big sprites


When my first attempt at modifying Earthbound sprites succeeded I felt inspired to do more, but college and stress got in the way and I lost my motivation in the end.

But then I saw feriowind’s drawing and inspiration struck again.

I really like how these guys look, so if I don’t get lazy in the process I might make walking animations for all of them. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Recently I’ve been planning on buying a basic drawing tablet, doing this with a mouse is not really that helpful and I’m mostly limited to do small pixel art because of it, some good artists and friends told me that I should open commissions to get it, the goal is to get $80 so any help is really appreciated! ^_^

- You can contact me by sending a message or by email at
- Payments are only done via PayPal to the same email address.

- I will begin to do the sprite after it has been paid.
- Mini sprites are limited to a standing front view.
- I’ll need clear references of the character you want me to do a sprite.
- If you want a specific pose you can send a pose reference for a regular sprite.
- There might be other restrictions.

I really appreciate it you spread the blog with a reblog, that would help me greatly!
Big size sprites commissions might be coming soon!



Here’s that better picture I said I’d have for you guys! Actually here’s 3.

I totally tried to get a picture of him on my desk, like I do with all my other pieces, but he was just too big. I was literally standing on my desk and even with the camera pressed to the ceiling, it wasn’t far enough away to get the whole sprite :| So you get my weird beige walls as a background this time.

2nd picture is with Steven, my lovely boyfriend who the sprite is for. The 3rd is our blue living room where the sprite fit perfectly beside his existing MGS print.

If you’re interested in seeing the steps I did when taping this beast, feel free to check it out here!