big spain

Ita-chan and Big brother Spain spot a handsome Frenchman approaching backstage.



Historical Hetalia SpAus

APH Switzerland: Doesn’t your behavior contradict all the religious rules you’ve been espousing your whole life?

APH Austria: You’re right, it does. And it’s something that I’m struggling with these days.

APH Switzerland: Then why are you doing it?

APH Austria: Because I’m not perfect, Basch, and that man’s booty is.

  • Spain: Romano, you're awfully quiet today- ... what did you do?
  • Romano: what?? Why do you assume I did something bad??
  • Spain: because you're always quiet when you're trying to hide something from me. Who did you anger?
  • Romano: ...a lot of people.
  • Spain: wha-why?? What is so important today that you angered so many people??
  • Romano: This. *kisses Spain, hands him a bunch of stuff* I stole flowers from Netherland's garden, bargained/threatened France's luxury shops to get you the best outfit, annoyed Germany for the whole day so that he doesn't bother you with EU shit, threw stuff at Turkey to make you sweets, and forced my brother to cancel his plans so that he can do all my work and I can take you on a date tonight... the night of your birthday... you shithead.
  • Spain: R-Romano...
  • Romano: you know how much I suck at showing my emotions and talking to people-
  • Spain: *kisses him* you're amazing~
  • Romano: o-o-o-o-of course I am, y-y-you i-i-i-idiot!!

These are all pretty rough. I don’t know what it is about summer that always puts me in the mood for this AU but it’s definitely been a while since I drew anything for it! Go for a swim on your local beach and you may find two kind and loving fish friends.
Catalonia referendum: 90% voted for independence, say officials – live updates
Preliminary results announced after Spanish prime minister claims ‘no referendum has been held in Catalonia today’
By Sam Jones

90%. Ninety.
If anyone is still awake over the Catalonian independence ref like me the guardian have been on top of it.

  • France: So see you at work tomorrow?
  • Prussia: Sure.
  • Spain: Not me! I'm on paternity leave.
  • Prussia: Unfair! A man colonises another country and gets time off work!
  • Spain: With pay motherfucker! *closes door behind him, opens door again* Sorry I forgot the colony, I'm new to this.

So let’s take a look at “Big Five” in Eurovision (Exception for Italy; they are actually taking this contest seriously)





Ok, I know they are “giving money to this contest a lot” and well thanks? 

But honestly, these countries do not take Eurovision seriously and keep sending moderate songs. Look, I don’t want to listen/see an awful song in the final. Some of these songs couldn’t even qualify to the final if they weren’t in Big Five.

can i just say sebastian is such a geniune person. he’s so sweet to all of his fans and always tries to meet as many as he can. i dont know if he realizes how happy he’s making people or how many lives he’s touching just by the small act of kindness towards every single fan. we honestly don’t deserve him and im proud that i stan a fucking legend.

the Spanish government should have let people vote and then declare the referendum unconstitutional, but it preferred using violence making everything bigger than it actually was. The way they handled is was bad and counterproductive.

I’m quite sure that only a minority of catalans wants the independence and that the most of them doesn’t give a fuck.

You don’t solve the situation beating up civilians. You don’t solve anything violating human rights. Spanish has fucked up.