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25 Days of Outlander Day 11 - Favorite Emotional Scene

There is something so quietly beautiful about Claire’s arrival home from L’hopital after her miscarriage. The soft piano of Faith’s theme, the overcast lighting of the courtyard scene, how little dialogue there is. I have yet to make it through that scene without crying––even just watching briefly to take the screen grabs I started to cry. 

Fergus helping her out of the carriage, giving her someone to lean on physically as she makes her way through the lines of servants…

Suzette with her heart breaking so obviously for Claire, reaching out but unable to find words for her mistress (and friend)…

And of course, Magnus––Claire refusing to let him bow to her and instead thanking him for all he did for her, curtseying to him while he succumbs to a few tears of his own (wishing he could have done more for her)––all while Claire remains as stoic as she can, silent tears running down her own face. 

Dear Taurus...

I want you to know you won’t be forgotten. Somebody will remember you. Somebody will love you. Somebody will need you. Your name may not appear in history books, on the big screen, on television, etc, but your name will appear in the memories of others. Don’t be afraid, you will be remembered.

DnD Shenanigans

*The DM went to college so we were talking to him on Skype and had him plugged into the speaker system and the TV*

DM, from the big tv screen: I bet you’re wondering why I’ve gathered you here today

Rogue: *Raises hand* Can we bass boost the DM

DM, bass boosted: NO.

Christmas Lights

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Genre: Angst, Slight fluff

Member: Kim Seokjin

Words: 3.4k

Day 1 of the BTS Special Christmas Collab with @in-the-mood-for-bts <3

Synopsis: Seokjin met you at his 18th Christmas Eve, as he was utterly surprised at how you were mesmerized just by simple christmas lights hanging in between two huge trees. Ever since then, he became your soulmate, and your other half. However, your intertwined faith with Seokjin would not last long, as the loving boy was suffering from a fatal heart illness, causing faith taking Seokjin away sooner than you thought.

December 18th, 2016

Christmas. It was that time of the year again.

With Christmas coming closer, people were already preparing all sort of gifts for their loved ones, which would vary from a simple, golden necklace to one big expensive television screen. Christmas lights were put up at almost every corner of the streets, making the messy atmosphere softer, almost peaceful.  Most people would ignore these Christmas streetlights, walking in a fast pace to arrive at work as soon as they could, so that they could get home as soon as possible.

However, Seokjin was different.

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Ryan Wrecker

AU: Over On Wrecker’s Street

Words: 669

The fearless, bold man with the grey bandana wrapped around his head. Also known as the Blind Rabbit, Ryan is the owner and bartender of one of Los Santos’ famous pubs, the Rabbit’s Den. With an old, Victorian era theme, this bar was passed down through the Wrecker family generation after generation.

  Having grown up with this place as a second home of Ryan’s, his first job was working along side his brother and sister, his father behind the sleek wooden bar counter.

He knew the whole layout. The college football players would always sit at the twelve seater table by the window, close enough to the bar for refills of beer and always a good angle of the big screen television.
  The kind group of women who came in every Friday night in pretty dresses and beautiful makeup to have some wine always sat at the far right side of the counter, which had a straight-on view of the small, two-feet-high stage.
   A gang of bikers didn’t roll through town all the time, but they always visited Den. They’d park their bikes right by the entrance, close to the walking path. An tall, burly biker named Brutus was one of by the nicest people Ryan have ever met in the pub. Brutus even gave him a worn-out, seven-sizes-too-big leather jacket.

  Of course, Ryan didn’t remain at the bar forever. About two years after he graduated high school, he began working at a garage. Jason’s Auto, to be exact. Ryan had met his greatest friends at that garage, still in contact with them today.

His career in engineering came to an abrupt stop. Think four years ago, a young, energetic Ryan Wrecker replacing a customer’s car’s heat exchangers. Merely half an hour into the job, give or take, a coworker comes up to his station. His coworker instructs that it was no use repairing the engine if it was still in the vehicle.

Without Ryan’s consent, his peer calls over other engineers and before he knew it, the engine was being hooked up to the crane.

  “Lifting it up..”
“Watch your head, Dennis.”
“Roll up the wheeler, will ya?”
“Watch it, watch it!”

  The crane’s rusted steel arm twisted and crunched under the pressure of the engine. The support straps snapped, and shouts echoed across the garage.

“Wrecker, watch out!”

Ryan tried to block the flying pieces of metal with his forearms, but it was one moment too late. He was knocked back, a piece of shattered intake pipe launching into his left eye. He fell, landing on his back, blood dripping down his face.

   The hospital wasn’t the greatest thing in the world. His nurse was sweet, a man with an undecided accent in his early twenties. Ryan was told by his nurse that because of the injury, his eye was hopeless for recovery. Doctors removed it, but failed to find a healthy replacement. His left eye was an unusable glass ball, basically.
  An infection had spread to his right eye, which was to make Ryan fully blind in approximately a month. He wasn’t too happy about this.

He had to give up his job at Jason’s. But that didn’t lessen his confidence. He went to the first person he knew who had a spot for him.
  “Hey, dad?”

  A year later, after the incident, his father passed away. Struck with such grief, Ryan fell into depression. It was until the funeral, where his dad’s will was read out to the relatives. His mind vanished into the abyss at the moment, so much he didn’t listen to a word the reader was saying until his name was spoken.

  “…And to Ryan Wrecker, my eldest son. I pass on ownership of the Rabbit’s Den pub into his hands, and for him to finally work behind the counter.”

  When Ryan later stepped into the Rabbit’s Den for the first time without his father’s presence, a thought dawned apon him.
“This place is mine.”

Sentimental Wealth

Strip yourself from all the materialism

The big TV screen, the house and car

All that is left, that is who you are

The bonds you made 

The pain you overcame 

Times you were afraid

To step up your game

Still on your feet not accepting defeat

Heart still beating soft and sweet

Love shall conquer all that ache

Even after all the heartbreak

Throwback to the day I got my friend to binge-watch Miraculous Ladybug with me, and after the rewatch I was showing him my ML picture folder and pulled up this. 

My computer screen was being projected (using a HDMI cable) on the big screen tv in the living room. It was like, midnight or something and both of us were in hysterics.

I then began to slowly zoom in on the picture. Our laughter increasing in volume and strength.

By the time I reached maximum zoom, the tv screen looked like this

And we were both dying and about to fall out of our chairs. It was a good time.

okay you know what, no now i’m mad, now i’m pissed

i know people want more pjato / hoo, i know people want to see their favorite heroes on the big screen, on the tv screen, on their phone screens, i know i get it, but here’s the thing everyone: no matter how amazing a series is, a book can not grow legs and yell at people

but we can

please, do not scroll down your screens, listen to me for just a moment. reblogging posts about uncredible websites will not do anything, no matter how powerful of a force we are, nothing is going to happen if we speculate over false information.

i want you to imagine something, what would happen if all of a sudden #WeWantPercyJackson3 was trending? yes, i know, some people don’t want a movie, others really want a movie, some want a tv show, yes i get it, but think about it. if that hashtag was trending, like top trending kind of trending, entertainment blogs would have to cover it, actors would click open their phones and see a bunch of tweets asking if they’re going to do it, fox would have to pay attention, even for a little while because people would be saying, “the fans want it, why aren’t you making it? the fans the fans the fans!”

and i’m not saying this might change anything, i’m not saying fox is going to release an announcement in the following 24 hours saying, “we’re making another!” but what i will say is that once they know there is still an interest, others things will possibly be set into motion. other companies will start showing interest, fox might get pressured, they might make another movie, someone might actually want to make a tv show, etc etc.

here’s the number one thing to remember: as long as whoever knows that they have support, they’ll make it. because if they’re going into it knowing they have support, they know they’re gonna make the money.

i’m not saying to start tweeting #WeWantPercyJackson3 right now, that needs planning, that needs organization, that needs multitudes. don’t do that unless everyone is on board. what i want is everyone to work with the system, and not against it. the companies control the rights, the fans have the money, once the company knows it’ll get money back, it’s ready to dish it out, and if the company doesn’t want to budge, somebody else will step in and try to take the rights away because it’s always about the big pile of cash.

one last thing, please reblog this to at least get something going. i may be wrong about this, i may be right, but if you want something done, you have to go out there and take it for yourself. every action starts a chain reaction, don’t forget that.

Once upon a night

Pairing: Yatori (Yato x Hiyori)

Words: 2, 221

Note: Friendly reminder that I did this while I was in bed, which means I was tired and couldn’t stop writing :’) It may be a little bit messy and rushed, since it’s my first fanfiction with these characters. Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy!

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Sammi submitted:

Observation: I read the other day that Jason Isaacs (who played Lucius Malfoy among other characters) has been chosen as a star in the upcoming TV Series, Star Trek: Discovery. Yay! My first thoughts on this are: Since Tom and Jason are fairly close, I was wondering if you thought Tom could be slated to join the Star Trek crew in some capacity. I know actors cannot speak about certain things until they are formally announced, but I’m thinking this because Tom mentioned an upcoming project. What do you think? Thanks. :)

To Sammy: While watching Tom’s panel at convention I was under impression that the new project he mentiones was a big screen one, not another tv series. Now i might be wrong, but i doubt it’s about Star Trek