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“You guys seriously used to celebrate a holiday by firing rockets into the sky? Of all the traditions to bring back, Blue.”

Fallout February day 11! <3 done for @smashinterrupted‘s friend Sian! I don’t have their tumblr so please let them know about the post, Smash!

I’m not sure if I was spot on with how I wanted to paint Piper, but she was really fun!
North Korea executes defense chief for napping at military event

Absolutely horrific.

North Korea has executed its defence chief on treason charges, Seoul’s National Intelligence Service was quoted as telling lawmakers, in the latest of a series of high-level purges since Kim Jong Un took power after his father’s death in 2011.

Hyon Yong Chol, who heads the isolated country’s military, was purged and then executed by firing squad with an antiaircraft gun, watched by hundreds of people, South Korean media reported on Wednesday, citing the NIS’s comments to a parliamentary panel.

Hyon, who spoke at a security conference in Moscow in April, was said to have shown disrespect to Kim by dozing off at a military event, media said, citing the agency briefing.

The execution comes after South Korea’s spy agency said late last month that Kim ordered the execution of 15 senior officials this year as punishment for challenging his authority.

“North Korean internal politics is very volatile these days,” said Michael Madden, an expert on the North Korean leadership and contributor to the 38 North think tank.