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“Ember is a sweet, friendly, high energy hound-mix who will keep you on your toes.  We have test-driven her in the bunk house on our property and found that she does chew - so she isn’t the perfect pick if you’re looking for a pal that is home-alone ready on Day One.  But like most dogs, training and exercise are key, and she’ll blossom into a great companion.”


“My nickname is ‘Squishy’ because of the extra squishy skin I inherited from my Sharpei parent.  I know how to come when called and I sit politely and wait to eat my food until I am told ‘OK’.  I am both a cuddler and a lap dog!  If allowed, I would love to snuggle up next to you on the couch all day.” 


For: Anon

Imagine: Your boyfriend Eric not approving of you adopting a dog, but when he discovers that the dog dislikes any other guys coming near you he is completely thrilled. 

“Eric can we please keep him? Please?!” You beg your boyfriend. You had just come back from three days of patrolling the city, on the first day of your trip you had come across a big, stray Rottweiler. The dog seemed to instantly love you because for the rest of the trip he wouldn’t leave you alone, and over the course of the few days you had grown close to him as well. When it was time to come back you had brought him along with you, much to Eric’s disapproval.

“Y/N, I don’t want a dog running around the apartment,” he says.

“Come on Eric, please,” he turns back to the important file he was reading without responding to you. You feel like a small child throwing a tantrum, “please, please, please, please, please, ple-”

He cuts you off by slamming the file onto his desk, “if I say yes, will you shut up?!”


“Alright keep it, but if it rips any of my stuff, or takes a shit anywhere in the apartment, he’s out, agreed?”

“Okay!” You say, grinning like a maniac, “Wait, Eric I have one more question, what should we name him?”

“Fuck off,” he says, irritation clear in his voice.

“Fuck off? That’s not a really good name for a dog. It’s okay babe, I’ll think of something,” you know that you’re really pushing your luck but you love messing around with Eric. He simply rolls his eyes and walks away.

The next few days are spent with you trying to get Eric and your unnamed pet to be friends, the dog really likes Eric, but the feeling isn’t reciprocated. Every evening usually ends in Eric getting pissed off and going to bed without you, tonight wasn’t much different.

You wake up the next morning and decide to take your dog for a walk, you are suddenly stopped by Four, the poor guy just wanted to have a friendly conversation but your dog just would not stop barking at him, eventually Four just gave up and decided to back off.

Zeke, who had heard a little bit of your encounter with Four walks over, “Jeez Y/N, control your dog.”

You playfully roll your eyes at him but of course, your dog begins barking at Zeke as well. Zeke also decides that it would be best to just leave.

“Damn Y/N, maybe the dog isn’t so bad,” you turn to see Eric smirking.

“Yeah, the two of you seem to have a lot in common,” you say rolling your eyes once again.

Eric takes his leash and the two of you begin waking the dog together.

“You know, I thought of a name for him,” Eric says.


“Elek,” He says matter-of-factly.


“It means Defender in Hungarian,” Erudite habits die hard. He bends down to pat Elek on the head.

“I love it!” You say grinning.

A/N: Finally, more Eric! I missed writing about him!

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Warren's s/o having a big Rottweiler and everyone thinks its so fitting that they have this tough boyfriend and this tough dog but in reality the puppers and warren are the sweetest snuggliest babies that just love s/o so freaking much and are sweet af to literally everyone

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Seokjin Scenario: Head Up!

Request: I have a request for Jin!! May I request a scenario where it’s the first time he’s meeting the readers family but instead of the family meeting him at like a dinner it ends up being a day trip to a park with the readers family? I hope that made sense omg. Thank you so much if you write this scenario ❤️❤️❤️❤️  

Genre: Fluff 

The sun was shining bright and proud on the pitch blue sky, the air was warm, the day couldn’t be better, yet, with each passing second Jin’s hands were growing increasingly cold. He held Jjanggu’s leash a little tighter for dear life and tried to swallow down his nerves.

–At least I got you for moral support – he said, looking down at his dog perfectly groomed for the occasion, with his navy blue collar on and sitting serenely by Jin’s side, looking impassive and composed and every single thing that Jin was not. Jjanggu observed him silently with his head tilted to the side and Seokjin felt as if he was somehow reproaching him.

–What? – He asked, even if he knew Jjanggu wasn’t answering. His little dog did a little jump and barked a couple times startling him and Jin sighed.

–Alright, alright, I’m going… – Jin straightened his shoulders and took a deep breath. If anything, this day hadn’t started the way he had hoped. –You’re supposed to be on my side… – Jin murmured with a strained voice, feeling a drop of sweat going down his right temple.

He was supposed to meet your family for the first time and that thought alone made his nerves way too noticeable for his liking. He still remembered agreeing with you on this, saying that yes, he was absolutely and one hundred percent sure it was about time to meet your parents, and he also remembered the way you’d kissed him after that. He smiled lightly with that thought, he was doing this for the both of you and he only had to man up. The thing was that he wasn’t meeting only your parents, but also half of your family and he was already late, only because he was too nervous the night before and didn’t sleep well, which resulted in him sleeping through his alarm and not being able to go with you and your parents in the same car. He could only hope his first impression wasn’t affected by that, but he knew it most probably would.

He’d arrived to the park on his own with only Jjanggu to accompany him, Jin tried to remember all the little warnings you’d given him, just advice before hand, as you defined it, while Jjanggu led the way inside the park. You’d talked about your father believing he was funnier than he truly was, about your mom’s never ending curiosity, and alright, he could have expected that. There was also the crazy aunt that invited herself to the trip and well, didn’t every family have one? You spoke about some of your cousins, mostly to say they were a little nosy and hyperactive. Jin was half confident with that part, life had given him some friends like that and maybe he could manage to not turn this meeting in a total disaster.

Jjanggu suddenly tugged at the leash and ran forward, dragging Jin along with him, he recognized your voice sounding at the distance and then you weren’t so distant anymore because Jin was bumping against you and Jjanggu’s leash got entangled around your bodies.

–Jin! – you giggled and held onto his arms, doing your best to get away from the knot of limbs and kissing his cheek before crouching to caress Jjanggu behind his ears.

–Hi babe – he smiled, but that smile lasted about a second because then he noticed all the eyes fixed on him, your entire family scanning him from head to toe like the outsider he was and then your father spoke, spiky fork in hand with which he was tending the grill, cheshire cat like smile spreading across his lips.

–So, the sleeping boy has arrived – he said and Jin laughed breathlessly.

–Hi…– he choked a little and tried not to look like he wanted to run the other way around.

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The companions & sole react to other companions bringing back a new pet of their choice. (I hope this doesn't sound confusing)

  • Piper: Nat has always bugged her for a dog, so when she finally finds someone selling them for a reasonable amount, she buys one, despite Sole telling them Diamond City might not be the best place for a dog, seeing as they need a lot of room to run and play. It becomes glued to Nat and listens to her every word, but constantly chews up Piper’s things…whenever she complains Sole just gives her an “I told you so” look…

  • Hancock: He brings back some mangy nearly hairless mongrel he finds that took a liking to him after he fed it. Says it’s “almost as cute as him”. It’s missing a few teeth so it’s tongue constantly lolls out, giving it a constantly silly expression. They’ve got admit…it is kinda cute…

  • Cait: She doesn’t like animals, but animals seem to like her. She never brings one back home intentionally, but that doesn’t stop strays from following her.

  • Curie: Always trying to take in every poor little wounded creature and hungry little animal they come across, regardless of how ugly (and potentially dangerous) it might be. She looks so hopeful and adorable with whatever little critter she has decided to adopt this time, and they just can’t tell her no. 
  • Danse: A little fluffy grey cat starts hanging out in the power armour hanger, watching him work and rubbing against his legs for attention, crying softly. He can’t help scratching between it’s ears and eventually starts bringing it food. It just sticks around and eventually everyone just sees it as his cat, not even questioning it. He names it something super cheesy like Knight or Paladin Whiskers. 
  • Preston: Finds a big burly and dopey rottweiler looking mutt and doesn’t have the heart to shoot it when it becomes aggressive and instead tries to pacify it with food. It becomes his best buddy and everyone thinks it’s good for him to have a pet. Sole especially approves, happy that he’s got another companion to at his side to protect him. Minutemen work can be pretty dangerous after all. 
  • Nick Valentine: He’s always feeding stray animals since he has a soft heart for the little guys. It’s a rough world out there. Has a collection of kitties that show up on the doorstep of the agency crying for food late at night and that sometimes follow him around Diamond City mewing for food. Sole teases him relentlessly about it. 
  • MacCready: He loves dogs, and dogs love him. He asks Sole to keep nearly every single stray dog they find on the road and lets them sleep in bed with him. The first few times, they agree but after the fifth dog, they have to tell him he’s getting a little bit excessive…

  • Codsworth: He’s not one for pets, and really is only fond of Dogmeat. More often than not it’s him telling Sole they can’t just take home every animal they see in the wasteland and try to make it their pet…and they definitely cannot keep that deathclaw egg!
  • Deacon: Spends an hour trying to convince everyone that a baby mirelurk, which he named Elvis, is definitely his pet and he’s going to keep it and it’s going to sleep next to his bed at night. Sole tells him “if you love it, let it go” and insists he release it in the creek outside Sanctuary. They’re not convinced he was even serious in the first place.
  • Strong: He brings back a giant mutant hound and it scares the hell out of everyone constantly. It takes a liking to MacCready and always tries to sleep on his lap, essentially crushing him. Despite his love for dogs he’s too scared of it to even try and push it off. 

  • X6-88: Dogmeat finds an old mean black cat that is missing an ear and an eye and when he tries to sniff it, it bops him on the nose and hisses threateningly. When it follows them back to Sanctuary, X6 never admits to feeding it, but they’ve seen him do it a few times. The cat is an absolute monster and harasses Dogmeat and hisses at anyone but X6. He looks so proud of the ornery little shit though, that Sole doesn’t tell him to get rid of it. 

  • Dogmeat: He’s a big ball of jealousy at all the new pets that come in to Sanctuary until he finds that they’re (mostly) friendly and want to snuggle and play with him!

Dogs of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Mirzam “Miri”
Handler: Jemma Simmons
Breed: Rottweiler
Trained for: PTSD, psychiatric (anxiety, panic attacks), eating disorder NOS
Tasks: Grounding, interrupting flashbacks, alerting to panic attacks and finding others, enforcing physical boundaries, meal reminders

Can often be found: Circling a wide ring around Agent Simmons in the lab. Marching down the halls in pursuit of or being followed by a trusted agent. Keeping a watchful eye in the family room or kitchen.

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