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Anonymous said:Can you write a junkrat x reader where he’s really jealous and gets extremely territorial.

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((Did anyone say alpha!Junkrat???? sorry but the jealous and territorial is a very alpha thing. I hope you like some headcannons - Mod Tez))

  • Is a handsome fella subtly flirting with you?
  • Not over Jamie’s watch ( get it? overwatch? aha end me lol)
  • This Aussie will make sure that fella is running 100 miles per hour with a bear trap on his ass.
  • His jealousy can be very childish and if he feels like someone is very much a threat relationship wise, he does turn territorial.
  • When he’s territorial he stays close by your side.
  • Small gestures such as him tapping his fingers on his hip and grinding his teeth indicate he’s jealous.
  • One time you went with Jamie for boba tea and the cashier flirted with you. Jamison’s face had turned beet red as he cracked his knuckles in frustration. Of course the cashier picked up he was jealous.
  • Jamie was so happy you were oblivious to the flirting and just interlocked hands with him. His anger just flushed away as he pridefully kissed your forehead.
  • But of course the cashier didn’t give up and when he handed you napkins with the boba tea cups, one of the napkins had his number and “call me~” in sharpie.
  • Before you could read the number, Jamie snatched the napkin and shoved it in his mouth. Chewing on it.
  • He then moved his mouth around and pulled the straw out from his cup and turned to the cashier and blew on the straw.
  • With a splat, a big spitball had successfully lodged itself on the cashiers face.
  • Jamie swallowed hard and coughed a little, “Next time you flirt with my mate drongo, I’ll bloody make sure yer baby making career will be over, cunt!” he exclaimed and put a protective arm around you as he left the shop with you.
  • He was still grumpy about it and decided to send the cashier a live bomb in the mail.
  • But when you told him off he whined and gave you puppy eyes. You can’t say no to puppy eyes.
  • You kissed his lips and placed your hands on his cheeks. Placing your nose to touch his.
  • Small moments like these made him a bit better trusting you’d never leave him…
  • But he’d still be jealous either way.
Lazy Sunday (Scott Lang x Reader)

Request: Could I request something with Scott Lang? something super chill, just like hanging out/anything fluffy

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 1,278

Warnings: None (unless you count fluff)

A/N: Here you go! I really enjoyed writing this, I just love Scott Lang. Well, I hope you like it, so enjoy!

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Eyes fluttering open, you slowly open your eyes. Bright sunlight fills the small bedroom, casting a warm glow onto everything it touches. Staring up at the soft white ceiling, you let out a peaceful sigh, stretching your aching limbs. You move to sit up but feel a heavy arm around your waist pull you back down to the comfy bed without effort. Laughing as you fall back onto the fluffy pillow, the same arm tugs you into the chest that it is attached to. Smiling to yourself, you turn onto your side as you look at the man who has just wrapped his other arm around you.

“Scott, c’mon, it’s ten,” You laugh, trying to push away from the groggy man beside you. Letting out a small groan, he tightens his grip on you as he buries his face into the crook of your neck. You feel the light scruff along his jaw tickle you a bit, causing you to smile as your hand goes up to his brown locks. 

Placing a gentle kiss onto your neck, he sighs out happily. “(Y/N), it’s not ten, it is nine-forty-nine, thank you very much. So, that means I get to cuddle with you for another eleven minutes before we have to get up.”

Casually rolling your eyes at him, you continue to card your fingers through his messy hair. “Yes, that is true, but don’t you want pancakes?” You ask as you stop your movements. Scott abruptly sits up as he gazes down at you.

Your pancakes?” He lazily asked as he grinned down at you. 

“Well, of course,”

“God, I love you,” Scott breathed out as he leaned down to capture your lips in his. Smiling at the feeling of his warm lips against yours, you hold his face in your hands just as he swings a leg over your body. Scott, smiling cheekily into the kiss, began to move his lips towards your jaw. Laughing lightly at his antics, you grab a handful of his hair and lightly tug him backwards. 

“Hey, I thought you wanted pancakes?” You playfully ask as he grins lazily back at you. 

“I do, but I’d like to have my girlfriend, first,” He replies. There was a brief pause of silence before you burst into laughter. Your laughter causes his as he falls back onto the mattress, clutching his sides. Gently wiping a tear from laughter, he looks over to you. “I ruined the moment, didn’t I?”

“Just a bit. Now, c’mon, you can help me cook,” You answer, grinning as you stand up from the bed. Walking out towards the hallway, you look back at your boyfriend. “You coming?”

“Sure, sure,” He responds as he walks lightly towards you. Taking your hand in his, the two of you began to make your ways down towards the kitchen. Reaching down into the cupboards, you begin to pull out a bowl for mixing as Scott grabs the necessary ingredients. Placing the griddle onto to stove, you began to mix the ingredients into the bowl. Looking over your shoulder, you notice Scott sitting down at the table, scrolling through his phone.

“Hey,” You call out, “I thought I was going to have help?”

“I thought I did help?”

“Oh, no, mister. You are still helping me with this,” You respond as you carefully ladle some batter onto the hot griddle. Feeling his arms wrap around your waist, you smile as he places his chin onto your shoulder. 

“Okay, what should I do?”

“Flip that pancake for me,” You simply say. Feeling him freeze around you, you turn around in his arms with an eyebrow quirked. “What? Can’t do it?” You teasingly ask. Seeing determination cross his face, he releases you as he grabs the spatula.

“Piece of cake,” He cockily replies. Standing back, you watch as he attempts to flip the pancake. He hesitates as the spatula slides underneath the pancake. 

Smirking, you speak up. “Sure you can do it?”

“Shush, I’ve got this. I’ve made pancakes for Cassie a bunch of times,” He replies. Taking in a deep breath, you watch the muscles in his arm work together as they move upward. Flinging the spatula up, your eyes go wide as the pancake goes flying into the air. The pancake stops as it sticks to the ceiling. Both of you stare up at the pancake on the ceiling, just as it falls down. It lands on Scott’s face with a big splat!

Looking back at you, you see the pancake slide down the side of his face towards the floor. A moment of silence passes once more as the two of you stare at each other before falling to the ground in a fit of laughter. 

“I thought you’ve made pancakes before?!” You joyfully shout as you wipe a stray tear from your face. 

“I have!” Scott retorts as he stands up from the ground. Reaching out a hand for you, he gently tugs you back up onto your feet. “All you had to do though was put them in a toaster and that was it!”

Laughing lightly, you began to ladle on another pancake onto the griddle. “Remind me to never let you cook for yourself again,” You say as you expertly flip the pancake. 

“Whatever,” Scott grumbles as he cleans up the mess he made. Soon enough the two of you had a stack of dry-wall free pancakes before you. Hungrily digging in, the two of you don’t stop until the stack is gone.

“They were delicious, (Y/N), thank you,” Scott says as he grabs your resting hand on the table. Looking up at him, he gives you a small smile as his thumb traces patterns onto the back of your hand. 

“You’re welcome,” You reply as he gently brings your hand up to his lips. Feeling a wave of warmth flow through your body, you bashfully look down at the table. Feeling him smile against your hands, he pushes his chair back as he stands up from the table.

“C’mon, I’ll do the dishes and then we can cuddle on the couch and watch Netflix. How’s that sound?” He asks as you make your way towards him. Wrapping your arms around his waist, you bury your face into his chest as you breath in his scent. 

“That sounds amazing,” You breathe out as you pull away from him. Looking up into his blue eyes, you smile at him. Leaning into him once more, your lips gently graze over his teasingly. As you pull back, his arms tighten around you. 

“Ah-ah-ah,” He teases. “You missed.” Grinning at him, you begin to lean into him once more. Thinking that you are going to kiss him, his eyes flutter close as he leans in as well. Just as you were about to kiss him, you change course as you lean towards his ear.

“If you finish the dishes without breaking anything, then you will get your kiss,” You playfully whisper into his ear. Hearing him groan, you smile to yourself as you feel him gently peck your cheek.

“Fine, but once I’m done and after I don’t break anything, then you are all mine, got it?” He playfully asks as his arms drop from your waist. 

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” You respond as he makes his way back into the kitchen. Looking over his shoulder, he sends a wink towards you causing you to giggle. Blowing a kiss back to him, you turn on your heels as you make your way towards the couch to set up Netflix. 

Sometimes, you just have to have a lazy Sunday with the man you love.

“I’m gonna kick your butt if you talk to Sakura-san again got it?!”

Normally he would show whoever dares tell him these things who he is, something that happens often, but normally it’s from desperate men, not from six year old boys.

The boy standing in front of him, blocking his way to sakura’s office, stood firm in his position, arms crossed and glaring menacingly, well as menacing a six year old could get.

Sasuke sidestepped the boy and continued marching forwards, towards his planned traveling partner’s office.

But he felt something wrap on his legs and he looked down to see the boy hugging is legs, making it impossible for him to walk.

“What do you want boy?” he asked, kids were not his fort.

“I will not allow you take Sakura-san away got it you big poop splat!”

Sasuke was really getting annoyed, this kid reminded him of Naruto.

“Kid, I ain’t taking her away, she wants to come with me.” He said, in an attempt to get rid of the kid.

“Stop calling ,e kid, I’m six! And my name is Saboro.”

“Boy, I’ve got no time for you.”

“Sa-bo-ro, it’s easy see, Sakura-san calls me boro, but you can’t cause I don’t like you.”

Sasuke brow twitched, how does sakura deal with devils like him everyday? He thought, especially with her high temper, yet again, she does have a soft spot for kids.

The sound of a familiar laugh struck him out of his thoughts.

The sound he loved so much to hear came from the pink haired women’s office.

That woman…

Sasuke smirked as an idea came over him.

He leaned down to the kid’s height and spoke in a low voice so Sakura can’t hear,

“Well then Saboro, why don’t you gather all the kids here at the door of her office, that way she can’t leave.”

“That’s a great idea.” The boy said as he unwrapped his arms from sasuke’s legs.

“But wait, how do I now she won’t go now?”

“I won’t let her.”

The boy looked at him for a second before nodding and running to where he presumed the other kids are.

Sasuke moved towards the door and knocked on it, after he heard her permission to open, he got in and immediately glared at her, to which she burst out laughing.

“He called you a poop splat.” Sakura said between laughter.

“Very funny.”

“It is, a six year old bullied sasuke uchiha.”

“Hm.” Sasuke looked around, noticing that there was no window in her office.

Sakura stopped laughing as she noticed kids gathering outside, she immediately got out of her chair and went to the door, worried that maybe one of the kids is hurt.

But the kids were okay, kids being the almost fifty kids gathered outside Sakura’s office.

“You can’t get out Sakura-san, that way you’ll stay here!” Shouted Saboro, and the other kids said the same.

Sakura turned around to look at an arrogantly smirking sasuke.

“You did this didn’t you?” she asked, a pout on her lips.

Sasuke nodded as he got closer to her.

“Be ready by tomorrow morning, I’ll meet you at the gates.” He said as he looked beyond the glass doors of Sakura’s office and teleported out.

Sakura angrily stomped her foot.

Control - A Jared Oneshot

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: Near death experience, sex!

Tagging: @hazeleyedleto @spillinginkwithlove

Notes: So I finally got down to writing the Jared oneshot that has been floating around in my head for a while. A huge thank you to the amazing @hazeleyedleto. Thanks for helping me sort out my dilemmas. ;) Sorry if there are any mistakes, just point them out and I’ll fix ‘em. Love you guys


I was excited to surprise my best friend. We hadn’t seen each other in a while on account of my work schedule and him being busy with his band travelling the world. I had met Jared a couple of years ago on a rock climbing trail outside of LA. We had struck up a conversation and found out we had lots of things in common. From there, our friendship evolved pretty fast.

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Bumper Ballers, Hide And Seek, Jetpack Wars? What are those and can I join??

Oh!! They’re just spontaneous games people make up in Private Battles! I’m sure everyone has their own versions but basically:

Bumper Ballers:

Everyone get a weapon with the Baller special and charge it up. When everyones charged, get in the middle of a map and stand there. The leader will squidflop a couple of times and that’s the signal to ALL turn on the Baller specials at once! Bump and roll around each other, and the last ones standing win!!

Hide and Seek: 

A classic since even the Splatoon 1 days! The way our friends play is:
-Set it to Turf War
-One team is the seekers, other is the hiders
-Seekers MUST turn their cameras around so they cant see anything, and stay at spawn for 1:00. When the time counts down, they have 2:00 to find people!
-Hiders are allowed to ink as much as they can during the hiding period, seekers can also ink
-NO tracking/sensor items of any kind allowed! Thats cheating
-If hiders are found they ARE allowed to run, you have to splat them to tag them (Makes it more fun)
-Switch around hiders/seekers and stuff at random!

Jetpack Wars:

Same as Bumper Ballers! Everyone charge up, meet in the middle, and the squid flopping leader signals everyone to JETPACK INTO THE AIR!! Everyone fires at each other and whoever’s left when everyones specials are done, win!!

You can also play games with other specials, have a big dodgeball match with splat bombs/burst bombs at max throw distance with your gear, etc etc! Its easy to come up with fun games! 

Birthday Surprise

Kinks:58-Sensory deprivation, 97-The others birthday

Warnings: Dom!Gabriel, Sub!Reader, blindfold, gagged!Reader, tied up!Reader, bit of wax play, food play, established relationship

Word Count: 2541

Gender: Female

Author: Gwen

Your name: submit What is this?

Shelves surrounded you, all filled with books that let a musk scent into the air. Hidden in a corner, with the travel books, was the perfect way to spend a calm day at work. The old antique store was on Main Street, however the busy life outside slowed down once you entered. The manager, an elder gentleman, gave you work after you got rid of a cursed object. Although the hunting life was behind you, a part of it remained with you were, since you had been dating an archangel for a couple of months now. It wasn’t too serious yet, but you hoped that one day it would be.

You stretched up, trying to put away a couple of books, as the doorbell sounded from the front of the store. You heard Mr. Everett greet whoever it was, and turned your focus back to the task at hand. You were so absorbed in your work, you didn’t hear the soft clicks of shoes against the old, scoffed wooden floors.

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