big space baby

Littles at the Store
  • Big Me: ...What?
  • Little Me: *Puffy cheeks, pouting*
  • Big Me: What do you want? Cookies?
  • Little Me: *Shakes head* Uh Uh!
  • Big Me: Candy?
  • Little Me: *Shakes head faster* Nooo!
  • Big Me: ...Do you want ANOTHER stuffie?
  • Little Me: Yesss! Pweeeease?
  • Big Me: Ugh, Fine, you can have ONE stuffie.
  • Little Me: Yaaaaay! I want the purple one!
Littles & Stuffie Collections
  • Big Me: How many stuffies do we have?
  • Little Me: Uh... *mumbles*
  • Big Me: *Leans closer* Huh? What was that?
  • Little Me: Twenty fiiiiiiive...
  • Big Me: That's what I thought. Now, do we really need any more then twenty-five stuffed animals?
  • Little Me: Of course!!!
  • Big Me: No, we don't need any mo- Ooh, look at that one, it's a purple kitty! How much is it?
  • Little Me: It's only $9.99!
  • Big Me: Huh! Well, it's definitely a steal... I guess we could afford just ONE more... but no more after this one, deal?
  • Little Me: Deal!! *Evil grin*

shadowofaghost5  asked:

Some Danny and Dani fluff! Like, them watching Space documentaries or stargazing ✨

LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN! They are watching a documentary on the most recent Nasa findings. They are mega invested and don’t hear Jazz telling them to turn it down. Dani tho would totally wear pigtails to bed. This is after the Fentons adopt Dani incase you were wondering. @shadowofaghost5

Cheer Up Post #5119

For the anon requesting mountains, space, and baby snow leopards, here you go!

Nature/Animals Masterpost

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Alien girl number 2.

She is a space explorer who is a alien and she is like a fish or a amphibious I´m not sure yet.

Her yellow stone is a sun stone, she collet sunshine and later she can use her stone like a lantern (like some fish). And she has baby face.

Drawing aliens is fun because all the forms can be strange and you can do crazy things.

Okay, but just imagine Kieth doing little things for Lance to try and ease his homesickness for Earth, his family and ever other aspect of Earth that he’s missing.

- Kieth teaming up with Hunk to try and make Lance’s favorite foods. Because food goo doesn’t really scream comfort food.

- Kieth stumbling over words and what not while trying to learn Spanish so he could try and put a smile on Lance’s face. // he does even though he messes up horribly

- Kieth asking Allura and Coran if the ship could recreate the feeling of relaxing in an open field and gentle breeze.

- Kieth asking Pidge if he could download any of Lance’s favorite movies or music for him to enjoy.

- Kieth asking Shiro on their next supply run if he could buy a plant of some sort for Lance.

- Kieth just wanting to make Lance smile and for him to be happy even though he’s so far away from his family and things that he loves.