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what are normal things that happen in field archaeology? and what does an archaeologist look like

Ok, normal things that happen in the field, according to my experience and to my friends’ (we haven’t had the chance to go to field school together yet, but hopefully this is the year!):

-it’s too sunny to see the stratigraphy

-it’s too cloudy to see the stratigraphy

-is this a sherd or a rock?

-”Wear the Indiana Jones hat proudly”, says the Professor

-”Clean this structure!”, says Professor; «but it’s just a bunch of roots…», thinks student; Professor stomping around excavation area; Professor is beauty and grace and eventually trips on and destroys said structure; Professor and student look at each other; “I always knew it wasn’t important,” says Professor

-you no longer fill your lungs with air, but with dust and dirt

-you no longer cry tears, but mud

-”Look, I’m digging white dirt!” exclaims rookie student; “You destroyed a bone,” says veteran student

-headquarters in the middle of nowhere, nights dark and chilly, forest all around… it is time for creepy stories

-wildlife appears

-night stroll interrupted upon seeing a pair of big round eyes shining in the dark; “IT’S A LION!!!”; night stroll becomes marathon for survival

-black spot on the wall; black spot moves; black spot is a spider; bring a bucket and a pickaxe and the big shovel and maybe we should call the Professor to help us

-call the Professor

-”Can you pass me the thing?”; “Can you hold me the thing while I measure the thing for the thing?”; “Did you see my thing?”; “Look at the thing I found!”; “Where’s the bucket for special things?”

-building new hills and valleys and mountains with all the dirt covering the Main Objective: you are the Destroyer and Creator of Worlds

-The Good Professor: “Kids, time for the mid-morning snack!” and “Kids, hide everything, it’s lunch time!”

-The Bad Professor: “You are doing it wrong.” and “Stop contaminating my archaeological site with biscuit crumbs, who told you to eat anyway???”

-”If the boars come, drop everything and climb to the trees.”

-who needs sunscreen when you have ochre?

-”Take your feet off my square!”

-metalhead girl finds first piece of bronze of that year’s campaign: let the metal-puns begin!

-Professor brings portable chair; Professor installs portable chair between two glorious oaks; Professor picks a square for himself, sits on dirt and works

-sharing the back of the jeep with material, samples, colleagues and Professor’s portable chair

-you know you’re going on an archaeological mission when the jeep is old and uncomfortable 

-old and uncomfortable jeeps are the best

-overloaded jeep going up and down the mountain, brakes might not work; “We trust you with our lives, (name of the doctorate student driving the jeep). No pressure.”

-look at all these sherds!

-turns out you broke a once perfectly intact jar/dish/whatever, we’ll only know what’s this crap once we glue it back together

-”IT’S A STELE!!” yells rookie student, pointing a piece of broken marble

-”I found a pretty shell in that shell midden!”

-digging Roman ruins wearing no hard hat = YOLO

-asking the metalhead girl the secret behind walking around with safety boots when it’s 35ºC

-disconnected from the world

-waking up at 6 a.m. to the Indiana Jones theme; chicken and pork for breakfast; pick up Professor at 7 a.m.; work starts at 8 a.m.; everybody is joyful and happy and it is a beautiful day

-”A friend just called from (some other Professor’s excavation site); do you guys want to hear the gossip???”

-gossip is a sexual scandal, everybody laughs and is very happy to be in the opposite side of the country

-field drawing

-field stick-men drawing

-Professor fell asleep on his square

-”Do we have insurance?” asks rookie student; “What the fuck is that?” asks veteran student

And finally…

An archaeologist looks like the hate child of a Special Ops and a partisan. 

Open Wide

2,500 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “No decision should ever be made at 2am!“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @dustycelt

“Morning, Sammy!” Dean bellows cheerfully strolling into the kitchen.

“Wow, you’re in a good mood considering it’s before noon.” The younger Winchester responds with a smirk.

“I have a stupid study group thing.” Dean groans, rubbing his hand over his face.

“That’s…new.” Sam quirks an eyebrow suspiciously.

“I’m doing awful in my Econ class, man. It’s the only reason I’m putting myself through that cruel and unusual punishment.”

“Ahh gotcha.”

“At least I can have a heavenly slice of apple pie before I go. I literally woke up craving it.” Dean licks his plump lips practically drooling at the thought.

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Okay, we’re not saying this is 100%, most definitely going to happen. This post is mostly to gauge reactions from our followers and content creators within the community. However, since we’ve gotten some pretty good reception on our Discord server and a whole slew of people liking the idea on our Twitter, it’s looking like we might go through with this once we figuring out publishing prices.

But basically, we were thinking of creating a McHanzo zine. Folks like Dilfosaur and Kichisu have made awesome zines, but this zine would not only feature art. We’d have writers submit work as well for the zine, so it’d be an anthology of sorts, I suppose you could say? 

It honestly depends on how much it costs to publish and how much it’ll cost to produce sticker sheets, postcards, and other extras to include with some of the bundles. But right now, I’m hoping to have a few different bundles to accommodate folks who can’t afford to dish out a ton of money and to also include folks who might live in places where they can’t get a physical copy due to their country’s laws. The bundles below are subject to change, but this is sorta what I have in mind (should pricing not be too much):

  • PDF version
  • Paperback version + PDF version
  • Paperback version w/ goodies + PDF version
  • Hardback version + PDF version
  • Hardback version w/ goodies + PDF version

So if you can’t shovel out big bucks, you can get a paperback or PDF version of the zine. If you think you can afford it, you can get a hardback version. Again, it depends on how much all of this is going to cost, but we want to gauge the interest in this and if we can even afford to offer so many choices. Someone even suggested we throw a Kickstarter and offer tiers through that service, but I’m not sure if anyone would be up for that?

Also, any proceeds beyond breaking even would be split between two organizations – the Human Rights Campaign and Stonewall Japan. One is an American LGBTQ+ organization and the other is a Japanese LGBTQ+ organization, which are specifically chosen since McCree is American and Hanzo is Japanese. (And if you guys have heard that these organizations aren’t so great and have proof to back it up, along with some other choices for organizations/charities, we’re open to changing this up.)

Let me once again emphasis that this is simply an idea right now. We’re not saying there is definitely going to be a zine, but if enough people are behind this and we have people who’d like to contribute, we’re going to do even more research and begin putting things together (behind the scenes) over the next couple months.

So, how do you guys feel about this?

Today, I fucked up... by eating ice cream in the back of an ambulance

– Obligatory “this wasn’t today” –

I’m a firefighter/EMT and live in an area that responds to a significant amount of high-speed vehicle crashes. Needless to say, we all get a little calloused after a while.

It was July and my Captain, myself, and a co-worker decided to hit up a local fro-yo joint to cool off. As we receive our delicious cups of frozen creamy goodness, we get a call from dispatch of a high speed SCHOOL BUS VS. PICKUP wreck up on the highway. This is the kind of shit you dream/worry about as a FF. We hadn’t even paid yet, but the kind lady thrusts our cups of ice cream into our hands and yells at us to run, and that it’s on her. As we throw our protective shit on, the guys hand me their bowls (they are up front driving) and I am left figuring out how to preserve or discard the significant amount of ice cream present.

We’re hauling ass, and I have the brilliant idea to put the ice cream into the refrigerator where we keep the IV drugs. We make it to the wreck, find out there is a school bus full of kids, and a completely unrecognizable truck that had a young lady (driver) who was killed on impact. The kids were alright, but all the bystanders were pretty shaken by the scene, especially because one of the lady’s legs was amputated from the hip down and was just laying in the middle of the highway. I picked the leg up and covered it with a tarp.

Even worse, the car driving behind the pickup was the MOTHER of the deceased, and as expected she was absolutely hysterical. Basically, this whole thing was a shit show. I go over to try and comfort the mother, and listen to her say all of these things I know she would never tell even her closest friends, and then eventually left her when her pastor showed up.

I go back to the ambulance, and find out we need to move the ambulance to make room for some incoming units (43 kids inside the bus, all needed an examination), so I hop into the back and wait for my driver to get into the rig.

About five minutes goes by, and I figure he got held up. So I think “damn, it’s a hot fucking day and that ice cream is just sitting in that fridge.” Fuck it, and I go for my big bowl of fro-yo. So I’m sitting there, quickly spooning heaps of chocolaty goodness into my mouth, when the back of the ambulance door swings open.

15 kids, 4 cops, my boss, and the poor frantic mother just staring at me, as I shovel a big lump of ice cream into my mouth. I immediately grasped the gravity of the situation. Bus full of potentially injured children. An amputated deceased victim. The victim’s mother. And I am sitting in the back of the ambulance eating ice cream like a fat, careless fuck.

I tried to recover, practically throwing the ice cream sideways and stammering out “alright kids who wants to go for a ride?!” or some stupid shit like that. But they couldn’t hide their disapproving astonishment.

So that’s how I got the nickname Ice Cream.

TL;DR: Am firefighter, was getting ice cream, got interrupted, went to car wreck with dead people, finished ice cream in the back of the ambulance while on scene, was seen by everyone

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Red vs Blue fic: Gift of the Magi (4/12)

Summary: Wash has already gone through too much, been broken too often. So when they get captured by Hargrove together, Tucker figures he has one job: until the cavalry shows up, keep Wash alive and (relatively) sane. No matter the cost.

Unfortunately, Wash is just as determined to protect him.

Parings: None.

Warnings: Canon-typical language, aftermath of canonical character death, psychological torture, hallucinations, hallucinated child harm, mentions of torture and suicide, fake-out character death.

Notes: Also available on AO3!

The guards come to get Tucker out of his cell, and he doesn’t fight them. He never fights them. He agreed to this, and he knows what happens if he stops playing nice.

But he knows what’s waiting for him in the lab, and he feels sick as they march him down the hallway. He’s tired of watching his friends die. He’s tired of his friends killing him. He wants to know why the fuck the others haven’t come to get them yet. It’s got to have been at least three days by now.

Sure, he could understand the Reds fucking around and wasting time. Simmons would need to make a spreadsheet, and Sarge would want to build a robot. Grif would just say “meh” and find another bag of cheetos. But Carolina? Being an actual badass is her entire job.

Not to mention that Tucker and Wash are supposed to be heroes of Chorus now. Rescuing them should be Kimball’s priority number one.

Hargrove can’t be hidden that well.

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A Hymn to Ninkasi (goddess of beer)

1-4 Given birth by the flowing water ……, tenderly cared for by Ninhursaja! Ninkasi, given birth by the flowing water ……, tenderly cared for by Ninhursaja!

5-8 Having founded your town upon wax, she completed its great walls for you. Ninkasi, having founded your town upon wax, she completed its great walls for you.

9-12 Your father is Enki, the lord Nudimmud, and your mother is Ninti, the queen of the abzu. Ninkasi, your father is Enki, the lord Nudimmud, and your mother is Ninti, the queen of the abzu.

13-16 It is you who handle the …… and dough with a big shovel, mixing, in a pit, the beerbread with sweet aromatics. Ninkasi, it is you who handle the …… and dough with a big shovel, mixing, in a pit, the beerbread with sweet aromatics.

17-20 It is you who bake the beerbread in the big oven, and put in order the piles of hulled grain. Ninkasi, it is you who bake the beerbread in the big oven, and put in order the piles of hulled grain.

21-24 It is you who water the earth-covered malt; the noble dogs guard it even from the potentates (?). Ninkasi, it is you who water the earth-covered malt; the noble dogs guard it even from the potentates (?).

25-28 It is you who soak the malt in a jar; the waves rise, the waves fall. Ninkasi, it is you who soak the malt in a jar; the waves rise, the waves fall.

29-32 It is you who spread the cooked mash on large reed mats; coolness overcomes ……. Ninkasi, it is you who spread the cooked mash on large reed mats; coolness overcomes …….

33-36 It is you who hold with both hands the great sweetwort, brewing it with honey and wine. Ninkasi, it is you who hold with both hands the great sweetwort, brewing it with honey and wine.

37-40 1 line damaged
You …… the sweetwort to the vessel. Ninkasi, ……. You …… the sweetwort to the vessel.

41-44 You place the fermenting vat, which makes a pleasant sound, appropriately on top of a large collector vat. Ninkasi, you place the fermenting vat, which makes a pleasant sound, appropriately on top of a large collector vat.

45-48 It is you who pour out the filtered beer of the collector vat; it is like the onrush of the Tigris and the Euphrates. Ninkasi, it is you who pour out the filtered beer of the collector vat; it is like the onrush of the Tigris and the Euphrates.

A Grand Prize

Not based on a prompt, sorry  ^^;  But I thought it was cute enough to share.

The F/C I had in mind while writing is a low-level superhero, so the “accomplishment” Y/N is trying to reward was F/C helping to save the city, but I tried to write it vaguely enough that readers can substitute in other stuff that might apply better to their F/C…like, F/C did good at a sport or at work, or achieved some personal goal, or something.  Just explaining the context in case the vagueness makes it confusing in-story, eheh.

written by Anonymous

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Sithmas Countdown 2016 - Day 17: Rae Sloane + snow shovel

It’s time again for the kitschy festive thing where I do daily star wars characters + winter stuff! More here! Join in and tag your work as #sithmas.

Rae Sloane is one of the best things to come from the new canon books. She’s so entertaining: nearly every imperial boss she works with has the mindset of a Megalomanaic Supervillain™ and she just gets progressively more done with it all as the books go on. She deserves a big shovel of justice to smack certain people with.

Also featuring Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax. He knows what he did.

happy misfortune

Part I: reason | Part II: alone | Part III: happy misfortune

December 26th

Remus pulled slowly in front of his countryside home. It wasn’t as majestic looking as Sirius’ house but it was home, it was the place Remus grew up and he loved their old place no matter what. His father had spent months renovating the place, it was old but it was as good as new. As he was trying to get the keys out, the door flew open and Hope Lupin appeared at the door her hands on either side of her hips and a frowning smile on her face. Remus knew that smile too well, she made that face when she wanted to be angry with Remus but she couldn’t find it in herself. Behind her was standing Lyall, his father, with a grin on his face as he mouthed “Be careful” to his son.

It was obvious that Remus had his father’s physique and mother’s kind and beautiful face. He got out of the car and hastily walked to his mother, he hugged her and her feet left the ground for a little while. He had missed his mother the past few months he hadn’t seen him because he had so much to do. Hope had tried to make him come home every now and then but something had came up each time. The Christmas dinner he had missed was a huge family gathering unlike New Year’s Eve where they would invite Remus’ old school friends and their families. Remus had missed the rest of his family, too, but the snow storm had kept him from coming.

“Remus Lupin, put me down,” she said firmly as she tried to stifle her laugh. “If you think I will forgive you for missing Christmas dinner just for sweeping me off of my feet, you are wrong.”

She had already turned around and left before Remus could come up with a smart answer, so he launched himself on his dad. After a long hug with infinite number of pats on each others backs they separated.

“It’s good to have you back, son,” smiled Lyall as he made his way back in. “Your mum could use some help in the kitchen, you know how clumsy I am.”

“Remus!” yelled Hope from the kitchen. “I thought you had a guest.”

“Oh shit,” gasped Remus. In the excitement of seeing his parents after a long while, he had forgotten Sirius was in the car and as he turned around to go back to get him, he saw that he was already coming towards them with the luggages.

“I think that’s all,” he reassured with his perfect smile before he dropped the bags at the door and extended a hand for Remus’ father to shake. “I’m Sirius Black, sir, thank you for accepting me.”

“Lupins don’t let people spend holidays alone, Sirius,” he said as he shook Sirius’ hand. “Now get in, it’s cold outside.”

They both tried to take the bags at the same time and gave each other a small concussion but laughed it off like nothing was wrong. Remus’ head was still banging as he heard his mother shout from the kitchen yet again. 

“Remus! Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend, cariad?”

Welsh?” mouthed Sirius before they entered the kitchen, he looked genuinely shocked.

“Oh,” said Hope, she probably was a little taken aback by Sirius’ beauty. “Well, hello Sirius, is it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Sirius politely. “Thank you for letting me come to your holiday dinner.”

“It’s our pleasure,” she smiled. Remus knew they shared that with each other, even the way their eyes squinted when they smiled was similar. “I hope you are familiar with cooking. Lyall just creates chaos in the kitchen, just like Remus, and Peter doesn’t arrive until 30th.”

“I’ll help the best I can Mrs. Lupin,” he assured and turned to Remus with his pale grey eyes. “Where should I put my bag?”

“In Remus’ room,” interrupted Hope before Remus could reply. 

My room?”

“Yes, your room. You forget there will be other people staying here,” scolded Hope as she washed a mug. “Now go and get cleaned up.”

They made their way upstairs to Remus’ old room. It was almost as big as Sirius’ guest room. It had a bed that would easily accommodate two children but only one adult, a gigantic book case in which there was numerous space related books that fed Remus’ curiosity when he was younger. There was a bed fashioned out of a pullout couch that their parents have bought back when James and Peter practically spent the summers with them.

“Sorry about this,” muttered Remus shyly as he put his own bag down. “This must seem like a death trap after your bed–”

“Why are you like this?” asked Sirius with his ridiculous eyebrow raised. “This is perfect, your parents are perfect, you are-”

Sirius suddenly seemed very interested in all the things he could see outside the window next to his bed. 

“We should go downstairs before mum comes here and drags us down from our ears,” pointed out Remus and they made a small stop at the bathroom to wash up before going downstairs for lunch. 

“I hope leftovers are alright,” said Hope in a apologetic tone.

“It sounds perfect, leftovers are better than the actual food anyways,” replied Sirius with his indescribable smile and a spark in his eyes, getting a warm smile from both Hope and Lyall in return. Remus didn’t know why but the fact that his parents seemed to like Sirius was making him really happy, but he still had the biggest test to ace. James Potter and his stupid standards but Remus wasn’t going to tell anything about this to Sirius of course, he was still very uncomfortable about coming to somewhere he was invited at the last minute.

As he ate the leftovers, Remus felt sad that he missed the actual dinner because each bite was more delicious than the other. When they were done, Lyall made them clean out the snow from the driveway.

“Bet this wasn’t what you were hoping for when you got in the car,” teased Remus as he shovelled a big lump of snow to the side. 

“It’s better actually,” grinned Sirius, his hair was in a bun but one stubborn lock was in hanging in front of his face. How was it possible that his bloody triceps were visible from all of the clothes he was wearing? Remus thought he should sign up to the same gym as him, he would probably faint the first time he saw Sirius sweat drenched but it would be worth it.

When the whole driveway was cleaned up, they made their way inside and they found two large cups of cocoa waiting for them on the kitchen counter.

“For your hard work,” explained Hope as he took their coats from them. Remus loved this cocoa ever since he was a small kid but Sirius was staring at the marshmallow filled cup with an utter disbelief on his face. “What’s wrong Sirius, dear?”

“Um, nothing, Mrs. Lupin. It’s just that I’m not used to drinking cocoa,” he replied as he freed his hair from the bun. “My mum was never the cocoa making type.”

He was smiling but even though knowing him for only two days, Remus knew that smile wasn’t genuine. He sat on the chair next to Sirius and watched him take his first sip, he was actually happy the first proper coca he ever had was Hope’s coco because it was magical and Remus could see that magic in Sirius’ expression after he swallowed that first sip.

“This is delicious!” he raved as he stared at Hope with a foam mustache.

“It’s family recipe maybe Remus will give it to you someday,” laughed Hope as she gave Sirius a napkin. “I will gladly make you loads of hot cocoa Sirius.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Lupin,” said Sirius as he caught a marshmallow with his teeth. Just as they were finishing their cocoas Lyall came in with a huge smirk on his face meaning they were not done for the day.

“We need to cut some wood,” he gushed. “Have you ever cut firewood before, Sirius?”

“No, sir, I haven’t,” said Sirius as he licked the remaining foam from his upper lip. “I genuinely think I shouldn’t be trusted with an axe though.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks,” laughed Lyall before he handed them their coats. “Now, come on, that fire isn’t going to burn itself.” 

It was starting to get colder as evening came closer but wood cutting was a tiring business. Lyall was doing it like it was the easiest thing to do, but then again, he had been a carpenter his whole life. Remus was not bad at it but he wasn’t good at it either but Sirius was a complete mess. They had tried teaching him very patiently but at the end of almost two hours they had decided that he was a lost cause. 

“Let’s go inside before one of us gets pneumonia,” warned Lyall as he ushered Sirius and Remus inside. 

“Can I use the bathroom if it’s alright?” asked Sirius as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. “I could use a hot shower.”

“Remus’ bathroom is right across his room, dear,” explained Hope as he hang Lyall’s coat. “Take your time, dinner won’t be ready for another hour.”

“Thank you Mrs. Lupin.”

As soon as Sirius was out of site, Remus’ mother sat across him with a smirk on her pretty face.


“So what?”

“Do you like him?” she asked her brows raised with excitement.

“What are you talking about mum? I just met him,” he shot back trying to stop her from getting excited for nothing, how could she think that an ethereal creature like Sirius would even look at Remus that way. It was ridiculous.

“You can cut the tension between you two with a scissor, cariad,” she whispered so that Lyall wouldn’t hear. He had been very accepting of Remus’ sexuality but he still wasn’t comfortable with talking about his love life which was very understandable. “He is beautiful and kind. Don’t you dare miss him.”

“I can’t force him to like me, mum,” he complained. “Have you seen him? If God created the universe in six days, he created Sirius Black in seven.”

“Tell me,” she began, confident that whatever she will say next will almost certainly persuade Remus. “Who in the world would say yes to an invitation from a man they just met if they didn’t have hopes?”

“He’s an adventurous soul,” he countered.

“Listen to me just this once, cariad.”

“I always listen to you, mum,” grinned Remus.

“Oh please, don’t make me laugh.”

Sirius stood frozen at the top of the stairs, as he listened to the whole conversation. He intended to ask Hope where the towels were just when she asked his son about him and he had the happy misfortune of over hearing the whole conversation which made him weak in the knees.

Deep breaths.

Sirius almost ran into the bathroom door when he heard the mother and son get up. He went in and turned the water on, he would have to improvise the towel situation when he got out.

Time alone in shower wasn’t what he needed at all at the moment, he needed a good strong drink and not overthink what he had just heard. What did he mean by all that? Remus seems like a clever man, would he even like a man he just met a few days? But the thing he said about him being created in seven days, what was that about? Maybe Remus just finds him attractive and nothing more. 

After standing under the running hot water for what felt like days, Sirius finally stepped out of the shower and saw that there already was a clean towel for him. He wrapped the towel around his hips and walked out of the bathroom leaving a steam bath behind him.

He opened the door to Remus’ room and found himself right in front of him who was laying in his bed comfortably playing with his phone. Sirius could easily see that Remus was somewhat blushing but he just thought maybe he wasn’t very good with nudity. 

“I- I was just going to get my clothes,” he mumbled and took his clean clothes from his bag and went back to the bathroom. He got dressed quickly and cleaned the mirror so he can check himself out, if Remus was so impressed with his looks it wouldn’t hurt to look a tad bit better.

Sirius hadn’t stopped thinking about what he had heard a few hours ago. He hadn’t eaten his dinner properly because he was so consumed with the thought. He turned the conversation in his mind over and over again, wondering what Hope had told Remus when she was whispering.

After dinner, they had felt the heaviness of all the work they did that day weigh on them. Both Sirius and Remus excused themselves to go to sleep, both of them had a lot of thinking to do, neither of them knew the other was suffering, too. 

As he took his shirt off to get in his bed, Sirius took his sweet time to show himself off, he had sworn he would abuse the fact that Remus thought he was ethereal. His family might have been a nightmare compared to the Lupins but Sirius couldn’t help but feel thankful for the genetics sometimes.

“Goodnight,” murmured Remus his voice a little hoarse from fatigue and it was so beautiful Sirius almost choked on his own spit.

“Goodnight to you, too,” replied Sirius as he got in the bed and turned towards the wall to drown in his own thoughts.

anonymous asked:

//they're what I'd call shovel hands// Is that a compliment?// absolutely. Google will tell you no, that it's an insult because it's the opposite of piano hands, but I love shovel hands. Big, strong, square, get you out of trouble hands.

In that case excellent!

Mr. First Kiss

‘Mr. First Kiss’
Rating: teen
Modern AU, college
Pairing: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia
Word Count: 3474
Summary: A modern college AU mashed up with a 'meet cute’ idea.

My Secret Santa gift for @a-world-under-siege

Plue didn’t need an excuse to walk on his hind legs, he spent more time upright than anything it seemed. The whole breed had been prized as circus dogs. Right now he was straining at his leash, trying to get closer to the guy walking his cat in front of them.

“Plue! Hey! Plue! What do you think you’re doing?” Concentrating attention on her dog was Lucy’s downfall and salvation. This dog didn’t fetch, didn’t like other dogs and refused to walk at heel. Lucy needed to keep a sharp eye and firm hand on the leash to keep her American Eskimo miniature in line.

A Cat? Lucy loosened her grip and gawped at the sight of a Russian Blue decked out in a black leather harness, with a tiny knapsack on his back, embossed with smiling green fish.

The man halted and turned. “Just going for a walk lady!”

Mistakes one and two; stopping and turning. Lucy came face to face with a confused and very attractive man a couple inches taller than herself with dark eyes and a shock of pink hair peeking out from under a knit cap.

“I wasn’t talking to you!” Lucy regretted her lack of make-up this morning. Sheesh! If she’d known her new neighbourhood had such a good looking man, she’d have taken the time to dress nicer.

Plue lunged for the cat.  Inattention to the dog; mistake number three.

Jerked forward and surprised from the amount of pull in a not even twenty-pound dog, Lucy went crashing chest first into the stranger. She gasped as he wrapped his arms around her, trying to keep her upright.

Plue yipped at the cat who stood his ground for ten seconds and then decided to climb his master, swarming up the man. Lucy watched him scrunch his eyes shut from the pain. Now distracted with his pet perched on his shoulder, digging claws into his flesh, the stranger stumbled about, trying to steady his footing. “Happy! Stop it!”

Plue, not to be denied his attempt at making a new friend or asserting his dominance over a new enemy leaped into the air and knocked into the man. In a flailing mass of tangled limbs, man, woman, cat and dog fell to the sidewalk.

Lucy wondered why the pavement radiated warmth and smelled of wood smoke and spice. Her eyes snapped open in shock. She was laying on the stranger, cocooned in his arms and her lips smooshed onto his.

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