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All right, it’s Misfit Appreciation Day 2017, and we’re finally at the 1990s for the entry here.

When a lot of people talk about the 1990s, it’s usually with scorn, often making accusations of every comic being loaded with over-muscled men, women with impossible body types, pupil-less eyes, shoulder pads, big knives and bigger guns. And I’m here to tell you that’s like assuming you know what the 1970s was like because you watched a bunch of blackploitation movies. While there were a ton of bad books, there were plenty of awesome and amazing books from that decade. Just off the top of my mind, Kingdom Come, Mike Allred’s Madman (as well as his series Red Rocket 7), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hellboy, Preacher, Sandman Mystery Theatre, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac… I wanna count Maus in there, but I can’t remember if it started in the early 90s or late 80s and I’m too lazy to do a Google search. And honestly… Whether they were great books or not, the Knightfall and Death of Superman stories were a LOT of fun to read. The Birds of Prey started around this time as well. Valiant’s Unity Crossover early on was amazing to read at that time… And that’s just the stuff I remember off the top of my mind. And there were a ton of comics that started off questionable that turned into something amazing. Witchblade turned into Switch (which I’m still waiting on issue #5, Stjepan Sejic!) Glory, which was kinda crappy turned into the amazing comic by Joe Keatinge. And then there’s Prophet… Which is all sorts of amazing, considering how bad that book was.

The 90s gave us some pretty amazing things. Yeah, there still was rampant sexism and stupid violence. But there was some very great comics and ideas that still influence very positive things to this day in comics.

Such as the Batman Adventures, and a special one-shot it had that, for me, is the greatest comic of all time: Batman: Mad Love

The use of shading and strong line work. Story panel layouts and “camera work”. Strong dialogue and even stronger storytelling. Characterization so developed that even if you didn’t watch the show, you knew what was going on and who the characters were. We all know how great the show was, but this was the first time i’ve seen a comic book fully make me feel like I was reading an episode of the series. (So much so that I actually prefer the comic book to the episode!) That book was THE most influential comic to me EVER. I would probably have given up being a cartoonist long ago, if not for that book. It’s probably more responsible for me being the artist I am, more than anything else.

So it’s only fitting that Misfit’s entry into the 1990s be based on the comic book series that created… Well… Created me. :)

All In the Golden Afternoon

(for @anakinkshamer)


Growing up together AU, friends to lovers, K+ rating


Superhero, supervillain, damsel in distress…it’s all game that a group of friends play together, as children.

Roxanne has been watching the other three kids for fifteen minutes, making notes in the notebook that she brought to the park with her. They’re playing some sort of superhero game, she’s pretty sure; the one in the white shirt has been running around, chasing the other two: a blue boy with an oversized head and a fish in a spindly robotic body.

She’d wanted to ask to play, too, but she’d known the answer she’d get: girls can’t play. Or even worse: you can’t play.

Other kids don’t like her very much, Roxanne knows. They get mad when she tells them they’ve got something wrong, tell her that she’s too bossy.

So she hadn’t asked to play with the three kids.

She’s playing anyway, though, sort of—she’s watched a lot of Superman; Lois Lane is the best. Roxanne is pretending to be a journalist, reporting on the superpowered battle. That way, it doesn’t matter if the other kids don’t pay attention to her. They won’t have to include her, this way. They don’t even need to know that she’s playing.

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poof is it just me or does the Mysterious Galra from the worm look like they're wearing like a,,, paladin lookin suit?? maybe i'm just fuckin dumb tho. who do u think it is??

im using shiro bc he’s a perfect model okay;;; also his full body paladin armor sticks out more–okay! anyways!!! the mysterious galra’s uniform does have a few similarities with the paladin armor! but most of the galra lieutenants have a similar style, big shoulder pads and thigh highs and such i just think it’s kind of like an updated look for both the alteans and the galra [shrug] 

i do have a feeling the galra might be lotor

this is the galra’s vld ship and on the bottom is lotor’s 80s ship–i just capped these bc i wanted to see how similar they are haha;;; they do look “similar” in a way but anyways to get to the point, i believe that the mysterious galra that was rescued by keith is definitely lotor

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Have you ever talked in depth about the Captain N designs for the Zelda cast?

I actually don’t think I have. 

In my opinion, they were going for “upgraded” versions of the Zelda animated series designs, but I feel like all across the board they’re just weird, busier designs that are, for the most part, downgrades.

There were a lot of changes to Link, he’s taller, he’s more top heavy, his hair is longer, his tunic has more stitching, he’s wearing some gold braelets, his boots are… odd, he’s got a random bandage on his leg, and, though you can’t see it, his elbows have green patches sewn onto them. Funny enough, his face is a lot closer to the prettier modern Link, though I find the original animated series Link to have a much cuter face, and an overall better design.

Zelda (who is the most difficult to find decent picture for  ) probably looks the most similar, but the changes are there and they’re noticeable. I actually think her Captain N design is the best of the bunch, but I still lean toward the simplicity of the animated series design. That’s possibly one of my favorite designs for the character both in, and out of Canon, because she still looks like a Princess, but also, like she’s ready for action. 

They made Ganon more grotesque, but not in a “He looks more like an evil monster” way, more like a “that’s a pretty unpleasant design” way. It’s the lips and the cone shaped helm with the crooked spikes that really kill it for me ( Captain N sure did love to give things those lips…). The robe is alright I guess, not big on the shoulder pads though.  That being said, he seems more like a powerful threat than he did in the animated series, even if all it took was a single spell reflected back to defeat him. Not sure why they couldn’t make this a two-parter, instead of that dumb time traveling cat episode ( which Link also guest starred in ).

Quick and dirty, hand sewn 20 minute sheath dress!

She needed something more figure hugging to show off the curves.

Made with the last but one piece of the black and silver stretch fabric.

Many years ago, I bought myself a second-hand dress that looks a lot like the one on the doll, it has a draped cowl neck that’s actually a clever second piece of fabric so you don’t fall out and flash your guests.

Aaanyway, this gorgeous dress came with a hideous matching cardigan/jacket thingy with big shoulder pads and unwieldy ugly buttons. If the dress is flattering, the cardigan seemed designed to make you look like a potato. I took the thing to pieces and it has made SO MANY doll dresses over the years (my go to for when I didn’t have clothes that went with the colouring or the “feel” of the doll) and I’ve kept none.

Cosby’s show playing on telly daily now and I can’t help but re-obsess. Now that I’m older, I understood that Denise is truly the style queen no one can ever do in the 80s. She, rocked, that big shoulder pad coat with swag.

Yep, I told ya. Layers and pure swag in he hairstyle before the pixie trend came along

Or the boho hippie headbands Nicole Richie (failed) doing

External image
External image

Even a religious-shaped looking head topper looks just fine

I mean, the big fashion no-no to look good is not the oversized - but she did it

Or the trend of backside as point-of-style with still being ‘on the loose side’

Now we sort of know where J. Monae gets her inspiration from:

No one can handle her swag even pops Dr Huxtable

Well, no one can. She’s got it and you can’t cross her throne

Who else is obsessed with her fashion sense? I compiled these photos from all tumblr things and I’m gonna start taking pictures. Feel free to share with me other screencaps of her style, we need more of her originality without any make-up, surgery, and all the shit happening today.


Aren’t they oddly similar? We first have Starshine (from the comics of ROM the space knight) who has a big waist skirt thingie, pointy shoulder pads, is yellow and has A YELLOW DIAMOND AS HER HEAD! and second we have Yellow diamond, with the big skirt thingie, pointy shoulder pads, is yellow AND HAS A YELLOW DIAMOND ON HER CHEST! 

Thanks to @atopfourthwall , who made me remember ROM, and then this came to mind! So thank you, Lewis. 

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SU Theory: What The Diamonds Do and Why/How Rose Shattered Pink Diamond

Summary: Pink Diamond planned to shatter the other 3 Diamonds but a conflict with Rose Quartz got PD shattered, instead.  For details, read the whole thing.

OK, we’re in that strange place with the Diamonds, where we on the one hand have only seen them in very limited action, and there’s not much hard data for them … but we also have enough information we just might be able to make some informed guesses.  So I am going to look at the murals to note differences between the different diamonds and see what that might mean, and I’m going to compare the mural pic to the actual diamond appearance we have seen for Blue and Yellow Diamond, to help us see how much the real diamond takes after her mythic pose.

So to start, Blue Diamond (Our Lady of Snowcones).     I notice that the mural shows a tall slender figure, apparently shining radiantly from her head, with her left hand holding one of her planets as she gazes at it, while the right hand holds her diaphanous skirt to show off its elegance.  Her gem shines from her chest as she faces right standing still.  Her face is not clear, but she has a halo-like aura around her head.

The scene in “The Answer” where Garnet [ as Sapphire ] recalled visiting Blue Diamond shows us a hooded figure cloaked and still, facing forward, her gem on her chest but dark, and her right hand on her lap and her left hand held close to her waist. Her face is covered and she is sitting, projecting both calm authority and mystery.


For Yellow Diamond (The Pez Empress), the mural again shows a tall slender figure, holding stars in each of her hands (the only diamond to have stars in her possession) with an array of planets and moons floating above her head.  Her gem shines from her chest as she looks to her left, standing still. Her face is not clear, but she also has a halo-like aura around her head.  Yellow Diamond also has something firm and authoritative in the area of her shoulders, whether a cloak or robe is not apparent at that time.


When we see Yellow Diamond in action in “Message Received”, we see a different type of figure from Blue Diamond.  Where Blue Diamond was generally still and liked to project an air of mystery, Yellow Diamond does not hide her face and is quite active.  In the few moments we saw her interact with Peridot, Yellow Diamond was working at a keyboard of some sort, issuing written commands to Yellow Pearl, sitting, standing, and generally in motion all the time.  From a fashion sense, we see that Yellow Diamond is devoted to the Ridiculously Big Shoulder look (which explains the decoration around the shoulders in the mural), and where Blue Diamond simply puts a linen over her face and hair, Yellow Diamond is wearing a helmet.  The combination of the helmet, heavy coat, gauntlets and boots with massive shoulder guards all combine to tell us Yellow Diamond is in full-on military mode.    

The last two diamonds have only mural images for us to consider, but we know that there is at least a basic sense of what’s going on.  Note first that both White and Pink Diamond are depicted in their murals with helmets very similar to that worn by Yellow Diamond.  Only Blue Diamond forgoes the helmet.

For White Diamond (White Bread Rules), the mural once again shows a tall slender figure (again with the big shoulder pads!), holding something round and glowing with both hands, with a large array of planets and moons floating above her head.  Her gem shines from her head as she looks forward, standing still.  Her face is not clear, but she also has a halo-like aura around her head and body, unless that represents something like a cloak.      

For Pink Diamond (Pinky), the mural once again shows again a slender figure, holding a dark planet with a single moon above her head, while her left hand is empty and open below her waist.   Her gem appears at her belly as she seems to be leaping up and to the right.  As with the other diamonds, her face is not clear, but she also has a halo-like aura around her head and upper body.  There is also what something like a gem structure at her feet, almost like a pedestal from which she leaps.      


OK, so on to the guesswork.   I noted that Blue Diamond has a simple head cover while the other three have stylized heads, and since we have seen Yellow Diamond we see that her helmet is very much like the mural representation of her head, leading me to believe that the diamonds all wear helmets, apparently for function since Blue Diamond does not seem to be low in rank but doesn’t use the helmet.  We also see that three of the diamonds seem to be standing or floating in place, while Pink Diamond is leaping.   Note that Pink Diamond only has one planet in her mural depiction, and in the classic logo used for the Diamond Authority, her color is on the bottom of the logo, suggesting Pink Diamond has lower rank or status than her sister diamonds.  


Looking again at the murals, I noted that Pink Diamond seems to be just a little smaller than her sister diamonds, and her mural is definitely less elaborate and elegant than the others.  For whatever reason, the planet she holds (seems to be Earth and its moon) is dark, where the other planets belonging to the other diamonds seem lighter.   We can also begin to guess at the division of duties between the diamonds, by considering what we already know about Blue and Yellow Diamonds.

In “The Answer”, we could see that Sapphire served Blue Diamond, and her job was to see into the future.  Blue Diamond was herself an avatar of mystery and secret knowledge, yet I find it interesting that Blue Diamond had to ask Sapphire what would happen.  That is, Blue Diamond seemed to foresee an attack by the rebels but lacked details, especially about the outcome.  She was relieved to hear Sapphire predict the rebellion would end that day.  What does Blue Diamond use with her occult powers, if she can’t see the future as well as her servants, much less foresee the true future Sapphire would miss? Hmm.  

 If you look closely at the background audience in Blue Diamond’s court, by the way, it appears that Lapis Lazuli was there, which is never specifically stated but sure looks to be the case, and given the diamonds’ habit of color assignment makes sense, especially considering the non-obvious power that Lapis possesses.  So I’d suggest that Blue Diamond is the diamond of secrets and mysteries, and hidden things.  

On to Yellow Diamond.  The obvious source for YD is “Message Received”, which is chock full of information about Yellow Diamond’s organization.  Let’s start with the fact that Peridot and Jasper were both sent to Earth by Yellow Diamond, but in Peridot’s case not directly by her (remember when Peridot reported in, YD asked “which peridot”?).  In that same conversation, Yellow Diamond asks Peridot “where is the Jasper I assigned you?”, which both shows that Jasper was important enough to be directly assigned by Banana Diamond, and also that there are multiple Jaspers.   Peridot is a technician and an academic (don’t forget Amethyst called Peridot a ‘nerd’ in “Log Date 7 15 2”), while Jasper (at least ever since we have seen her - maybe Jasper was nice when she worked for Pink Diamond) is an aggressive bully – we see both attributes in Yellow Diamond.  We also know that Yellow Diamond can dispatch space ships, and handles interstellar communication; don’t forget that when Peridot calls in in “Message Received”, the pearl who answers asks why she is using the ‘direct diamond’ line … which is controlled by Yellow Diamond.  Taken in toto, I think the two stars in Yellow Diamond’s hands in her mural symbolize Yellow Diamond’s control of technology and communication.  Yellow Diamond is the diamond of communication and transport.  

I note as well, that in the episodes “The Answer” and “Message Received”, we see that each diamond has a pearl in attendance, in color matching the diamond they serve.  We also know from “The Answer” and “Hit The Diamond”, 

that rubies serve all of the diamonds as ordered, sort of a general pool of ordinary-class soldiers.  

OK, moving on now to squishy ground.  We have White Diamond clutching a glowing globe of some kind, and a buttload of colonies floating above her head, and we have Pink Diamond, with gems at her feet but only one dark planet above her leaping hand.   Looking at a nominal military structure, Blue Diamond is the planner and keeper of secrets and Yellow Diamond handles logistics, meaning you need an overall commander in chief and you need someone to produce the troops.  That is where White and Pink Diamond come into play.  First off, going back to the Chiclet Authority logo we have seen so many times, White is on top.  


That, combined with all those planets floating above White Diamond like trophies, tells me White Diamond is the Top Rock of the Fearsome Foursome.  And from that, I suspect that glowing orb White Diamond is clutching in her hands like a 3D version of Gollum’s “precious”, is a gem version of a planet killer.  Going back to the episode “Message Received”, Peridot is impressed with the power of the Cluster, especially if you happen to be stuck on the planet being destroyed, but she doesn’t seem to regard it as the ultimate in power – when telling Yellow Diamond not to proceed with The Cluster in “Message Received”, Peridot calls it “just one geo-weapon”, meaning Peridot is aware of something a lot bigger and nastier.  And I think whatever the Witch of White Bread is clutching in her claws, is exactly that.

But what about Pink Diamond?  I’m still a bit disappointed to hear that Rose Quartz shattered PD, not least because that has to mean that Pinky was no better than her diamond siblings. Actually, maybe a lot worse.   But not to get ahead of myself.   I’ve said that we need someone in charge and that’s White Diamond, which leaves Pink Diamond to make troops.  We already know that the reason for the Rebellion by Rose was because she loved the Earth and its organic life, and she decided, as she told Pearl in “Rose’s Scabbard”, that she would “stay and fight” for the Earth.   We know that all the Crystal Gems regard kindergartens as atrocities, which kill off planets and their organic life in the making of new gems.  What else is interesting, is that we find out in “Beta” from Peridot that a second kindergarten was launched on Earth as the rebellion gained strength, because Homeworld desperately needed to make new gem soldiers.  We also know from Peridot and the scene of the second Kindergarten, that the beta facility was a much lower quality than the first one.  


Why is this important?  Because the Prime kindergarten was created and run by Pink Diamond, but Pink Diamond was not around when the Beta kindergarten was created.  This means that Pink Diamond was in charge of building kindergartens, and would have forced Rose Quartz to take on Pink Diamond directly in order to stop the use and construction of kindergartens.

Was Earth Pink Diamond’s only colony?  Hard to say.  While the mural makes it look like Earth was all Pinky had, the character of building a bunch of kindergartens on a planet kills off the place, then you have to go somewhere else.  Maybe the moon base mural depicts the Earth because that was Pinky’s current assignment at the time of the mural.  Another thing that jumps out at me, is the fact that of the whole Solar System, the Gem Homeworld only cared about using the Earth.  If you just want raw resources and rocks suitable to turn into gems, there are many other places in the Solar System besides Earth, and being uninhabited means they would have been easy for Homeworld to use. So why the Earth?  Is there something unique to the Earth that we have not been told yet?   After all, Peridot got excited about Earth’s “potential” once she had been here for a little while, so maybe there is something Rose and Peridot … and maybe Pink Diamond saw, that was not known or shared with Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, or White Diamond.

And then there is the shattering of Pink Diamond.  We know the shattering happened sometime after the start of the rebellion. We know this from Ruby’s statement in “Back to the Moon”, and we also know it happened after the bubbling of Bismuth (I have to believe that if Rose had shattered Pink Diamond before her confrontation with Bismuth, Bismuth would have brought that up to Steven when he was talking with her and Bismuth believed she was talking with Rose Quartz).  There’s been some talk that maybe Pink Diamond was shattered by Pearl who shape-shifted into Rose, but I reject that because that would make the act a premeditated murder, and I believe it was either a terrible accident or something awful that had to be done to prevent something much worse, and in either case this would have had to be done by Rose Quartz, no one else.  

Pearl’s reaction to Ruby’s account indicates she was present, which is important to me because it suggests the condition was a battle, not an assassination (which is also supported by Ruby’s presence).  That is, Rose directly confronted Pink Diamond but had no immediate intention of shattering her – which brings up the big question, just how do you shatter a diamond?   I discovered that while diamonds are very, very hard, they are not the toughest of minerals (after all, since we always see diamonds cut and polished, which means of course that something was used to cut the stone), and it turns out diamonds are unusually vulnerable to heat.  But more to the point, stop and consider what we know about Rose Quartz?  Her coloring and a ton of details make it reasonable to believe Rose Quartz served under Pink Diamond.  We also know that Rose had a lot of qualities not commonly found in gems. Her healing powers, for example, were remarked upon often, as was her shield.  Rose had unusual empathic ability, could float and maintain illusory forms for a very long time, she had strong charisma with all organic life, and a knack for convincing anyone she met that she was trustworthy and honorable.  It’s always been difficult to know exactly what Rose was made to be, since her set of qualities was both broad and powerful.  That’s one reason so many fans believed Rose was one of the Diamonds.  But if we consider that Pink Diamond may have been in charged of making gems, then it appears that Rose was a special case … an experiment, if you will (which would explain why Rose felt the same curious desire to see what she could do with Pearl, with fighting vegetables, with a permanently fused acquaintance, and maybe whether a gem could become a new kind of being with the help of a human?), and likely for a special purpose … maybe one Rose decided she could not allow to happen.  

Go back to those murals, and what you can see is that Pink Diamond seemed to be junior to the other diamonds – the other diamonds had many colonies but seemed to limit Pink Diamond to her duty of the moment, they presented themselves in sovereign form while Pink Diamond’s was more basic, even plain in comparison .. suppose Pink Diamond resented that and .. was planning to change a few things?   We know Rose Quartz was horrified to learn that Bismuth had created a weapon made to shatter gems, and we know that in SU there are often parallels between each side, which could mean that Pink Diamond planned to create the rebellion, not so much to save Earth as to gain a means to attack Homeworld’s territory with ready-made armies to overthrow the Diamond Authority.   Just maybe, that is part of what Rose meant in “Rose’s Scabbard” when she explained to Pearl that even if they won, they could never go home … because going back to Homeworld might unleash a hidden imperative to kill the Diamonds in control there.  This would help explain why Rose was determined to hide away on Earth, why she told Greg it was a good thing he didn’t know much about her, why she wanted to become Steven.  Pink Diamond – just perhaps - made a bio-weapon engineered to wipe out her rivals, and it ended up shattering her instead, and dooming Rose Quartz to leave Homeworld forever, not only out of love of Earth, but in a quest to regain her personhood, which she regained by becoming Steven Universe.

BTS on Halloween

Jin: *preparing all the candy for the trick or treaters*

V & Jungkook: *trying to steal some candy*


Jimin: Jungkookie I have the perfect costume for you! It’s an Iron Man costume *mischievous smirk*

Jungkook: *goes to put on Iron Man costume* *super excited*

Suga: *sleeping on the couch with a Scream Mask on*

J-Hope: *wearing big shoulder pads* *has 20 pairs of chopsticks in his hands* I’M GOING AS SEOKJIN HYUNG

Jin: JFC Hobi

Jungkook: *walks into the room with his costume on*

Jimin: *wearing a Pepper Potts costume* ahh kookie you look perfect *smug lil shit face*

Jungkook: *doesn’t even know what to say*

V: *wearing a bed sheet with two holes for the eyes* I’M A GHOST

J-Hope: *screaming*

Jin: DID YOU CUT UP MY PERFECTLY FINE BED SHEETS FOR THIS?!? jfc I can’t handle you guys

This is why I don’t paint eyes. I can barely even keep it inside the lines on these big raised shoulder pads. Got lots of touch up work to do. I do not have a steady hand.

The Mind’s Eye - 4.24

We open on Geordi, chilling in a shuttle on his way to Risa (AKA the vacation planet where Picard met Vash and where Riker goes to bone down and accidentally bring back mind-control games):

La la la, time to avail myself of the presumably safe, legal and regulated sex workers on Risa

Geordi is enjoying some sort of frosty beverage, which I guess means the shuttle has a replicator? How does THAT work? Where does it store the uh…stuff? Well, we don’t have time to worry about that because THIS happens:

Fuckin’ ROMULANS, man

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Do you have any good b!l fic recs?? Sorry to bother you. Please and thank you ❤️

you came to the right place ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

love to make him moan by say_thanks (8k)

they fuck like they’re sex starved, when they’re really, really not.

I’ll carry you home by kitundercover (10k)

Harry’s never managed to get Louis into subspace before, but this time they’ve come up with a plan.

Harry fucks Louis with Rabbit ears and a tail. Now with added fluff.

Been Gone Way Too Long by whoknows (8k)

“This can’t be happening,” Louis says, banging his hand against the window. “This seriously can’t be happening right now.”

Things like this only happen in the movies. Things like this don’t happen in real life. There’s no way that he’s seriously been snowed in. There’s no way that the heating is broken. There’s no way that it’s going to take upwards of twenty-four hours and probably a lot longer for the storm to break and someone to come and rescue them.

“Just sit down, Louis,” Harry sighs from somewhere behind him. He sounds miserable, like he’s already feeling the cold.

Louis whirls around and points a finger at him. “Did you plan this?” he demands a little hysterically. He regrets the question as soon as it’s out of his mouth, but he thinks he’s got a valid point. It’s not like this storm just came out of nowhere - it has to have been on the news for a couple of days, at least. Plenty of time for Harry to have canceled this excursion.

Audacious by alongthewatchtower (5k)

It’s not a condom in Harry’s pocket.

It’s not a hair tie, either.

With Love Comes Strange Currencies by mediaville (16k)

One day One Direction will be over and Louis won’t be around Harry every waking moment. He’ll be able to finally get some space, let their bond dissipate as it’s bound to do, if they don’t mess up again. He can move to Costa Rica and forget that Harry Styles popped his first knot inside him. Until then, he’s going to have to deal with this.

or, They’re Accidentally Mated and Dealing With It Rather Badly.

i’ve seen your long hair come down (it turned my head inside out) by twinks (8k)

Louis thinks he’s going to be alone forever. Zayn sets him up with Harry.

take control (please own me) by swallowsmateforlife (4k)

Media travels fast and by the time Harry can get back to the hotel room Louis has already seen the photos. And he’s not impressed.

Makes Perfect by checkthemargins (8k)

"What if you practiced on like, a mannequin?” Louis presses. “Or one of those blow up sex dolls? Or even just like, I don’t know, a pillow or something. Whatever it’d fit around.”

Harry tilts his head thoughtfully, curls catching the light so entrancingly that Louis finds himself reaching up to push his fingers through them. “It’s different, though, innit? When it’s a real person. A pillow won’t snog me.”

“Why should it?” says Louis. “You can’t even take its bra off.”

Some Things Take Root by navigator, quitter (50k)

AU. Louis’ ex doesn’t get jealous of anyone besides Harry. Harry helps Louis use that

One Thing You'be Already Got by iwillpaintasongforlou (2k)

If Louis acts like a jealous, petulant child sometimes, it’s probably just because he loves Harry Styles more than the way the sun consistently rises in the morning. For his part, Harry just wants it to be him and Lou forever.

(Louis gets jealous over dumb shit and Harry fucks him senseless because there’s no one he loves more than this idiot.)

Sizing Up Your Storm Clouds by darkerwings (9k)

Louis has been looking after Tessa since he was sixteen. Harry’s a man in a business suit who has loved his daughter’s babysitter for three whole years.

‘cause lately i’ve been waking up alone by sarcasticfluentry (5k)

“Ow ow ow ow,” Harry continues cursing, hopping back and forth on the balls of his toes and trying uselessly to cradle his dick. Louis’s eyes fall to the sink, where he can see a torn-open package and what looks like a sheet of instructions.

“Clone-a-Willy?” he reads out loud, not sure he’s reading right.

…or, Harry gives Louis a very special sex toy for an early birthday present, and Louis uses it on Skype when Harry’s in LA.

I Want A Little Sweetness Down In My Soul by sowearegay (7k)

“Well, come on then. This isn’t quite exactly me sitting on your face now is it?” Harry chuckles, nipping at Louis’ nipple once more. He always became impatient and snappy where sex was concerned and (fulfilling) pleasure wasn’t immediately being given.

“For someone who didn’t want this, you’re fairing pretty miserably waiting for it.” Harry teases (as if he hadn’t done enough of that already). Louis rolls his eyes, shoving his shirt down and turning onto his side in the blankets as if making for sleep.

or: Harry wants Louis to ride his face and it takes a bit of convincing but eventually he comes around. It’s glorious, control is lost, steaminess ensues. Quite hot.

Back Where I Belong by whoknows (7k)

Harry’s trying to have a conversation with Nick, who he hasn’t seen in nearly three months, but the way Nick’s eyes keep darting over his shoulder every few seconds is quite distracting.

It’s ironic, because at least a quarter of the reason that he’s even talking to Nick in the first place is because he needs a distraction. He’s all too aware of exactly what’s going on behind his back.

Nick is the one who finally brings it up. “Do you think he’s doing it to spite you?”

“He’s definitely doing it to spite me,” Harry answers tightly, resisting the urge to crane his neck around so he can see. He clutches his drink a little tighter, trying to keep his tenuous control over his own movements.

just like live wires by feathered (5k)

Harry climbs into Louis’ bed when he’s cold. Louis pines.

light a match to your fire by orphan_account (3k)

And- and he would laugh at himself, honestly, but- but it feels so territorial, so good, that Louis’ just blatantly marked up in a blazer he’s been wearing religiously since the beginning of 2012 and it has his scent lingering on its fabric and it’s so so so big on him, so endearingly big, the broad, padded shoulders sagging and the cuffs pushed up his arm adorably.

(Louis wears Harry’s navy blue blazer during a UAN concert, and Harry fucks him in it backstage.)