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Caramel Macchiato - A completely homemade copycat Starbucks Caramel Macchiato recipe

Panda Express Chow Mein Copycat

Homemade Twix Bars


copycat chili’s molten lava cakes

Eggnog Latte (Starbucks Copycat)

Zuppa Toscana Soup {Olive Garden Copycat Recipe}

Copycat Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars

Copycat Big Mary Chicken Sandwich with Taters

copycat Swig sugar cookies

Creamy Chicken and Gnocchi Soup (Olive Garden Copycat)


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[TianShan Week]

Day 2: Dear One

a loved one, a sweetheart(well, more like the devil lol); both dear to one’s heart.

Oops, this is late– I started this when I got back from work last night but I fell asleep midway drawing it ^_^; Since I’m already late, I decided to take some time to make it look a bit more nicer!

It could of done with a few more panels but… X_x There was a scene I had in mind where the mother knows about the jacket because she’s the one who does the laundry in the house :P Oh yeah, can’t forget about that big sandwich! XD

keith doesnt understand big sandwich???

The haikyuu fandom needs more romantic bokuroo

Sappy date where they go to a big field, eat some sandwiches, drink soda and watch the sunset together

Road trips in which they sing to old music from 2004, share kisses, play games, sleep in the back of the car, drive to the beach and try to count the stars

Many kisses and cuddles and pda when they visit each other’s schools

Romantic birthday plans in which one of them takes the other onto the top of a mountain, pulls out some headphones and their phone, puts on their favorite song and gives a signal to someone who starts the firework

Silly college au in which they share a room and play Mario kart all night, study together, cuddle and fall in love

I need more romantic bokuroo because it’s super important!


If Baymax was an Android AU.  Baymax still sounds and acts like himself, but looks like Tadashi’s clone…

Uh, so yeah, when I first thought of drawing a gijinka, the above image popped into my head first.  I started cracking up in the middle of a Japanese subway… >.>  Anyway, went with Dashi-clone version ^ ^

Also, extra! <3

And really guys, I shouldn’t have to say this, but PLEASE DON’T REPOST MY WORK. Nothing demotivates me more than seeing people lopping up my comics and reposting them.  Thank you so much to those who have been telling me about reposts.  If you want to continue seeing my doodles, please, please just reblog.  Thank you. m(_ _)m