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good grief - ong seongwoo


word count: 2997 words
summary: ong seongwoo and his friends are infamous throughout your university. you don’t care for him, but fate seems to have other plans for the two of you, and you find yourself meeting in the most unlikely of situations.

  • okay so you’re in your sophomore year of uni right
  • and the college you go to isn’t particularly big, 
  • but it’s not so small that nobody has ever heard of it
  • basically, it’s the perfect size for gossip to spread around easily……
  • and BOY does it spread
  • you’re never at the center of any attention, because nothing you ever do is gossip worthy anyways,
  • but you certainly hear all about it
  • (your best friend and roommate jieqiong particularly enjoys indulging in the rumors, and as a result you know everything she does)
  • so at your school, there’s this one group of guys
  • the ones that all girls swoon over and all guys brood in jealousy behind, you know, the like
  • the group consists of four (or is it five? you could never be bothered to remember) of them, and 
  • they are all as insufferable as the last
  • or so you assume
  • because, you see, you’ve never actually… met any of them
  • you only know one 
  • hwang minhyun aka the golden boy, because he is your chem partner for labs, 
  • and actually he seems good enough, 
  • better than the rest of them if what you heard is correct
  • ofc it isn’t much of a surprise that you haven’t run into the rest of them
  • you’re in different social circles, and you aren’t a gaping fangirl 
  • so the opportunities for interactions were scarce anyways
  • but these guys are SO popular throughout your campus 
  • because of their “so called” insanely good looks
  • whatever
  • when jieqiong and eunwoo start their boy talk, you usually tune them out because it’s too much for you 
  • so you never know much about them, other than the basic fact that their little entourage consists of a supposed holy quinternity:
  • kang daniel, yoon jisung, kim jaehwan, hwang minhyun…
  • and the most infamous; ong seongwoo, the model-like visual with a matching sense of humor
  • you personally can’t help but think their popularity is pointless, 
  • (but in the grand scheme of things your opinion doesn’t make much of an impact so…)
  • on the other hand, though, you are probably THE most typical student ever
  • occasionally studying if you have a big test coming up, 
  • hanging out with your friends when you have the time, 
  • and sleeping… 
  • always sleeping.
  • actually, just like anyone else stressed with what seems to be an unbearable workload, you love sleep. 
  • you cherish it, and other than food, it’s the most important part of your life
  • so it actually makes a lot of sense that a few months into the school year, after pulling three all nighters to finish some big project for your microbiology class, you are grumpy
  • (if we’re being honest, grumpy is putting it lightly…)
  • with how tired you are, normally you would just sleep in and skip class
  • but you have chem lab this morning and you can’t afford to skip it
  • maybe you shouldn’t have signed up for so many science courses…
  • ANYWAYS, somehow you reluctantly manage to pull yourself out of bed and over to the coffee shop near your apartment
  • i mean god knows that you needed some caffeine in your system if you’re going to survive the day
  • and it’s your favorite place to go
  • because some of your friends work there and are always willing to give you discounts on your drink
  • you walk in and it’s fairly crowded with everyone on a coffee rush before they go to work or school
  • but you get to the front of the line in a reasonable amount of time, and you find that daehwi is working the cash register while somi is in charge of blending the drinks
  • “wow, y/n, you look rough today,” daehwi says to you once he looks up
  • you already know that, of course, but a reminder isn’t very pleasant
  • daehwi is your friend, though, and he’s so sweet and he looks so cheerful that you find yourself resisting the (very) strong urge to gripe at him
  • “the usual?” he asks you with a bright smile, and you just wearily nod
  • he puts your order in before shouting it to somi, who nods
  • but when you place your money on the counter to pay, he pushes it back into your hands
  • “don’t worry about it,” he says seriously. “i’m doing a favor giving you any coffee at all, you don’t need to pay me on top of that.”
  • it’s then that you really know you look like a zombie
  • but although your appearance isn’t ideal, there isn’t anyone you’re trying to impress
  • so you just shrug and accept it
  • even in your state, who are you to reject a free drink?
  • when you get your cup, you take a long sip and let out a sigh of relief, already feeling more like yourself
  • ready to start the day, you begin your trek towards your campus
  • and by that i mean you climbed onto the bus that takes you there, glad once again that you had a student pass and didn’t have to pay
  • you take a seat and put in your headphones, listening to some soft acoustic music and close your eyes for the ride
  • it takes about fifteen minutes to arrive at your uni, and once you get off, another ten minutes to walk across the campus to the science building
  • or, at least, it should
  • but today the universe doesn’t seem to like you very much
  • as you’re walking, you still have your earbuds in and you aren’t paying much attention to your surroundings
  • and you’re not really looking where you’re going
  • one thing leads to another and suddenly, someone’s flailing arms collide with your face, where you just so happen to be trying to take a sip of your drink
  • it’s really awkward and your cup sort of… smashes into your face with the force?
  • you hear it before you feel it though
  • because whichever idiot just so happened to bump into you is also screaming at the top of his lungs at someone across the lawn who seems to be running away from him
  • (they have the right idea tbh)
  • or something
  • you were more preoccupied with the hot liquid of your drink cascading down the front of your shirt
  • which… just so happened to be white
  • yeah, today was definitely not your day
  • you let out a shriek, dropping the now empty cup and looking up to glare at the culprit
  • who hasn’t even noticed that he spilled anything on you??
  • like… it was his arm that hit you
  • how do you not NOTICE those kinds of things
  • and you’re pissed because you still have lab to go to but there isn’t enough time to change. so you kind of end up yelling at him
  • this guy who you’re pretty sure you’ve never talked to before
  • but looks vaguely familiar
  • good job y/n
  • “EXCUSE ME??¿????¿¿¿??¿?¿¿??” you seethe
  • he looks up, noticing you
  • and after a moment of silence, he comments lamely
  • “oh”
  • and in his defense he did look a bit sorry
  • because he didn’t mean for you to get in the way of his arms
  • but you don’t give him the chance to say anything more because you are going off on him
  • “listen here miSTER. i have had a shit week and three all nighters really does a person in, and all i wanted was to go do this stupid chem lab and then sleep the month away but you had to come and hit me in the face over a CAT??  now i have a coffee stain on my shirt and i’ll have to go to the dry cleaners instead of sleeping!!! i have had up to here with this sort of bullshit, i d on ‘t deser ve it ” in the middle of your rant, you glance down at your watch, “AND NOW I’M LAtE”
  • you give him a piercing glare before stomping quickly off in the opposite direction
  • and he is sort of just gaping at you like?? what? because he hasn’t fully processed what just happened
  • but you don’t really care
  • until you’re inside the science building and you realize…
  • the reason he looked so familiar,
  • is because he’s the ong seongwoo
  • and you just lectured him on spilling coffee on you
  • …could life get any better?
  • but these things happen, you know, so you just go on with your day
  • when you arrive late for your lab, minhyun has already started
  • and when he catches sight of your coffee stained shirt and birds nest of hair, he doesn’t ask
  • simply nodding towards the equipment that is set out
  • there’s a reason you like being his partner, after all
  • after that, you kind of forget about it
  • how do you forget about something like that?
  • i know
  • but your busy schedule, it actually isn’t that hard to believe
  • so the day passes and it’s now the next, 
  • except this time you’ve gotten a bit of sleep
  • so you’re actually… you know, normal
  • but you find yourself following the same pattern as yesterday
  • you know, getting some coffee (daehwi applauds you on looking more human than yesterday)
  • and then continuing your journey to school
  • you go to your classes for the day and finish without anything too stressful happening
  • until you go outside and find out it’s raining
  • now, you aren’t usually prepared
  • so if today was anything normal, you’d be screwed
  • but jieqiong always plans ahead,
  • and before you left the house that morning, she made you take an umbrella with you
  • (thank god she did, or you would have been cold and wet for the next 30 minutes)
  • but life isn’t that easy
  • and of course, being the kind of person you are, you end up struggling to open the umbrella
  • and it takes you (i kid you not) fifteen minutes to figure out how it works
  • because with the kind of hot mess you are, the last time you used an umbrella was like in elementary school or something
  • and you know, we’ve established that your luck isn’t all that great
  • which is why it’s not the most shocking thing that when you do manage to open the umbrella
  • it’s at the same time someone comes out
  • and just so happens to walk too close to you
  • and you
  • sort of just
  • hit them
  • the boy lets out a girlish squeal
  • and you’re shocked because tbh he came out of nowhere
  • “ohmygo d i’m so sorry–” you go to apologize SO quickly because
  • this fills your embarrassment quota of the day
  • BUT then your words fall flat when you realize realize…
  • this boy that you just hit?
  • you’ve seen him recently
  • just yesterday, actually
  • because, who else could it be other than ong seongwoo?
  • he’s holding his crotch awkwardly
  • which is when you realize
  • you’ve really fucked up
  • and then… he looks up at you and realization flashes across his face
  • “hey! you’re that girl from yesterday……”
  • you’re still frozen in shock though
  • “wait.” he says a few seconds later suspiciously “did you do this… as payback?”
  • that snaps you out of your stupor real quick
  • because he thinks you’re petty enough to do that??
  • i mean… you are
  • but you’re also not organized enough to execute it
  • so
  • “excuse me?” you say indignantly
  • and then… he has the audacity to say
  • “there are other ways of getting my attention, you know”
  • (you have to try THE HARDEST to refrain from smacking him)
  • from then on,
  • your dislike of ong seongwoo is secured
  • although that was the last of the embarrassing incidents you run into with him,
  • you still manage to see him every day without fail
  • and he still manages to piss you off every day without fail too
  • because even though you don’t like… crush his toes between a door or something
  • you two get in a sort of habit of screaming at each other when you see each other
  • in the mornings when you both are headed for class
  • in the cafeteria while you’re trying to eat
  • near the bus stop while waiting for your ride home
  • and he’s started calling you frappe
  • because of the coffee incident
  • but you weren’t even drinking a frappucino?? literally what even goes through his head
  • you’re relationship builds up over the next few weeks to the point that everyone knows you
  • as the girl who… doesn’t like ong seongwoo
  • wow, as if you’re an anomaly for not bowing down at his feet
  • and the thing is
  • the insults you guys shoot back and forth aren’t even that good
  • like, one morning he said to you
  • “hey frappe, your shoes are dirty”
  • thank you for pointing out, i never would have guessed
  • it even got to the point where minhyun brought it up with you one day
  • and you always knew in the back of your mind that he was friends with seongwoo,
  • but it never really hit you until then
  • “hey, y/n,” he said one day
  • you were both working on a lab write up in the library
  • and he broke the silence unexpected
  • “you know seongwoo, right?”
  • you snort in reply
  • “ong? yeah, i know of him. why?”
  • “well… what do you think of him?”
  • and it’s very suspicious because minhyun
  • never pries
  • and most definitely doesn’t sound so guilty when he does LOL
  • but you aren’t really paying attention to it
  • so you just say
  • “i think his head is stuck a bit too far up his ass, but what can you do, you know?”
  • and it’s quiet for a few seconds
  • you look up to see minhyun staring at you
  • “he’s not that bad, you know,” he says
  • “you should give him a chance.”
  • and he doesn’t say anything for the rest of the time you are together
  • but it has you wondering
  • what does that mean??
  • in what world is he… “not that bad?”
  • and what does minhyun mean by give him a chance???
  • but then a few more days pass
  • a few more… truly wonderful interactions with seongwoo
  • and you’ve forgotten about your conversation with minhyun
  • until one day, after class
  • the one class you seem to share with seongwoo, apparently,
  • he approaches you
  • at first you’re confused
  • because………………………..
  • why is he talking to you right now?
  • but he looks a lil nervous, and you’re like
  • “r u ok”
  • because seongwoo never gets nervous
  • and then he
  • mumbles something under his breath
  • and you’re like
  • okay this is definitely not seongwoo who is this clone
  • since you don’t hear him the first time, you have to ask him to repeat himself
  • and in a timid and completely un-seongwoo voice, he says to you
  • “i have this dance performance tonight, and minhyun said you were complaining about having too much work to do, so i was wondering if you wanted to come watch to distract yourself from it?”
  • you’re so shook at this point
  • and you’re like
  • “you dance??? why did i not know??????????????”
  • and he’s still acting very shy about it
  • and you’re feeling conflicted because… this isn’t the seongwoo you know
  • this isn’t the seongwoo you dislike
  • seongwoo says to you “yeah, but i don’t really like… telling people about it.”
  • and you’re like
  • wow
  • he’s not… cocky
  • either that or he doesn’t know how to dance and doesn’t want people to know
  • and now he’s looking at you
  • “so?” he says expectantly, waiting for an answer
  • “i mean, you don’t have to go! it was just a thought, so you could get out of your house and do something without feeling too stressed…”
  • and you’re not sure what compels you
  • but you say yes
  • so a few hours later you find yourself at some venue
  • alone, ready to watch his performance and see whether or not ong can dance
  • and it’s an hour long,
  • with a bunch of amazing acts
  • (minhyun even makes an appearance, although you can’t be sure whether his butt shaking counts as an actual part of the performance)
  • but you still haven’t seen seongwoo
  • the show is drawing to a close
  • and then… he comes out
  • and bruno mars’ that’s what i like comes on
  • then…
  • this boy??? he starts popping like there’s no tomorrow
  • and you’re in awe
  • because he’s SO GOOD
  • probably the best
  • and it’s a new side of him that you’ve never seen before
  • it’s like you’re seeing him in a different light
  • and it’s kind of great
  • once he’s done the audience bursts into applause
  • but if we’re being honest,
  • none were as loud as you
  • afterwards you literally run up to him
  • telling him how great he was and how you’re so glad that he invited you
  • even though literally that morning you couldn’t stand to talk to him
  • and it’s such a 180 that when seongwoo smiles, you kind of
  • go brainless and turn into mush
  • because it’s not that cocky smirk
  • but it’s an actual genuine smile
  • and almost impulsively, seongwoo asks “do you want to go out for dinner now?”
  • you’re caught off guard and you’re like
  • what now
  • and he repeats it,
  • “do you want to go out? on a date? with me?”
  • it takes a while to stutter out an answer
  • but you decide to take minhyun’s advice and give it a chance
  • even though you aren’t the… best of friends, what the hell, right?
  • (minhyun gives great advice)
  • after that
  • your relationship with him changes only a little
  • you still insult each other, yeah
  • but jokingly
  • (apparently that’s how ong meant it the whole time, but it’s new for you, okay)
  • you guys cuddle more than you did before
  • of course
  • and you meet the rest of his friends
  • apparently, you’re not the only one who didn’t like seongwoo at first either (jisung relates)
  • and ong still gives you grief, obviously,
  • but it’s the good kind of grief ((:

kedụ !

Twisted Curlhawk : I’m really sorry the size (7.5mb) is so big. I tried to get it smaller! BGC | 18 EA colors | Hat compatible


Bunnie Bun :  BGC | 9 EA colors & 6 colors (bow) | Hat compatible | each hair color comes with a black bow which you can change the color of by using the bow found in hats


Curly Puff v2 : BGC | 18 EA colors & 9 colors (headband) | Hat compatible | headband found in hats (has very small transparent spots)


Hope you enjoy and, as always, let me know if there are any issues! :)

kedụ: hi (in Igbo)

The Guest House

Description: Yoongi the hostel owner slowly develops a rapport with a girl and her friends that keep visiting.  Maybe a bit of a flirtatious one.  Maybe even a little crush.  One night he gets protective on a date gone bad and it leads to smut.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut (M)

Word Count: 7.1k

A/N: So, basically, this is based off an experience I had last week. Not the smut part (ughhhhh), but the whole hostel owner coming to save the day when this dude just wouldn’t get the hint and leave. I relayed the experience to @ellieljade , because I needed her to die with me, and we both decided it should be used for smut fuel. Like grown adults. 

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tsc books summed up (spoilers duh)
  • -tmi-
  • city of bones: what the fuck??? hot guy with tattoos??? my best friend is a rat??? mOm
  • city of ashes: family problems. umbridge 2.0 turns out to not be so bad. it's almost like the universe has something against simon lewis being human
  • city of glass: if you thought family problems were bad in the last book, oh boy you have another thing coming. actual incest happens compared to the previous incest-that-wasn't-incest. everyone is an asshole at some point except maybe baby max and yknow what happens to him
  • city of fallen angels: guESS WHOS BACK BACK BACK BACK AGAIN
  • city of lost souls: we can't even focus on the fact that clace is now happily incest-free because of what the shit going down. alec is insecure but we love him. poor amatis. alec becomes a hero yay
  • city of heavenly fire: a lot of people die. we get vague tid references and we meet mini emma and jules before the parabaDRAMA goes down. people walk in on other people doing things. we visit hell for a family vacation.
  • -tid-
  • ca: "i would literally rather be reading than doing any of this"
  • clockwork prince: more family problems also im crying and wow these parabatai are both gorgeous
  • clockwork princess: ducks and demon pox. lots of feels. tessa kicks ass.
  • -tda-
  • lady midnight: i swear that these kids were like 12 what happened why did they grow up and why are they so much cooler than me?? cristina is awesome and malcolm is not. we meet the angel that is kit. this is the book where people still thought Diana was irrelevant lmao joke's on them
  • lord of shadows: HI I DIDNT SIGN UP FOR THIS??? WHY IS MY HEART BEING RIPPPPED OUT OF MY CHEST IM CRYING LIKE EVERY OTHER PAGE except kitty that's cute. asH (morgenstern)? it's a really big damn book
  • qoaad: not even out yet but we're all probably going to die. but is clary?
  • -bonus-
  • tftsa: hi im Simon Lewis and im cool but i don't remember being cool anyways let's hear about waywood that shit is sad
  • the bane chronicles: glitter 💫 and a long line of people who aren't as cool as alec up till we meet alec. shadowhunters suck
  • tlh: we are all going to die wtf is happening with the family trEE?
  • codex: dictionary that you actually enjoy reading
  • twp: (chant this) KITTY KITTY KITTY (sing this) aaaaand a plus sized drusilla blackthorn with her own!! friend group!! yeS!!!
Get Into My Car

Title: Get Into My Car

Summary:  Dean and the reader are enjoying a night out, until someone ruins the evening

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x Plus-sized Reader

Word Count: 1889

Warnings:  Body shaming, derogatory terms directed toward a plus-sized reader, drinking, explicit language, explicit sexual content, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, smut, nsfw

Author’s Notes:  Written for two challenges: @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge. My drink was Glenfiddich Scotch and my prompt was “What is everyone staring at?!” and @butiaintgonnaloveem Baby’s Big 50 Writing Challenge. My song was Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car by Billy Ocean. Thank you to @feelmyroarrrr for the amazing idea. This wouldn’t have been possible without my bestie, @mamapeterson and her support, encouragement and words. Love you, T.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Could you recommend some bnha fanfics (preferably sfw)? I'm having some trouble finding some, so I wanted to see which ones you like! Thank you!

i’m laughing at the ‘preferably sfw’ part of this ask because literally every single fanfic i’ve ever read for MHA is safe for work

none of them are nsfw

none of them

ANYWAY here’s a list. there is a lot

One Life for Them All (If That’s What It Takes) by @athanatosora - a wonderful time travel fic where Future Izuku goes back in time to create a better future. it’s more like Izuku changing little things here and there, and there’s lots of great Dad Might and little character moments. [Multi-chap / ongoing] [no ships]

Bad Days by @forgedobsidian - Toshinori’s scar sometimes gives him bad days. He still needs to learn how to ask for help, tho. [3 chapters] [complete]

No Trouble by FlameEmber - All Might saves Inko and young Izuku. Inko finds out who All Might really is, and he slowly becomes part of their family. [Toshinko] [multi-chap / ongoing]

Heroes are for Fiction by @ladymischievous - REALLY FANTASTIC modern AU where Toshinori is a writer who writes a series of novels based around a superhero called All Might. lots of fluff and drama. lots of Dad Might. [Toshinko] [multi-chap / ongoing]

Dorm Life series by @blacknovelist55 - a REALLY SUPER CUTE series of fics about Class 1A acting like a family. lots of Dad Might and Class 1A bonding. [multi-chap / ongoing] [Toshinko]

Spoken with Love by @sevi007 - Toshinori helps Izuku with english practice. PURE DAD MIGHT FLUFF WITH ALL MIGHT AND IZUKU. [one shot]

Sense to Protect by @guardianlioness - All Might takes care of his students, even when he doesn’t really know what’s wrong. [one shot]

Parent-Teacher Meetings by @yousayrun - A SUPER AMAZING FANTASTIC TOSHINKO FIC. lots of fluff and drama and fluff and Dad Might and fluff.  [multi-chap / ongoing]

Smile again and Smile again AU by @sevi007 - a slight AU after the fight between All Might and OFA, where Toshi stays in the hospital for a longer time and has depression. Izuku helps him through his issues, and other things start to domino. [multi-chap / ongoing] [some potential Toshinko]

Implode by @milkshakederbygal - Bakugou slowly finds himself having feelings for Uraraka. [one shot] [Kacchako] 

Sunny Afternoon by @thecrowmaiden - a super cute Dad Might fic where Izuku and All Might play catch. [one shot]

Just another night by @sevi007 (follows the Dorm Life series) - The Class 1A kids set Toshinori and Inko up on a date. The kids follow, and the date goes better than expected. [one shot] [Toshinko]

There’s a Visine for That by @thecrowmaiden - super cute fic where Class 1A helps Aizawa. [one shot]

Home Away from Home by @ladymischievous - the Class 1A kids find out that All Might doesn’t have a stomach, and isn’t properly taking care of himself. they intervene. [one shot]

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine! by @thecrowmaiden - Uraraka and Izuku find out that Iida can sew. [one shot]

Laugh Lines by AeoniCyunfold - Toshinori falls. Hard. [one shot] [Toshinko]

I’ll Carry You Home by @renesvetta - Izuku collapses after training one day and All Might has to carry him home. SUPER ADORABLE DAD MIGHT FLUFF. [one shot]

Cards of All Sorts by @luna-reverie - the kids all write All Might some get well cards after his fight with All for One. [one shot]

5 Times Izuku Had to Sit on Someone’s Lap and the 1 Time He Did It Willingly by @thebuttonharlequin - exactly what it says in the title. super super cute. [multi-chap / ongoing]

Curiosity killed Kacchan by acesexual_takigawa - Bakugou tries to find out if Izuku really is All Might’s kid. Hilarity ensues. Dad Might. [one shot]

Second Chances by @ladymischievous  - Inko wants to make up for a bad first impression. very light Toshinko. [one shot]

Father Almighty series by Wet_Diamonds - lots and lots and lots of Dad Might and Izuku bonding. currently on Hiatus, but still worth the read

i fucking LOVE YOU, i think you’re pretty by Authoress - Uraraka makes Bakugou a bento while he’s in the hospital after the whole kidnapping incident. Bakugou may or may not be crushing on her now. Hilarity ensues. [one shot] [Kacchako]

Get Well Soon by brickboat - Jirou finds out some things about All Might and Izuku’s relationship and some secrets she probably should never have known. Dad Might. [one shot]

Father’s Day by Fallende - Izuku gets All Might a father’s day gift. super fluffy Dad Might stuff [one shot]

Shoes by @swiftwidget - Toshinori visits Inko for parent teacher meetings about Izuku. she notices his shoes are several sizes too big, and gives him a fitting pair. romance ensues. [on going] [Toshinko]

i got most of these from my faves on AO3 so i’m probably missing A LOT, but these are some of my favorites!!! i hope you enjoy them!!!

Since I’ve hit 250 followers lately, I decided to make something special for all of you. I would never thought that there will be so many people who like my blog and CC that I create. I enjoy this lovely feeling inside my little heart so much and I hope that it won’t leave me soon :) So, I tried something different than a recolor and I made a crop top without a mesh, what would definitely not happen without a very helpful tutorial-ish by amazing @citrontart. My top isn’t very perfect, because when you change the chest’s size the stripes move also and sometimes it makes pretty weird effect (if you know what I mean), but I think it’s not a big deal :) 

Feel free to recolor, but please, include a link back to this post. Thank you!


  • You are not allowed to re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • Do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • Tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

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anonymous asked:

buck if the avengers were animals what animals would they be???? thank you

i assume you mean based on personality, and not which avengers have been turned into which animals lately.
what has happened to my life that that is even a question i have to ask??

anyway, steve would be a dog. everyone is right on the money on that one; hed be big, fluffy, loyal as hell, appetite the size of rhode island and love to play fetch. and also have the bite power to sever a mans hand if he was so inclined. you would trust him with a baby but also to eat the face off anyone who threatened that baby. well. maybe not EAT. he does have SOME standards. theoretically.

tony would be a raven. reputation associated with death, but personality of a class clown–likes pranks, messing with people, and trying new stuff. dedicated to family and intelligent as hell. chatty. tool user. did you know ravens can people-talk? if they couldnt, im sure tony would figure out how anyways.

nat would be a swan. beautiful, graceful, but at the top of the do-not-fuck-with list in most animals books. mates for life and more loyal than you would think, with a take no shit and no prisoners attitude. i have a healthy terror of swans, as does any sane human being.

clint would also be a dog, but not like steve. hed be one of those scrappy little terrier mutts that descend from a working breed that are supposed to do things like kill rats. just as loyal and smart and fun-loving as the big guys, but makes up for lack of size with pure tenacity. and so scruffy its cute.

bruce would be an elephant. smart and social, with strong emotional bonds, generally calm and compassionate, but never something you want to be standing in front of when it gets pissed. also really enjoys peanuts?

thor would be a lion. content to chill out most of the time, and more social than most cats, but also totally down to throw down on a moment’s notice. pretty smart but not somebody you ever wanna cross. majestic as anything. 

i would be a bear. likes a lot of food in large quantities, and i would love to sit in a river and let dinner fling itself into my mouth. asleep like half of the time. big and badass but generally pretty chill, and smarter than you might think. also a faster runner than you might expect (that’s not really about me, bears can just run at like 35 mph which is a thought to keep you up at night.) and if theres one thing everyone knows about bears, it is that you do not mess with what they are protecting.
also they are opposed to forest fires?? not sure what that has to do with anything, but i guess i can get behind it

Clowns are probably one of the most mistreated creatures people keep as domestic pets. So many parents buy clowns for their children’s birthdays without doing any research on how to properly care for their clown, and therefore, so many clowns live cramped, uncomfortable, and stressed lives! This is an easy to follow guide on how to properly care for your clown, to make sure they live the best life possible.

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Being Little: Requirments

~Be yourself
~If you’re with some one, that you feel comfortable
~Make sure no one takes advantage of you
~Make sure you receive aftercare (if this applies to you)
~Make sure you’re in a save environment
~That you are safe
~That you don’t feel pressured into acting little or big
~That you take care of yourself
~You enjoy yourself


There are no physical requirements! Littles come in all shapes and sizes!
You are not required to…:
~Act a certain way
~Be in a certain age range
~Be a certain height
~Be a certain ethnicity or race
~Be female
~Be into ABDL/CGl/DDlb/DDlg/MDlb/MDlg
~Be into petplay
~Be “little”
~Be male
~Call your caregiver Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Have a Dommy/Mommy/Daddy
~Have a certain amount of stuffies
~Have a certain hair length, color, texture
~Have any stuffies
~Know everything about being a little
~Know your regression age
~Know your gender
~Like certain foods
~Like Disney
~Like pastel colors
~Like popular Little activities
~Look a certain way
~Talk a certain way
~Type a certain way
~Wear certain clothes
~Wear certain amount of clothes
~Weigh a certain amount

There are so many more things to add to the list of, “You are not required to…:” There are no “real” requirements either! You should never feel you have act, look, or “be” a certain way to be little! Being a Little is all a personal experience that you can share with others are you please. Remember to stay safe and take care of yourself!


A/N: So me being 5′2 I kinda have a size!kink and this gif does not help me at all so I kinda had an idea and here ya go! 

Dean x Reader

Warnings: flirting, swearing

Word Count: 750

You clutched the cool metal of Baby as you watched Dean walk towards you. It took all of your self-control to calmly and nonchalantly wait, even when all you wanted to do was jump into his arms and wrap yours legs around his waist – fuck. The jeans he wore today seemed to accent just how tall he really was, sending a delicious thrill down your spine that had you licking your lips. Dean didn’t know about the obsession you had with his tall broad frame, didn’t know that you constantly held back whimpers every time he strode confidently, and how the way his shoulders and arms engulfed you and made you so damn small, was probably the best feeling in the world. So of course, while you’re supposed to be keeping watch, all you could do was stare at your man and imagined all the ways you would climb the hell out of him.

“I guess I was just imagining it or something, there was nothing back there,” he stood beside you, unaware that your breath was caught in your throat and the way you tried so damn hard not to smile. “Wanna get going? We’re still a day out before we meet up with Sam,”

“No wait,” you called out, quickly latching a hand on to his wrist and tugged him towards you. With a raised brow, Dean watched warily as looked down at you. “Let’s just take a break, I’m getting a bit car sick and it’s really nice outside,” With a slight jut of your bottom lip, you knew it was only seconds before Dean would cave and agree with you, however, what you didn’t expect was for Dean to clutch your waist and hoist you up on the hood of Baby. A small groan escaped your lips, immediately grabbing the attention of Dean.

“Now what on earth was that, sweetheart?” With a lick of his perfect pink lips and a calloused hand brushing away the hair from your face, you were done for.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it,” You couldn’t stop the ever increasing blush, not with the way Dean was smirking at you. Cocky bastard.

“Nope, tell me. I want to know,” Nuzzling his way down to the underside of your jaw, he softly planted kisses on your skin, melting your resistance completely. Dean Winchester knew he had you in the palm of his hand. It took you a few moments before you could even think about forming a coherent sentence, your brain having turned to mush and the overwhelming presence of him not being of any help.

“It’s really stupid,” you breathlessly whined, sounding pitiful in terms of trying to put up a fight against his charm. Dean merely waited, knowing that he’d get it out of you soon enough. “I just… you’re so damn- god this is gonna sound ridiculous. I really really like how big and strong you are,” If you could have died of embarrassment, you would have gladly done so. You’re cheeks felt like they were on fire as you refused to meet Dean’s eyes. The silence from him was mortifying, chastising yourself for revealing such a liking in the first place.


“God, Dean. You really just love seeing me suffer,” You groaned, “It’s pretty damn self-explanatory. You’re like a freaking giant, with legs that just… and watching you is like watching a freakin’ god walk before you. And don’t even get me started on your arms, or your hands, or your back – fuck. It’s just, you’re so damn big and I really enjoy it all too much, okay?”

“So… you have a size kink?” he grinned widely, feeling all too smug with himself.

“Yes, dammit! You happy? Can we just get on the road please?” You begged, trying to hop off the hood but Dean had you trapped with his legs placed on either side of you. His right hand slowly made its way up to the nape of your neck and gently threaded his fingers in your hair, tugging slightly to force you to look up at him.  

“Hey, you don’t need to get embarrassed. It’s really nice knowing my girl still has the hots for me after all these years,”

“I’m glad I could help your ego, babe,”

“Now let me tell you the hundreds of things that drive me wild about you, sweetheart,” he drawled, briefly planting a fierce kiss against your lips that you swore placed you on cloud nine.

All I can think of right now is Bitty with a big dog

That is a concept I thoroughly enjoy. Just Bitty at his home in Georgia, cuddling his best friend who is probably twice his size in his room or something. Or when he leaves for college, his dog running up to him and almost tackling him to the ground. Bitty bringing Jack home and having him meet this big, furry dog and Jack looking at Bitty like “how did you not get crushed”. Bitty and Jack getting a big dog of their own, spending their days off cuddling each other, and the dog laying right besides them in bed.

BTS reaction to their S/O stealing their hoodies

requested by anon


Jin doesn’t mind sharing his clothes with you since there is nothing better for him than seeing you wrapped up in one of his sweaters.

“You know, you should keep that sweater. It looks better on you than me! Although they are a little big on you.”

“And whose fault is that mister ‘shoulders too wide for our doorframe’.”


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Yoongi would be more than happy to give his sweaters to you. Sometimes he would get a little to excited…

“Why are you so excited to give me your sweaters. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I’m just curious.”

“I just want my baby to be warm and comfortable at all times… Is there something wrong with that??”


“Fine, I think they look really good on you, plus I want everyone to know that you are mine…happy?”

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Namjoon would absolutely love it to see his sweaters on you. He would think that you look adorable in them, with the long sleeves giving you permanent sweater paws and the big size of them making you look small and vulnerable.

“Of course you can take my sweaters. I love how they make you look so comfortable. It’s honestly more attractive than those tight and short clothes you sometimes wear.”

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Hobi would play like he doesn’t know that you are stealing his sweaters. He would enjoy seeing you in them too much. He also likes to tease you about it.

“Have you seen my purple sweater? I can’t find it”

“No, that’s weird. I haven’t seen it in a while…”

“Weird indeed… what about my blue one?”

“Nope, no idea where it could be, sorry. Maybe the washing machine ate it… oh, would you look at the time, I have to go. Byeeeeeeeee!”

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Jimin would love to give you his sweaters… but he would also get kind of jealous sometimes.

“You said my sweaters feel like a big hug, but why wear them when you can have the real thing?!”

“How about you give me your sweater and we cuddle anyway?”


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Tae wouldn’t understand the appeal of you wearing his sweaters initially, but after you explained to him what it’s all about he would be more than happy to lend you his sweaters.

“Babe, if you like my sweaters so much, let me just buy some for you. I would love that!”

“I don’t want any sweaters… it wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t smell like you!”


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Kookie would let you take his sweaters… but not without a fight.

“Honestly, all you do is take my sweaters! I have nothing left to wear! Can you please give me some of my sweaters back?”

“I always give them back to you when they don’t smell like you anymore!”

“Yah! Then why do I not have a single sweater left in my closet?”

“That’s because you only own two sweaters! The rest of your closet is filled with white t-shirts. NOT MY FAULT THAT I HAPPEN TO HAVE BOTH OF THEM.”

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Preference “How they react to you going down on them for the first time” (NSFW)

(Woooo more nasty preferences 😏😏 Yay for our faves being more than happy 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d get overly turned on and excited and would let you have your way with him. He had always wanted you to suck him off, so when you would eagerly offer it to him one night, by getting on your knees, he’d smirk and teasingly chuckle and whisper to see you. He’d let you take control for a while before getting to into it and reach in your hair to conduct you, only to make you look at him and swallow everything. “Y/N…Baby girl…You’re getting yourself dirty tonight..Fuck…Y-You’re really good at this aren’t you, you little cocksucker…Shit! Look at me…You’re gonna swallow all of it aren’t you…Good…”

Daryl-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d at first deny that he liked it as he somewhat feels bad but as you’d encourage and turn him in with your words and all, he’d gradually just get into it. He’d feel like he was forcing you into it at first so he’d just try to get you back on your feet so that he can be the one to give you a special treatment, only to give up as you would wrap you lips around his cock and suck him off slowly. “Babe…I’m okay…You don’t have to…No…You want to? Alright…I’ll be honest…I feel like you deserve it more than I-…Y/N…Fuck…Shit…You’re…Perfect…”

Rick-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just enjoy it and would have no problem to show you that he does as he’d let you do whatever to him. Just seeing you sink down to start sucking him off would turn him on even more and he wouldn’t hesitate to teasingly praise you. He’d make you look him the eyes, tucking your hair away, only to gradually lose control and grip your hair. “Y/N…I love your mouth…It feels really good…Keep going…Yeah…Like that…Just like that…Yeah…Fuck…”

Merle-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just love seeing you on your knees for him and cheer praise you for it while just letting himself loose to feel you. As you’d slide down his body to sink on your knees, he’d smirk and bite his lips to see you and just flirt with you. He’d touch and feel your lips and cheeks for a moment before losing control as you would wrap your lips around his cock, making him grip your hair to hold himself. “Y/N, baby…You’re gonna suck my cock? Yeah…Good…Oh fuck…Baby your lips are so beautiful…Sh-shit! Yeah you like that…You like sucking on daddy’s cock? Yeah…”

Glenn-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d have a hard time hiding his smile to see you on your knees and just praise you. He’d enjoy every bit of attention that you would give him and softly tuck your hair away to get a good look at you. He’d stroke the side of your face softly and smirk to see you to work before gradually losing control and promise you to return the favor. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…And you love me so much…That’s so lovely of you…Look at me…Fuck…Fuck…Yeah like that…Keep up like that and you’ll have to let me have my treat…”

The Governor-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just feel so overwhelmed with pleasure that he’d have a hard time to find the right words to say. To see you on your knees and obeying his orders would have already turned him on so much but seeing you just want to suck him off would make him nearly lose his mind. He’d encourage you even more and grab your hair to hang on and gently thrust forward. “You’re such a good girl, Y/N…Doing everything I ask of you…Mmhh…Like that…Just like that…Don’t stop…Do you hear me? You don’t stop until I come in that pretty mouth of yours…”

Abraham-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d look at you lustfully before smirking and chuckling. He’d tease you with his words and jokingly tell you that it’s okay if you don’t want to, referring to his size, only to suddenly be caught up by your lips. He’d be impressed and would just praise you and grab you softly to pull you closer to him. He’d just enjoy to see you down on your knees and would order you to please yourself. “Oh Y/N…You’re so sexy cutie…But i’ll be honest with you, I don’t mind if you stop…I get it i’m pretty big…You probably can’t- Oh…Fucking shit…You’re takin’ it all…Wow…Fuck…”

Eugene-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d lose complete control and just start to talk dirty about you. You’d see a completely different side to him and be impressed by how he can go from being innocent as to what was happening to suddenly just begging you to not stop. Slowly, you’d feel his fingers grip your hair and him thrusting, showing you that he doesn’t want you to stop. “Y/N? W-what are you doing? Why are you on your knees? Y-you’re…Fuck…You’re taking in all of my dick…Shit…Yeah like that..don’t stop…Like that…more…”

Jesus-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just be enamored by you and be glad to have you in that moment. He’d touch you gently and let sweet words of encouragement to let you know that he appreciates you and how much he loves you. He’d keep looking you in the eyes and would be surprisingly gentle with you as he wouldn’t want to rush anything. “You have such pretty lips, Y/N…I’m so lucky to have you…and i’m just so grateful…Grateful to-…to have you like this…So pretty…I-I love you…Fuck…”

Dwight-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d just feel like a sense of relief and enjoy every instant of it. He’d feel as if you were accepting him and get even more turned on by the idea of it. He’d enjoy seeing you sink to your knees and touch him all over, that he’d start to ramble on about how dirty you are as he reaches to grip and tug your hair. He’d make sure you’d keep looking up at him and that you’re pleasing yourself as well. “Yeah…That’s right, Y/N…on your knees…Opening your mouth for me, already? You dirty little girl…Fuck…Just like that…Yeah…Shit…Let me see you touch yourself…Do it…”

Morgan-The first time you’d go down on him, he would’ve denied it a few times before letting you. He’d just feel like it was a dirty act to ask of you to do, so he had been avoiding it for quite a while until one night, you would surprise him by having your way. He’d end up not having time to stop you and just get lost in the pleasure you were giving him as you would feel him reaching to tug your hair. “No, Y/N, honey…I-I don’t need you to do this. I swear…I-I’m fine…I’ll take care of you…Please let m-…Y/N! Wait-…Fuck!…”

Shane-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d feel somewhat proud of you and just be completely into it. He’d talk even dirtier to see you on your knees and as he’d grip your hair, he’d end up tugging you to control the rhythm and all. He wouldn’t be ashamed of his groans and would get even louder as he’d feel your tongue swirling around. Eventually, he’d feel like he had no choice but to thrust into you and would keep at it. “You’re so good at this…It’s amazing…Fucking shit…Just like that…Do it again…Yeah…I-I can’t…Fuck take this…Like this…Yeah…”

Milton-The first time you’d go down on him, he would’ve pretended to not wanting you to but in reality would actually just feel excited to see you get on your knees. He’d deny you a few times, take your hands away from his belt and everything but end up giving it up and letting you win and just enjoy the feeling your lips and tongue all over, making him praise you. “Y/N…
No…I don’t want you to…No not that way, please…i’m serious…I-I can handle it myself…I-I’m- Fuck…Y/N…Baby…Please…D-don’t stop…”

Aaron-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be pleasantly surprised and would just feel special about himself. He’d at first be stunned to see you get lower as you would kiss each other and ask you teasingly as to what you were doing but as you’d kiss his hips, he’d understand. He’d end up cupping your face softly and tell you to take your time as he wouldn’t want the moment to end too soon. “Y/N? What are you- Oh!…You’re doing that…I-I don’t mind…I-I do like it…Slowly…just like that…Take your ti-…time…take your time that’s what i meant…”

Gabriel-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be shy about it and would put up a little fight for you to not do so, only to end up enjoying it a little too much. As you’d make out, you’d soon sink to your knees, making him realizing what was happening and try to pull you back up. However, as you’d have your way with him, his train of thought would slowly be cut off, making him groan at you to keep going while gripping your hair tightly. “Y/N, sweetheart…No don’t…I already told you…I-I don’t need you that w-…Y-Y/N! Please…Don’t stop…Yes…like that…Y-You’ll swallow everything, for me…right?”

The Wolf-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d find it amusing of you and just start to tease you for being so dirty. As you’d both make out, you’d feel his hands keeping to push you down, making you understand as to what he wants. As you’d lower yourself, he’d guide his cock to your mouth making you suck him off. He’d laugh and ramble on about how you’re his and such as his hands would creep up in your hair. “Oh…Y/N…You’re at this point now? Finally, sucking my cock for your pleasure…You’re such a dirty slut…my dirty slut…Yeah like that…wait…let me help you…Mhmm…more like this…”

Noah-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d feel amazing and wouldn’t want you to stop despite at first being reluctant about it. He’d be nervous about and would try to talk you out if it. as much as he could, saying he wants you to feel good not just only himself. However, as you’d be adamant about wanting to and you’d kneel in front of him with a pleading look to just start to suck him off, he’d forget about everything and let you. “No…Y/N…I-I don’t think it’s a good idea…I’m not sure…It’s just…I don’t see the pleasure for you…I-…Woah…Y/N…Fuck…”

Simon-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d have everything already planned and would just get an even bigger hard on than he already does. He’d just sit in anticipation and as you’d start to suck him off, he’d smirk and close his eyes in sheer pleasure of it and just your name would come to him. He’d then just love to give you orders on how to do it and look at you as you’d take each inch of him deeper, making him start to praise you and thrust into you. “Y/N…Y/N…Baby girl! Fuck! Yeah…like that! You’re so good…It’s amazing…Taking my whole length…Alright…Now give me a long lick…Keep stroking me like that…You’re such a good girl…”

Ezekiel-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d show you his usual kind side at first but as you’d gradually go on, his lustful and rough side would come out. He’d find it so lovely of you to want him that way, that he’d let you get down on your knees and start to suck him off. He’d stroke your hair softly while speaking to you in a sweeter tone, to make sure you were fine. However, the more you would go on the more he’d lose control and you’d feel him thrusting forward. “Beautiful Y/N…If this is really what you desire…go on…Such a sweet queen…pleasuring her king this way…Simply amazing…F-fuck…Yeah like that…Come on…”

Benjamin-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be stunned and try to stop you, only to end up being amazed by you and want you to keep going. He’d feel awkward about having you do that to him, so he’d do his best to keep you from getting away from his embrace. However, you’d snake your way down to him and as he’d have no time to pull you back, he’d end up getting caught up with his words and in the moment, enjoying all of it. “Y/N?! W-what are you trying to do? Are you serious? You want to…No…Come here…Y/N…Oh fuck…Y-you’re really doing this…Oh…D-don’t stop..

Caesar-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d smirk happily and just want you to take your time. He’d tuck and stroke your hair as a way to encourage you and just compliment on you and on how you would suck him off. Gradually, his words would get dirtier and his soft touches to your hair would end up being a tight grip as his hips would occasionally rise up. He’d teasingly beg you to stop, knowing that it’ll probably make you go even faster. “Oh…Y/N…Please…S-stop…I-I don’t think I can handle this…Y-You’re just so good at this…Fuck…Please…I’m begging you to stop…”

Heath-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be nervous about it and just try his best to keep a straight face so that you could change your mind and let him do it to you. He’d feel guilty to see you in that position and keep looking away to deny you, only for it not to turn you off but actually work harder. He’d end up giving up and lose control and just start to ramble on about how he actually likes it. “I’m sorry, Y/N but…I feel like I should be the one to do you…Not this…I-I’m just…F-fuck…I-I…I don’t hate this…Go on…”

Spencer-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d get even more turned in than he already is and just get slightly arrogant about his size. He’d guide himself into your mouth and jokingly pull away a few times saying that his size was too much for you, only for you to suddenly take control and have it your way. His attitude would change and he’d show his more vulnerable side that comes out when he loses control. “So you’re finally going to suck me…Good…But I warn you might not be able to fit it all in-…Woah! Y/N! F-Fuck! Shit…I-I’m sorry…Sorry please don’t go so fast…”

Richard-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be more than glad to feel your mouth and tongue over him and just enjoy to look at you on your knees. From his eyes, you could tell that he wanted it so you made sure to give it to him properly. As you’d start to take him in, he’d let out sweet words about you and gradually they would turn into groans, encouraging you to keep going for him and ask you to swallow for him. “Y/N…You’re so beautiful…Your eyes…You lips…How do I even deserve you…Look at you…Y-You’re mine…All mine…That’s right…Like that…Please take of it…Swallow…”

Nicholas-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d be surprised for a few seconds before his arrogant behavior would come out and just let you know that you were his. He’d look at you wide eyed to see you sink down to your knees and ask you as to what you were doing but the instant you suck him off, he’d change completely. He’d let out some groans and just pull you to him by your hair and talk about how dirty you are. “Y/N? What are you-…Oh, fuck! Sucking me off is it? Yeah that’s right…You should’ve been doing that since the beginning like the dirty girl you are… ”

Gareth-The first time you’d go down on him, he’d suddenly get quiet and try to control his groans. He’d want to have the best of you so he’d keep in his reaction for most of the time to make you work harder before giving in and surprise you by pulling you by your hair tighter. He’d pull you closer and just whisper praises to you for it and end up telling you to swallow every thing. “Y/N…You finally understood…Good…See you’re actually really good at this…That’s what I wanted and that’s what you’re giving me…I hope won’t forget to swallow…”

Michonne-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just be so seduced by you that she’d smirk and let you have what you want. She’d just whisper sweetly to you about how lovely you are like this and try her best to keep her eyes on you. As you’d get rougher and more eager, she’d end up losing control and just grip you to keep going. “Y/N…I love you so much…You’re so kind…and sweet look at you-…I’m so lucky…Lucky to have you…Oh my god…Y/N…”

Maggie-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d tease you about your abilities and jokingly make you doubt yourself, only because she wants you to prove her wrong. As you would do so, she’d still try to tease you and take everything casually. However, as you’d work on her, gradually you’d feel her rising up slightly and start to grip your hair as she loses control. “Oh come on Y/N…You? I don’t think it’ll be useful of you to do that…Let’s do something else…You don’t want to? Y/N, seriously? I don’t think that’s enough…Seriously-…Oh fuck…”

Andrea-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d be even more turned on to see you want her that way, that she’d let her more vulnerable side come out. Although, she would still be lustful about it, you’d notice her words slowly change to more loving and encouraging ones. As you’d hold on to her, she hold you back and grip onto your hair. “Y/N…Yes…Like that…don’t stop…You’re so good at this…Amazing…I-I love you…”

Jessie-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d deny that she wanted you to do so and try to get you away, only to give up as you would give her your all. Her words telling you to stop would turn into moans, that she’d try to stifle but struggle to do so. She’d end up gripping onto the sheets and beg you to not stop. “No Y/N…I’m fine…I swear I don’t need you to do this…I don’t-…Y/N…Fuck…”

Beth-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d be nervous and shy about it and just push you away for a few moment. She’d feel embarrassed about herself and try to make you change your mind by paying attention to you affectionately, only to end up losing to you as you would have it your way. She’d enjoy it so much she’d then tell you to keep going and not let go. “Y/N, I’m fine…You don’t have to do this…Please…Let me taken care of you…Y/N…Oh goodness…Oh my god…D-don’t stop…Please keep going…”

Sasha-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just feel so at ease, she wouldn’t have a problem to let herself loose. She’d enjoy to be in your care and seeing how eagerly you want to do so for her, she’d softly stroke your hair and let you have your way with her. She’d just encourage you to keep going and as she’d feel near she’d grip your hair. “Y/N…It feels really good…You’re amazing…Yes like that…Just like that…Keep going…”

Rosita-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d give you a slightly hard time for a moment by pretending to not care, only to give up and show you exactly what she feels. She’d make you work harder for her with her words but as soon as she’d feel you getting more into it, she’d thrust herself to you. Her words would then turn you on even more and as you’d hold her she’d let herself go even more. “Really? You think that’s enough…Wake me up when you’re done…Y-Y/N! F-fuck…I-I like it like that…Yeah…Yeah…Keep going just like that…”

Tara-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d just feel so loved and cared for that she’d smile looking at you. She’d stroke your hair sweetly and whisper to you kind words to make you know that she loves you no matter what and do her best to contain her excitement. As you’d go even harder at her, her words would turn into moans and groans. “Thank you Y/N…You’re so kind…sweet…and perfect…I-I couldn’t hope for more…I-I like it like this…I-I love you…”

Carol-The first time you’d go down on her, she’d act like she wouldn’t want it, only to feel herself giving up and letting you have your way. She’d try to pull you back up to keep kissing her but as you would be so adamant about it she’d sigh and just let you. She’d pretend to not care for it, only to suddenly be unable to contain her true feelings. “No…Get back here…Y/N…Fine whatever…Have it your way…Y-Y/N…W-wait…F-fuck…”

Arat-The first time you’d go down on her, she wouldn’t be shy about liking it and seeing you sink lower to her. She’d smirk and bite her lips, unable to keep her eyes off of you and just praise you. She’d pull your hair towards her to keep you in place and give you instructions on how to make it better, only for you to do it your way and make her breathless. “Yeah…Y/N…Just like that…You know I want this…Perfect…Her let me show you…Like this…Good…”


  • ❝ I’m gonna turn her into a bloomin’ onion ❞ 
  • ❝ I’m worried because your PC thought that was NASTY 
  • ❝ Have you noticed something approaching DAWNING HORROR on the husband’s face? 
  • ❝ She looks like a human goldfish cracker 
  • ❝ NO, DON’T SMILE 
  • ❝ I’m gonna yartz ❞ 
  • ❝ There’s no reason to have a rough face and seven different types of forehead blemishes 
  • ❝ Fucking look AT her 
  • ❝ I want the middle of his face to just be sort of a ruined wasteland; a blighted hellscape 
  • ❝ Look at that just, like, beef steak ❞ 
  • ❝ I can’t interact with objects yet, honey, I haven’t completed the tutorial 
  • ❝ Baby enjoy toy; mommy buy for you 
  • ❝ I will take a hammer and FIX the baby 
  • ❝ Baby is broken; it’s too SMALL 
  • ❝ Superglue baby back to his BIG SIZE 
  • ❝ Baby need snack; I give baby snack of cleaner 
  • ❝ Clean baby’s tumtum; SCRUBBIESCRINKLEWINKLE 
  • ❝ He’s caught in the atoms of the linoleum 
  • ❝ Come to me, my Shaunster 
  • ❝ Nobody move, I’ve lost both a contact lens and a husband 
  • ❝ God forgive me 
  • ❝ He cool… He cool, he cool 
  • ❝ I DO THIS 
  • ❝ Pretty good, IT DOESN’T SEEM 
  • ❝ I tell little joke 
  • ❝ Next time, you INVITE Pam 
  • ❝ Did the dialogue just support your slash fiction? 
  • ❝ Uh, Final Pam forget keys; BRB 
  • ❝ Okay, I got them, WE COOL 
  • ❝ I bet you did not OVERSEE that coming 
  • ❝ Hey everybody, it’s me, ROACHIE, your favourite guy 
  • ❝ Drink up, Roachie 
  • ❝ I have a son; he’s a can of peas 
  • ❝ Ask him something only Roachie would know 
  • ❝ Guns are just so last year 
  • ❝ Roachie, I’ve been meaning to ask you something for a long time now and I just want you to know that you’re the most special bug in the world to me and I can’t imagine exploring the wasteland without you; will you marry me? 
  • ❝ He said YES 
  • ❝ Nothing, you leave me NOTHING? 
  • ❝ I’m gonna be in a deep depression for the next few minutes 
  • ❝ It didn’t get noodley though 
SOLACE || Park Chanyeol

I’ve always had a thing for Chanyeol’s purple-orange oversized jacket and I don’t think I’m the only one.

Content: ±4000 Graphic Smut of semi-public sex, clothes kink, rough sex, dirty talk, inclined voyeourism, etc.

Pairing: Chanyeol (EXO) x Reader

Your hot megastar boyfriend always effortlessly able to drive you to the edge of your insanity.

The digital clock on the top of the table shows 8 PM when you had sat on the a chair in front of the door that directly leads to the second floor of the house you and your boyfriend shared. You shift your body in anticipation as you hear the sound of your boyfriend’s footsteps approaching the doorstep after he parked his car in the garage. It was one, two, three steps, before you hear him punch the code of the house from the other side of the door and you hear the familiar beeping sound of the door being unlocked. The door opens, slowly revealing your ever so tall boyfriend that you haven’t seen for a month. He was now wearing black head to toe, a confused look decorated his handsome face. His large eyes are scrunched as he looks into the dark living room, before stretching his long hands to the left wall in search for the light buttons.


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(February 6, 2011 post and pictures by Ray Toro on the official MCR website)

Hey all,

My Chemi is back in Japan!!!

We’ve been here for a few days taking in the sights, tastes, and sounds of this great country!

Osaka was our first stop, where we spent the day walking the shopping arcade, spending yens on toys and trinkets you can’t get in the states. We also hung out with giant killer crabs, and treated ourselves to ramen 10,000 years in the making…

We also enjoyed some Kushikatsu, which is Japanese for deep fried goodness. Imagine dipping everything from beef, sausage, and chicken, to octopus in delicious corn-dog batter, frying it, deep dunking it in a milder A1'ish type sauce, and swallowing it whole piping hot. A delicacy indeed. You can watch the whole experience here.

We also managed to squeeze in a show, and it reminded us of why we love playing in Japan so much. We had a few technical problems, first show kinks, but the crowd powered us through.

For those of you who have never been to a show in Japan, the crowd reacts in a way completely unique to Japan. Between songs, they are whisper quiet, respectfully waiting for the next song to start. Once the music kicks, they begin to dance, chant, mosh and sing along at ear piercing levels. When the song ends, polite applause, and then silence. It makes for a special experience, that somehow feels more personal than the size of the show would indicate.

We then hopped on the bullet train to Nagoya. For all of the steel and concrete that fills the big cities, you forget that the much of Japan is filled with beautiful green trees, snow-capped mountains, and smaller, more traditional cities.

The gig in Nagoya went much smoother, and was just as fun as Osaka. DeWees, keyboard extraordinaire, played a beautiful piece on the spot before Black Parade. He always finds new ways to amaze us.

Now on the train to Tokyo, enjoying a green tea ice cream and on the hunt for Masterpiece Hot Rod…





Daddy Jaebum

Mummy Kink Jinyoung

Fuckboy Mark

Horny Jackson pt.1 (¾)

Horny Jackson pt. 2 (4/4)

Youngjae Comforts you about your Baby Scan pt. 1

You tell Youngjae your Babies’ Genders pt. 2

Jaebum Slut Shaming you ft. Jackson

Smutty Yugyeom

Poly Daddies Markson ft. Bottom Mark

Poly Daddies Jackbum

Daddy Youngjae

Smutty Jaebum

Horny/Desperate Jackson

Daddy BamBam with Exhibitionism

Poly Jackbum

Fuckboy Jaebum

Kinky JackBam

Flirty/Kinky Mark

Poly JJP

Dom Jackson x Sub Cross-Dresser Mark

Kinky Poly Markson

Sub Mark with Daddy Kink

Horny, Desperate Mark

Jackson when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Jinyoung when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Jaebum when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

BamBam when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Yugyeom when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Youngjae when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Mark when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)


Daddy Xiumin pt. 1

Daddy Xiumin pt. 2

Date with Yixing pt. 1

Date with Yixing pt. 2

Daddy Baekhyun

Daddy Chen x Male Reader

Kai ft. Baekhyun Threesome

Kai ft. Baekhyun Threesome-Male Reader

Daddy Chanyeol

Needy Chanyeol

ChanSoo Threesome

Horny Baekyeol Threesome


Daddy J-Hope

Jealous Jungkook

Smutty J-Hope

You Send your Nude to the Group Chat, and Taehyung gets Jealous and Possessive 

Kinky Taehyung

Kinky/Daddy J-Hope + Hyung Line Group Chat

You accidentally Send your Nude(s) to the Group Chat, instead of to your Boyfriend, Jin

Honeymoon Taehyung Smut


Smutty Young K

Smutty Dowoon


Dominant Hwasa-Female Reader

Dominant Hwasa-Male Reader

Monsta X:

Wonho wanting Shower Sex

2 Year Anniversary Shownu Smut


Daddy Jun-Female Kitten Reader

Daddy Jun-Male Kitten Reader

Master Seungcheol x Female Kitten Reader

Master Seungcheol x Male Kitten Reader


Honeymoon with Ravi (Smut)


Daddy Jinho


Daddy Jinyoung x Female Reader

Daddy Jinyoung x Male Reader


Lisa with a Daddy Kink

Lisa with a Mummy Kink


B.I when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Donghyuk when you’re Sick (Gender Neutal)

Chanwoo when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Jinhwan when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Bobby when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Junhoe when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Yunhyeong when you’re Sick (Gender Neutral)

Daddy Bobby

Bobby with a Daddy Kink



Stressed Out-Jimin Smut




Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?


Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?


Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?


Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?


Ass or Tits?

Body Hair

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?


Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?


Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?

Big Bang:

Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?


Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?


Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom , or Power-Bottom?

Jay Park:

Would he Date a Plus Size Partner?

Ass or Tits?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?

Eric Nam:

Ass or Tits?

Would he Date a Plus Size Partner?

Dom, Sub, or Switch?

Top, Bottom, or Power-Bottom?


Picture Your Bias

You x Your Bias (Anal)







Big Bang





Jay Park

Eric Nam



To Enjoy their Girlfriend having ‘Sexual’ Piercings

To have Sex in a Public Place

To want to Creampie You

To have a Daddy Kink/Be a Dom

To have a Mummy Kink/Be a Sub

To be Hung

To want Anal

To Date a Plus Size Partner


To watch his Girlfriend Play with herself to get Hard

To be Hung

To have a Daddy Kink/Be a Dom

To have a Mummy Kink/Be a Sub

To want Anal

To Date a Plus Size Partner


To want to Creampie you (with BTS)

To have a Daddy Kink/Be a Dom

To have a Mummy Kink/Be a Sub

To be Hung

To want Anal

To Date a Plus Size Partner


To want to Creampie you (with GOT7)

To have a Daddy Kink/Be a Dom

To Have a Mummy Kink/Be a Sub

To be Hung

To want Anal

To Date a Plus Size Partner


To have a Daddy Kink/Be a Dom

To have a Mummy Kink/Be a Sub

To be Hung

To want Anal

To Date a Plus Size Partner


To be a Dom/Sub

To want Anal Play

To Date a Plus Size Partner

Big Bang:

To be Hung

To have a Daddy Kink/Be a Dom

To have a Mummy Kink/Be a Sub

To want Anal

To Date a Plus Size Partner


To be Hung

To have a Daddy Kink/Be a Dom

To have a Mummy Kink/Be a Sub

To want Anal

To Date a Plus Size Partner


To be Hung

To have a Daddy Kink/Be a Dom

To have a Mummy Kink/Be a Sub

To want Anal

To Date a Plus Size Partner


To be Hung

To want Anal

To have a Daddy Kink/Be a Dom

To have a Mummy Kink/Be a Sub

To Date a Plus Size Partner



Jackson or Jaebum

Daddy Jackson

Prove It

Red Velvet:












Big Bang




Top 10 Girl Groups May 2017

Top 10 Boy Groups May 2017

Top 10 Kpop Groups Overall May 2017


Hard Carry, 1 of 1 and Blood, Sweat & Tears

A Response over Blood, Sweat & Tears

Fighter and Healing

Glider, Hey Mama, Twice, and BlackPink

KPOP Groups I Hate

If You Don’t Stan My Faves 


#1-Jackson, Xiumin, Jae

#2-Taehyung, Mark, S.Coups

#3-3 Jinyoungs

#4-Jaebum, Namjoon, Jungkook






Big Bang:



Girls’ Generation:















Monsta X:



















Red Velvet:






















Block B:













Jay Park