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good psychiatry-critical discourse: diagnosis and psychiatric medication are imperfect and are sometimes used to punish people. at best, diagnostic labels are social constructions we use to try to describe real experiences. there is a long history of psychiatric abuse that continues today. it’s completely valid to mistrust psychiatrists. many psychiatrists are arrogant and unwilling to learn from their clients.

bad psychiatry-critical discourse: all/most diagnostic labels [especially adhd and autism] were made up by big pharma shills so they could get rich selling you drugs you don’t need

additional info added 17 may 2016: i am autistic and have adhd. i do not agree with the bad discourse. adhd and autism are real and adhd medication is extremely helpful to many people in the world (myself included). adhd and autism are very underdiagnosed in populations other than white cis boys.

not to be a big pharma shill but i love anti-depressants … she supports me, she helps me, i am thankful for her and lucky to have her in my life. like not to be obvious but everyone deserves access to the medication they need and taking anti-depressants should not be stigmatized


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No Forests on Flat Earth is a masterpiece of efficient storytelling. It argues that thousands of years ago, the planet was covered by a layer of forests where the trees sprouted for miles into the atmosphere. You know, as if the planet was subtly trying to signal to the cosmos that it had super-inadequacy issues. Some unknown cataclysm in the biosphere then came along and wiped out these gigantic specimens, leaving us stuck with the piss-poor imitations that you can see outside your window. 

Obviously, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof and, luckily, we have that in spades.

That’s Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Some shills in Big Geology would have you believe that’s a natural rock formation known as a ‘butte’. However, the folks over at YouTube University for the Woke AF have news for you: it’s actually an ancient petrified tree stump because…well, it looks like a big tree stump. 

At our best guess, 90% of this movie’s runtime (nearly two motherfucking hours!) is spent idly alternating between pictures of tree stumps, pictures of suspicious-looking rock formations, and pictures of our beautiful planet before we came along to pollute it with No Trees on Flat Earth. The video also challenges viewers to name two differences between tree stumps and rock formations that don’t have anything to do with size and material type, as if those are just inconsequential details in their theory. Adorable!

6 Magically Insane Conspiracy Theories (We Wish Were True)

Easter bunny is a commie.

He steals eggs from from chickens and redistributes them to those who did not earn them.

Or he could be a shill for big dentistry.

All right people, LISTEN UP! It’s Black Friday. So, while some people are off trampling their way through the big-box stores to get presents for a lot of people, those of us who work as online artists and artisans often go with empty inboxes. In an effort to help fix that, and also to spread the word around about all our shops in time for Cyber Monday or tomorrow’s Small Business Saturday, I’ve created this post. 

Here’s what to do: 

Got a small business, preferably an online one? Grab this post and reblog it. Just add a link to your shop, maybe a description and 2-3 pictures of your work. I’ll be grabbing this post and reblogging it around every so often as well, which means you’re quickly going to get exposure to hundreds, if not thousands of people. 

Don’t have a small business or anything like that? REBLOG THE HELL OUT OF THIS POST ANYWAYS- help spread the word and support your artist-y type friends. 

That’s it. It’s that simple. I’ll include my own shop as a smple in the first reblog. 


Meet the new voice of the Aflac Duck – which, by design, sounds an awful lot like the old voice of the Aflac Duck. Congratulations, Daniel McKeague of Hugo, Minnesota!

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LOL, I'm laughing so hard....TMZ posted an article about how Freddie is Louis's mini-me because he is the spitting image of his dad! Larries really picked the wrong basket to put all their eggs in when they chose tmz as their babygate ender.


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420 - Leap of Faith

The Apple clan is headed into town one day to some shocking news: The Flim-Flam Brothers, once cast out for trying to run the Apple Family out of town, have returned.

This time, they come bearing peace…and cure all tonic. One spoonful will cure whatever ails you!

Yes, and I’m the Queen of Switzerland.

Applejack is just as skeptical…until Granny Smith tries some and it seems to cure what ails her, just as the Brothers claimed. 

But upon further investigation, Applejack realizes not only is the tonic the snake oil she feared it was, but Granny Smith’s life is now in danger. Applejack is thus at the greatest crossroads of her life: tell Granny Smith the truth and risk ruining her happiness, or hide the deception and potentially kill her.

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Proteins are so overrated, this whole 'central dogma' BS is only pharmaceutical propaganda from companies who want to sell you 'The best' aminoacids.

i just….cannot fathom how deeply wrong this is….like just so unendingly wrong…so let me enumerate the ways in which you, my dear anon, are wrong

  1. proteins are great. they do like all the shit. DNA? DNA just sits there and looks pretty and then the proteins do all the real work. RNA at least pulls it’s weight but proteins still do everything (s/o to lipids for also doing work)
  2. sure the central dogma is oversimplified and the there are some wrinkles in how it actually works (s/o to transposons and retroviruses) but it pretty much holds for all DNA based life that we have yet encountered, although tbf RNA world is pretty great, ngl
  3. really the most problematic thing about the central dogma is the word dogma, which means something that CANNOT be questioned because it is TRUE, which you will recognize as inherently unscientific, but like, whatevs no one actually thinks that anymore
  4. even Big Pharma isn’t that powerful like
  5. I’m not gonna sit here and defend Big Pharma or anything but wow if they were faking all of modern biology I would be so impressed because like, i literally wouldn’t have a job?
  6. Oh My God maybe i’m really a Big Pharma shill?!?!?!? (*psst Big Pharma* who do I need to talk to to get a raise around here?)
  7. I’m so confused by what the best amino acids are? Like, I’m partial to ILV and like alanine because they don’t scramble but I realize that’s a very inside baseball answer
  8. I mean not all amino acids are created equal but like, it’s like picking my favorite child, yaknow? (don’t tell the others but it’s totally phenylalanine)
  9. Maybe that’s you’re point but why would Big Pharma profit from selling you amino acids? pretty much only weight lifters consume large amounts of them and like, they’re dirt cheap
  10. Serious amino acids are so cheap, just so so cheap
  11. I’m more confused now than I was before?

In conclusion, proteins are great and you are wrong