loves V!}

Ok but imagine tiny eremins at the beach and Armin burns easily so he wears this big floppy sun hat with sunblock smeared visibly across his nose and cheeks and Eren sneakily puts flowers into his hat without him noticing and Eren never burns he just gets browner and browner and gets constantly yelled at by his mom for forgetting sunblock and his hat

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I know you said you wanted to do villains too. What kinda of foods are you thinking for Zarkon and Lotor if any?

Imagine Lotor with that a big sun hat, sunglasses, and Japanese purple ice cream.  That’s at least one thing I want to do for him XD 

I’ll probably do one for Zarkon and maybe one or two for Lotor, but I also want to do some Thace and Ulaz and Marmora guys. Things like blueberry dishes, purple cook wear, and most likely the dessert section 

April potter prompt

I think luna would show her pride by wearing clothes in the colours of the flags. As in quoiromantic ace luna wearing blue green black clothing and combining it with purple glasses. Also I think she would wear homemade bracelets and rings with different flag colours (also the black ring)

Sorry I thw one who made the luna clothing prompt. I’m a hufflepuff!

Luna’s family has never dressed in what other (mostly pureblood) wix deem appropriate. Xenophilius wears robes, but they’re often pretty pastels, and his robes are never tied up properly, displaying the various shirts and shorts he owns underneath. Pandora (Merlin bless her soul) wore muggle sundresses and big muggle sun hats, and if she wore a robe, she tended to wear it like a cape. Her parents encouraged eccentric clothing through which Luna could express herself. 

Although Luna actually does have a penchant for robes (they feel very nice, in her opinion), she most enjoys accessorizing with handmade jewelry and scarves (some of which she got when some very kind but very nervous house elves asked her to pick up one day when she was around where they were cleaning).

So when Luna ran across a quaint little muggle shop selling all sorts of accessories, she couldn’t help but be drawn to some of them, particularly the more colorful ones, in which she realized she could mix and match them to create her own pride look. Purple glasses, a necklace on green string that ends simply in a question mark, and some plain bracelets and necklace chains that she could customize with her craft supplies at home were some of the first items she just had to buy. 

Luna felt so proud wearing her small pride items, she couldn’t help but upgrade to some full-on pride outfits. Madam Malkin’s is happy to customize robes for a little extra charge. Between that and some lucky finds in Secondhand Robes, Luna finds her closet fuller with some gorgeous black robes and deep purple robes with options for a green, purple, white, or even gray tie-around, plus matching hats with similar tie-arounds. She also found a lovely hat that, with a little cleaning and just a little magic, is pure-white with a black tie-around which luna enchanted to look purple depending on the viewer’s perspective.

To round out her outfits, Luna couldn’t help herself from getting some wonderful shoes from a muggle ship. Some knee-high, soft boots in purple and some comfortable sneakers in green.

The black ring, which she never takes off except when she washes, was actually a gift from Ginny. Luna never really felt the need to come out, nor did she feel the need to hide. So although her being a quoiromantic asexual never really came up, Ginny figured it out through her attire, and gifted Luna the black ring one birthday.

Some snobby wix may stick up their noses at Luna’s attire, but others get a thrill of wonder when Luna walks by and can’t help but think they must not be alone in how they feel.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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OKAY BUT what if saeyoung and saeran go to the beach, for the first time? I don't think these two would ever have been to the beach tbh?? Maybe after saeyoungs route MC takes them to the beach for the first time and they all have a great family trip


  • MC kind of has to force these two shut-ins out of the house
  • Saeran has never been to the beach but he just knows its going to suck
  • sand is gross and the ocean is gross and sunlight is gross
  • Saeyoung is really just excited to spend time with MC and Saeran
  • also he’s excited to drive for the two hour trip in his car
  • he goes out the day before and gets squirt guns and a new swimsuit and goggles and beach toys and beach towels and sunscreen and a sun hat and a glasses strap for his sunglasses
  • Saeyoung actually spends like $300 on this beach day once he gets into it
  • he cant help but overdo things, he’s just so happy to have his family back~
  • even though it was MC’s idea Saeyoung pretty much spear heads this beach day
  • “wake up!! its time to load the car up!”
  • Saeran was really not having it
  • “what the hell, Saeyoung?…it’s 7 AM? what are we even ‘loading’ into your car?”
  • Saeyoung was already dressed in sunglasses (prescription, of course), a big sun hat, a black tank top, water shoes, swim trunks, and he had a few sunscreen streaks on his face
  • MC appeared from behind him, sporting a matching sunhat 
  • “well theres the towels, the beach toys, the picnic basket, the cooler-”
  • “alright, alright. i’m up”
  • geez, those two…
  • Saeran helps Saeyoung and MC get a ridiculous about of beach shit into the car, and it’s finally time to get going
  • “shot gun!”
  • Saeran hops into the front sea, sticking his tongue out at MC
  • his first win of the day
  • “awww how cute! my favorite twin brother wants to sit next to me, i’m touched!”
  • Saeran regrets everything
  • on the way there Saeyoung and MC blast all their favorite songs, and since MC has to lean forward to sing with Saeyoung they’re like even more disruptive to Saerans space
  • tbh the music is catchy but he needs to retain his “i hate this” facade
  • when they get to the beach, the three of them start to unload the car while Saeyoung breaks down the schedule for the day
  • “alright, so we’ll set up camp on the beach, play in the waves a little bit, then me and MC will come back here and get out lunch, wait half an hour, play in the waves a little more, then maybe go down to the pier to finish the day off?”
  • MC agrees to the plan excitedly
  • Saeran refuses to carry anything out there, so Saeyoung just has to grab extra stuff
  • when all their beach towels are set out, Saeyoung and MC strip down to their swimsuits and grab each others hands, deciding to just run into the water
  • “Saeran, grab my hand! it’s more fun it you go in all at once”
  • Saeran refuses and proceeds to call them crazy
  • he stays on the beach under the shade of an umbrella they brought
  • “Saeran, why dont you come in! the waters fine”
  • Saeyoung was screaming at him from the water
  • a few minutes later MC and Saeyoung come back to their place on the beach, dripping wet
  • MC starts to rummage around in their beach bag
  • “so, Saeran, since you dont want to get in the water…”
  • they continued to look through the bag
  • “me and Saeyoung thought we could bring the water to you!”
  • MC tosses a water gun to Saeyoung and pulls one for themselves out of the bag 
  • before Saeran even knows whats going on, he’s being soaked
  • Saeran, as fast as he can while still being drenched, runs to the bag and pulls out the third water gun
  • “you assholes!”
  • he shouts, and sprays MC and Saeyoung in return
  • they run up and down the beach, squirting water at each other and filling their guns in the ocean when necessary
  • at one point Saeran even convinces MC to team up with him against Saeyoung
  • “betrayed by my own MC! my love, how could you do this to me?!”
  • later on its time for MC and Saeyoung to retrieve their picnic lunch from the car
  • “we’ll be back shortly with lunch, Saeran!”
  • but when they came back he was nowhere to be found???
  • Saeyoung actually panics and is like whERE DID MY BROTHER GO??
  • he looks in all directions frantically before seeing his brother several yards down the beach
  • he runs toward toward
  • “dude, why are you running?”
  • “i thought i lost you, S-”
  • “oh, sorry. that ice cream truck over there was calling my name…”
  • Saeran was holding one cup of ice cream in his hand and two in the other
  • “and um, it might ruin our appetite for lunch but i got you guys some, too…”
  • Saeyoung is like wow my brother really does love me :)
  • at the end of the day when they all go to their pier, they get even more ice cream
  • alright, a place with this much ice cream cant suck that bad…
  • and Saeran will never admit it but he had a really fun day~
  • next time though, he was going to be the one to ambush them with squirt guns


Colors as Summer Aesthetics

Tag Yourself:

  • Red: Passionate love affairs you know can’t last, bowls brimming with cherries, road trips with no destination 
  • Orange: Sunsets, sangria, choosing friends over romance 
  • Yellow: Pitchers of lemonade, waking up early to the sound of birds chirping, big sun hats, Sunday brunch 
  • Green: Hiking through pine covered mountains, swimming in forest lakes, fishing lures, evening bonfires 
  • Blue: Beach days, blue oceans, cloudless skies, rocket pops
  • Indigo: Stargazing, catching fireflies, kisses at dusk, crickets chirping
  • Pale Pink: Dusty rose lipstick, Shakespeare, sipping rosemary water 
  • White: Flowing dresses, canopy beds, white wine, garden parties 
  • Grey: A seaside town in Maine, fog rolling in, ghost stories

  • Black: rooftop bars at night, city skylines, deep water
RP One-Shot

So three pointy-eared adventurers walk into a bar…

  • First let’s meet our adventurers.
    • There’s Roisin, an enthusiastic moon elf wizard, who’s looking to become an adventurer.
    • Then there’s Badger, a gnome rogue and a professor in search of new interesting plants.
    • And finally Trinket, a drow cleric, who wears a big sun hat and wants to help people in the name of his goddess Lliira.
  • So, there’s rumors of trouble in a small town. Wyverns at least, and maybe something worse?
    • Our three heroes arrive to the local tavern, separately. Trinket comes in first, telling that he’s a traveling priest looking to help people. Badger comes in, says she’s heard of wyverns and she’s interested in the seeds they bring. And then Roisin arrives, declaring herself adventurer and wanting to help.
      • Roisin and Badger get to talking about wyvern hunting, and Trinket offers to help them in the role of a healer.
        • A local hears the talk and comes to talk to the three. Apparently two kids have gone missing in the past week, and the townspeople are losing hope.
  • Our heroes decide to take the case!
    • First they talk to the mothers of the lost children to find suspects. There is of course a possibility that the children have been taken by the wyverns but they also suspects an old lady, who may or may not be a witch living at the edge of town.
  • That’s where we head first, then! The witch’s house is surrounded by thick wall of thorny plants, but Roisin finds a spot that looks thinner than others and Badger, with some divine guidance from Trinket, gets through it.
    • On the other side of the plant wall, there’s a garden with shrubbery in the shape of children. Well. That’s creepy. Doesn’t appear to be magical, though.
    • Trinket avoids the bushes while the other two examine them and goes to knock on the door.
    • The door is opened by an old lady. She tells that the children came to her place to play often and she missed them. She was shocked to hear that some were gone missing and seemed totally sincere.
      • She gave us a bell that would help us get past the plantwall next time we came around.
  • We leaver her place and kinda realized that we forgot to ask anything about the kids… Like their names… Or how old they were and what they looked like. Sherlocks we are not.
    • So we do that and after getting that info (Sarah and Petey, 12 and 8) we start heading for the tower where the wyvern apparently lives.
  • We reach the tower the next day. Upon opening the door we get attacked by a bunch of kobolds!
    • Badger deals with them with her weaponry pretty effectively.
    • Roisin uses her magic to create a sphere of fire that burns the kobolds, but she also almost dies.
    • Trinket, rather than using magic, pokes them with his rapier. Oh yeah and heals Roisin. He also tries to intimidate the kobolds, but they’re too busy trying to steal his hat to really notice.
  • After the kobolds had been dealt with, we head to the top of the tower.
    • There’s a wyvern’s nest on top of the tower with some corpses that Badger identifies as kobolds. No sign of the children though.
      • We surmise that maybe the kobolds have taken the children and so decide to check the nearby forest for the kobolds’ camp.
  • We go to the forest, and hear some noises coming from a camp. Badger, being the sneakiest of us, goes to check it out. There’s kobolds, and some kind of a thing that looks like it might be the stuffed bunny one of the kids had, but Badger checks it out sneakily, and it is not.
  • There doesn’t seem to be any reason to think that the kobolds had the children, so we decide to return to town. Clearly we have missed something.
  • We camp the night out at the witch’s garden, cos we arrive so late, and in the morning talk to her again.
    • She says that she has sensed something odd, some kind of odd magic coming from the town.
  • We go back into town, combing it with Trinket’s Detect Magic. Mostly things seem normal, but then we spot a woman who we had seen with the mothers’ at the tavern, and she has illusion magic all over her.
    • We try to approach her, but she closes herself into her house.
    • So Badger sneakily picks the lock and we get inside.
    • She accuses us of burgarly and we tell her that the door was totally open, yo. So she tries to attack us.
    • We keep on the defensive at first, cos we don’t want to harm her, but she proves to be tougher than expected, so we attack her. Well… Roisin and Trinket do, cos Badger has sudden trouble getting her hits to land.
    • Suddenly she seems to have gotten enough, and turns invisible.
      • Roisin has an idea where she might be, so we try to corner her with a sphere of fire, Badger and a floating dagger.
      • Trinket stays to guard the door and feels the woman trying to get him to move, so clearly that didn’t work.
        • Badger, frustrated on not hitting anything, tackles the woman and we manage to rope her up.
          • The invisibility spell fades, and instead of a human woman, a green skinned humanoid lays before us.
            • Badger recognizes her as a bog hag, a creature that strives on other people’s misery.
              • So Trinket, being a priest of joy, blesses her and she loses consciousness.
  • The children are in a cage that was hidden by magic until the hag fainted. Badger tries to pick the lock of the cage, but isn’t very successful, so Roisin goes out to get the blacksmith.
  • The children are saved and the bog hag will be taken to the next town over to face justice. Time to party!!

And that was the day’s good deed done. :P